Welcome to the 853 hunger games I'm president Owen and this is my first Hunger Games, well I'm a president who doesn't like to talk much so let's start I'm very exited because this are my first Hunger Games.


  • You have to stay active.
  • Please answer if I ask something.
  • The tribute limit is three per person .
  • If someone puts the same person on the same place I will get the first one who said it.
  • If you don't play you are a chicken.
  • If you see some speling mistakes please don't kill but english is my second language.

The Tributes

Name Age District Gender Weapons User
Sebastian Glase 17 1 M Throwing Ax, Battle Ax YourfavouriteSalmon
Caspin Summer 15 1 F Hatchet, dagger PippyCat
Ryan Duke 16 2 M Sword, dagger. TheDarkAssasin1155
Bridget Idylwyld 16 2 F Chain whip The Symphonic Taco
Matthew Smith 18 3 M Electric taser and sword Summer bee 13
May Blaster 12 3 F Traps, shepherd's sling Connor
Ferb Winetaster 12 4 M Fishing Rod Thecoldboringguy157
Lauren Lopez 16 4 F Spear, Mace The Symphonic Taco
Vernon Payne 12 5 M Knife, net Connor
Jynx Corradini 16 5 F Wits, ring daggers The Symphonic Taco
Tiberius Smitt 13 6 M Sword, Spear, Sickle YourfavouriteSalmon
Lucia Morris 13 6 F katana Xbilliex
Hector Oak 17 7 M Throwing axes, Battleaxes. TheDarkAssasin1155
Artemis Harsha 13 7 F Axe hatchet, javelin needles, trident PippyCat
Caspian Ventares 16 8 M Dagger, Throwing Knife and bow YourfavouriteSalmon
Camiren Paisley-Idylwyld 17 8 F Dagger, Short Sword, Machete Summer bee 13
Jacob Antio 14 9 M Scythe, throwing knives, bow PippyCat
Arianne Lands 16 9 F Meat cleaver, bow Connor
Henry Blake 17 10 M Sickle, Knife, Ax YourfavouriteSalmon
Antonia  Rabbit 15 10 F Whip, Knife, Club. TheDarkAssasin1155
Tim Thorburn 16 11 M Sickle and knife Niby001
Kim Thorburn 16 11 F Sickle and scythes Niby001
Tomer Wilt 17 12 M Pick, Axe Zeebem10
Guinevere Bordeaux 15 12 F Bow, Sword Summer bee 13

Training Score

Name District Score
Sebastian Glase 1 11*
Caspin Summer 1 7*
Ryan Duke 2 8*
Bridget Idylwyld 2 9*
Matthew Smith 3 7*
May Blaster 3 6*(4 coins)
Ferb Winetaster 4 5*
Lauren Lopez 4 10*
Vernon Payne 5 6*
Jynx Corradini 5 4*
Tiberius Smitt 6 5*
Lucia Morris 6 6*
Hector Oak 7 9*(6 coins)
Artemis Harsha 7 6*
Caspian Ventares 8 7*
Camiren Paisley-Idylwyld 8 9*
Jacob Antio 9 7*
Arianne Lands 9 7*
Henry Blake 10 8*
Antonia  Rabbit 10 7*
Tim Thorburn 11 7*(4 coins)
Kim Thorburn 11 8*
Tomer Wilt 12 9*
Guinevere Bordeaux 12 7*(4 coins)
  • This is the number of coins that you got for the games


Careers: Caspin Summer and Bridget Idylwyld

Personal Aliance: Guinevere Bordeaux and Tiberius Smitt.

