• Pandot369

    Hey! I'm new here, and I wanted to start my own hunger games! My brother is I.J., and he has his own games, so I'm gonna kind of base my games of off his, maybe. These are going to be a normal games, with no reaping or whatsoever, it's just going to be the games.

    When you make your tributes, give their district, gender, name, age, skills, weaknesses, strategy, appearance, personality, and history. You must make two tributes from each 12 districts. Please make lunaiis of them, and post them on my talk page.

    May the odds be ever in your favor!!!

    District Female Male Submitted by:
    One Allison Jewlbright Clear Glass EffieLuna
    Two Lukel Darker Nyenth Sane Fantasyfilm99
    Three Vector LaGuardia Nike O'Hare Tiki tooki
    Four Aquamarine Summerton Dondo Groug…

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