Hi! So this my first time creating a fanmade Hunger Games, and I'm really excited! I'm going to make a fanfiction out of it, with Phineas and Ferb as well as Isabella, Buford, and Baljeet.

But first we must have the intro...

~ President Snow smiled as he mounted the stage. In the 25 or so years since the Second Rebellion had been twarted and all of its locatable members, save the now married Peeta and Katniss Mellark, had been executed, the preident had aged very little, a hot topic among the Capitol citizens.

But tonight, the conversation was turned to a different matter. This year was to be the 100th Hunger Games, another Quarter Quell, and the president was about to read the twist.

"People of Panem, good evening!" President Snow said. "As you know, this is the Grand Centennial of the Hunger Games."

The Capitol people began to cheer. Snow allowed them to for a few moments, then gently quieted them down again.

"Thank you, thank you. It is also the fourth Quarter Quell. The twist, if you please."

A boy came with box of twists, opened it, and held it out to the president. Snow delicately pulled out the envelope labeled 100 and read it aloud.

"For the 100th Quarter Quell, to remind the people that both citizens and rebels were not able to save even some of their youngest children, this year, all the tributes reaped will be twelve years old."

All across the districts, people gasped in shock, even people in the Capitol started murmuring to each other.

"Wait, wait, I'm not finished yet. Also, only other twelve-year-old children will not be able to volunteer to take their place, older children may not, no matter their age."

The Capitol bacame abuzz with gossip, but in the districts, the families either sighed because they had no twelve-year-old children, or hugged their twelve-year-old tightly, knowing that they had that much more of a chance of being reaped. ~

Well, there's the twist! Please only submit twelve-year-old tributes in the available spots! You may also submit mentors and stylists.

I might accept Gamemakers that are willing to actually help me create the arena. Two Assistant Gamemakers is plenty for me.

There is no limit to the amount of tributes, mentors, or stylist you can create, but if you create a stylist, please make chariot and interview outfits for both tributes.


I will do Reapings from Phineas, Ferb, and Isabella's POV's (I'm not very good at writing for Baljeet and Buford ^^; ), then show the rest of the Reapings as the replays as Phineas is on the train.

Then comes the Chariot Rides. You can create chariot costumes up until I start writing that part, which will be once I have the Reapings and train ride written. If a district does not have a stylist by that time, I will create a costume, but it may or may not be very flattering to the tributes. Your choice. ;)

After that, training. Please tell me your tribute's best weapon/skill. Once training is open, you may post about your tribute doing certain things while they're there. Training scores will be given at the end of training. Mentors can greatly improve your score if you have them.

Interviews are very important to your tributes success, and they need a good mentor to coach them. An interview outfit is also recommended, otherwise, I will create one and the above rules apply. Interview outfits can be submitted right up until I start writing interviews.

And, finally... drum roll please... The Games! I will be well into my summer break when it begins, but I will be without access to a computer Monday-Friday during June and the first half of July, so updates will be irregular during that time. Please bear with me, I love this summer program, but they don't allow us to use the computers for personal projects.

After much thought, I've decided to post a condensed version of the events, much like usual Games, on here, and post the full-length fic on my deviantART. The full-length would just take to long.

Also, COME ON, PEOPLE! I NEED mentors. YOU need mentors too, if you want your tributes to survive!

Give me a name, gender, district, and personality. Mentors are full! Isabella's Reaping will be up soon! :)

I also need four more stylists. You may be a mentor and/or a stylist for your tribute or someone else's. Mentors will drastically affect training scores and the length of time a tribute has before they die. Good mentor = both increase. Bad/No mentor = both decrease.

And, what the heck, How about an Interview Host/Hostess too? Caeser Flickerman surely would have retired by now! I have a hostess!

When I have the tributes/mentors/stylists filled, I will post Ferb's Reaping. The next one will mean Isabella's Reaping. After the last one is filled, I will post the train ride and begin writing the Games!



Against my better judgement, I have gone ahead and posted the Train Ride. I am almost done with the Chariot Rides, I'm just missing three districts: 7, 10, and 11.

Please comment or write on my talk page about what your tribute does during their private session.

Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor!


Phineas's Reaping

“Hey Dad, where’s the blueprint I drew yesterday that was for the automatic wig washer?”

“I put it over there, on your blueprint table so it wouldn’t get lost, like the blueprint for the bug zapper from last week.”

“I told you, I didn’t lose it, Perry ate it or something!”

Michael just rolled his eyes and laughed. “It’s all right, son. Now let’s look at those blueprints again.”

Phineas and his dad were alone in the workshop, since they gave all of their employees Sunday off. FlynnCo was one of very few companies in District 1 that did so, and was a prime employer, since its products were huge sellers in the Capitol. Phineas and Michael ran the place, with some help from Michael's wife, Linda, and oldest daughter, Candace. Michael was a natural tinkerer and inventor, and it seemed Phineas had inherited the gift as well. Twelve years old, and helping his father run a successful business.

And this may be the last night Michael had with him.

Since the twist for the Quell had been announced, Linda had been frantic. Candace was already past reaping age, but Phineas was twelve and a half, this would be his first reaping. And his chances of being reaped went significantly up with the removal of the 13-18 year-olds from the equation.

Phineas felt his father put his hand on his shoulder and squeeze it. Phineas looked up at him and smiled.

“It’s alright to be scared, Dad, I'm scared too.”

Michael calmed down at his son’s words and squatted down to hug Phineas. “I know, Phin. Just promise me something.”

“Yeah, Dad?”

Michael smiled. “Be here bright and early day after tomorrow, 8 sharp.”

* * *

“Mom, it’s ok.” Candace said around 12:00 the next morning, trying to calm her mother as they ironed the clothes the family was wearing to the Reaping. “There are still hundreds of twelve-year-olds in District 1. And since we don’t need tesserae, Phineas’s name is in there once. Once, mom.”

Linda sniffed again, focusing intently on pressing her husband’s shirt. “It’s just, I'm scared Candace. What if something happened to him? What if-”

Candace silenced her with a finger to her lips. “Mom, if you freak out, that’s not going to help Phineas, it’ll only make it worse for him. I made it through six Reapings. And so will he.”

At that moment, Phineas and Michael came racing down the stairs into the kitchen, Phineas’s pet platypus Perry close at their heels.

“Yay! I won!”

“No you didn’t Dad, you pushed me out of the way right before we got to the doorway! You cheated, therefore, you forfeit.”

The women smiled; this was a daily occurrence.

“Brunch is on the stove, guys!” Candace calls from the laundry room, which was adjacent to the kitchen. A few seconds later, she hears a gleeful squeal from Phineas, and jumps when he surprisingly hugs her.

“THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU CANDACE! Eggs Benedict is my favorite!”

Candace set the iron down and ruffled Phineas’s hair. “That’s why I made it, silly. Now here’s your shirt. Do NOT get Hollandaise sauce on it, capiche?”

“Got it. Stay clean.”

Candace tied on his bowtie as her mother did the same for her father. Candace and Linda were already wearing their finest dresses.

So then the family all sat down to eat their late breakfast, Phineas tucked a napkin in his shirt to prevent any inevitable “accidents”, and Perry waited by Phineas’s chair for the inevitable scraps that Phineas would drop to him. Eggs Benedict was Perry’s favorite, too.

* * *

“Caroline Tendara!”

Phineas’s expression saddened as he heard the wails of the person who that name belonged to. He knew Caroline; her father was FlynnCo’s Head of Marketing. He made a metal note to let him off work for the next week or two.

A sniffling Caroline was dragged up onto the stage. She wasn’t a Career like many of Phineas’s classmates, and he wished he could just go over there and reassure her. He hated to see people sad.

“Well now, time to select our boy tribute!” said the much too enthusiastic Fluvey Twinkle, District 1’s escort. In usual Capitol fashion, he was wearing clothes that even the people of District 1 thought were strange. Phineas just couldn’t understand why-”

“Phineas Flynn!”

Phineas froze as everyone turned to look at him. He was too shocked to move, causing Fluvey to call his name again when no one came forward.

“Phineas Flynn. Is there a Phineas Flynn here?”

“That’s me.” Phineas squeaked. “I’m Phineas Flynn.”

He walked forward slowly, all eyes on him. The square was completely quiet until he mounted the stage.

“PHINEAS!” His mother cried, desperately trying to break through the crowd.

“Mom, stay back!” Candace yelled.

“Honey, please!” Michael pleaded.

Perry chattered, distressed.

The crowd started muttering to each other. “Hey, isn’t that that the FlynnCo kid?” “Yeah, it is!” “The Capitol won’t like that.” “Duh, the only son of its best producer’s going to the Hunger Games!”

Phineas walked over to Caroline and put his arm around her. “It’s going to be alright, Caroline. You'll see, everything’s going to be just fine.

Caroline just sobbed harder and pressed her face into Phineas’s shoulder.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ferb's Reaping

Reaping Day started just as any other day for Ferb. He got up early, even though he didn’t have to, and walked down to the shop to do inventory, even though he and his dad wouldn’t be opening it today. There were a few loaves of bread in the basket on the kitchen table, and Ferb grabbed one to eat while he worked. After about an hour or so, Lawrence came down with another loaf of bread, and smiling at his son, began to work alongside him. Soon, the work was done, and the two men sat down behind the front desk to take a load off of their feet. The Fletchers owned an antique/parts/repair shop on the outskirts of the main square, and would normally see any number of different customers and vehicles on a normal business day. But today was not a normal business day. It was the Reaping Day, and they were required by the law of District 6 to close their shop all day.

Ferb was a month away from being thirteen, so his name was still in the Reaping balls. Last year, Lawrence had been thankful for his late birthday, but this year, he wished Ferb had been a few months earlier, and spared the Reaping this year also.

Ferb and Lawrence were the only family the other had; aside from some cousins that lived on the next block. Ferb’s mother had died of a disease that Lawrence could not afford to cure. The Capitol’s price for the medicine had been more than five year’s wages, a sum of money that Lawrence never possessed all at one time.

Ferb had not talked much since; he had become a kind of psychological Avox, only speaking on rare occasions.

One o’clock came all too soon, and the bell tower chimed out, calling all but the deathly ill and the doctors to the square.

* * *

Ferb walked to the center of the stage and stood with the other boys. He craned his neck around, looking for his cousin, Emily. She saw him and smiled back. Please don’t let her be reaped, Ferb silently wished.

The mayor, the escort, and District 6’s only victor in the last 25 years mounted the stage. As per usual, the escort, Mauvina Spark, was the only excited person in the square. Ferb rolled his eyes. Capitol people.

“Hello, District 6!” Mauvina said, her voice squeaking with the odd Capitol accent. “We are about to pick one lucky young boy and girl to participate in the 100 Annual Hunger Games! How exciting!”