Personal Alliance: Ferb Winetaster and May Blaster

Lonners: Hector Oak and Tim Thorburn

The Arena

Arena Owen
Brown: Dirt normal

Green: Trees

Light Blue: Water (drinkable)

Green with orange dots: Fruit tree

Light green: Grass

Dark Blue: Cornucopia

Red: Mut spawn

Yellow: Starting place


Every tribute will have in coins what they had in the training score (If you got a 6 you have 6 coins...). You can,t use a money of a tribute on other of yours (every tribute has got their own money)

This is what you can buy (You can tell me things that are not in this list and I will give you a price and you can tell what you want to pay for it if you don,t want to wait):


  • Sandwich (1 coin)
  • Bread (1 coin)
  • Complete Food (3 coins) Food for a hole day.


  • Knife (1 coin)
  • Bow (3 coins)
  • Axe (2 coins)
  • 10 arrow (2 coins)


  • Scrach medicine (1 coin)
  • Antipoison (2 coins)
  • Good medicine (3 coins)
  • Instant cure medicine (5 coins)
  • Bandage (1 coin)
  • Burn Medicine (2 coins)


  • 2 Matches (1 coin)
  • Blanket (1 coin)
  • Shield (4 coins). Only 1 use and will sleeping (10h Max.)
  • Fishing Pole (with small can of bait) (2 coins)
  • Rope (1 coin)
  • FlashLight (it charges with the sun) (2 coins)
  • Boat (1 coin and 1 use) (That means you will need two  for go and come from places)

Death Chart

Placing Who? District Killer How? Day/When
24th Matthew Smith 3 Jacob Antio Knife on his head BloodBath
23rd Kim Thorburn 11 Caspian Ventares Bow on her head BloodBath
22nd Artemis Harsha 7 Sebastian Glase Knife on her head BloodBath
21st Antonia Rabbit 10 Sebastian Glase Knife on her head BloodBath
20th Lauren Lopez 4 Ryan Duke Killed whit an axe BloodBath
19th Arianne Lands 9 Vernon Payne Knife on her head Day 1/Afternoon
18th Vernon Payne 5 Lucia Morris Head cut with katana Day 1/Afternoon
17th Tomer Wilt 12 Caspian Vantares Bow on his head Day 1/Afternoon
16th Caspian Vantares 8 Hector Oak Axe hit him and killed him instantally Day 1/Afternoon
15th Lucia Morris 6 May Blaster Knife on her chest Day 1/Night
14th Camiren Paisley-Idylwyld 8 Sebastian Glase Axe throw her from a tree Day 1/Night
13th Sebastian Glase 1 Henry Blake Two arrows one in the leg and one on the chest Day 1/Night
12th Ryan Duke 2 Jacob Antio Neck cut and losed a lot of blood Day 1/Night
11th Jacob Antio 9 Bridget Idylwyld Hitten in the head by a chain whip Day 1/Night
10th Henry Blake 10 Bridget Idylwyld Hitten in the head by a chain whip Day 1/Night
9th Jynx Corradini 5 Mutt Shark Trying to escape of a monkey a shark eat her Day 2/Morning
Victor N/A N/A

Tribute Stats

Tribute Allies Location Weapons and Supplies Status
Caspin Summer Carrers Cournocopia All the cournocopia Healthy
Bridget Idylwyld Carrers Cournocopia All the cournocopia Healthy
May Blaster Ferb Winetaster Tiny island of the lake 3 Bags, a katana, a lot of food and 2 knifes Healthy
Ferb Winetaster May Blaster Tiny island of the lake 3 Bags, a katana, a lot of food and 2 knifes Leg hurt
Tiberius Smitt Guinevere Bordeaux Fruit tree near the mut spawn 2 bags, a tiny sword and a bow with ten arrows Healthy
Hector Oak No one South fruit tree 3 bags,2 axes, bow and 4 arrows Healthy
Tim Thorburn No one Dense forest Bag and a knife Healthy
Guinevere Bordeaux Tiberius Smitt Fruit tree near the mut spawn 2 bags, a tiny sword and a bow with ten arrows Healthy


All the Tributes are lined up in there podium's ready to the 853 Hunger Games to start

Lauren Lopez (D4) :"What Backpack should I get? Maybe that Blue backpack looks good, wait District 3 boy (Mathew Smith) boy is looking that one, he looks interested in it!”


