127th Hunger Games

I'm making the 127th Hunger Games. There is no revenge like my last Games. I need name, district, age, appearance, skills, strategy, and history.


The arena is a huge plain to the east, a huge swamp to the west, a huge forest to the north, and a mountain range to the south.

Tributes (with age)

District 1 Male- Spark Atler 17

District 1 Female- Glow Seshan 13

District 2 Male- Ernie Sasalot 18

District 2 Female- Lucy Fighter 18

District 3 Male- Elex Twieres 15

District 3 Female- Dafnne Carter 14 (Victor)

District 4 Male- Craner Stilln 17

District 4 Female- Seldey Acuter 16

District 5 Male- Harry Fiderson 18

District 5 Female- Lucy Fiderson 13

District 6 Male- Flint Shadows 16

District 6 Female- Maple Leafs 14

District 7 Male- Storm Blaze 15

District 7 Female- Dawn Ash 15

District 8 Male- Filius Flitwick 18

District 8 Female- Pomona Sprout 16

District 9 Male- Orvis Orvison 16

District 9 Female- Carla Carlson 13 (actually 16)

District 10 Male- Gon Sepler 18

District 10 Female- Chesney Wald 17

District 11 Male- Kimmt Cotwright 18

District 11 Female- Raeoki Cotwright 13

District 12 Male- Rick Rolled 13

District 12 Female- Mario Marioned 13


Day One


Rick Rolled (bloodbath) - Seldey Acuter

Mario Marioned (bloodbath) - Lucy Fighter

Lucy Fighter (bloodbath) - Ernie Sasalot

Ernie Sasalot (bloodbath) - Craner Stilln

Flint Shadows (bloodbath) - Orvis Orvison

Elex Twieres (bloodbath) - Filius Flitwick


The gong sounds and the chaos begins. Twelve is immediately taken out. Going for some supplies and weapons, they are taken out one at a time. Rick Rolled is killed by Seldey Acuter, who threw a trident at her target. Mario Marioned is taken out with a spear to the throat from Lucy Fighter. Stangley enough, her district partner, Ernie Sasalot, takes her down. Foregoing a weapon, he stangles Lucy until she falls limp. Ernie is then taken out by Craner Stilln with a trident. It spourts from his back like a tree. Flint Shadows is going for a hand full of spears when an arrow appears from his back. Orvis Orvison immediately runs, arrow, bow, and food backpack in tow. Elex Twieres is taken out by Filius Flitwick, who acts like the Grim Reaper with his scythe. When all of the tributes gone, Craner and Seldey form the Career alliance. Glow Seshan and Spark Atler form an alliance, with Spark vowing to himself that if any of the other tributes attack, that he would do anything to ensure Glow's safety. Filius and Pomona Sprout form an alliance, Pomona collecting edible plants and Filius fighting off tributes. Storm Blaze and Dawn Ash form an alliance, Storm vowing to make sure Dawn makes it out okay. Gon Sepler and Chesney Wald also make an alliance. Kimmt and Raeoki Cotwright form an alliance, each vowing to make sure the other gets out alive. Harry and Lucy Fiderson make an alliance. Orvis, Dafnne Carter, Maple Leafs, and Carla Carlson all decide to be loners. The survivors look to the sky that night, and see that there were luckily only six deaths, and none were outside of the bloodbath.

Day 2


Orvis Orvison (arena) - Storm Blaze

Storm Blaze (arena) - Orvis Orvison

Maple Leafs (arena) - Careers


The second day in the arena starts out calm. The Gamemakers decide to spice things up a bit. They make it so that Orvis and the Seven alliance meet. They use fire to cause the two groups to meet in the grassland. When they see each other, Orvis gets his bow ready. He fires an arrow, hitting Storm in his left side, just missing his heart. Blaze starts towards the boy from Nine. Orvis continues to fire at the boy from Six. When Storm gets to Orvis, he has five arrows in him. He then stabs Orvis in the chest with his spear. Orvis falls over dead. Storm falls in turn. He slowly bleeds out. Dawn rushes to him, crying. "I love you, Dawn," says the dying boy. "Please, don't go. I need you. I love you," cries Dawn. Storm dies, having confessed his feelings. Nothing happens until just before night fall. Maple Leafs is trying to find a place to hide for the night. She goes to the swamp. She is walking along and sees a fire. She decides to go see if it is someone she can easily kill. As she approaches, she gets a funny feeling in the pit of her stomach. All of a sudden, two figures appear before her. A trident and spear then bloom from her chest and throat. She falls over, dead. The sky, many of the tributes think, luckily only show three faces.