To District 6’s credit, not one person clapped, not even the people who usually bet on the events. The announcement months ago about the Quell had outraged the nation. It was always upsetting when twelve-year-olds were reaped, but now that the whole Game was to be made up of them, it was more than mildly sad.

Mauvina faltered a moment in the silence, but quickly regained her composure. “Alrighty then! As tradition dictates, we will select the young woman first!”

Ferb crossed his fingers for luck. Please not Emily, please not Emily…

“And our female tribute for District 6 is… Quinn Valentia!”

Ferb breathed a sigh of relief. He knew Quinn vaguely, she was in his class in school, but he didn’t know her well.

“And now for our boy tribute!” Mauvina dug around in the bowl, but Ferb wasn’t paying attention anymore. He was so relieved that Emily had not been reaped that he didn’t hear when his own name was called.

“Ferb Fletcher? Ferb, dear, where are you?” Mauvina called.

The boy next to Ferb shook him, shaking Ferb back to his senses. “They called you, Ferbo.”

Ferb blinked a few times, then slowly made his way to the front of the crowd and onto the stage.

“So you’re Ferb Fletcher?”

Ferb nodded.

“Not much of a talker, are you?”

Ferb shook his head.

“You’re not an Avox, are you?”

Ferb shook his head again, and stuck out his tongue to show that he did indeed have one.

“Well then, District 6, I present to you, this year’s tributes, Quinn Valentia, and Ferb Fletcher!”

The crowd remained silent.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Isabella's Reaping

Isabella wiped the sweat from her forehead and looked at the clock again. She had to hurry if she was going to finish fixing the rip in her dress before going down the square. Her mother was bustling around in the front of the shop, neatening the shelves and rewinding the bolts of cloth. Since the shop was closed on Reaping Day, the two took the time to go around and straighten the usually busy store. People always had dresses to be made and clothing to mend.

The last stich was finished and tied off, and Isabella slipped the dress over her head and smoothed it out. It was her best dress, and she was especially proud of it because she had made it herself. She had spent weeks saving her tips from the shop to purchase the material, a pretty pink cotton knit. She had had a little left, and made a matching hairbow, which her mother put in her hair.

She prayed that she wouldn’t be reaped. Since her father had been killed by the Peacekeepers, she and her mother had been left to run the tailor by themselves if they wanted to keep from becoming poor. What would her mother do if she had to go? She couldn’t run the store alone, not without all the help Isabella provided.

She pushed that thought away. She would be fine. She was the leader of the Sweatshop Girls, she at least couldn’t look afraid. She had to be strong, not just for herself, but for everyone she loved.

* * *

The rest of the Sweatshop Girls were in a group together in the square. Isabella was met by a few “Hey, Chief”s when she joined them. Soon, the escort mounted the stage, and the square quieted down.

“Helloooo, District 8!” the short, squat lady chirped. “Fabulous district this is, where would I be without your magnificent cloth? Silk, velvet, satin, cashmere…”

Isabella snorted softly. Fabrics like those were ones that the residents of District 8 could only dream of wearing. The Capitol was full of idiots.

“Now, to pick the name of the lucky little lady that will represent this District in the 100th Hunger Games!” the escort dug around in the bowl before pulling out a name and reading it.

“Would a Miss Gretchen Peterson come forward?”

The girl next to Isabella sniffed and pushed her glasses back up her nose. Gretchen was Isabella’s best friend and right-hand girl in the Sweatshop Girls, but she wouldn’t last a minute in the arena. Isabella didn’t have to think twice before yelling out, “I volunteer!”

Gretchen protested, but Isabella leaned in close and whispered to her, “Help Mama in the shop, you and the others, please.”

She confidently walked onto the stage, but refused to shake the escort’s hand. The woman seemed taken aback at the defiance, but rebounded quickly and remarked how unusual it was for this district to have volunteers. She then announced that she was now going to reap the boy tribute. The name was Fang Diablo. He and Isabella stiffly shook hands, but Isabella could see a glint of admiration in the boy’s eyes. In the outer districts, volunteering was either a sign of bravery or a sign of stupidity. In girls, it was usually the former. Isabella smirked. She would not be underestimated.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Train Ride

Phineas’s POV

Caroline and I sat on the train with our escort, Fluvey Twinkle, who was annoying, even to me; and our mentor, Topaz Shine. She had won the Games four years ago, so she was still pretty young, maybe only a year or two older than Candace. She was also District 1’s only victor since the Second Rebellion. I liked her immediately; she was very nice. She said she preferred to just be called Topaz instead of Mrs. Shine. “It makes me feel old. People call my mother Mrs. Shine.”

Fluvey made an offhand comment about how old people in the districts looked so ugly with all those wrinkles. Topaz shot him an angry glare and ushered me and Caroline down the hall to show us our rooms. They had all kinds of fancy gadgets, some of which I recognized as having invented myself. I pointed out some secret features that only I knew about, and it seemed to impress Topaz.

“You sure you aren’t from District 3, Phineas?” she asked.

I shrugged and replied that I had just always been handy with inventing stuff.

A bell tolled, indicating it was time for dinner. I recognized several dishes from home, but there were a lot that I guessed were strictly Capitol fare. I think I ate too much of that chocolate cake, but it was so good!

After dinner, they replayed the Reapings from the day so that the people in the districts and the tributes on their trains could watch. Caroline and I came first, being from District 1, so I already knew what happened. Still, it was awful to watch Mom cry out for me, and Dad and Candace holding her back.

District 2 was a Career District, and both of the kids from there volunteered. Matt Coupe was BIG for a twelve-year-old, all muscle. The girl, Adyson Sweetwater, had taken the place of a tiny little girl that looked more as if she was eight. Adyson wasn’t as scary-looking as Matt, but she had a look of sad determination in her eyes.

In District 3, it was a different story. As the technology producer, there weren’t very many very big kids out there. Granted, they were probably geniuses, but what good will that do you in the arena? I just hoped my reputation would gain me lots of sponsors. The girl’s name was Candice Bolt. I smiled. She looked nothing like my sister. The boy though, he was interesting. Baljeet Rai was a skinny kid, but he had somewhat dark skin, usual for his district. His pants and parts of his shirt were covered in various equations, upside-down of course. I decided that I would try to get the other Careers to let him ally with us, since I would be their leader. The District 1 boy usually was.

District 4 was another Career District, so it was business as usual for them. If it was possible, River Tide was even bigger than Matt Coupe. Hopefully it never came to blows between us, because they could squish me like a bug. River was kind of ugly, though, lots of scars and bite marks. The girl, Krystal Clearwater, was much prettier, but didn’t look any nicer. Note to self: keep an eye on District 4.

District 5 was boring, like always. The people there looked similar to District 3 people. When they called out Eva Woods, a scared looking little girl came up on stage. They called the boy’s name, Sawyer Thomas, and he strode confidently onstage.

District 6 was a bit more interesting, at least to me. They called the girl, Quinn Valentia, an average-sized girl. But again, the boy was a bit different. One, his hair was green. I thought dying your hair weird colors was a Capitol thing. And two, he didn’t speak. He wasn’t an Avox; he stuck his tongue out to prove it, but still. I decided that I really liked him; I would talk to him in the Training Center, see if he would ally with us.

District 7 had some of the most muscular kids outside of a Career District I’ve ever seen. Remember how massive I said River was? This kid, Buford Van Stomm, would make him look tiny! I definitely wanted to ally with him. Luna Snare, the girl, was even a bit stronger-looking than the girls from other districts.

District 8 was the first non-Career to have a volunteer. Isabella Garcia-Shapiro, a girl with raven hair, wearing a pink dress with a matching bow, volunteered. I added her to my list. I felt a strange attraction to her, much like I had to the boy from 6, but stronger, and different. She seemed strong inside, the most so of any of the girls yet. Yes, I wanted an alliance with her. Fang Diablo was called next, and the two of them shook hands. Fang seemed to admire Isabella’s spirit too.

District 9’s tributes looked lean and agile, but Caellach Evis, the boy, had a glint in his eyes that I distrusted immediately. Rowina Ottros was attractive enough, but not so much as Isabella. I kept watching, but had a feeling that I had already made my team.

District 10 kids looked capable. Brad Irving and Mariel Noriel, the boy and girl respectively, both looked like they worked with the livestock often, and thus were tan and well built.

District 11 was last. In our History of Panem class at school, we learned that there used to be a District 12, whose product was coal, but it had been blown up at the beginning of the Second Rebellion, just like District 13 was during the First Rebellion. It made me glad I was from District 1, if districts were being taken out in descending order. District 11 people were dark-skinned, a trait unique to their district. Delayni Jasade was the girl’s name, she was small, but didn’t look scared. Hmm, the name Jacob Thresh sounded familiar… oh wait, there was a Thresh in the 74th Hunger Games. Maybe they’re related.

The reply ended with a few words from the Head Gamemaker, Naranya Payloma. I was a bit surprised; the Head Gamemaker is very rarely a lady. Our interview hostess, Iris Grimm, also spoke. She said how excited she was, even though this was only her third year being a hostess. I could tell she was nervous though, it showed in her body language. I prided myself on being able to read people well.

After that, Caroline and I went to bed. It would be a busy day tomorrow at the Remake Center.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Tributes (CLOSED)
District Name Weapon
D1 - M Phineas Flynn TOP SECRET

D1 - F

Caroline Tendara Throwing knives, bow and arrows, blow gun, hand on hand
D2 - M Matt Coupe Machete, Bow/arrows, Spear, and Hand on Hand
D2 - F Adyson Sweetwater Throwing Knives
D3 - M Baljeet Rai Traps and snares
D3 - F Candice Bolt Knives
D4 - M River Tide swimming spear trident
D4 - F Krystal Clearwater Archery, plants and climbing trees
D5 - M Sawyer Thomas Axe, speed
D5 - F Eva Woods Intelligence, Climbing
D6 - M Ferb Fletcher TOP SECRET
D6 - F Quinn Valentia Mace
D7 - M Buford Van Stomm Axes, brute strength
D7 - F Luna Snare Blowgun, running, hiding and a very good killer.
D8 - M Fang Diablo Ninja Stars/ Throwing Clubs
D8 - F Isabella Garcia-Shapiro Bow and arrow
D9 - M Caellach Evis Sword, Axe
D9 - F Rowina Ottros Stealth, Throwing Knives, Spear
D10 - M Brad Irving Stealth, Spear
D10 - F Mariel Noriel Axe,Bow and arrow
D11 - M Jacob Thresh Strength, knives and axes
D11 - F Delayni Jasade sythe, a sword, and a dagger

(Remember, District 12 was destroyed. So there won't be any District 12 tributes.)

(And yes, I know that I stuck Phineas and Ferb characters in some of the spots. They will be in the story, but I need other tributes, and other people's ideas to make this fun!)

