• Panemkiller

    Hey guys, I got this crazy idea because of all these different kinds of games being made that slightly divert from the actual games. Instead of making up tributes, base them on yourselves, with the choice of district and weapons.

    District 1 Male- Turner Markwalter 17

    District 1 Female- Kat Diamond 15

    District 2 Male- Darren Zell 16

    District 2 Female-

    District 3 Male-

    District 3 Female-

    District 4 Male- Marshall Reed 12

    District 4 Female- Cazzandra Davenport 18

    District 5 Male-

    District 5 Female-

    District 6 Male-

    District 6 Female-

    District 7 Male- Julius Ziles 18

    District 7 Female-

    District 8 Male-

    District 8 Female-

    District 9 Male-

    District 9 Female-

    District 10 Male-

    District 10 Female- Kayleigh Reed 12

    District 11 Male-

    District 11 Female-

    District 12 Male-


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  • Panemkiller

    129th Hunger Games

    June 11, 2012 by Panemkiller

    Hey, this is the 129th Hunger Games. You guys know the drill, lets make this a good games.

    The arena covers a huge expanse. It has a mountain in the center, with forests surrounding it.

    District 1 male- Caleb Stoll 12

    District 1 female- Maryjane Silverstone 17

    District 2 male- Navy Wonders 16

    District 2 female- Zarahela Kourtain 18

    District 3 male- Redwing Blue 15

    District 3 female- Katrin Calix 16

    District 4 male- Mickey Mcalister 17

    District 4 female- Airlia Romain 15

    District 5 male- Russel Burnly 18

    District 5 female- Skye Nightingale 16

    District 6 male- Miku Mlaten 12

    District 6 female- Shady McKellen 13

    District 7 male- Split Tree 18

    District 7 female- Demi Trusker 17

    District 8 male- Aaron Coin 18

    District 8 female- Forsythia Aaljisic 16

    District 9 m…

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  • Panemkiller

    128th Hunger Games

    June 23, 2011 by Panemkiller

    Hey, after a hiatus I'm making another Hunger Games. You know the drill, name, district, age, skills, appearance.

    The arena covers a huge area. It is mostly mountainous. The Cornucopia is on top of a small mountain. There are lots of forests, with rivers and lakes springled through out the arena, with some open plains every so often.

    District 1 Male- Lee Rock 12

    District 1 Female- Lily Star 13

    District 2 Male- Skar Skull 17

    District 2 Female- Lavender Snow 16

    District 3 Male- Crick Storm 15

    District 3 Female- Liliana Jones 13

    District 4 Male- Leon Rivers 15

    District 4 Female- Aqua Reeds 18

    District 5 Male- Malco Crest 14

    District 5 Female- Heather Lavender 18

    District 6 Male- Rudy Steiner 14

    District 6 Female- Liesel Hammerman 14

    District 7 Male- Yabbah…

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  • Panemkiller

    127th Hunger Games

    November 24, 2010 by Panemkiller

    I'm making the 127th Hunger Games. There is no revenge like my last Games. I need name, district, age, appearance, skills, strategy, and history.

    The arena is a huge plain to the east, a huge swamp to the west, a huge forest to the north, and a mountain range to the south.

    District 1 Male- Spark Atler 17

    District 1 Female- Glow Seshan 13

    District 2 Male- Ernie Sasalot 18

    District 2 Female- Lucy Fighter 18

    District 3 Male- Elex Twieres 15

    District 3 Female- Dafnne Carter 14 (Victor)

    District 4 Male- Craner Stilln 17

    District 4 Female- Seldey Acuter 16

    District 5 Male- Harry Fiderson 18

    District 5 Female- Lucy Fiderson 13

    District 6 Male- Flint Shadows 16

    District 6 Female- Maple Leafs 14

    District 7 Male- Storm Blaze 15

    District 7 Female- Dawn Ash 15


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  • Panemkiller

    Hello, this is the sequel to my last Games, the 125th Hunger Games. These Games, the Capitol has secretly rigged so that a few of the tributes are related to the last tributes. I will provide the last names, and ages in some cases, but the rest are up to you. I want age, name (first when neccessary), district (some are already given), strategy, and history. For those who already have a last name, look at the previous Games (search 125th Hunger Games, or click on my name and click on 125th Hunger Games). P.S. connect the District 12 tributes to Salina D'Marque in some way, as she has multiple cousins.

    The arena is just one huge forest with lakes and rivers interspersed. The cornacopia, which is in the center of the arena, is full of weapons …

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