How this is going to work.

The tributes are based on people from school but their names have been changed but you can proberly still guess which of them is the hot boy in my class and which one is my bff and which one everyone makes fun of. The escorts are made up but the mentors are teachers from my school. There names have been changed and the prep teams are completly made up as well. ENJOY... x

122nd Hunger Games introduction

This is the 122nd Hunger Games and is controlled by the new head gamemaker Jack Morrison and his 'team' of gamemakers but they all secretly hate him cos he is really really really bossy and is nasty aswell!

The Rules!

  • ====There will be 2 tributes from each district.====
  • ====There can be 2 victors as long they are from the same district.====
  • ====There will be some swearing in the games but please tell me if you are affended in anyway and i will make sure to stop or not use it as much! ====
  • ====For the mentors there is obviously more victors in some districts, but there is only allowed to mentors in this games.====

The Arena

Jack has made the arena is very weird and a kind of square with rounded corners and a dome on the top. In the middle there is a massive area of wasteland with somehow 5 fresh water lakes and some quicksand as well. The cornicoupia a massive gold thing and has a very high at the mouth and very round as well but the bottom of the mouth goes slightly under the ground. The width and height of the cornucopia get smaller the nearer to the end it gets. To the left of the cornucopia is a waterfall wich is about 20m high. To the right there is a beach, at the back there is a volcano and to the front is a massive medow with flowers and willow trees.


I appreciate that these are kinda strange names but its hard trying to change names of people i already know ! and for district 9 the males name is Bull but just think of the aberdeen fc mascot and you'll get it! and fot district 4 the female tributes last name is quell but lets pretend she a distant realation to the person who came up with the name quarter quell:)

Districts Name Age and Height Description
1 Greg Mitchel 16 6"1 Very blue eyes, Brown hair with a quiff at the front, tanned skin but not mixed race, Muscular build, very tall. Very nice face! Can run kinda fast, good at throwing and kicking footballs!
1 Kaz Robo 13 4"9 Blond hair, Blue eyes and frekles. Small build but can run very fast and has brilliat acuarys with a spear. Pretty as well and is from a well off family.
2 Edan Mcdee 12 5"3 Blondish-brownish hair, hazel eyes, can use kinves very well! but is not a very good runner!
2 RiRi "Ri" Turncall 16 4"11 Ginger hair, Bluey-greeny eyes, good with comebacks and winning arguments, good with whips.
3 Chris Hardwood 16 5"4 Brown hair, frekles, blueish eyes, good at running, and throwing knives and spears and axes.
3 Becster "Becs" Black 17 5"2 Strawberry Blonde hair, green eyes, big build, good with guns, swords and making friends with people that is a good and bad thing in the arena!
4 Ristopher "Ris" Brown 17 4"11 Brown hair, brown eyes, small frame, but good with technology and with tridents.
4 Ems Quell 15 4"12 Brown hair, brown eyes and has to wear glasses, very smart but that could be a bad and a good thing in the arena. she is fast at running but has very bad accuracy but is ok with a whip but she sometimes whips herself by accident!
5 Jack Topson 13 4"12 blondish, brownish,reddish,lightish kinda hair, hazel eyes and some frekles, he is good at throwing and shooting, he is also good at hand to hand fighting.
5 Cata Lesli 15 4"12 blonde hair, a weird colour of eyes, good at swimming and climbing and hand to hand combat but unless she is fighting someone or in the water her corordination is terrible!
6 Macedee "Mac" Abson 12 5"1 Black Hair, Brown eyes. Tall for his age. He is good with a bow and arrow and throwing knives.
6 Abbz Lilly 14 4"12 Ginger hair, green eyes, good at kicking and throwing and running and also good with a trident!
7 Shaunty "Shaun" Woodford 15 5"5 Blonde hair and blue eyes but he's kind of simple in the head and not very good at throwing, hand to hand, running or climbing.
7 Con Scaf 13 4"5 Brown hair and brown eyes, good at hand to hand and winning aruments and making friends but will that be useful in the arena.


Tyson "Ty" Mcrea 18 6"00 Blackish-brownish hair , browish eyes. good at climbing and jumping and hand to hand but if he's not doing any of these things his hand-eye cordination is terrible!
8 Calla Thread 14 4"12 Brown hair and brown eyes and pretty and is good at kicking, using a bow and arrow and a mace.
9 Bull McLad 14 5"9 Brownish,blackish hair, brownish-blueish eyes, tall for his age and good at hand to hand and using a slingshot.
9 Madz Key 12 4"10 Browny-blondey hair, brown eyes and good at swimming and using a mace and a spear.
10 Aiden Tweed 15 5"7 Brown hair and blue eyes but a bit of a weakling. He's ok at running but very nerdy as well. not good very good cordination either.
10 Kat sun 17 5"3 Black hair with red highlights, brown eyes. she is ok at hand to hand combat but not really anything else,
11 Danny Nicholsan 16 5"2 Brown hair and eyes, small for his age but big build. good at running and using a javelin.
11 Gem Reed 18 5"4 Brown hair and blue eyes, ok at throwing and kicking and jumping.
12 Marco Ratry 12 4"12 blonde hair, blue eyes, good at jumping and accuracy.
12 Bet Donno 14 4"11

brown hair, blue eyes, ok at running and good with a bow and arrow and a slingshot and ok at climbing!