Mentors (CLOSED)
District Name Personality
D1 - F Topaz Shine

Background: Was the winner of the Hunger Games 4 years ago and has trained a few tributes in that time, she is determined but with a sweet side and isn't completly apperance crazy

Mentor Tactics: She will send her tributes gifts, but only if they REALLY need them, she also trains them exceptionally hard, but comes across in a nice way.

D2 - F Hailee Riot She is a very kind person
D3 - F Karly Kane Strict, strict and more strict!! She trains like there's no tomorrow
D4 - M Ryan Wititer Has a very cocky attitude but very friendly, He won while being a single player alone with no alinces, He is a shoot to kill person
D5 - F Sunny Cora She is a very kind woman and very silent but is very confident in their abilities.
D6 - F Tamora Summers Tamora is a very sweet, friendly, and warm-hearted lady. She is always open to questions and she has a keen eye for fashion.
D7 - M Stephen Caress Very strict and hard-headed.
D8 - F Tarra Forefay Strict yet kind at the same time. If they don't do as she says when she is nice, she'll go to her strict side, which they really don't want to see...
D9 - F Neimi Eleant Strict but willing to listen to what the tributes want to do
D10 - M Donta Hughtower He is so sad that his district partner died in his games, he is so determend to have one of his tributes win!
D11 - M Lenny Ugarta He is very strict and get get angry but is nice when treated the right way.
Stylists (CLOSED)
District Name Chariot Interview
D1 - F Rainy Rose Sun





D2 - F Dena Teracha They both show up, wearing outfits that are white that also have splashes of red that drip occasionally to look like blood. Both are holding a knife that drips red (a.k.a. blood). The girl'll walk in, dressed in a beauitful red dress with a tiara on her head that is blood-red. The boy'll walk in, dressed in a tux that is blood-red and his hair is spiked up a bit.
D3 - F Rihanna Wireses

Female: A long dress made out of wires, wich will glow in the dark. She will have a beautiful ire crow in her hair.

Male: He will wear a tuxedo made out of wires.

Female: The girl will wear a soft yellow gown to her knees and elbow lenght sleeves, with a golden tiara. Her long curly red hair will be shiny and loose. She will wear pale yellow eyeshadow and deep red lipstick.

Male: The male will wear a deep black tuxedo with a glowing yellow tie.

D4 - F/F Trinity Fair / Hunger-sisters1108

(Trinity): she makes river wear a merman costum not very good looking costum but he will be remberd because he looks strong

(Submitted by Hungersisters1108): GIRL: hair: long and wavy with different blue streaks in it. silver tiara with fish around it Dress: long flowy dress in different shades of blue that mimicks the ocean gathered on her right shoulder with a sliver broach that silver ribbons fall from it symbolising the fish in water. Silver sandals with ribbons that wrap around legs up till knees. Make up: natural makeup with silver liquid eyeliner and light blue eyeshadow


GIRL: hair: soft curls/waves with blue streaks piled in a crown on top of her head and half falling down to her waist

dress: strapless blue dress (dark shades) that flow from her body like a waterfall just below her knees. black heeled shoes , silver diamond tiara

makeup: natural makeup with dark blue eyeshadow and black eyeliner

D5 - F Airene Archerway

the girl is wearing a dress that is made out of solar panels, the solar panels keep on shifting from black and white.

The boy has an outfit exactly like it, except that he is wearing a suit.

D6 - F Maya Adams

Boy: He wears a Dark Green Jet wings on his arms and 2 jet wheels on his feet. He Wears Dark Green Jacket,Shirt and Pants. He holds A laser (which is mistaken as a missle) and Lasers the Crowds which has colorful lights that is like a rainbow. Make up: Painted with dark green but has a headlight on top of his head the crowd can see his face..

Girl: She Wears A Stewardess Suit Which is Color Blue and She will Ride on the back of the boy.. She will throw Missles at the crowd and inside of it is Confetti and Sparkly Things. Make Up: Normal Fashion Girl Make-up..

Other: Their Chariot has a design of clouds... and other things that can be seen on the sky.

Boy: Light Green Tux with black necktie and black shoes.

Girl: Light Green Cocktail dress with light green heels and the hair is like Taylor Swift's.

D7 - M Logan Timber Created by me
D8 - M Al Shifter

M:He wears a tuxedo made of the finest and smoothest fibres in Panem that represents District 8's fine and smooth industry.His hair is finely decorated with yarns and glitters and his shoes is also made up of crocheted yarns,

F:She wears an Eight-layered dress of different colors that represents the 8th District and its colorful industry.Her head dress is made up of yarns,cloth and glitters that sparkles that matches the lights.

Others:Their chariot is rainbow-colored and they both throw hats and clothes made up of Animal textiles,Plant textiles,Mineral textiles and Synthetic textiles.

F-She is wearing a beautiful long dress that is the color of a full moon.She is also wearing a golden tiara that matched her dress and she also wears a golden heels that makes her look taller.Her hair will also be tied up so that we can see more of her face and her dress.

M-He wears a silver tux.He also wears a shoes that shine like the stars even in the dark.He also wears a shining silver hat that matches his tux and shoes.

D9 - M Aias Eslear

M-Suit the color of grain studded with small gold and silver jewels

F-Cocktail dress with the color of grain and ruffles on the bottom the color of grain during harvest

Other: Their chariot is covered with grain

Male: Yellow suit with white tie and yellow tom's

Female: Brown ballgown with matching shoes

D10 - F Hagutha Bowels Created by me
D11 - F Tethys Mildew

Male:He wears overalls that has a maze pattern because of the maze of crops in D11.

Female:The same,but with a dress

Male:Green tuxedo with blue tie and black shoes

Female:Yellow dress to represent corn

Name Personality
Iris Grim, F

Personality: Iris tries to help the tributes during their interview if they will let her that is. She sees the Hunger Games as quite literally just a game, and doesnt seem to help ease most tributes for the Games. She's still quite young and this is only her third year being host not quite used to it yet.

Appearance: She's quite pretty despite looking like a full-fledged Capitol freak. She likes the color red, therefore dying her hair red and having red eyelashes, eyebrows, and everything. The red looks something like the color of blood.

Additional Information: As I said, if possible maybe you could make her new at being the Host. That way she won't be that smooth and used to doing it yet. It's OK if you dont though.


Head Gamemaker Naranya Payloma, Me (OrangeGreenConverse)
Assistant Gamemaker Robekka
Assistant Gamemaker 50thgamesftw

Chariot Rides

Trixy Rhys, reporter for The Capitol Gazette

"Two minutes to camera, Trixy. You ready?”

“Just about. How’s my hair? Is my makeup okay, or do I look like a freak? I tried to tone it down since the districts will be watching.”

“You’ll be fine, Trix. This isn’t your first time on camera.”

“But that was just the Capitol. This is in front of the entire nation! What if I mess up?”

Her boss put a comforting hand on her shoulder. “You’ll do fine. Just think about doing well, and you will.”

Iris stuck her head around the corner. “Just be glad you’re doing the chariots. I’m so nervous about the interviews later this week. I’ll never be as good as Caesar ever was.”

“One minute!”

“Gotta go!” Trixy said, standing up. “Wish me luck, guys.”

She walked out onto the viewing balcony and got into position in front of the cameras.


“Ok, rolling in 3, 2, 1, and go!”

“Hello Panem, this is Trixy Rhys, reporting for the Capitol Gazette!” she said cheerily. “Wow, don’t we have some beautiful chariots and talented stylists this year. They did a fabulous job on these young tributes, how about a round of applause for them!

“Oh, here comes District 1 now! Designed by Rainy Rose Sun, an oldie but goodie. Ooh, I love the pink! Both tributes are dressed in bright pink, though the boy doesn’t seem too happy about his pink suit. The girl seems to love her sparkly sequined and rhinestone covered dress though! They’re awfully cute for Career tributes.

“Following them is District 2! Oh, their stylist, Dena Teracha, must have wanted them to look intimidating. Both are wearing white togas covered in something red that may be blood. *shudders* Sorry, I can’t stand the sight of blood. They’re also holding knives dripping blood. Scary, but a good scary, I guess.

“The tributes from District 3 are glowing! Compliments go to their stylist, Rihanna Wireses, for the lovely dress and suit made of wires that emit a bright, enchanting glow. The crowns made of twisted wire were a nice touch too. Are they alluding to something? Maybe a District 3 victor this year?

“Ouch. The two tributes from District 4 do not compliment each other at all. The boy is wearing a merman costume that shows off his muscles, but does nothing to make him look attractive. He must have done something to offend his stylist, Trinity Fair. The girl, on the other hand, is absolutely stunning! Her hair is long and wavy with many blue streaks in it to match her ocean blue dress. The dress is gathered at her right shoulder and fastened with a silver brooch that has many silver ribbons hanging from it.

“And here comes District 5! This district’s stylist is Airene Archerway, a new face to the Games this year, with an equally new take on the power district. The girl’s dress and the boy’s suit are made of solar panels that continuously shift from black to white and back, creating an effect hard to tear your eyes from.

“District 6’s stylist, Maya Adams, is also new this year. This is a very unique design; I’ve never seen anything like it. The boy is dressed to look like a green jet, with jet wheels on his shoes and wings on his back. His clothes are a matching shade of green, and his face is painted that color as well. He has a lamp on his head that creates rainbow colors. The girl is dressed like a stewardess, with green accents on her blue uniform. And are those missiles she’s throwing? Oh, they have confetti inside! Their chariot has a sky design painted on it. This is one of my favorites so far!

“District 7’s stylist was another newbie, Logan Timber. We have a lot of new faces among our stylists this year! These tributes are sporting a, um, unique look for District 7. It appears as if they are dressed as little woodland pixies. What’s even stranger is that it actually looks halfway good, even on the boy. Impressive job, Logan.

“I was right about District 8! Al Shifter has proved his styling genius again this year. The boy is wearing a fabulous suit, made of some of the best fabric in the nation, and it seems to shimmer in all the colors of the rainbow. Oh, I want some of that material. And the girl’s dress… where do I start? It has eight layers, each a different fabric, and in a rainbow of colors. Their headdresses are a tasteful mix of yarn and cloth that glitters in the light. Their chariot is also painted with rainbows, and they are throwing hats and shirts made of many kinds of fibers to the crowds. They are definitely another crowd favorite!

“It’s sad that District 9 had to come after that fabulous chariot, because it leaves District 9 in its shadow. The boy is wearing a suit the color of grain that seems to be covered in many gold and silver gems. The girl is wearing a cocktail dress to match, with ruffles on the bottom that look like grain during the harvest. Grain is covering their chariot.

“Hagutha Bowels has churned out yet another hideous costume for District 10. What the poor tributes are dressed as, I can’t even tell. Oh, wait, one of the cameramen says they are dressed in costumes made of meat. Ugh, that’s just disgusting.