Jynx Corradini(D5): “I'm Looking for a good backpack maybe that blue one… Wait! is the District 12 girl (Guinevere Bordeaux) looking at the one.. I could kill her easily the way she is standing makes her look to confident! Damn that clocks going fast! ”


Sebastian Glase(D1):I could kill them all but I am going to wait a little bit first I will get my axe that’s shouting my name


Tiberius Smitt(D6):” I’m to sacred for go to the middle. That’s it my mentor said that I could stay in one of those water islands! “


Lucia Morris(D6): “That bag is close but I think Arianne Lands (D9) is looking at it to. If she gets in my way I will kill her. Whit a katana that I can see”


Vernon Payne (D5):”I’m going out of hire right now. I am to sacred to even move my legs.I think I will go to one of those islands”


Ryan Duke(D2):”Shit I’m to far of my allies I will wait here to they come. I hope the careers will wait for my and I hope they don´t kill me all of them”



Jacob Antio(D9) starts running for a blue bag but he sees Matthew Smith (D3) that is going to it too. He goes first to the cornucopia and gets a knife and he throws it to Matthew Smith (D3) head. Killing him instanly.


He gets the bag two knives and starts swimming. He wants to go to a lonely fruit tree that he said he was going to go with his allies.

Henry Blake(D10): “This bag is mine stupid”

Kim Thorburn(D11) :”OOOOOOOO….Tim run away”( Caspian Ventares (D8) throws a bow at her leg)Well I’m still ali…..

Bang! (This time the arrow doesn’t miss and he kills her)

Tim Thorburn (D11) gets a bag and 1 knife and starts swimming.

Caspian Ventares (D8):Yes! Now I’m going with my bag and my 5 arrows(he jumps to the water and start swimming he can see Ferb Winetaster (D4) in an island but he thinks he’s too cute for kill him so she keeps swimming and there is no point on killing him because he only has a bag with some fishing material and food)

Henry Blake(D10):I told you the bag was mine (he goes into the water and swims to safe land)

Bang! Bang!

Sebastian Glase(D1):I think they were Artemis Harsha (D7) and Antonia Rabbit (D10)  but I can see them now because they are drowned ( he threw two perfect axes to their heads).The bodys float away with a knife on ther head

The four of the careers are in their and the cornucopia is empty (of alive people I mean)

Caspin Summer (D1): “ Lets pass here day one”

Ryan Duke (D2):”Ok”

Bridget Idylwyld (D2): “Ok but we haven’t killed enough”

Sebastian Glase(D1):” Don’t worry we will, we will….”

Ryan Duke (D2):"We have got supplies for months, now we have to look if there,s still people hidding around"

Tiberius Smitt (D6): I can see land…(Tiberius can hear swimming behind him its Artemis Harsha (D7) with a knife). But Tiberius manages to go because Artemis has got many things and she´s to slow. "JA JA" he shouts.

Guinevere Bordeaux and Tiberius Smitt decided before the games started to go to the lonely fruit tree (next to the mut spawn and climb it). They had a 2 bags, a tiny sword and a bow with ten arrows. They were going to camp there because Guinevere had a damage leg caused bya bow. They were a little bit upset because Artemis Harsha had died at the bloodbath.

Guinevere Bordeaux: "Well now she´s in a better place"

Tiberius Smitt:"How many tributes are left?"

Guinevere Bordeaux:"I think 20"

Tiberius Smitt: "At least we are not last"

Guinevere Bordeaux: "Lets get some fruit for lunch"

Tiberius sees in the distant a snake and calls Guinevere, they go to where the sanke is and kill it, but Guinevere had a bite from it, but Tiberius looks at it and he says is not poisonus that she does´t have to worry so they take the snake and get it`s meat out. So at the end Guinevere only has a minor bite.