The Mentors

District Name +(m) or (f) Games won
1 Katy Rigs (f) 69th
1 Charlie Hogsworth (m) 72th
2 Mitchie McMaliam (f) 91st
2 Katty Inglos (f) 68th
3 Kev Burns (m) 92nd
3 Garhm Glance(m) 89th
4 Lou Soyen (f) 100th
4 Chris Saw (m) 102nd
5 Aly Donald (m) 98th
5 Dan PD (m) 101st
6 Sue Law (f) 71st
6 Gill Wicker (f) 80th
7 Chris Beat (m) 95th
7 Gary Reed (m) 103rd
8 Tomathy White (m) 110th
8 Ann Vince (f) 108th
9 Helen Patty (f) 109th
9 Annie Locket (f) 99th
10 Ems Graham(f) 76st
10 Hell Bruce(m) 112th
11 Ken Maccy (m) 120th
11 ??????????? (?) ???/
12 Danster Atonazzi (m) 121st
12 ???????? (?) ??/


District Name
1 Amelia Hall
2 Stanly Mitche
3 Gregson Shall
4 Meg Bruce
5 Lola Jegson
6 Sally Caractacus
7 Chloe Bamba
8 Jack Vancancy
9 Owl Dixon
10 Charlie Bang
11 Jai Bare
12 Penny Percious

The Reapings!

District 1

Gregs POV

"Ok, so today is reaping day and I am supposed to volenteer for anyone" I say to myself as I drag myself out of bed to get ready "Well they can stuff themselves, Im only volenteering if one of my brothers gets picked!" "What do you mean if one of your brothers gets picked" I hear my littleest brother Gary ask me. "Today is reaping day and Daddy wants me to volenteer for any of the boys that get reaped but i will not unless David or Charlie get reaped!" I replied as I went down the stairs with Gary tugging at my shirt the whole way down. When I get downstairs to the kitchen i find 3 outfits lying out on the kitchen table which is obviously our reaping outfits. I grab mine and quickly eat a slice of toast and run back upstairs to get changed. Once im changed, i go and find David and Charlie they are 13 year old twins so both their names have been entered twice. I am also very protective over them so if anyone touches them, they die. Our escort Amelia Hall runs onto the stage along with our mentors , gives the strange speech and runs over to the glass ball named girls, pulls out the slips and reads the name "Kaz Robo" a girl who looks about 13 walks onto the stage. Then its time for the boys "Charlie Mitchel" "No,No,NO" my mind screams at me. Wait why am i saying this inside my head? I scream at the top of my voice "Charlie stop! I volenteer! I cant let you go" I charge forward before any peace-keepers can stop me and run up onto the stage. "What's your name" asked Amelia asks me. "Greg Mitchel" I reply and shake hand with Kaz and get escorted into the Justice Building. I turn to face my brothers. Charlie is own the ground i think he must have fainted and its all i can do not to rush to his side and say goodbye and then i see David, histaricle with tears and i feel really bad and i get a gut feeling of death, of insecurity and of course heartbreak of proberly never seeing them again!

Kaz's POV

My 19 year-old sister wakes me up with a cup of freezing cold water and tells me that theres only one hour until the reaping. "You know if you get reaped that I won't be able to volenteer for you, i've given Jess some money to volenteer for you and told all the other girls not to because Jess really wants to go to the Hunger Games. But you have to believe that you wont get reaped and dont you dare volenteer yourself OK. I've been reaped 2 times but i've been lucky enough for people to feel sorry for me and they volenteer but you have to promise me you wont volenteer even if you best friend get reaped!" "i promise" i say in a whisper but barely audiable. "What?" "I PROMISE" I shout at her and go and get dressed, ready to go. I hug my parents and kiss them both on the cheeks 5 times each and tell them how much i love them because i have a gut feeling that I will get reaped but i doubt Jess will raise her hand to volenteer beacuse I know her sisters and they are lying little cheats and i doubt she is any different. My sister walks me to the town square where 100s and 100s of children have gathered. I hug her tightly and say i love her and walk into the crowd. About 5 minutes after I arrive our escort hops (lit

yeah im giving up on these games..

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