“And last, but certainly not least is District 11, designed by Tethys Mildew! Simple, but very interesting. The boy has overalls that have a maze pattern, and resemble fields of crops as seen from above. The girl has a matching overall dress. I love the patterns and colors used here; they really make District 11 look spectacular!

“Well, that’s it for the Chariot Rides! This has been Trixy Rhys, reporter for the Capitol Gazette. As always, Happy Hunger Games! Back to you guys in the studio!”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Best to Worst Chariot Designs
Place District
1st 6
2nd 8
3rd 1
4th 3
5th 4 girl
6th 5
7th 7
th 9
9th 11
10th 2
11th 10
12th 4 boy

The tributes from 4 were scored separately because they were submitted by two separate people, and River's was much uglier (on purpose by his designer) than Krystal's.

Training Scores

Training Scores
District Name Score
D1 - M Phineas Flynn 10/12
D1 - F Caroline Tendara 9/12
D2 - M Matt Coupe - Did not show up 0/12
D2 - F Adyson Sweetwater 9/12
D3 - M Baljeet Rai 4/12
D3 - F Candice Bolt 6/12
D4 - M River Tide 7/12
D4 - F Krystal Clearwater 9/12
D5 - M Sawyer Thomas 6/12
D5 - F Eva Woods 2/12
D6 - M Ferb Fletcher 10/12
D6 - F Quinn Valentia 7/12
D7 - M Buford Van Stomm 8/12
D7 F Luna Snare 2/12
D8 - M Fang Diablo 5/12
D8 - F Isabella Garcia-Shapiro 9/12
D9 - M Caellach Evis 6/12
D9 - F Rowina Ottros - Did not show up 0/12
D10 - M Brad Irving - Did not show up 0/12
D10 - F Mariel Noriel - Did not show up 0/12

D11 - M

Jacob Thresh 7/12
D11 - F Delayni Jasade - Did not show up 0/12

Some tributes failed to show up for their private sessions, whatever their reason may be. Those five tributes recieved 0's for their traing scores.


I have decided to skip the Interviews. Let's get on with the Games already!


One of my assistant Gamemakers, Robekka, suggested that I explain the arena a bit before the Games start.

There wil be no Bloodbath, due to the way the arena is set up.

The tributes will not all enter the arena in the same place, and the position of the Cornucopia is a secret.

The tributes will be with their district partner at the start.

There will be plenty of packs scattered around, but all of the weapons will be at the Cornucopia.

I can't tell you much more, or it will ruin a lot of the surprise. :)

The Games!

Day One:

Caroline - D1

This will be so easy. I've trained for this all my life, under wraps, of course. Dad would get fired if the Flynn's found out he was training me to be a Career. Mr. Flynn strictly forbade any of his employees to do so.

I look around, pretending to be scared as the tube rises. I have to hold up my act for awhile longer, but I smirk inside. Phineas never could figure out how I got a 9 in training. Less impressive than his 10, but still a good score, even for a Career.

Just a minute now…

* * *

Quinn - D6

I blink as the tube comes up out into the arena. Unlike the usual arrangement, all the tributes around the Cornucopia, it's just me and Ferb in what looks disturbingly like the outskirts of our district, no Cornucopia in sight.

"Welcome, tributes, to the 100th Hunger games!" the voice of the Head Gamemaker says. "As you have noticed, the arena is different this year, as is the placement of the Cornucopia. You will find many packs full of survival supplies in the area around you and your district partner, but all of the weapons are at the Cornucopia." She finishes with "Happy Hunger Games!" and the countdown begins.

I look over at Ferb, who is about ten feet (three meters) from me. "You think that means there won't be a Bloodbath?" I ask him. Ferb just shrugs. He doesn't talk much.

We stand there for awhile, listening to the countdown. When I just can't stand it anymore, I turn to him and start talking. "Ferb, I need to-"

But then the gong rings out, and he grabs my hand, running in the direction we had started out facing.

* * *

Caellach - D9

Okay, this getting to be way creepy. For one, it was just Rowina and me that I could see, and two, this place looks too much like District 9 for it to be coincidental. The two of us made our way into the main square is mostly silence, Rowina because she didn't want to talk, and me because I can't. When I was younger, my father spoke out against the Capitol all the time, and we didn't think anything about it, we just let him rant. But one day he must have gone too far, because the Peacekeepers came and executed him in the square. Then they took my whole family, my mom and siblings, and turned us all into Avoxes, to "prevent us from spreading more lies." My family and I developed a sort of sign language that we use, but it's so hard to communicate with people that don't understand.

The guy from 6 was pretty nice, though. He didn't talk much either, even though he still had his tongue. And Phineas, the District 1 guy. He was nice for someone from a Career District. He even made me a set of what he called conversation cards, or ConvoCards for short. He had originally designed them for people who had sore throats, or vocal box injuries, but he said that I would find them much more useful. Apparently, he owns some big company in District 1 where people make the stuff he designs, which is actually kinda cool.

He tried to offer some to the guy from 6, whose name I learned was Ferb, but Ferb politely declined. He could talk if he needed to, he said.

Rowina and I found several packs, the best of which came from buildings that looked a little strangely like our houses. Nothing much happened; we just stayed in our houses 'til the anthem played that night.

* * *

Isabella - D8

"Fang, come on!"

"But that's my house!"

I rubbed my temples again. Fang was really starting to give me a headache. Not that I'm grouchy or anything, but still, I think he's forgotten that we are in the arena, not the square at home.

"Fine. We can stop and see if there are any packs inside, since there was a good one at my house. But then we need to find a place to camp."

"Okay." Fang says, and promptly trips over his foot. I sigh again. How did this kid ever survive factory work? He's so clumsy it's not even funny anymore.

Sure enough, there was a good pack in Fang's house, sitting right on his bed like mine had been. We ended up staying at Fang's house, since he was lucky enough to have the luxury of a spare bedroom.

Fang surprised me later by coming into the room and sitting next to me while I drew on some paper I had found in a desk in one of the rooms with a pencil I had found with it. I liked to draw and I thought I was pretty good at it. I mostly drew dresses, but I also drew some faces, tributes I saw in the Training Center that had interesting faces. The boy from 1 especially. He had a neat-shaped head and was pretty cute to boot.

Fang sat and watched me for a long time, but I just kept drawing.

"Isabella, are you scared, like, at all?" he asked, out of the blue.

I stopped mid-stroke and turned to look at him. "Huh?"

"You just, this whole time, I've been scared out of my mind, but you've just, I don't know, you just don't seem scared. Are you?"

I sighed and put down my pencil. "Fang, to tell you the truth, I'm absolutely terrified. This is the Hunger Games, 23 of us have to die, and my odds of winning are pretty bad."

"You got a 9 in training."

"I mostly just swung around on the ropes and did some cartwheels. Tried the bow, but I missed most of the targets."

"That's better than what I did. I just threw some spears and clubs and stuff around and then left without being dismissed. I only got a 5."

"I wonder what those two guys from 1 and 6 did to get 10's." I said, picking my pencil back up and finishing my sketch of those two. I liked the shapes of their heads.

Fang shrugged and sighed. "I wish I knew. I wonder if we'll ever see the other tributes. I'd like some more allies if we run into anything nasty."

I nodded and continued drawing. The afternoon wore on with nothing much happening until the anthem played that night.

"Hello, tributes!" said an all-too-familiar voice and we cringed. It was the Head Gamemaker, Naranya Payloma. I hated her. "Well, as you may have noticed, this year's Hunger Games is unique in that no tributes were killed on Day One. Today was fairly peaceful, but tomorrow, we want to up the action a bit, so expect some surprises! We expect to see you at the Cornucopia soon!" The anthem played again, and the sky darkened.

Like I said, I hate her.

* * *

Day One Stats:

No one died today! :)

All tributes are with their district partner, and all have decent supplies, food, water, and minor medicine.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

===Day Two: ===

Eva - D5

I woke up to the boom of a cannon. Who in the world had been killed this early in the morning?

I made my way out onto the square and understood. A mutt came crashing out of Sawyer's house. Well, at least he was mean, and not anyone I would ally with. The mutt looked vaguely like a tiger, but it had claws nearly a foot (30 centimeters) long and stained with Sawyer's blood. I sucked in my breath and started to back away toward my house. But my foot slipped and I fell onto the cobbles with a loud thump, causing the mutt to turn its head to me and start slinking in my direction. I just held my breath and sat there, not moving.

It circled me and sniffed me few times, trying to get a reaction out of me. When it didn't, it just moved several feet (a few meters) away and sat down, watching me.

Then her (well, I decided it was a girl, that is) her stomach growled, and I understood. She was hungry.

I carefully reached into my pack and got out a package of beef jerky. I opened it and offered a piece to the mutt. She rather delicately lipped it out of my hand, like a horse might, and looked at me like she wanted more. I fed her the whole pack, a few pieces at a time, and when it was gone, she sat down beside me and started purring. I guess these mutts only attacked if you attacked them first. Sawyer's personality had come back to bite (or claw) him in the butt. Guess my 2 in training wasn't that bad after all.

I heard five more cannons during the day, so five more people died today. I guess they lost against the mutts too. My sponsors must have seen how attached I was to my new companion, because I received a parachute that contained food for her and a harness, which she didn't like, but allowed me to put on anyway. There, now no one would mistake her for a wild mutt. She needed a name, though. And I needed to leave the town, get out into the rest of the arena and try to find the Cornucopia. So the two of us left and walked in the general direction of the square. Something told me that the trains would be the best way out.

* * *

River - D4

Killing that mutt was easy. And why shouldn't it be? I'm a Career.

Yeah, it snarled and tried to slice me with its huge claws, but I used some of the medicine in the packs to fix my injuries right up. Krystal still thinks we ought to go find the Cornucopia, though, get some weapons. Eh, some weapons wouldn't be bad, and I still haven't killed any tribs yet. So let's get going!

* * *

Candice - D3

Baljeet and I, we're from District 3, you know? So when the tiger mutt with the huge claws found us, we just ran away. It didn't follow us, miracle of all miracles, and when we reached the square, Baljeet decided we were far enough away. The Justice Building was unlocked, so we went inside and set our camp back up.

The two of us had known each other before the Reaping; we were top of the class in school. He's very competitive, but I never really cared when he did better than me. If I did my best, then that was my best.

And it wasn't as if we hated each other, we were actually really good friends, it was more of a friendly competition. All of our other friends joked that we would get together someday, but geez, we're only twelve.

"Candy, are you okay? You have been staring vacantly at the wall for the past 3 minutes and 23 seconds." Baljeet said, snapping me back to reality. He had worried look in his eyes. That another thing about Baljeet, he's really nice.

"I'm fine, thanks. I'm just resting for a minute, it's logical to take a break after strenuous activity."

