• Owen1998

    The 1st User Hunger Games

    November 20, 2016 by Owen1998

    Hello, everyone. It has been nearly 2 years without entering the wiki. Since now I have a lot of free time I have decided to write a new hunger games. "You" are going to fight in these hunger games, so obviously you can only submit one character per person. I am currently at university, so I have a lot of free time that I have to spend so don't worry for the updates.

    It's the year 2023 and Donald Trump with the help of Putin has won World War III. Every year all the world will submit 24 children to remember Trumps power. (Story continues down below)

    At the moment I will only be taking names of users. You have until Thursday at 21:00 (English hour) to submit yourself. When that time comes I will give more information. In the comments say what…

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  • Owen1998

    The 853rd Hunger Games

    December 12, 2014 by Owen1998

    Welcome to the 853 hunger games I'm president Owen and this is my first Hunger Games, well I'm a president who doesn't like to talk much so let's start I'm very exited because this are my first Hunger Games.

    • You have to stay active.
    • Please answer if I ask something.
    • The tribute limit is three per person .
    • If someone puts the same person on the same place I will get the first one who said it.
    • If you don't play you are a chicken.
    • If you see some speling mistakes please don't kill but english is my second language.

    Name Age District Gender Weapons User
    Sebastian Glase 17 1 M Throwing Ax, Battle Ax YourfavouriteSalmon
    Caspin Summer 15 1 F Hatchet, dagger PippyCat
    Ryan Duke 16 2 M Sword, dagger. TheDarkAssasin1155
    Bridget Idylwyld 16 2 F Chain whip The Sy…

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