My first Hunger Game

Hey guys,

this will be my first hunger game and I am very excited about this. I hope that you will enjoy this. One thing you should know. I am from germany and my english is not perfect, but I will try to give my best. Also I will try to make them long. I will also write about the reapings and the training. One tribute of each district gets a reaping POV and the other tribute gets a training POV. Please, do not forget that you are the mentor and send him some advices or I will decide what he will do. So please send me some tributes.:) I hope that I did not scared you due to my bad english.
Ah yes!! Can someone help me with the language?


1. 3 tributes per user

2. don't be mad if your tribute dies! This is a hunger game, so it will be only one victor!

3. I do not use so make him interesting and send some advices.

4. You can spam, but first send a tribute, please.

5. You can reserve a tribute for a week!

6. Everyone can sponsor your tribute. The Mentor gets 500$ for a tribute. If someone sponsors a tribute then he gets another 500$.

7. Here is the tribute template!


Districts: (List three, in order of preference)



Personality: (detailed)

Backstory: (I want long backstorys)


Appearance: (lunaii)

Weapon: (List 1 or 2)

Strengths: ( if you choose 3 strengths then he has to have 2 weaknesses or if you choose 5 strength then he has to have 4 weaknesses )


Fears: (List 1)

Bloodbath Strategy:




District Name Age Weapon User
District 1 Male
District 1 Female Emerald "Emmy" Firia 17 Knife, Throwing Knife UniCandy
District 2 Male Drake Mordan 15 Sword, Axe Theman77
District 2 Female Ivy Willik 17 Bow and Arrow, Knife UniCandy
District 3 Male
District 3 Female Catherine Wilsnow 14 Traps FoxfaceFan32825
District 4 Male
District 4 Female Mae Finn 14 Bow and Arrow, Hand-to-Hand Combat District12-Tributes
District 5 Male
District 5 Female Cassia Slyara 15 Bow and Arrow UniCandy
District 6 Male
District 6 Female Peral Jaca Throwing Knife Cloveygal
District 7 Male
District 7 Female Zanna Vinland 15 Knife, Throwing Knife, Bow and Arrow District12-Tributes
District 8 Male
District 8 Female Ryo Kyurii 15 Katana, Steel Fans IdlelnMind
District 9 Male
District 9 Female Cassandra Karatine 16 Sword FoxfaceFan32825
District 10 Male Alexander "Alex" Freefall 17 Knife, Double-edge Sword DoragonXD
District 10 Female Miriam Fallthorne 16 Bow and Arrow, Knife, Claw DoragonXD
District 11 Male Court Morgan 17 Sword, Traps District12-Tributes
District 11 Female Trysten Lapus 13 Posion FoxfaceFan32825
District 12 Male Kent Stone 16 Metal Staff, Pickax, Hammer
District 12 Female Ashlyn Aislin 16 Sword, Knife, Mace District12-Tributes



The cornucopia will be at the center of the arena and stand on an aztec temple. After the first day the cornucopia will disappear with the temple. It will come back for the last battle. The rest of the arena is divided into 4 areas.

In the north, there will be high mountains with caves and plants.

In the west, there will be a huge jungle with a beach.

In the south, there will be a hot desert.

In the east, there will be a beautiful meadow with flowers and a big lake.

The audiance of the games are bored of mutts so there will be no mutts, but the Capitol will show that it can not rule only over the people but also over the four elements. Water, Fire, Wind and Earth.

This year, the tributes have to go through natural disasters. Each area will have a fire, water, wind and earth catastrophe. But only one elemental catastrophe per area. The catastrophe of each area will start at the same time.

Example. When the mountains have a water catastrophe the other areas will have a fire, wind or earth catastrophe. So the next catastrophe at the mountains can not be the water!

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