He nodded and continued to draw equations on his clothes with a marker. It calms him down, he always says.

After a while, I sat back up. "Ok, Jeet, let's lay out the basics here so we can define where the Cornucopia is. Logic states that since we are in an area of the arena that looks like our district, then the other pairs of tributes would be also."

"And the Gamemakers would not put the Cornucopia in one of those areas because it would be unfair to the other tributes." Baljeet replied, tapping his market on the palm of his other hand. "So logic states that the Cornucopia is not in an area that represents a district. And that means that we will have to leave this area to find it."

I smiled. This was a game we played to solve problems, and we had nicknamed it "So Logic States" because we always said that.

"So logic states that if the Cornucopia is not in the districts, it would have to be somewhere else, but somewhere populated, like the Capitol. So the Cornucopia must be at the Capitol." I said.

"Logic also states that to get there, we must take the logical route."

"The train."

"Indeed. So now all that we have to do is take a train to the Capitol."

"Well then, what're we waiting for? Let's go to the train station! C'mon, Jeet."

He smiled and we raced the other to the station, both of us laughing the whole way. I'm glad I got stuck here with Jeet, he's my best friend.

I just hope I don't have to be the one to kill him.

* * *

Adyson - D2

I told Matt not to attack the mutt, but no, he had to go and get himself killed. Now I'm here all by myself, still trying to figure out where the heck the Cornucopia is. It was almost night now, time for them to show the faces of the dead tributes in the sky. First face that came up was Matt, so both of the D1's were still alive. Then it showed the boy from 5, so the 3's and 4's were both still in. Good, we couldn't afford to lose more Careers on the off chance we ever find each other. The girl from 9 came next, so the girl from 5 and all of 6, 7, and 8 were alive too. Both from 10, that district's out, and the girl from 11. So the guys from 9 and 11 were also still alive.

Three girls, three guys, down. That's a quarter of us, only eighteen left. Hopefully tomorrow will be a different kind of interesting than today was.

* * *

Day Two Stats:

Matt (D2), Sawyer (D5), Rowina (D9), Brad (D10), Mariel (D10), and Delayni (D11) are all dead. Sorry, but this is the Hunger Games, they have to die sometime. Plus, of you'll notice, they are all (except Sawyer) the ones that didn't show up for their training sessions. The Gamemakers were very angry and made sure they paid the consequences. Sawyer and Eva were submitted by the same person, and I really wanted Eva to be by herself. Well, her and her mutt. Need a name for her, btw.

District 1 is fine. Phineas persuaded Caroline to leave the mutt alone and it just walked away after a little while.

District 2 consists of just Adyson now. Matt tried to fight off the mutt himself, because Adyson wanted to just leave it alone, but Matt wouldn't. Adyson is back in her house now that the death roll is over.

District 3 is on great shape and knows where the Cornucopia is. They are just waiting for a train.

District 4 worked together to kill their mutt. They are the same as they were on Day One.

District 5 also lost its boy tribute today. Eva and her mutt are in their train station as well.

District 6 evaded the mutt today and suffered no injuries. They are trying to figure out the Cornucopia and almost have it. Ferb is on guard while Quinn sleeps.

District 7 was able to trap the mutt, which disappeared after the sun went down. They have no idea where the Cornucopia could be.

District 8 escaped the mutt and is perfectly healthy. They are discussing the Cornucopia.

District 9 is only Caellach now, since he decided not to fight the mutt after what it did to Rowina. He thinks he has figured out the arena.

District 10 is dead, both tributes died fighting the mutt.

District 11 is the other only guy district, Jacob having killed the mutt after it killed Delayni. He has some wounds, but he treated them with medicine from his pack.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Day Three

Ferb - D6

Quinn was exhausted after running from the mutt all day, so I let her sleep while I watched out for any other surprises. She protested a little, but eventually laid down and was asleep almost instantly. The hard lines of her face were softened, and she didn't look quite so terrified anymore. She is so pretty.

Ferb, stop it. This no time to start having feelings for someone. You are the one who's supposed to be calm and stoic, you don't show your emotions, especially for all of Panem to see. Don't give anyone any leverage on you, because everything you love just keeps getting taken away from you. They took our Capitol home, they took Mum, they took you away from Dad. Don't let them know, don't even tell Quinn. They'll just take her too. And what if she doesn't reciprocate? You'll have just made a fool of yourself in front of the entire nation.

So I just sat there on the bed next to her with my usual mask, keeping my emotions inside, like I always did.

* * *

Fang - D8

Isabella and I finally figured it out! The Cornucopia's at the Capitol, we just need to find the train, cause it's not at the station, where we expected it to be. Maybe we have to wait for something to happen before it comes, I don't know.

Isabella got bored pretty quickly, so she started drawing again. She drew me, and I told her that I thought she did a good job. The one she drew of Phineas from District 1 is the best, though, and she drew it from memory. She has a crush on him, I know it. And it has to be blatantly obvious if I can figure it out.

Isabella sits up and cocks her head to the side. "Fang, isn't it almost noon?"

"Yeah." I reply.

"So why is it getting dark?"

"Huh?" But sure enough, when I looked out the window, it was. Not instantly, but the Sun was sinking faster then normal. It already looked like mid-afternoon.

"I wonder what's happening." I thought aloud.

Isabella shrugged, but she looked worried. "The Gamemakers probably have another surprise for us.

Thunder rumbled in the distance.

* * *

Luna - D7

Buford and I ran as fast as we could to get out of the sudden downpour of rain. My Johanna Mason hadn't fooled him, and we had proved to be good allies and a formidable team against the wildlife in the woods. We had even managed to trap the huge mutt that tried to eat us. I guess our houses were far enough inside of town that they decided to add them, along with nice packs inside. We opted to stay out in the woods, though, to hunt and stuff.

"Luna, over here!" Buford called to me. "I found an old hollow tree we can climb in."

"That you can get in?"

"Hey, hey, I'm big-boned. Now get in."

So we squeezed into the tree, which while it was bigger inside than it looked, was still small, and sat down next to each other. It was a bit of a tight fit, since Buford's so "big-boned", but it was better than being out in the rain.

"Hey, Buford?" I asked. "How much of a chance do you think we have at winning?"

He was quiet for a moment before he spoke. "Well, you pulling a Johanna Mason didn't get us many sponsors, but we do have good supplies, we can trap and hunt, and we don't hate each other, that's a plus."

"But what if we ever meet up with the others, what will we do?"

"You know the kid from District 1, the one whose head is shaped like a dinner bell? He promised to let us join the Careers."

"You trust him?"

"You don't? Luna, I don't just trust anybody, but this kid is no Career. The district doesn't make the person."

"Well, what then?" I knew Buford was getting aggravated, but I kept going anyway.

"I DON'T KNOW, LUNA!" he yelled. Whoa, hadn't meant to go that far. He put his hands to his temples. "Luna, I don't think either of us will win. No, shut up and let me finish. We're not going to win because I'm going to help that Dinner Bell win. He deserves it. No, I'm still not done. I'm going to help him. If you don't want to, that's fine, but I can't ally with you if we're not on the same side. I won't kill you, but I can't keep anyone from killing you."

Sacrifice himself to help a Career win? Stupidest thing I ever heard, but I didn't say anything. I'll just ditch him later, he's not a good ally if he's a pansy.

* * *

Jacob - D11

I didn't know Delayni really well, but I do know that it wasn't smart of her to not show up for her private session. 5 of the 6 kids killed yesterday were the ones that skipped their session. I guess the other was just to make it look like that wasn't the case.

I'm still in this, though, and I'm going to win, whether anyone wants to or not. Losing is not an option in my case. I intend to ride the train back home too.

Wait a second... The train... Something about the train. Are there trains in the arena, just like in the real District 11? Hmmm... Guess there's only one way to find out. Maybe that's my ticket out of here.

I hate the Hunger Games.

* * *

Day Three Stats:

It is raining in all parts of the arena.

District 1 is about the same as the day before. Phineas keeps himself busy tinkering and thinking about the arena, but Caroline is getting antsy and annoyed at Phineas's optimism.

District 2, aka Adyson, didn't do much but sleep all day today. She had a weird dream about trains and plans to check out the station.

District 3 is on a train heading to the Capitol now. One showed up at their station this afternoon.

District 4 is frustrated with each other. Krystal thinks they should take the train, but River won't listen to her. She doesn't want to break their alliance, but her patience is wearing thin.

District 5, aka Eva and Augustine, nicknamed Auggie, are on another train, fast approaching the Capitol.

District 6 is experiencing that awkward feeling when two people like each other, but are too afraid to say it. When they heard a train whistle in the distance, their District 6 minds instinctively figured it out. They just barely caught their train and are en route to the Capitol portion of the arena along with others.

District 7 is split. Buford knocked Luna out and took almost all of their supplies with him, going into town to get away from Luna. She may have head injuries, sponsor gifts would be good.

District 8 is also on a train bound for the faux Capitol.

District 9, aka Caellach, just missed his train, but another one came 8 hours later, and he got on that one.

District 10 is dead, remember?

District 11, aka Jacob caught a train at the same time as Caellach.

River and Jacob have some minor injuries, and Luna may have some severe ones. Now's the time to send sponsor gifts! Anyone can send gifts, even those who didn't submit tributes, but only the tribute's creator can send major gifts, like fancy Capitol food and high-tech medicine. Other people, you can send gifts like beef jerky and dried fruit as well as bandages and Neosporin (to prevent infection). As Head Gamemaker, I reserve the right reject a gift. Also, no weapons may be sent to a tribute until they reach the Cornucopia.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Day Four

Baljeet - D3

Candice I seemed to be the first ones to the Cornucopia, so we had our selection of anything we could want. Candice got as many of the knives as she could fit into her bag and I picked up some snare kits and a lightweight sword.

Suddenly, I heard growling, and turned around to see one of the mutts from the second day.


"What, Jeet?" she asked. She had her back turned, still digging in the pile for more knives.

"I think we had better start running."

"Why- Oh my gigabyte."

We slowly backed away, but then I heard a voice.

"Auggie! Leave them alone!"

A girl came into view, the one from 5, I believe, and the mutt walked over to her and started licked her hand and nuzzling her.

"Bad girl! We don't scare good people like that, only the big bad ones. I'm sorry about Auggie." she said, turning to us. My name's Eva, by the way."

"You tamed a mutt!?" Candice squeaked.

"The wont hurt you if you don't hurt them." Eva replied. "I just gave her some jerky, named her Augustine, or Auggie for short, and she stayed with me. Up until now, anyway, her leash broke. Hey, want to ally?"

We nodded yes, still a little stunned by "Auggie", and almost did not notice the pair from 8 sneaking around behind us.

Candice whipped out one of her knives, but the two of them wanted to ally as well. Fang proved good with throwing weapons, though Candice kept a tight hold on her knives, and Isabella was exceptional with the bow.

