125th Hunger Games (5th Quarter Quell)

Hi, I am making the 125th Hunger Games (5th Quarter Quell). To show that the Capitol is fair, not only will there be two kids Reaped from each district, but that one adult will also be Reaped, from the the ages of 20 to 26 who were not victors, from each district. May the odds ever be in your favor.


The arena is a circle with a 40 mile radius. The cornacopia is in the center with a wooded area in the southern half for ten miles and there is a area of tall grass in the eastern area for five miles. The rest of the landscape is flat grasslands with a river in the far north. The cornacopia is full of weapons, canteens, and bacpacks. There is also game throughout the arena.

Tributes (Name, District, and Age)

District 1 Male- Gree Trin 15

District 1 Female- Glitter Fergeson 14

District 1 Adult- Bryce March 26

District 2 Male- Terrence Evers 18

District 2 Female- Aryana Goldcliff 13

District 2 Adult- Hollia Clarke 22

District 3 Male- Liam Tecno 13

District 3 Female- Tia Techno 13

District 3 Adult- Lilac Techno 20

District 4 Male- Wally Tred 16

District 4 Female- Celine Maud 13 14

District 4 Adult- Ocratia Fennol 23

District 5 Male- Blade Peterson 16

District 5 Female- Spark (Samantha) Henders 15- WINNER

District 5 Adult- Xylon Gashner 26

District 6 Male- Sean Sollten 15

District 6 Female- Polina Streck 14

District 6 Adult- Bryon Litre 22

District 7 Male- Leonard Quilrey 17

District 7 Female- Rockelle Smithson 17

District 7 Adult- Niomi Smithson 20

Distirict 8 Male- Proctor Epreine 18

District 8 Female- Prill Sytre 14

District 8 Adult- Strieney Saploe 26

District 9 Male- Wally Frith 15

District 9 Female- Winsey Query 13

District 9 Adult- Carlon Avree 25

District 10 Male- Sebastian Wallace 16

District 10 Female- Kristin Embers 13

District 10 Adult- Celia Carson 25

District 11 Male- Thorn Stone 16

District 11 Female- Fern Woods 13

District 11 Adult- Reed Follows 21

District 12 Male- Jericho Kyle 17

District 12 Female- Salina D'Marque 16

District 12 Adult- Marion Lawrence 24


Day 1 Deaths

36. Byron Litre in bloodbath (Gree Trin)

35.Tia Techno in bloodbath (Glitter Fergeson)

34.Streiney Saploe in bloodbath (Sean Sollten)

33.Winsey Query in bloodbath (Celine Maud)

32.Calron Avree in bloodbath (Celine Maud)

31.Wally Frith in bloodbath (Ocratia Fennol)

30.Liam Tecno in bloodbath (Terrence Evers)

29.Lilac Techno in bloodbath (Wally Tred)

28.Celia Carson in arena (Jericho Kyle)

27.Xylon Gashner in arena (Hollia Clarke)

