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  • Ollyette12x

    The 100th Annual Hunger Games is a Quarter Quell. The last Quarter Quell was the 75th Hunger Games which completed the start of an uprising. Katniss Everdeen became the Mockingjay and President Snow and President Coin were killed and there was a start of a completly new District 12 and Panem.

    President Sam walks onto the stage and annouces the twist for Quarter Quell. "Ladies and Gentelmen, Citizens of Panem, I am glad to annouce the twist for the 100th Annual Hunger Games Quarter Quell. The reapings will go as normal with one Male and Female but all of there siblings will be going into the arena. If there is a newborn or they are under 1 year old or on deaths door or something then there will be an acception. Thank you and may the oods be …

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  • Ollyette12x

    22nd Hunger Games

    July 15, 2012 by Ollyette12x
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  • Ollyette12x

    122nd Hunger Games

    June 30, 2012 by Ollyette12x

    The tributes are based on people from school but their names have been changed but you can proberly still guess which of them is the hot boy in my class and which one is my bff and which one everyone makes fun of. The escorts are made up but the mentors are teachers from my school. There names have been changed and the prep teams are completly made up as well. ENJOY... x

    This is the 122nd Hunger Games and is controlled by the new head gamemaker Jack Morrison and his 'team' of gamemakers but they all secretly hate him cos he is really really really bossy and is nasty aswell!

    • ====There will be 2 tributes from each district.====
    • ====There can be 2 victors as long they are from the same district.====
    • ====There will be some swearing in the games bu…

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