We settled down and waited for other tributes, but we seemed to be the only ones here at the moment.

* * *

Quinn - D6

It was there, so tantalizingly close. Ferb and I were a block away from the Cornucopia, but with five other tributes already there, not counting that mutt, Ferb decided that we were better off to wait awhile to go up there. We had been here for several hours already, and was getting dark.


But he shushed me and tilted his head to the side, listening.

I whispered this time. "Ferb."

He shook his head again, grabbed his pack, and motioned for me to be quiet. I listened too and heard footsteps, heavy ones. I immediately understood and crawled quietly over to where Ferb was hiding under the fire escape. It was dark enough in the alleyway that we were well hidden, but we could clearly see the streets on both sides.

The footsteps grew louder, and the guy from 7 came into view, loaded down with packs. I didn't see the girl, and hadn't heard her cannon, so he must have left her behind.

I of course took that moment to sneeze. Ferb quickly covered my mouth with his hand, but the damage was done. He stopped abruptly and turned his head. He started walking down the alley when I heard an almighty shout and the boy from 11 jumped out of nowhere. He swung at the 7 guy, but the 7 guy ducked and reached up over his head to grab the incoming fist. He then used 11's momentum to swing the guy around and drop him to the ground. 7 jumped on 11's back, restrained his arms with his legs, and grabbed his neck.

"Wrestling champion, dude. Alliance?" 7 asked.

11 just barely squeaked out, "Never."

With a half-hearted sigh, 7 twisted 11's neck, and a cannon boomed.

7 got up, said something I couldn't understand, and walked away.

I sighed and turned around, only to come face to face with the guy from 9. He held two cards out to me, and I remembered that he was an Avox. One card said: "I won't hurt you." Good to know. The other said simply: "Alliance?"

I looked at Ferb, who nodded. I added this guy to the list of people I could trust. He pulled out another card, which read: "My name is Caellach."

"How do you say that? Cal-uck?" I asked. He shook his no.


He shook his head again.


He nodded this time. I had gotten it.

I yawned, I was so tired. I snuggled up against Ferb and fell asleep, knowing he would watch out for me.

* * *

Krystal - D4

Yes! I finally got away from River! He went out to fish, so after he left, I grabbed as much as I could carry and ran to town to get on the train without him. He'll catch up. Eventually.

* * *

Adyson - D2

I was right, the train must be the way to the Cornucopia. The right lasted a long time, longer than it should, considering that the arenas are never really big.

I heard another cannon during the ride, the first one in a few days. These games were going really slowly if by Day Four only seven tributes were dead. I hope I get to the Cornucopia in time to get some good weapons to defend myself, some of the guys were really strong in training.

I just hope I don't have to die.

* * *

Fang - D8

The cannon startled all five of us, six if you count Auggie, and we immediately grabbed our weapons. No one showed up, though, so we relaxed a little and waited for the anthem to play. It was the the dude from 11, meaning Districts 10 and 11 were gone. After his picture was shown, the Head Gamemaker made an announcement. Since most of the districts had figured out the trick to the Cornucopia, the remaining districts would be given until dawn, then something would happen to their section. They needed to get to the Cornucopia before they died. Other than that, the tributes at the Cornucopia needed to expect a typical arena day. And as always...

"Happy Hunger Games!" the five of us mocked. Then we laughed, cause the Capitol accent is so funny!

* * *

Day Four Stats:

District 1 is one of the districts that will be attacked at dawn tomorrow. Phineas is still tinkering, and Caroline is about ready to kill him herself.

District 2, Adyson, is on the train and she will reach the Cornucopia soon.

District 3 is allied with Districts 5 and 8. They are Alliance #1, and are camped out at the Cornucopia.

District 4 has separated. Krystal is on the train, and River has no idea where she is. River has next to nothing in supplies, because Krystal took everything she could. He is still treating his wounds, but no longer has medicine.

District 5, Eva, is in Alliance #1. She and Auggie both have plenty of supplies and protection.

District 6 is allied with District 9. This is Alliance #2. They are hiding a block or two away from the City Circle, where the Cornucopia and Alliance #1 are. They have no weapons, just the supplies in their packs, are doing fine.

District 7 is also divided. Buford is alone somewhere in the streets surrounding City Circle, while Luna is still in District 7, recovering from her head injury. Buford left a few aspirin for her, but her vision is getting blurry, and she can't see well.

District 8 is in Alliance #1. They are fine.

District 9, Caellach, is in Alliance #2. He is also fine.

Districts 10 and 11 are dead.

Send sponsor gifts, people! If Luna doesn't get something, she will die on Day Five from the disaster. River also has some wounds that could use medicine. Show your tributes that you want them to win!

You can pool gifts too, if I get enough SIGNED IN MEMBERS, Wikia Contributors don't count unless they have unique IP's, wanting to send the same tribute a gift, then they may get it. Remember no weapons for any tributes that have not reached the Cornucopia, so only Alliance #1.

As always, I reserve the right to accept or deny all gifts.

Also, sorry for the lapse in updates, I am up to my neck in Summer Academy, my college prep program, and my homework HAS to come first. I cannot fail my classes, or not only will I not get to go on the Summer Academy trip (to Dallas, Texas!), I won't get to go with my family to the beach next month! I would miss TEN days at the BEACH! So please bear with me, I promise stuff will get faster. :)

Day Five

Day Five

Naranya Payloma - Head Gamemaker

"Mrs. Payloma?"

I sighed and looked up from my controls. "Yes, Miss Shine?"

"Just Topaz please, ma'am. And the Gifts Department said all notes had to go through you. Caroline's sister Elizabeth sent one to me for her."

She handed me the note. It was handwritten, on fancy purple paper. I smiled when I understood the true meaning of the note. Smart girl, this Elizabeth.

"Send it in." I told Topaz, and she nodded and left.

Luna - D7

That traitor! Oh, when I get my hands on Buford I'll-

Huh? What was I talking about? Anyway, I can't really see anything; I just hope nothing comes and eats me while I'm sitting here out in the open.

I heard the announcement last night, so I have to be ready for anything the stupid Gamemakers want to throw my way.

My skin starts to tingle. I must be getting a sunburn. I reached into my pack before I realized. It's only dawn. The sun's not bright enough yet to-

Huh? Oh, lost my train of thought again.

Wait. Train of thought, train of thought, train, train...

Of course, the train!

If only I knew how to get there.

The burning is getting more intense now, and I feel kinda wet. What the heck is going on?

Ok, now it really, really hurts. What is this stuff, it's like burning rain, if that makes any sense.

Huh? Where am I, and what's going on? Why do I hurt all over? Why's it so dark?



River - D4

Thank you, sponsors! I got a first aid kit in the middle of the night to replace the one Krystal took when she left, so I'm ready for whatever "disaster" these stupid Gamemakers throw at me. Bring it on. I'm gonna ride this crazy train outta town!

Hey, that's not a bad idea, riding the train. Just gotta get out of this rain.

This stupid stinging rain.

Oh crap.

Acid rain.

I hightailed it to the station and used the burn salve in my kit. I knew plenty about acid rain from District 4, it was enough to scare me. You can't beat it. Acid has no weakness, unlike humans. Humans always have a weakness to exploit, no matter who they are.

Look out, dudes, because this River has rapids.

Phineas - D1

"Caroline, wake up! We got a parachute!" I yelled, shaking Caroline.

"What?" she said, rubbing her eyes. "You're bluffing, Phineas."

"No, really, come see! There's a bunch of food, and a note. From someone named Liz. Do you know a Liz?" I asked.

She inhaled sharply. "That's my sister. Give me that!"

She ripped the note from my fingers and read it out loud.

"To Caroline and Phineas,

"Remember, stay strong.

"Always be alert for anything.

"I believe in you both, understand?

"Never give up hope! Liz <3"

She stared at it minute more before throwing it back at me. "Well, what the heck was THAT supposed to mean? Couldn't you have given us clue, Liz!?"

I picked up the note and looked at it. "Maybe she did."


"Look at the first letter of every line." I folded the edge of the paper over so that only those were visible. "What do you see?"






"Train." she whispered.

"Yep, and that's where we need to go right now. Thank you Liz!" I called out to the cloudy sky, dawn quickly approaching.

As we ran, we heard thunder overhead and a few drops started to fall. I didn't notice anything was amiss until Caroline squealed when a drop landed on her arm.

"It burns. The rain burns!"

Well, this can't be good, I thought, but I kept running, pulling her along behind me.

Caroline - D1

Then it really started pouring. We pulled out the tarps from our bags as we ran, but the rain ate right through them in a couple of minutes. How far away was the dang train station?

My skin hurt like crap, and we both had what looked like polka dots of mild second degree burns. We would definitely need some medicine, I don't think our dinky little tub of burn cream is gonna cut it for both of us.

I ran faster and Phineas soon was behind me a few feet instead of in front. I didn't think anything of it until I heard him cry out. I turned around to see that he had tripped and was struggling to get up.

We were so close to the station. I could just leave him here, and I wouldn't have to bother with him later.

But I couldn't just leave him here. Even though he was annoying, what kind of person would I be to leave him behind?

Why am I even thinking about this? I ran and scooped him up in my arms, glad that he was small for our age. I made it into the station and laid him down on a bench with his head in my lap.

"Caroline?" he said, weakly.


He smiled, clearly in pain. "Thank you... for saving me."

I smiled and brushed back his almost ruined hair. We must both look like a total mess from that rain.

"You're welcome. Here, let me put some burn cream on your face."

Day Five Stats:

District 1 is waiting for a train, but they have some serious burns from the acid rain, and the burn cream they have isn't very powerful and there isn't much of it. A nice big tub of Capitol Hospital grade burn salve sounds good to them, and also a bit of supplies to replace what the acid rain ruined. Don't worry Rainy, I've got some of this, since Phinny is mine and it's quite a tall order.

District 2, Adyson, is on the outskirts of the Capitol, she has teamed up with Krystal. This is Alliance #3.

District 3 is the same as yesterday.

District 4 is still separated. Krystal is in Alliance #3, and River is on the train with minor burns. He has tough skin.

District 5, Eva and Auggie, is the same as yesterday.

District 6 and Alliance #2 have advanced a few blocks closer to Alliance #1. They are waiting to strike.

District 7 is just Buford now. Luna died from the acid rain. Buford is about the same as he was yesterday.

District 8 is the same as yesterday.

District 9, Caellach, has stayed in Alliance #2 and is moving with them.

Districts 10, 11, and 12 are all dead.