Day 1 Plot

The gong sounds and the chaos begins. Immediately, Byron Litre forgets his plan and heads for the canteen in front of him and as he bends over to pick it up, Gree Trin comes up behind him, grabs Byron's head, and snaps his neck. The next to die is Tia Techno as she is going for a backpack full of food, she is speared in the chest by Glitter Fergeson. Streiney Saploe goes charging into the fray, looking for knives and a fight, when Sean Sollten comes up to her with a sword and lops of her head. Winsey Query dies next when a trident is stabbed through her chest by Celine Maud, and then Calron Avree is killed by Celine with a spear to his throat. Then Ocratia Fennol throws a trident and hits Wally Frith in the back as he goes for a canteen. Terrence Evers forgoes a weapon and just rips Liam Tecno's head off. Wally Tred ends the bloodbath by stabbing Lilac Techno in the chest with his trident. The Careers then form up in an alliance consisting of Glitter, Gree, Terrence, Wally, Celine, Ocatria, and Aryana Goldcliff. There is also a side alliance within the Careers consisting of the tributes from District Four, who agree that Terrence and Aryana need to die, although Terrence is the bigger threat. The two remaining tributes from Six, Sean and Polina Streck, form an alliance and head south. Heading north are Jericho Kyle, Marion Lawrence, Salina D'Marque, Reed Follows, Fern Woods, and Bryce March, who have formed an alliance of their own. On the way to the rendezvous point, Jericho sees a knife thrown at him by Celia Carson. It lands in a tree by his head. Celia charges at him and he pulls the knife out of the tree and throws it at her, hitting her neck. To the east, the tributes from Seven, Leonard Quilrey, Rockelle Smithson, Niomi Smithson, and the teen tributes from Five, Spark Henders and Blade Peterson, form an alliance. Unknown to Spark and Rockelle, the others make an agreement that they would keep Spark and Rockelle alive by any means neccessary. Hollia Clarke, who chose to be alone, sees Xylon Gashner running away from the cornacopia in the flat grassland. She throws one of her knives and pierces his skull, killing him. She takes his food backpack and leaves.

Day 2 Deaths

26.Polina Streck in arena (Glitter Fergeson)

25.Glitter Fergeson in arena (Sean Sollten)

24.Sean Sollten in arena (Terrence Evers)

23.Thorn Stone in arena (Hollia Clarke)

22.Terrence Evers in arena (Celine Maud)

Day 2 Plot

Just as the sun rises, the Careers start looking for other tributes. A few hours later, the see the Six tributes sleeping by a fire. Aryana orders Glitter and Terrence to go and kill them. As these two sneak up on Sean and Polina, Aryana tells the others that she feels that she can trust them over Glitter and Terrence. She wants to see who would survive in this fight and if it was Glitter, she would trust her a little more, but if Terrence survived, she wants him killed that night. The Four Alliance (Celine, Wally, Ocratia) note that this is exaclty how things went down the day before the Games started with Aryana ordering them to kill who they killed. When Glitter and Terrence make it to the Six camp, Glitter takes out one of her knives and slits Polina's neck. Then, Sean wakes up and runs Glitter through the chest with his sword. Terrence then jumps out and hacks Sean apart with his ax and sword. Terrence leaves and rejoins the Careers. In the tall grass on the other side of the arena, Hollia notices Thorn Stone. She sneaks up and stabs him through his back with her sword and then chops of his head with her ax. Hollia takes Thorn's food backpack and leaves. That night, while the others are asleep, Celine and Terrence keep watch for other tributes. Celine watches Terrence fiddle with his sword and ax. He seems to be debating whether tonight was the right time. Before he can decide, Celine stabs him with her trident in the chest. She wakes the others and they leave.

Day 3 Deaths

21.Kristin Embers in arena (Hollia Clarke)

20.Proctor Epreine in arena (Bryce March)

19.Leonard Quilrey in arena (Wally Tred)

Day 3 Plot

The days starts like any day would in the districts. Everyone woke up and ate breakfast. Everyone except Hollia. She was up hunting immediately. Then an arrow flies past her head and imbeds itself into the ground next to her foot. She looks around and sees Kristin Embers a few yards away. Kristin is getting another arrow ready, but Hollia is too quick. She pulled out her ax right as she started to look and threw it right when she saw Kristin. She hits her right in the middle of the chest, killing her. Hollia goes to the body, grabs any supplies and weapons she can find, and leaves the body. She does a mental check and notes that this is not only her third kill in as many days, but that there are twenty tributes left. The next kill isn't until later in the day. Bryce, a member of the alliance between the tributes from Twelve and the two remaining tributes from Eleven, is scouting for the next location that they will stay at for the night. He spies Proctor Epreine and before Proctor can cause any trouble, Bryce shoots him with his arrow. The adult from One goes over and grabs all of the boys supplies and continues on his mission. There is relative quiet, until sunset. Wally, patrolling the area that the Careers have camped, spies a fire. He goes to investigate and sees five sleeping forms. He recognizes them as the tributes from Five and Seven. He stalks nearer and throws his trident at the closest body. It is Leonard. The boy from Four killed the mastermind behind the unlikely alliance. The other four suddenly awaken and run. Wally gathers the supplies that were left behind, which weren't much, and rejoins the other Careers.

