126th Hunger Games (Revenge of the Capitol)

Hello, this is the sequel to my last Games, the 125th Hunger Games. These Games, the Capitol has secretly rigged so that a few of the tributes are related to the last tributes. I will provide the last names, and ages in some cases, but the rest are up to you. I want age, name (first when neccessary), district (some are already given), strategy, and history. For those who already have a last name, look at the previous Games (search 125th Hunger Games, or click on my name and click on 125th Hunger Games). P.S. connect the District 12 tributes to Salina D'Marque in some way, as she has multiple cousins.


The arena is just one huge forest with lakes and rivers interspersed. The cornacopia, which is in the center of the arena, is full of weapons and other supplies.

Tributes (with age)

District 1 Male- Deodor Hitler 13

District 1 Female- Geneva Snider 18

District 2 Male- Hugo King 14

District 2 Female- Salandra Yutron16

District 3 Male- Kevin Keverson 17 VICTOR

District 3 Female- Lucy Pants 14

District 4 Male- Fulch Tred 16

District 4 Female- Corra Sader 15

District 5 Male- Peter Peterson 16

District 5 Female- Ember Sage 14

District 6 Male- Nic Judge 17

District 6 Female- Gren Sollten 14

District 7 Male- Aspen Grey 14

District 7 Female- Alaqua Whitley 15

District 8 Male- Wequer Epreine 17

District 8 Female- Wynona Epreine 14

District 9 Male- Carl Carlson 15

Distirct 9 Female- Umpah "Catface" Hupah 12

Distirct 10 Male- Fido Fiderson 15

District 10 Female- Menna Vale 15

District 11 Male- Grain Shadow 17

Distirct 11 Female- Reed Woods 12

District 12 Male- Louis Gergeson 12

District 12 Female- Lucky Henders 16


24. Fido Fiderson

23. Umpah Hupah

22. Louis Gergeson

21. Lucy Pants

20. Aspen Grey

19. Alaqua Whitley

18. Lucky Henders

17. Grain Shadow

16. Nic Judge

15. Menna Vale

14. Wynona Epreine

13. Ember Sage

12. Gren Sollten

11. Geneva Snider

10. Deodor Hitler

9. Salandra Yutron

8. Corra Sader

7. Wequer Epreine

6. Carl Carlson

5. Peter Peterson

4. Fulch Tred

3. Reed Woods

2. Hugo King

1. Kevin Keverson (Victor)

Day 1


Fido Fiderson (bloodbath) - Deodor Hitler

Umpah "Catface" Hupah (bloodbath) - Fulch Tred

Louis Gergeson (bloodbath) - Geneva Snider

Lucy Pants (bloodbath) - Salandra Yutron

Aspen Grey (bloodbath) - Corra Sader

Alaqua Whitley (bloodbath) - Wequer Epreine

Lucky Henders (arena) - Hugo King


The gong sounds and the chaos begins. Fido Fiderson, idiotically, starts dancing towards a backpack. Then Deodor Hitler steps up to him. He laughs and grabs Fido in a sleeper hold and kills him slowly. Umpah "Catface" Hupah starts racing towards a belt of knives. Just as Catface gets to them, she falls over on top of them. Fulch Tred, Wally Tred's young cousin, walks to the body, kicks it to make sure that Catface is dead, and pulls out the trident. On the other side of the cornacopia, Geneva Snider slashes repeatedly at Louis Gergeson. He falls over, with multiple cuts to his neck and torso. By a pile of spears, Lucy Pants is pleading with Salandra Yutron to not kill her and allow her into the Career alliance. The girl from Two picks up a spear, examines it, and rams it through the young blacksmith, asking "Is this spear okay to use?" She laughs callously and continues through the cornacopia. Aspen Grey is running towards a spear when a trident sprouts from his chest. Corra Sader runs and retrieves it. To end the bloodbath, Wequer Epreine, younger brother of Proctor Epreine, kills Alaque as she goes for a belt of knives with his spear. After all the tributes were gone, the alliances started to form. Wequer and his little sister Wynona form an alliance. Carl Carlson and Reed Woods, Fern Woods' little sister, form their own alliance. The Careers, as usual, form their alliance. It consists of Deodor, Geniva, Salandra, Hugo King (nephew to Hollia Clarke's best friend), Corra, and Fulch. The Careers go hunting and find Lucky Henders. Hugo takes a knife and slits the girl's throat.

Day 2


Grain Shadow (arena) - Gren Sollten

Nic Judge (arena) - Carl Carlson

Menna Vale (arena) - Fulch Tred


The sun is up and the tributes start to do their own thing. Carl and Reed go hunting for tributes. They find Peter Peterson, Blade Peterson's little brother. Right as they prepare to attack, Kevin Keverson appears. He points out to Peter the hunter's location. They approach and offer to become allies. Reed and Carl agree, seeing the sense in safty in numbers. On the opposite side of the arena, Grain Shadow is waking up. During the night he took of his belt of knives for a comfortable sleep. Just before dawn, Gren Sollten, Sean Sollten's little sister, found Grain's camp. She stopped, and waited, playing with one of the knives. Grain sees Gren. The fourteen year old girl approaches with the knife. She says, "Good morning." and then stabs the shocked and fearful boy of Eleven, then says, "Good night, actually!" The rest of the morning goes by with no fighting or action. Then, around noon, the mishmashed alliance finds Nic Judge. Carl throws one of his knives before the boy can do anything. The knife finds a home in Nic's neck. Nothing happens until dusk. The Career's stumble upon Menna Vale. Before anyone else can do anything, Fulch Tred stabs the girl from Ten with his trident. The deaths are shown that night. Gren and Reed silently mourn their district mate's deaths.