Tomer Wilt remember that he saw a fruit tree in the dense jungle (the little one in the map)

But suddenly he saw Hector Oak and they both shouted TEAM! And that’s how a new alliance was in the game. They went to the fruit tree for see their supplies (2 bags and 2 axes). It was like they already knew each other and they decide to make a promise of not killing each other. They set a little tent that was on the bag and they used the fruit tree to locate their enemies but they didn,t saw anybody near only the people on the island but they were not dangerous at all (or that is what they thought).

Arianne and Lucia had decide to stay in the big island because they felt safer around water (it looks close but the island is like 1 km of the middle). They look there supplies and they had 1 bag, a meat cleaver and a little katana.

Meanwhile May had allied with Ferb because she only had weapons and he now how to fish perfectly so they a little camp at the most Tiny island of the lake.

The Antis had already gotten to the dense jungle they where only 3 (Jacob Antio, Carimen Paisley-Idylwyld and Henry Blake), they had 4 bags, a bow , 20 arrows and 10 knives. They decided to go to the fruit tree to set a camp but they all got scratched because the trees where together.


Carimen Paisley-Idylwyld:"Are you all ok"

Jacob Antio:"Just scratched"

Henry Blake:"Who could the bang be of?"

Henry Blake:"Bet you it was the careers...."

The careers had found Lauren Lopez hidden in the cornucopia and they had killed her with an axe. One less only 19 to go they all said at the same time.

Ryan Duke (D2):"Found one but I already killed her, sorry the next one I will let it for you Bridget"

Bridget:"Ok, but you always get the fun jajjajajja"


Vernon Payne had stayed in the 2 smallest island with nothing at all. He only had fish and water but a suddenly the body of Artemis Harsha  (D7) came floating with a knife on his head. At first he was scared, but then he got the knife that was on her head and kicked the body away. He said to himself: “not too bad now I can defend my self from those two that are in the other island” "Now lets try some fishing and I think I can make a fire because everybody knows that I am in this island"

But that wasn’t all the allies because Jynx Corradini and Tim Thorburn had made team on the beach, they only had a bag and a knife. But better than nothing….

Jynx Corradini:"We should set a camp on the beach because the 3 people that I can see in the island don´t look very dangerous"

Tim Thorburn:"Yes"(Snif)

Jynx Corradini:"Why are you crying?"

Tim Thorburn:"My sister died" "I should of save her"

Jynx Corradini:" You will have been killed too"

Tim starts crying and says that he will win the games for her sister.

Caspian Ventares was still looking a good place to camp from the water but, where sould he go?

Day 1/Afternoon


Bridget Idylwyld: “I have counted all our supplies and we have got enough for months”

Ryan Duke:”We should go at some point”

Sebastian Glase: “Lets get what we need from the cornucopia and at night we well go and kill the Anti-Careers that are only 3”

Caspin Summer: “Do you know where they are?”

Sebastian Glase: “Yes they are hiding in the dense jungle”

Bridget Idylwyld: “Lets stop speaking and start working”

The careers start putting on a side of the cornucopia all the weapons and food they need and have a great lunch for at night time they can attack the Antis (They have got a lot of axes and a sword)

Caspin Summer:”If they attack us in the distance you know we will lose because we only use face to face weapons”

Sebastian Glase:”Should we attack? Or should we stay in the cornucopia?”

Ryan Duke: “Lets lay down until its night time. And then we will decide.”

Caspin Summer:”Good for me”

Personal Alliance (Ferb Winetaster and May Blaster)

Ferb Winetaster: “Do you think they are going to come and kill us?”

May Blaster:”Don’t think so we a only two kids for them”

Ferb catches a big fish

Ferb Winetaster:”JA JA I think we got lunch and dinner whit this”

May Blaster:”Good catch”

Ferb Winetaster: ”Should we make a fire or eat it raw?”