Day 4 Deaths

18. Sebastian Wallace in arena (Gree Trin)

17. Prill Sytre in arena (Ocratia Fennol)

Day 4 Plot

The day starts as calm as the previous day, minus any deaths. Hollia decided that today was as good as any to take a break. She found a tree in the forested area, climbed it, and slept the whole day undistrubed. The odd alliance of One, Twelve, and Eleven decided to stay in the tall grass. The alliance of Seven and Five decided to rest by the river as well. The Careers however hunt as they usually do. They don't find anyone that morning, but in the afternoon, the find Prill Sytre and Sebastian Wallace. Aryana orders them to stay put while she thought. After about a minute she gives out orders. She orders Gree to go and attack Sebastian and Ocratia to kill Prill. She makes them go one at a time so as to suprise them if one is alerted to one opponent that they won't notice the other. Gree sneaks up on the remaining tribute from Ten and lunges at him with his sword. He skewers Sebastian through the chest. Shortly after that, Ocratia pierces Prill's chest with her trident. The rest of the day is fairly quiet, except for the cannons in the day and the broadcasts that night. All the tributes now know that the only unaligned tribute is Hollia, and they know that she is a force to be reckoned with because of her behavior during training. They all prepare themselves for the next few days and steel themselves for the killing to come.

Day 5 Deaths

16.Fern Woods in arena (Gree Trin)

15.Reed Follows in arena (Gree Trin)

14.Gree Trin in arena (Jericho Kyle)

13.Jericho Kyle in arena (Celine Maud)

12.Wally Tred in arena (Marion Lawrence)

11.Ocratia Fennol in arena (Salina D'Marque)

10.Blade Peterson in arena (Hollia Clarke)

9.Niomi Smithson in arena (Hollia Clarke)

8.Rockelle Smithson in arena (Hollia Clarke)

7. Aryana Goldcliff in arena (Celine Maud)

Day 5 Plot

Immediately after the sun is up, the chaos begins anew. The Careers stumble upon the mishmash alliance and Gree is over eager. He charges ahead and kills Fern and Reed as soon as he gets close enough. As the first cannon fires, Jericho wakes up and throws a knife at Gree, hitting him in the neck. Before anyone can do anything, Celine, who turned fourteen that day, hits Jericho in between the eyes with a knife of her own. As Wally and Ocratia charge with their tridents, Marion and Salina fire arrows at them, hitting them in the throat and eye respectively. Aryana, who fled as Gree charged, and Celine are now the only two Career alliance members left alive. No sooner has this fight ended that another begins. Awakened by the cannons, Blade starts patrolling the perimeter. Then, out of nowhere, and ax sprouts from his chest. The rest of his alliance jumps to their feet. Niomi tells Rockelle and Spark to start running just as Hollia appears in front of her. Niomi has her axes ready and charges. The trade parrying blows until Hollia cuts of one of Niomi's hands. Then, Niomi is run through the heart. As Niomi's cannon sounds, Rockelle is hit in the back with a knife. The only two who live to see another day are Spark and Hollia. That night, the surviving tributes notice that there are only seven of them left. Celine turns to Aryana, saying "You didn't do anything to stop the slaughter, why?" Celine gets up, trident in hand. "You're from Two right? Aren't you all supposed to be vicious killers? How come you haven't killed, huh?!" Aryana stutters in fear, "What d-d-do y-you m-m-mean?" Celine answers by stabbing Aryana repeatedly with her trident. She leaves mumbling "Happy birthday to me." There are now only six tributes.