Sorry again for being so stinkin' behind with updates! :( I've been so busy with my college prep program, and I've been stressing over my final exams... please cut me a little slack. This at the top of my fun stuff to-do list, and I will get it done. >:) (determination face: on)

Day Six

Day Six

(At night on Day Five / early morning of Day Six)

Caellach - D9

It was my turn to sit watch over the three of us. Ferb and Quinn were curled up next to each other in the corner of the small store we were in. I smiled sadly. It was obvious that they both liked each other a great deal, even though they were only twelve, but inside of the arena is probably the worst place to realize that.

I heard a soft beeping, the kind that the parachutes make, and soon one floated in the big window and landed in my lap. I twisted the container open quietly, so as not to wake the others, and found a note inside.


Assaulting Alliance#1 is a bad idea but if you had weapons you would actually survive.


I chuckled silently. That's my little brother for you, writes things like he sees them.

He's right, though, we'll never get to the Cornucopia without weapons, but we also have to get to the Cornucopia to get weapons. Oh, the conundrum.

Or is it?

I've got an idea that just might work, as crazy as it is.

Buford - D7

I crept up on the Cornucopia real slow and quiet, so's I didn't wake anyone already there up. They had a fire burnin', but they all seemed to be sleepin', with no one guardin' their camp. A lil' too trustin', if you ask me, but that also meant I could there, touch the Cornucopia, and get back, no sweat.

I felt weird without an axe in my hands. I'd used one for so long, it had become an extension of my arm. Yeah, I was ok at wrestlin', but I wasn't me without an axe. If I could just touch the Cornucopia, then Mr. Caress could send me an axe, if he was in one of 'is better moods.

I was nearly there when I saw someone else in the firelight. I recognized his silhouette as the Avox kid from Nine, he'd been at the axe station with me at trainin'. Made sense, both of our districts depended on cuttin' things down, trees for me, grain for 'im.

I decided to confront 'im, but see if he attacked, otherwise I'd leave 'im alone.

I tiptoed closer to 'im and whispered, "Hey, hey dude."

He jumped up and turned around, and when he saw me, held up 'is hand in the universal symbol for wait. He fished around in 'is pockets for a minute, but seemed upset when he didn't find what he was lookin' for. Turnin' to face me, he pointed at 'imself, shook 'is head no, punched the air in front of 'im, then pointed at me. I won't hurt you, he was sayin'. I held up my hand in the ok sign that we use in District 7 when it's too loud to hear each other. A look of understandin' crossed 'is face, then he carefully signed: Do you have a team?

They must use similar signs in District 9. I shook my head no, and he signed: Join mine?

I thought for a moment, then nodded. Safety in numbers, you know?

After both of us went up and touched the Cornucopia, he led us back to 'is camp where the pair from Six was sleepin'. After we cleared a place for my sleepin' bag, I rolled it out and laid on top of it. I didn't sleep much, but Caellach let me watch with 'im, signin' that Ferb needed to sleep and they never let Quinn take a watch.

About the time the Sun came up the next mornin', two parachutes came down, each with an axe inside. They were nice, nicer than either of us had ever had, I think. They weren't quite the same, but for sake of clarity, our initials were on the handles. There was a note inside each parachute, but since Ferb and Quinn were still asleep, I read mine to myself.

To Buford,

That was a smart decision you made last night, and I believe that both you and Caellach will be key in the outcome of the Games. Thus, I have provided you both with the finest axes, your common weapon of choice, I presume?

Just survive and stay alive. There is something brewing in the outside world, and the Games are the best distraction. In faith,

Your Anonymous Benefactor

Huh, I didn't think anybody thought that much of me. My mentor was a jerk, and District 7 is not all that popular with sponsors. After Luna's 2 in trainin', I had doubted we had any at all.

Caellach showed me 'is note, which was mostly the same. Who was this guy? He obviously wasn't from a district, since he sent stuff to both of us, but who in the Capitol felt any sympathy for us?

Ferb seems pretty smart, I'll ask him when he wakes up.

(Late morning on Day Six)

Candice - D3

The sound of something hitting the ground next to me woke me up. It was a parachute, a small one, but perhaps there was something useful inside. I twisted the top off and saw a piece off paper, carefully folded to look like a lightning bolt. That meant it was from my sisters, we always did that. I unfolded it and read.


alwAys be carefuL. stay on Light feet. wIth or without your Alliance, Never fail, Candice. rEmember, 2 MeAn girls Yerra, ATTA, CiKi and YOUria. be careful.

bianca and rose bolt

Hmmm, that's odd, my sisters know their capitalization rules, so why-

Then near the bottom of the letter, the words ATTACK YOU stood out. And wait, I didn't know any girls with those names.

Hmmm, maybe I just wasn't getting it. So I started writing down the capitalized letters, and I started to understand Bee and Rosie's cleverness.


Alliance may attack you.

My alliance might attack me? Hmmm, wait, here it says 2 MeAn girls, but lists four. So maybe it means:

Alliance 2 may attack you.

Ah, much better.

But who was Alliance 2, and why would they attack us, other than the fact that we were at the Cornucopia? And if the alliances had numbers, which one were we?

I woke up Baljeet and showed him, explaining how I solved the code. He recommended that we wake the others up and keep a close eye on the camp. We all had our weapons at the ready, and a hush seemed to descend over the arena.

Adyson - D2

There's this old saying: All roads lead to Rome. Well, the same can be said for the City Circle at the Capitol. The streets radiated out like spokes on a quarry cart wheel. Krystal and I made our way there in almost no time. Once we found Caroline, our team would be complete.

But now our objective was to get weapons. And either way you looked at it, we had to get to the Cornucopia to get any.

Phineas - D1

Caroline and I had somehow gotten two parachutes while we were on the train. The first one was from Liz again, and contained two new backpacks, a few water bottles, and a bucket of blueberries, which apparently are some of Caroline's favorites. There was also another note from Liz, encrypted again.


¡ʎɹɹnɥ ǝsɐǝldpuɐ `ʎllɐ oʇ ʇuɐʍ noʎ ǝɹǝɥʍ puıɟlɐʇsʎɹʞ puɐ uosʎpɐ ˙ᄐ ıllɐ sı ǝɹǝɥʇ`ʎllɐuıɟ ˙ɥɔɐllɐɔ puɐ `uuınb `qɹǝɟɟo dn ǝpɐɯ sı ᄅ ıllɐ ˙ǝɔıpuɐɔ puɐ`ƃuɐɟ `ǝıƃƃnɐ `ʇǝd ʇʇnɯ ɹǝɥ `ɐʌǝ`sllǝq `ʇǝǝɾılɐq sɐɥ ⇂ ˙ıllɐ `ǝɹǝɥʇsǝɔuɐıllɐ ǝǝɹɥʇ ɟo llɐ ǝɹɐ ǝɹǝɥʇʇno puıɟ ll,noʎ ˙˙˙ǝʞıl ƃuıɥʇǝɯos`noʎ dlǝɥ oʇ ƃuıɥʇǝɯos oʍʇnoʎ puǝs oʇ ǝuo ʇsɹıɟ ǝɥʇ ǝq llıʍ ı`ɐıdoɔnuɹoɔ ǝɥʇ oʇ ʇǝƃ noʎ uǝɥʍʇɐɥʇ noʎ llǝʇ oʇ ʇuɐʍ ı`ǝuıloɹɐɔ puɐ sɐǝuıɥd

I looked at it for awhile, but all of a sudden, Caroline tilted her head to the side.

"Turn it upside down." she said.

That did the trick. Liz had given us a list of all of the alliances and a promise to send us something when we got to the Cornucopia. Caroline and I scanned the list, and I compared to the list of tributes I had written down the first day. I had crossed out several names, the ones that had died, and of all the still living ones, River from 4 and Buford from 7 were the only ones still alone. I had talked to Buford in the Training Center, and he had promised to help me, so we needed to find him. River on the other hand, I didn't trust him. He was too much like a typical Career, and I could never trust someone who was trained to kill other people.

I wish she could have told us where they were, but that was most likely against the rules.

The other parachute that came later was much more useful though. It had an industrial-sized tub of Capitol Burn Repair Salve, the stuff the hospital used on severe burns. Caroline and I went in separate rooms and slathered the stuff all over ourselves, the stinging instantly going away. The marks even seemed to start healing themselves. We didn't have many spots on our backs because they had been covered by the packs. There was a note with this gift too.

To Phineas and Caroline,

I hope that this medicine has met you in time for it to still be of use to you. Being from District 1 and also representatives of FlynnCo, you hold heavy sway over the audience. Hopefully this carries over to the arena, as I believe that you two will be critical in the outcome of the Games.

Just survive and stay alive. There is something brewing in the outside world, and the Games are the best distraction.

In faith,

Your Anonymous Benefactor

"Well," Caroline said, "I'm not going to complain, cause I feel a lot better than I did. Your hands and knees look better too."

"Yeah, it's a lot easier to walk now." I said, rubbing my knees. "And now that my hands are better, I can finish my invention."

"Are you ever going to show me what it is?"

That surprised me, she had never seemed interested until now. "Sure, I didn't know you wanted to see it. Here."

And I showed it to her, what I had made it out of, how it worked, what it did, etc. it wasn't very big, but it was powerful. And solar powered, like most of FlynnCo's products.

Caroline was impressed.

"Phineas, I don't know if anyone has ever told you this before, but you have a REALLY big brain in that pointy head of yours."

Well, no one had ever said it like that before, but I took it as a compliment anyways. I never bragged about what I could do (well, only to those really snobby kids), but it was always nice when somebody liked one of my inventions. That's why I built them, so people would use them to make their lives better.

Once we actually got to the Capitol, we ran toward the City Circle, but stopped and backtracked a few blocks when we saw that there was already a sizable group there. I had a good reputation all around Panem. Maybe I could use that to get in and out with no blows exchanged.

River - D4

They're just sitting there like fish in a bucket. A bucket with treasure on the bottom, that is. I needed a trident, and they were what stood in my way. And so help me, I was going to get that trident.

Eva - D5

Auggie's ears pricked up, then turned back, and she hissed.

"What is it, girl?"

Then suddenly, they came out from the surrounding streets, all at once. It was the other tributes, all of them, coming at us. Crap, this was not good. I climbed up on Auggie's back and strapped myself to her harness. I had absolutely zero weapons skills, so I had to take advantage of Auggie's. Her foot-long, razor-sharp claws and her teeth were our only defense.

Those claws were also keeping everyone, even my own allies, at a good distance from me, so I got a view of most of the square.

Two Career girls were the first to reach us, but Candice was ready with her knives, sending two flying straight at them. The first girl, District 4, I think, was hit in the leg and fell to the ground.

The other girl snatched the knife aimed at her out of the air and threw it back at Candice. Candice ducked, but Fang was right behind her.


The girl tagged the Cornucopia, and ran back the way she had come, ignoring the cries of her wounded ally.

