Hey! I'm new here, and I wanted to start my own hunger games! My brother is I.J., and he has his own games, so I'm gonna kind of base my games of off his, maybe. These are going to be a normal games, with no reaping or whatsoever, it's just going to be the games.

When you make your tributes, give their district, gender, name, age, skills, weaknesses, strategy, appearance, personality, and history. You must make two tributes from each 12 districts. Please make lunaiis of them, and post them on my talk page.

May the odds be ever in your favor!!!


District Female Male Submitted by:
One Allison Jewlbright Clear Glass EffieLuna
Two Lukel Darker Nyenth Sane Fantasyfilm99
Three Vector LaGuardia Nike O'Hare Tiki tooki
Four Aquamarine Summerton Dondo Grouge Brony12
Five Kipcha Pryor Khaz Syde Firecatcher3
Six Cho Abiko August DePenta Tommyboy97
Seven Primrose Axe Zebrawood Biceps EffieLuna
Eight Amethyst Bane Dimitri Baron Tommyboy97
Nine Madeline Layton Lyx Wake DMaddoxx
Ten Angel Wisp Phoenix Gold Jabberjay78
Eleven Jay Sparrow Robin Miller Anon....
Twelve Katherine Storm Gabe Millen Purplexmuffin

The Games

Citizens from the twelve districts of Panem are watching, against their will, as the 24 tributes enter the arena.

Claudius Templesmith's voiced boomed on the loudspeekers. "Let Pandot's 1st Hunger Games begin!" The tributes held their breaths anxiously, as the 60 seconds ticked away..

Day One

Kipcha Pryor, D5, Cornucopia Plate

The seconds, until the games start, slowly tick away. So many things go through my head. Where am I going to go? If I try and grab the bow and arrows, will someone get there and take them first? But the real question is...will I die? The anxiety building up in me,to try and get all the bad thoughts out of my head, I think, what will i do? I look around, examining the arena, I then see that the forests are behind me. All the weapons and food are in front of me, my piercing silver eyes immediately track down the bow and arrows. I think out my strategy, quickly grab the bow and arrows then.....RUN!

Clear Glass, D1, Cornucopia Plate

Wondering what I should do in the games. So many people, so many deaths. A chance that my death, will be one of those. Many places to go, many people forced to be put against their will. I don't know what to do. What should I do? All I can think about is my family, watching me stand here...waiting to see my death. But for all I know their most likely not even watching, because they dont care, they never cared.All I can do is grab a knife, and hope that I live.

Aquamarine Summerton, D4 ,Cornucopia

I have already killed one person. The boy from district 6, he had no chance. I was the first to kill.I'm the bravest, out of all the careers. I know I'm the best. As i'm walking with the careers we hear a faint scream.We wonder who is hurt,we all have the sense that someone is really hurt, maybe even the career that went missing two days ago, we were still lookking for her.Were quietly jogging towards the scream and then we see that it was her.One of our careers is hurt...bad.She has been stabbed a numerous amount of times, direcly in stomach and the lower right thigh.She was dying, and we all new she was going to.We didn't try and help because we all new there was nothing to help her live.It was tragic, she was young,and very good at a lot of things.We were all mourning in our own minds.We were all in dismay.As she lay there, on the ground, limp.We walked away when the sound of the canon went off ,like nothing had happened.We had just lost someone, who really mattered,everyone matters.Nobody deservers to die.

Angel Wisp, D10 , Forest

I'm in the forest, wondering who I should fight and kill first.People mistake me for some wimpy little girl that can't fight, well their all wrong.I can fight and I will.But the the thing is, who will be my first kill.I slowly ease out of the bushes and start walking towards a person's camp.As i'm walking into their camp, he see's me.I quickly grab my knife out of my pocket and run toward the person.He then grabs my hands and says, "I would think about what you're about to do."I Ignore him and pull from him, then he takles me to the ground takes my knife and holds it against my neck."I told you to think about what you're about to do."There's nothing I can do, he's just to strong."I'm Khaz by the way."

Kipcha , D5 ,Forest

Sitting in the forest , eating the food I killed while hunting Khaz, is very peaceful.The wind is blowing a little rough today, but still peaceful and quiet."Why did the girl you pined down leave?" I said , "Oh, she said she didn't work well with other people...then left." He said doubtfully."Did you want her to be our ally." "No, I need to protect you, and only you." He then smiled, I smiled back.Suddenly a large mass of dust came roaring towards us."RUN!! Khaz grabed my hand and we ran.As we we're running I thought about what would happen to the girl that left a few minutes ago."What about that girl?" "We can't save her Kipcha, i'm sorry ,we can only save ourselves." Khaz was right, we can only save ourselves.Isn't this what the games are about...

Lukel Darker , D2 , Cornicopia Plate

I will prove to my family that I am strong.I will show them that I can win the games.I will win.I'll join the careers , grab a mace , and kill anyone I see in sight.My parents and my district will be so proud of me.When my two younger brothers get older they'll be able to watch me win the games and use the technics that I did.Other people think they will win because their so talented.That's not the case , I will win.

Amethyst Bane , D8 , Plains

Seventeen people are left , only one can win.The big qustion is will that person be me.I dont necessarily believe that question would be a yes.But all I can do is try and live.Whats the point anyway...I dont have a family to go home to.My family all died when those HORRIBLE peacekeepers destoyed our house...and them.All of those things go throught my mind as i'm running away from huge dust storm.As i'm running it's like time slows down and all kinds of things go through your mind.Am I going to live , what if this dust storm suffocates me to death.Will I die today?

Jay Sparrow , D11 , Cornicpia Plate

Many people think that they will win the games , but I know they won't.I will.I am very intelligant and capavle of doing many things, I can master anything that I put my mind to.Jay sparrow is the winner of the 1st annual hunger games! Doesnt that sound just fantastic! I actually winning the games.The life that I and my family will live will be just luxsurous.The locket that has a picture of all my family is wraped around my neck.I love my family very much,I will win.I will win for them.

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