May Blaster: “Don’t know… We should keep fishing and decide later”

Ferb Winetaster: “Ok”

May Blaster: “I think we can stay hire for the rest of the day”

Ferb Winetaster: “Yes the good thing of this island is that you can see the movements of the careers that are the most dangerous at the moment”

Personal Alliance (Guinevere Bordeaux and Tiberius Smitt)

Guinevere:” I have got the entire bag full of fruit”

Tiberius: “I have got my one full too”

Guinevere: “I think we got a problem”

Tiberius: ”Which?”

Guinevere: “That snake we saw was because we are next to a mut spawn”

Tiberius: “Should we leave at night time or we pass the night here?”

Guinevere: “Lets analyze this at lunch time”

Tiberius: “Shit, there’s another snake, I will kill it“

Tiberius slips and falls of the tree and he bleeds a little bit. Then he gets up quickly and kills the snake with his sword.

Guinevere: “Are you okay?”

Tiberius: “Yes only my hand bleeds a little bit”

Guinevere:”I think we have got some bandages in the bag”

Guinevere puts Tiberius a bandage on his hand.

Tiberius: “Thank you”

Guinevere:”This is a very dangerous place we should be going”

Tiberius: “Yes but where?”

Tiberius and Guinevere climb up the tree preparing their self for any other snake attack. The good thing of all these snake attack is that they got a lot of meat but are they going to take the risk?

Personal Alliance (Tomer Wilt and Hector Oak)

Tomer and Hector where getting some fruit for lunch time too. When Hector was getting some he saw a big one far away when he went to get it he hit itself whit the arena limit breaking his arm.

Tomer Wilt: “Are you okay”

Hector Oak: “I think I broke my arm”

Tomer Wilt: “Let me see if I have some bandages or medicine in the bag”

Tomer looks in the bag and he only finds some week medicine.

Hector Oak: “Well better than nothing”

Tomer puts some in his arm and he takes him to the tree

Tomer Wilt: “I think you can’t fight very well now”

Hector Oak: “Lets have some lunch and think what to do next”

Tomer Wilt: “Maybe they Sponsor us before night comes and they send us an advice that always help”

Personal Alliance (Tim Thorburn and Jynx Corradini)

Tim Thorburn and Jynx Corradini where at the north beach trying to catch some fishes but they didn’t had any luck the only thing they had was some bread that was in the bag they had.

Tim Thorburn: “We haven’t got enough food we only had got for one day”

Jynx Corradini: “We could go to another place”

 Tim Thorburn:”I think the careers are leaving the cornucopia at night time because they have got it all piled up”

Jynx Corradini:”Ok that sounds fine to me but we have to pass the two islands whit people there”

Tim Thorburn: “We can go walking to the west place and then go swimming to the middle”

Jynx Corradini:”Good idea!”

Tim Thorburn: “ Meanwhile lets try again to fish something”

Personal Aliance (Arianne Lands and Lucia Morris)

Arianne Lands: "Today we shoul try and kill Vernon Payne he is a storb for us"

Lucia Morris: "Should we go both or one of us"

Arianne Lands: "Both"

Lucia Morris: "Lets stop talking and lets go"

Arianne Lands:"Ok"

Lucia Morris and Arianne Lands get in the water and start swimming quietly with a knife and a katana. 

When they reach the island of Vernon Payne they realize that he has not seen them yet, so they take the opportunity to leave the water , but Arianne Lands makes a noise which causes Vernon Payne realize that they are there. He grabs his knife and kills Arianne Lands which makes Lucia quickly grabs her katana and kill Vernon Payne.


Lucia Morris decided to stay in that island before someone saw her. Then she thought "Only 17 tributes left"

Anti-Carrers (Jacob Antio, Carimen Paisley-Idylwyld and Henry Blake)

Jacob Antio: "I think the carrers will go for us first"

Carimen Paisley-Isylwyd: "Lets do the camp on top of the tree will be safer there"

Henry Blake: "Ok Carimen you will look if the carrers are coming and Jacob will stay with me on top of the tree waiting there arrival"

Carimen Paisley-Isylwyd: "Ok"

Jacob Antio: "Ok"

Carimen Paisley-Isylwyd: "Mmmmm I can see them still on the cournocopia I think we can have lunch peacefully"

Jacob Antio: "Lets eat lunch"

They started to climb the trees and pick up some fruit from the top of the trees and eat it.