The other teams were coming up on us now, and two of the bigger boys were already wielding huge axes. Where did they get those from? Following close behind them was the green-haired boy and his district partner. The two with axes blocked shots from reaching the other two as they ran up and touched the Cornucopia. A parachute soon came down with a mace which the girl grabbed eagerly. I didn't see the boy get anything.

Watching them, I almost didn't see the huge guy coming up behind me, but Auggie heard him. She spun around, but didn't attack. She wouldn't unless he tried to. But she could play defense.

"Keep him from getting past us." I whispered in her ear. She tried, but he was really quick for someone so big. Everyone else was on the other side, near the mouth, so he was able to get the Cornucopia. The instant he touched it, a parachute came down with an evil-looking trident tied to it. I didn't like the looks of it, so I chased him around to the mouth to get some backup.

River - D4

Now that I've got a trident, I feel more like myself again. The question is, who to use it on? Not the girl with mutt, I'd get torn to shreds.

Then I saw her. The perfect target. I smiled and pulled the trident up to my eye level. I closed one eye to aim, then I threw it.


Ferb - D6

It almost seemed to happen in slow motion. I turned just in time to see River's trident sink into Quinn and watch her fall to the ground.

Red clouded my vision, how dare he hurt her!? I leaped over, picked up Quinn's dropped mace, and pounced on River, bludgeoning him with the mace and letting loose a string of both District 6 and Capitol swear words. I don't know if it was the adrenaline, or the fact that I possibly caught him off guard, but I landed a fatal blow and heard his cannon.


I panted for a minute more before dropping the bloody weapon and falling to my knees. I crawled over to Quinn, her small body still fighting for life.

"Ferb." she rasped, smiling weakly. I shook my head to quiet her and wrapped my arms around her, lifting her into my lap. "Ferb." she said again, stronger this time. I tried to shush her, but she kept talking. "Ferb, I need... I need to tell you... that I... I love you, Ferb."

I couldn't help myself, I started bawling. I leaned down and kissed her forehead. "I loved you too, Quinn."

But she just shook her head. "We're not... in the past yet, Ferbo. It's not good... to dwell on what's happened... and not... on what hasn't yet."

She kissed me on my big square nose, mentioning that she had always liked my nose, and I kissed her nose back. I just sat there and held her as long as I could, forgetting who I tried to be for the Capitol, and being who I really was for Quinn.


Caellach - D9

Everyone had just kind of froze when Ferb started beating up River, including River himself. It was like a train wreck, awful to watch, but hard to look away from.

After Quinn's cannon boomed, he set her down gently on the ground and crossed her arms over her chest. He looked up at the sky for a moment before another parachute fluttered down. He opened it to reveal a single green daisy, which he placed between her hands. Then he began to speak, a rare thing for him.

"Humans are much like machines. We are born, we live, we work, we die. Machines are made, they work, they break and no longer work. But then the machines are sent to the scrap yards where they are then found, reused, and given life again. May your spirit be found in the good scrap yards, Quinn Valentia, and may you find new life again."

He then turned, walked a few paces away to pick up Quinn's mace, and then started running down the alleyway back to our camp.

I tried to call out to him, but as always, only the guttural noises that marked my lack of a tongue came out. So I ran after him, the pair of footsteps behind me so heavy that they could only belong to Buford.

We followed him all the way back to the store we had been sleeping in, where he stumbled onto his sleeping bag and started to bawl.

Buford stood awkwardly off to the side, confused as to what to do, but I sat down next to Ferb and gently squeezed his shoulder. We had become friends during training, but now I felt closer to him. We had both watched someone we love die.

And they both died because of the Capitol. I smiled a little at the irony. The Capitol had cut out my tongue to keep me from talking, but they couldn't hear what I thought or control it.

A hundred years of Capitol control is too long. The Hunger Games will end, and if I have to die too for that to happen, then so be it.

Caroline - D1

Phineas and I stayed aways back from the fray, knowing we wouldn't stand a chance against some of the bigger tributes. We heard everything, though, from where we were, even what the green-haired boy said over his district partner. Phineas nudged me and whispered, "That's the traditional speech given at all District 6 funerals. He wanted to give her as proper as a funeral as he could."

I was crying a little bit now, what was wrong with me, I never cried, not even that time I twisted my ankle. So why was this making me so teary-eyed? I quickly wiped the tears away with my shirtsleeve.

The two of us cautiously enter the City Circle, needing to get to the Cornucopia, but wanting to respect the dead bodies there on the ground. Well, except for River's. I kicked it as we walked by. The noise alerted the team at the Cornucopia, and the boy from District 3 jumped up, his sword in his hands. The girl from 8 was holding her district partner's body, a glazed look in her eyes, and the girl from 5 was trying to comfort her. The girl from 3 was guarding the wounded girl from 4, knife aloft in her hand, poised to throw.

The boy held his sword in a defensive position. "Why are you here?" he asked. "Were you waiting until we were weakened to attack?"

Phineas held up his hands in surrender, and I quickly followed suit. "It's alright, Baljeet." Phineas said calmly. "We came to ask if we could join your alliance. We don't have anyone but ourselves, and we're still a bit weak from the acid rain burns we got back in our district section."

After some debate, they let us in. The boys used Phineas's invention to move the District 4 boy's body far away from camp while they laid the other two out nicely. We left briefly to let the hovercars take them away, then came back and laid down to sleep.

The anthem played later, and we saw all three pictures in the sky. Then, a "special announcement" from the Head Gamemaker.

"Congratulations on making the top eleven, tributes! It's a testament to your skill, luck, or both that you've made it this far, and I applaud you for that. Now, since there are only half of you left-"

The sky-screen was suddenly dark for a few seconds before the Head Gamemaker came back on.

"Tributes, I have approximately two minutes before I have to turn the cameras back on, so listen closely, and don't speak of this after the cameras come back. I and every Gamemaker under my command, as well as many other anonymous citizens of Panem are working to undermine Snow's control. You children are critical in our plan, so if you have any hatred to the President at all, help us convince all of Panem to knock him off of his high horse. Don't worry about your families, we have relocated all of them to a secret, safe facility outside of Snow's control. Compose yourselves, cameras back on in 15 seconds. I believe in all of you. Cameras in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1."

She straightened back up and smiled again. "Well, that was an unexpected glitch. Sorry for that brief pause, Panem, our systems here at Game Central had an unfortunately timed hiccup, but we have corrected the problem. As I was saying, now that we are down to half the tributes, the Games will get even more exciting! Tensions will rise, friendships questioned, possibly even loyalty to their country forsaken!

"Also, to all you citizens out there in the Future Gamemakers training class, remember, we meet everyday at lunch in your districts' Justice Building, and in Room 207 here in Game Central if you live in the Capitol.

"I bid you goodnight, and as always, Happy Hunger Games!"

Day Six Stats:

Wow, lots of stuff today! :)

District 1 has joined Alliance #1. They have whatever weapons they want, but are still weakened from the acid burns. Eva is doctoring them.

District 2, Adyson, is no longer in an alliance, but is roaming the streets by herself. A sponsor sent her more knives.

District 3 is in Alliance #1 and is doing fine. They are guarding the camp and watching Krystal.

District 4, Krystal, being held captive by Alliance #1. Eva dressed her leg wound, but she's quickly running out of bandages and other medicinal items. Krystal was excited by the announcement, despite being from a Career district. She has no intention of escaping yet, but she is very angry with Adyson for leaving her behind.

District 5, Eva and Auggie, is in Alliance #1. They are fine. Eva is tending to Phineas and Caroline's wounds as well as Krystal's, and trying to comfort Isabella.

District 6, Ferb, is in Alliance #2. He is still upset from Quinn's death, but Caellach is doing his best to console him. He has Quinn's mace.

District 7, Buford, is in Alliance #2. He is fine.

District 8, Isabella, is in Alliance #1. She is in total, shut-down shock, and not responding when people talk to her. She did, however, hear the announcement tonight.

District 9, Caellach, is in Alliance #2. He is comforting Ferb and keeping him calm. When he heard the announcement tonight, he wasn't sure what to feel. He is usually not a violent person, but he does hate Snow and the Capitol for what they did to his family.

All the other districts are dead.

This was as long day to write! :) Hope y'all enjoyed it, the next might be awhile. I have another couple of stories for other sites that I need to finish too.

Day Seven

After all the excitement yesterday, very little happened on Day Seven.

Phineas is in Alliance #1. Eva is helping him and Caroline with their burns. He is also trying to comfort Isabella. The Anonymous Benefactor sent him a sketchbook, a few pencils, and a sharpener.

Caroline is in Alliance #1. The Career inside of her is itching to leave the group, but she can't leave Phineas, and Eva is still doctoring her. The Anonymous Benefactor sent her a deck of playing cards. She played several games with Candice and Krystal.

Adyson is by herself. She is slightly upset about leaving Krystal, but she was concerned with keeping herself alive. The Anonymous Benefactor sent her some stone and a chisel to carve with.

Baljeet is in Alliance #1. He and Candace continue to guard the camp. The Anonymous Benefactor sent him a new marker to replace his dried-up one.

Candice is in Alliance #1. She played cards with Caroline and Krystal, and is beginning to like them, though she still doesn't trust them, since they're from Career districts. The Anonymous Benefactor sent her some metal polish and cleaner to get the blood off of her knives.

Krystal is being held captive by Alliance #1, though she is considering just joining it. She and Caroline became friends quickly, but everyone else still distrusts her. The Anonymous Benefactor sent her a brace for her leg, to help support it while the knife wound heals, and Eva made her crutch out of River's trident. She can stand, but not walk, and definitely not run.

Eva is in Alliance #1. She has become the little medic of the group, tending to Phineas and Caroline's burns, Krystal's leg, and Isabella. The Anonymous Benefactor sent her medicine and bandages to replenish her supplies, and also some food for Auggie.

Ferb is in Alliance #2. He has recovered some from yesterday, but he is still upset. He tried to leave the camp a few times, but Buford and Caellach stopped him, knowing that Ferb needed their protection. The Anonymous Benefactor sent him a few model kits.

Buford is in Alliance #2. Like Baljeet in Alliance #1, Buford has been his alliance's main guard. After yesterday, he and Caellach feel even more protective of Ferb, and an unofficial brotherly bond has formed between the three of them. The Anonymous Benefactor sent him a block of wood and a knife to whittle with.

Isabella is in Alliance #1. She has gradually come around since yesterday, but she won't talk to anyone but Eva and Phineas. The Anonymous Benefactor sent her a sketchbook and pencils like Phineas's, and she started to draw in it. Phineas complimented her on her drawings, making her smile and blush.

Caellach is in Alliance #2. While Buford keeps an eye out for things outside of camp, Caellach keeps an eye on Ferb. The Anonymous Benefactor sent him a notebook, pencils, and a sharpener.

Sorry today was slow. ^^; I had forgotten about this site until a friend of mine commented and I got the email. ^^;

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