Day 3


Harry Fiderson (arena) - Spark Atler

Lucy Fiderson (arena) - Glow Seshan

Craner Stilln (arena) - Gon Sepler

Sedley Acuter (arena) - Chesney Wald


The day starts with a bang. Lucy and Harry, the Fiderson siblings, find the One alliance. Harry sneaks up and is about to spear Glow when Spark wakes up. He charges at Harry with his ball and chain and ax ready. The boy from One beats and hacks at the boy from Five until he is dead. Lucy then appears. Spark freezes, as young children are his weakness. The brotherless girl is about to throw a knife at the frozen tribute when Glow wakes up and fires an arrow at Lucy. It appears in the girl's left eye. At noon, Craner is hunting while Sedley rests. He stumbles upon Gon. The huge boy from Ten plants his ax in the back of the killer from Four. A few hours later, Chesney sees Sedley aproach. The archer makes sure the murderer doesn't make it to their camp. That night, the remaining tributes see two more Careers in the sky.

Day 4


Dawn Ash (arena) - Dafnne Carter

Kimmt Cotwright (arena) - Gon Sepler

Raeoki Cotwright (arena) - Chesney Wald

Chesney Wald (arena) - Raeoki Cotwright


The day starts out calm. Then it turns bloody. Dawn has been wandering aimlessly since Storm's death. She has been lucky so far not to run into anyone yet. Until midmoring today. She walks by some tall grass in the plain, and Dafnne sees her. The girl from Three decides she should make the kill. She slowly stalks the miserable girl from Seven. She then jumps out and stabs her prey in the back. She holds the her victim's mouth and shushes her until Dawn falls into a perminant sleep. That afternoon in the mountain, two alliances meet, and this time it isn't like the day before. Gon and Chesney, after killing off an alliance the day before, feel confidant. That day, they stumble on the last sibling alliance. Gon immediately puts his ax to use and chops off Kimmt's head. Raeoki throws a knife at Chesney, who fires an arrow at the girl from Eleven. The knife hits Chesney in the stomach and Raeoki dies instantly. Chesney stays alive for a few more minutes and then dies. Gon runs away. That night, the remaining tributes realise they are almost done, and there have only been four days.

Day 5


Pomona Sprout (arena) - Carla Carlson


The day starts off calm. The Gamemakers, noting that the past four days have been full of bloodshed, decide to not push anyone together. That afternoon, there is some death. Filius and Pomona are walking in the forest. Carla is in a bush. She got her district to lie about her age. She acts like she is thirteen, but she is actually sixteen. She thinks Gon and Filius would make great assets to her overall plan. As she thinks this, Filius passes her hiding spot. A few seconds later, Pomona passes. She takes her chance and kills Pomona with a knife. She throws it and runs. Later, she finds Filius. "Poor, poor Filius, why so sad." She tries to be as seductive as possible. It works. Filius says, after telling her about Pomona's death, he will do anything for her. She says to capture Gon. He does that and Gon is added to her bodyguard. That night, the remaining tributes feel lucky that there was only one death.

Day 10


Glow Seshan (arena) - Filius Flitwick

Filius Flitwick (arena) - Spark Atler

Spark Atler (arena) - Gon Sepler

Carla Carlson (arena) - Gon Sepler


A few days have past since the last bit of action. The Gamemakers decided that they didn't want to end the Games as quickly as they seemed and let the tributes rest for a few days. Carla and her seduced cronies are hunting for their first victims. The find the One alliance. Carla orders Filius to go kill them. He successfully kills Glow by cutting off her head with his scythe, but her cannon wakes up Spark. Spark immediately dismembers Filius with his ball and chain and ax. Gon then throws his ax, and it kills Spark. Carla and Gon leave. Carla now has no use for Gon, so she plans to kill him before sundown. As that time approaches, they start to make out. Carla plans to stab Gon before they get to the climax of their activity. Just before the climax, a knife is stabbed into someones abdomen. Gon, who knew all along that he was just being used, had grabbed Carla's knife, and stabbed her. He left as she bled out. The remaining tributes look to the sky, and realize tomarrow is the last day, and will be the last day for either Gon or Dafnne.

Day 11


Gon Sepler (arena) - Dafnne Carter


The day starts off with a bang, literaly. The Gamemakers drive the remaining tributes to the cornacopia using explosions. The tributes already knew they had to go somewhere. They got to the cornacopia and they saw each other. Gon got his ax and knife ready. Dafnne got her knives ready. They charged at one another. When they met, they traded blow after blow. Gon swung, trying to kill his opponent with his ax and blocked with his knife. Dafnne stabbed and parried with her knives interchangably. Then, Gon chopped of Dafnne's left hand. She fell to the ground, cluching her stub of a hand. Gon dropped his knife and got ready to finish his victim when a knife appeared in his chest. Dafnne had stabbed at the last minute with her remaining hand. Trumpets sounded as Ceaser Flickman announced, "Congratulations, Dafnne Carter of District Three, Victor of the 127th Hunger Games!"


Spark Atler

Spark's little sister Gleam came. She said "You're doing great! Keep doing what your doing!"

Glow Seshan

Glow's adoptive father came. He said "I love you, please come home." He walked off crying.

Dafnne Carter

Dafnne has no family.

Filius Flitwick

His sister came, but was too emotional to say anything.

Carla Carlson

Her family was too busy to come.

Gon Sepler

His father was still in mourning, but his sisters came. They said "We love you, come home safe!"

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