Bryce March

His father and mother showed up, while his siblings didn't. His father said, "Son, you need to kill that lady from 12, or she will kill you, otherwise good job!" His mother simply smiled.

Hollia Clarke

She has no family, but Georgie King came and said, "Good luck, hope to see you soon."

Celine Maud

She has no family but her friend Rik showed up and said, "Great job, I can't wait to see you when you come home!"

Spark Henders

Her father was busy, but her mother came and said, "I'm so sorry your alliance was killed Samantha, but I can't wait to see you when you get home!"

Sanlina D'Marque

Granny Peatree and a few of her 'cousins' came. Granny said "You are making us proud, sweetie. I know you will come home!" Her 'cousins' said anything from "You rock!" to "Can't wait till you come home!"

Marion Lawrence

Her husband didn't come and her parents were busy.

Day 6 Deaths

6.Salina D'Marque in arena (Hollia Clark)

5.Hollia Clarke in arena (Bryce March)

4.Bryce March in arena (Hollia Clarke)

Day 6 Plot

Today is a day for mourning. Salina, Bryce, and Marion all sit within sight and do what they need to do. Salina, who got close to Jericho and Fern, silently cries while carving into a tree with one of Jericho's knives. She seems to be thinking of what she was going to do to the girl that killed him. Marion, who killed a boy, sits and rocks back and forth, trying to imagine what his parents, especially his mother, were going through. Bryce, who was getting along with Reed, just sits. He is imagining what his life would have been like had he been able to know her his whole life. On the other side of the arena, Spark is crying as loud as she dares. Her entire alliance was destroyed by the most vicious killer she has ever seen. She is crying the most over Blade, who appeared to have loved her. She also was starting to have feelings for him as well. Celine, the only Career alliance member left, is swiming, trying to forget what she has had to do these past few days and is trying to ignore what she will have to do soon. The only person who is happy is Hollia. She is happy that she has killed as many people as she has. She feels that she will get a new record. To make sure that she does, she continues her hunt. Soon, she finds the remains of the mishmash alliance. She immediately attacks Salina. The girl from Twelve tries to fight the murderous woman with Jericho's knives, but to no avail. She mearly scratches Hollia, who hacks her apart with her sword and ax. Bryce, who immediately got his bow ready, yells for Marion to run. She runs immediately, knowing that Hollia would kill her, and do so faster, than anyone else in the arena. Just as Hollia throws one of her knives, Bryce fires an arrow. The arrow strikes Hollia in the eye, while the knife imbeds itself into Bryce's chest. Hollia dies immediately. Bryce slumps to the ground, smiling. He knows that he leveled the playing field. He then falls over. That night, the three remaining tributes realize that the end is coming. In the morning, they all are going to hunt each other.

Day 7 Deaths

3.Celine Maud in arena (Marion Lawrence)

2.Marion Lawrence in arena (Spark Henders)

Day 7 Plot

Today, there are explosions all over the arena. The Gamemakers are driving the last three tributes towards the cornacopia. Celine, Marion, and Spark don't seem to care. They are ready for what is to come. The first two to the center of the arena are Celine and Marion. Celine yells, "Good luck. May the best tribute win!" She the charges, trident and spear ready. Marion nonchalantly pulls out an arrow, aims, and fires. She hits the girl from Four in the center of the chest. Right as Celine's cannon fires, an arrow sprouts from Marion's right arms. Spark steps into view, another arrow ready. Marion resigns herself to her fate and drops her bow. Spark pulls the string back and fires her arrow into Marion's heart. The final cannon sounds and Spark Henders is named the Victor of the 125th Hunger Games.


After Spark is taken home, her family moves into the Victor's Village. On her Victory Tour, she promises to to split her winnings with all the families of the dead tributes. The Capitol allows this, but plots for a way to make this a much smaller pool.

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