Day 3


Wynona Epreine (arena) - Gren Sollten

Ember Sage (arena) - Kevin Keverson


The morning hours are extremely quiet. Until around ten. Wequer and Wynona are sitting in a clearing. They are reminicing, trying to remember Proctor. Then, out of nowhere, a knife comes flying. It nestles right into Wynona's chest. She falls down coughing blood. Wequer approaches his dying sister. She says, "I-I'm go-g-going to see Proctor! I love you! Tell mom, dad, and everyone else I love them!" She takes a few more seconds to die after that. Wequer then goes out looking for the killer of his little sister. Little does he know that it was Gren, the sister of a fallen tribute from Wequer's brother's year. Nothing happens until around three. Kevin and his alliance made camp the previous night. Just before he had gone to sleep, he set up the wire that he had gotten at the cornacopia. He told his alliance members not to touch it, under any circumstances. He made sure that it was properly set, and waited. That night he set up the conductor that he made. The next day, they stayed at their camp. Ember Sage, the third loner, stumbled upon the camp. She snuck up slowly, not noticing the wire. She touched it and was electrocuted. She fell over dead. With their only form of external defence, they collected their supplies, and ran.

Day 4


Gren Sollten (arena) - Wequer Epreine

Deodor Hitler (arena) - Explosion

Geneva Snider (arena) - Explosion


Wequer didn't sleep at all the previous night. He continued to follow the tracks that had been left behind by the mysterious attacker that had killed Wynona. Then, around dawn, he found the murderer of his sister. He decided to wait until Gren was awake before killing her. Before she did wake, though, he took her knives. When Gren woke up, she looked confused. Wequer said, "What do you think Sean, the guy who raised you, would think if he found out you killed someone else's little sister?" Gren thought for a second, "He would be okay with it. He killed just like I did. I just want to get out of here alive." Wequer retorted as he ran the girl from Six through with his spear, "Everyone here wants or wanted to get out of here alive." He walks away, feeling nothing. The Gamemakers decided that the Games were getting boring. So around noon, they set off an explosion. Deodor and Geneva were scouting ahead of the rest of the Careers. They came to a clearing and then, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMM! They were blown sky high! When the bodies landed, they were in pieces. All of the Careers were disgusted, puked, and ran away.

Day 5


Salandra Yutron (arena) - Wequer Epreine

Corra Sader (arena) - Wequer Epreien

Wequer Epreine (arena) - Careers


The morning starts off with a boom, literally. Wequer, hunting all night again, finds the Career's camp. He notices that their are fewer Careers. He takes his chance. He selects a girl, not knowing that it is Salandra Yutron, the vicious girl from Two, and Hugo's love interest. Wequer throws a knife and runs. As the cannon goes off, the three remaining Careers wake up. They then go hunting for the culprit. The chase lasts all day, with the Careers catching only glimpses of their quarry. Near the end of the day, Wequer climbs a tree, waiting for his pursuers. When Corra makes it to the tree, the boy from Eight throws a spear. It plunges into her chest. Fulch is the first their, and he sees his love interest dead on the ground. He throws his trident violently and hits Wequer in the stomach. The hunted boy falls to the ground, gravely wounded. Hugo then appears, and fires an arrow into the dying boy's eye. That night, the two remaining Careers cry, trying to remember their loves face's.

Day 6 (The Feast)


Carl Carlson (arena) - Hugo King

Peter Peterson (arena) - Fulch Tred

Fulch Tred (arena) - Hugo King


The day starts with an announcement by Claudius Templesmith. "Hello tributes! Congratualtions on making it this far! Today, there will be a Feast at the Cornacopia. May the odds be ever in your favor!" The mishmash alliance is running low on food, and haven't been able to get any game. The Careers need more arrows, and knives. Fulch agrees to go, even though none of what will be in their packs will benifit them both, unless the items in his pack if food. The remaining tributes make their way to the cornacopia. Carl and Peter start out for the backpacks. Suddenly, an arrow flies from the opposite end of the clearing and lands inbetween Carl's eyes. Shortly after that, a figure comes charging out, hides behind the cornacopia, and throws a trident. It lands in Peter's chest. Fulch, the figure who charged out, grabs all six of the backpacks. Kevin and Reed fall back, and decide what they should do next. As Fulch gets back to Hugo, the boy from Two decides that the boy from Four needs to go. When Fulch drops the backpacks, a knife enters his heart. Hugo grabs the backpacks and walks away.

Day 7 (Final Day)


Reed Woods (arena) - Hugo King

Hugo King (arena) - Kevin Keverson


The final day has begun. The pond that Reed and Kevin are by dries up, as does every other pond, river, and lake in the arena. The last three tributes head towards the cornacopia. Kevin and Reed get there first. Kevin sets up his wire trap while Reed guards him. Hugo shows up. He fires arrows at Reed, and she returns fire. This goes on for a while, with both of them sustaining wounds from arrows. Reed finally falls with an arrow skewering her throat. Kevin is now all alone. Hugo approaches, a knife ready to be used. Kevin hides in the cornacopia, protected by his unseen trap. Hugo gets to the cornacopia and sees Kevin. He throws the knife, but only grazes Kevin. He decides he wants to end this up close and personal. That is his fatal mistake. He steps on the wire and is electricuted. Claudius Templesmith is heard throughout the arena, "Kevin Keverson, of District 3, is the winner of the 126th Annual Hunger Games!"


Hugo King

His father and aunt came. Mr. King said "You're doing great son, kill 'em all!" His aunt was silent.

Kevin Keverson

Kevin's family didn't show up.

Fulch Tred

Fulch's parents came. They both said, "We can't wait until you get home".

Peter Peterson

Peter's mom came. She was too high to say anything.

Carl Carlson

Carl's mom came, but she was too drunk to say anything.

Reed Woods

Reed's family was too busy on the farms to come.

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