Lonner (Caspian Ventares)

Caspian Vantares decided to go to the south-east beach of the arena because it was the safest at the moment. But suddenly he saw Hector and Tomer trying to catchsome fish on the beach. Caspian got his bow out but Hector saw him at the distance but it was to late because Caspian had already thrown a arrow to Tomer on his head.


Hector with the hand that he had left threw an axe to Caspian killing him instantanly.


Hector got up and ran back to the fruit tree and five minutes later a little present came from his mentor it was a good medicine that just left in a scratch his broken arm. Later on he decided to go and get all of Caspian Vantares things. Then he thought, theres only 15 tributes left... 

Day 1/Night

Carrers and others

Bridget Idylwyld: "The time has come...."

Caspin Summer: "Should we kill will we go there?"

Ryan Duke: "No" "We can't lose people in the way because we will lose the fight"

Sebastian Glase: "Lets go"

They all jump into the water and start swimming to the dense jungle with some supplies to fight with the Antis.

Lucia Morris doesn't want to waste the moment to get some supplies so she starts swimming to the cournocopia but she is not the only that thinks like that and Ferb and May start swimming to the cournocopia. When they get on top of the cournocopia Lucia sees Ferb trying to climb the cournocopia and throws him a knife that hits his leg and he falls to the water Lucia go quick to kill him but May is waiting for her and she thorws her a knife thet hit her on her chest.


May gets some supplies and gets Ferb arm and takes him to the island that Lucia was on because is bigger and saffer.


Carimen spots the carrers at the distance but she doesn't notice that the people that are in the cournocopia are not the carrers thats why she doesn't have any time to hide before they see her"

Camiren Paisley-Idylwyld: "They are coming!!!! And I think they have see me."

Henry Blake: "Be careful then"

Jacob Antio: "How far are they?"

Camiren Paisley-Idylwyld: "They are on the beach"

Suddenly the carrers start running towards the forest where they are and Carimen makes a sign for they hide before the carrers come, Jacob hides behind a bush and Henry behind a tree.

The carrers had already saw Carimen on the trees so she was their first target. 

Sebastian Glase: "There she is"

And he throws one of his axe to her, the axe doesn't kill her but it's enough to make her fall to the ground and kill her with the fall.


Suddenly Henry gets out from behind the tree and kills Sebastian with two arrows one on his leg and one on his chest. That action makes Caspin go running back to the cournocopia like a bulet. But Ryan and Bridget go running towards him and start a fight.


Ryan gets his sword and hits Henry making him fall to the floor but Jacob gets out and kills Ryan with his knive (cuts his nneck making him lose a lot of blood). Bridget in a fit of rage jumps on them and kill them both with her Chain Wip. Then she starts running to the cournocopia to go back with Caspin that had started runing to the cournocopia minutes ago.


When they get there Bridget says to Caspin that she has been a coward and that ahe only staing with her because she is her only alliance left.

But Bridget angers gets worse when she sees all the cournocopia nearly empty because May and Ferb had getten all their stuff.

Bridget Idylwyld: "I swear that this is not staying like this and tomorrow I am going to kill those stupid kids that have got all of the things of the cournucopia" "And thise time Caspin you are coming with me"

Caspin Summer: "Okey Okey before it was just a lapsus"

Personal Alliance (Tim Thorburn and Jynx Corradini)

Tim Thourburn: "Can you hear that noise?"

Jynx Corradini: "What noise?"

The Hunger Games - The Fallen Original Studio Version-000:38

The Hunger Games - The Fallen Original Studio Version-0

  • District 1
  • District 2
  • District 3
  • District 4
  • District 5
  • District 6
  • District 7
  • District 8
  • District 8
  • District 9
  • District 9
  • District 10
  • District 10
  • District 11
  • District 12

Tim Thourburn: "That means we are in the top 10"

Jynx Corradini: "Yes but the only problem is that we don't have any food"

Tim Thourburn: "Don't worry they will sponsor us soon" "I hope..."

Personal Aliance (Guinevere Bordeaux and Tiberius Smitt)

Guinevere Bordeaux: "Good job I didn't saw my face today"

Tiberius Smitt: "We haven't really fight yet"

Guinevere Bordeaux: "The important thing is that we are still alive"

Tiberius Smitt: "I think all district 8, 9 and 10 are gone"

Guinevere Bordeaux: "It's normal that 14 people died in nearly alll the Hunger Games that I saw it happend like that"

Tiberius Smitt: "Do you think we shoul look if they attack us or just sleep"

Guinevere Bordeaux: "I think we can sleep perfectly because everyone is to tired to attack us"

Tiberius Smitt: "Good night then"

Guinevere Bordeaux: "Good Night"

Loner (Hector Oak)

When the camera is on Hector you can see him sleeping under the fruit tree with nothing to comment about him. He didn't care a lot about he allie death because he saw a note of his mentor that said that he had to kill him so I thought that now it was just him.

Day 2/Morning

Personal Alliance (Tim Thorburn and Jynx Corradini)

"*Clin* *Clin*"

A little white ball comes flying threw the sky with a card inside saying Tim Thorburn.

Tim Thorburn wakes up with the noise and goes running for see what thay have sponsor him. We all that running Jynx wakes up for see whats all the fuss about.

Jynx Corradini: "What have you got?"

Tim Thorborn: "It's a complete food that my mentor send me" "Do you want some?"

Jynx Corradini: "Of course"

Will Tim and Jynx are eating in the beach the two mutt spawns have been set of beacause the capitol wants to make this games quick.

Capitol: "Hello remaing tributes I've got a special message for you" "The gamemakers have decided to make thing a little more difficult because this is getting a little bit boring" "What we have done is open the two mutt spawn that contains poisonus monkeys and snakes" "Just have fun" "Ah another thing before I forget the water is infested with sharks now" "Bye and Good Luck"

Jynx and Tim start putting all they stuff away but Jynx trys to eat all the food while Tim is running where the antis where because he knows that if he goes there he will be safe because there is any problems there.

Suddenly a big heary monkey attacks Jynx but she quickly escapes to the water, she goes swimming away from the monkey as May and Ferb whatch her come they get one of their knife in case but a big shark comes and eats the monkey and Jynx.


Capitol: "Sorry for the second bang it was just a monkey just contine playing and rember to be careful with the mutts"

Personal Alliance (Ferb Winetaster and May Blaster)


  • Clin* *Clin*"

May Blaster gets up when she gets the sponsor item (She was sleeping will the capitol gave the anoucement of the mutts).

May Blaster: "Yay a new fishing pole" "Ferb try to catch some fish"

Ferb Winetaster: "Okey"

When Ferb puts his fishing pole in the water a big shark comes and eat what makes May and Ferb scream and being heard in all the arena.

Ferb and May: "Aaaaah"

Ferb Winetaster:"We are surrounded by sharks and we can't go from this island"

May Blaster: "There's a good and a bad thing about being surrounded" 

Ferb Winetaster: "What?"

May Blaster: "The good thing is that the carrers can't attack us now and the bad thing is that we can't go from this island"

Capitol: *Ejem* *Ejem* "Hello tributes just coming to say two important things for all of you the first one is that there is a new sponsor item for go by water" "It's just a simple boat of 1 use" "And the second thing is that the feast will be tomorrow morning" "Instruccions will be given tomorrow" "Thank you resting tributes" 

Personal Aliance (Guinevere Bordeaux and Tiberius Smitt)

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