Hey, after a hiatus I'm making another Hunger Games. You know the drill, name, district, age, skills, appearance.


The arena covers a huge area. It is mostly mountainous. The Cornucopia is on top of a small mountain. There are lots of forests, with rivers and lakes springled through out the arena, with some open plains every so often.


District 1 Male- Lee Rock 12

District 1 Female- Lily Star 13

District 2 Male- Skar Skull 17

District 2 Female- Lavender Snow 16

District 3 Male- Crick Storm 15

District 3 Female- Liliana Jones 13

District 4 Male- Leon Rivers 15

District 4 Female- Aqua Reeds 18

District 5 Male- Malco Crest 14

District 5 Female- Heather Lavender 18

District 6 Male- Rudy Steiner 14

District 6 Female- Liesel Hammerman 14

District 7 Male- Yabbah Dabbah Do 16

District 7 Female- Zoe Harrison 13

District 8 Male- Mikey Gold 15

District 8 Female- Persephone Frost 16

District 9 Male- Cav Jones 13

District 9 Female- Aelo Aisri 15

District 10 Male- Venta Jaes 14

District 10 Female- Parker Fernx 12

District 11 Male- Luke Heart 15

District 11 Female- Claire Heart 15

District 12 Male- Thomas Anderson 14

District 12 Female- Miranda Lockhart 17


Day 1 Deaths

Crick Storm- Lavender Snow (Blood Bath)

Luke Heart- Lee Rock (Blood Bath)

Miranda Lockhart- Skar Star (Blood Bath)

Aqua Reeds- Leon Rivers (Blood Bath)

Zoe Harrison- Cav Jones (Blood Bath)

Aelo Aisri- Cav Jones (Blood Bath)

Persephone Frost- Cav Jones (Blood Bath)

Claire Heart- Lily Star (Forest)

Thomas Anderson- Mikey Gold (Forest)

Day 1 Plot

The cannon sounds, and the blood starts to run. Lavender Snow and Crick Storm start for a set of knives, and as the pull at it from their respective ends, Lavender pulls out a knife and stabs Crick in the neck. On the other side of the Cornucopia, Lee Rock runs Luke Heart through his head as he bends over for a backpack of food. Lee takes the backpack and looks for more to take. Skar Skull is running about with a belt of knives, looking for a target of opportunity. He spots Miranda Lockhart and throws a knife, hitting her in the eye as she goes for a sword. Skar immediately picks it up and goes for supplies. Aqua Reeds, though she is of 4, is killed of by Leon Rivers. As she is running away with a backpack, a trident sprouts from her back. Cav Jones, after grabbing a sword, runs around trying to prove himself for the Careers. He spots Zoe Harrison and lops of her head. He is then attacked by Aelo Aisri, who swung at him with her foot. He dodges and swings his sword. She dodges and kicks again, only to have her foot cut off. As she falls, Aelo is hacked at the collor bone by Cav. He then finds Persephone Frost and runs her through, back to front, with his sword. With Persephone, the Blood Bath ends. The alliances then soon after form, either in the Cornucopia or in the forest. The rest of the Careers and Cav join together. In the forest to the west, Parker Fernx and Venta Jaes form an alliance, each silently vowing to protect each other. In the forest to the south, Rudy Steiner and Liesel Hammerman form an alliance, each doing the same as the alliance from 10. After forming their alliance, the Careers look for more. Lily Star, who didn't get a single kill in the Blood Bath, is out for blood. They stumble upon Clair Heart, and Lily immediately pounces. She thrusts her sword through Claires neck. Far to the north, Mikey Gold is running, and he trips over Thomas Anderson. The immediately start to fight, but Mikey bashes Thomas' head in with his mace.

Day 2 Deaths

Mikey Gold- Heather Lavender (arena)

Liliana Jones- Lee Rock (arena)

Day 2 Plot

The day starts out calm. The tributes wake up, and start to hunt. In the mountains to the east, the Careers start to silently fragment. Cav realises that he will be the first to go, and asks to guard the rear. The only person who he trusts is Leon. Lily and Lee only trust each other, with Skar and Lavender being the only ones that distrust everyone. The head southwest. By mid morning, everyone is on the move. The alliances of 6 and 10 stumble upon each other, as do the tributes from 5, Heather Lavender and Malco Crest. Instead of killing everyone else. They head northwest. Around mid day, the find Mikey. Heather volunteers to kill him, because they all know that he is a huge threat. She silently creeps forward, but she wasn't silent enough. Mikey awakens and the two start to fight. Mikey swings his mace every which way, and Heather parries every blow. Finally Heather finds and exploits an opening and stabs Mike in the chest. To the south, the Careers find Liliana Jones, and Lee charges forward and kills her with one slash to the head.

Day 3 Deaths

Yabbah Dabbah Do- Cav Jones (arena)

Cav Jones- Yabbah Dabbah Do (arena)

Rudy Steiner- Skar Skull (arena)

Heather Lavender- Lily Star (arena)

Day 3 Plot

The day starts out violent. The Careers had been on the move all night, and finally found a target. They had stumbled on the last loner in the game. Cav volunteered to go kill him. The boy from Nine was just about to skewer the boy from Seven, when Yabbah woke up. They started trading blows, when they both thrust and stabbed each other. Yabbah stabbed Cav's chest, collapsing a lung, and Cav stabbed Yabbah's heart. Yabbah died first, and Cav died a few seconds later. The Careers just left, glad they didn't have to get rid of the coat tail rider, except for Leon, who had no true ally. They continued to hunt, until they found the other alliance. They all charged, and everyone but Rudy and Heather ran, hoping to hold off the Careers. Skar lopped off Rudy head, and Lily shot Heather in the eye.

Day 4 Deaths

Lee Rock- Malco Crest (arena)

Skar Skull- Malco Crest (arena)

Malco Crest- Careers (arena)

Day 4 Plot

The mixed alliance is in mourning, having lost two of their number. The morning is uneventful, but the afternoon gets bloody. The Careers had been in hiding around the other alliance, and decided to attack. They charged forward, and Malco immediatley took charge of his alliance. "Everyone, get out of here. I'll take them on." He gets out his bow, and aims down a shaft. He takes Lee in the center of his forehead. He then is hit in the thigh by Lily. Ignoring the pain, Malco takes out two arrows, and aims so that he takes out both of Skar's eyes, and fires. His aim is true and kills the vicious Tribute from Two. Lavender and Leon finish Malco of with sword and trident. The day ends with the faces of the dead in the sky.

Day 5 Deaths

Venta Jaes- Lavender Snow (arena)

Liesel Hammerman- Leon Rivers (arena)

Parker Fernx- Lily Star (arena)

Day 5 Plot

The Careers continued chasing the other alliance. They wouldn't stop until they had killed them all. They then caught up to the Tributes from 10 and 6. Lavender charged at Venta. Venta fought with two knives, parrying and striking, trying to get a shot. Near by, Leon is fighting Liesel, trident againtst knives as well. Lily is having trouble getting a clear shot at Parker. Lavender then scores a hit against Venta, and stabs him between the eyes. Leon also takes out his target, stabbing Liesel in the chest. Finally, Lily gets a shot at Parker, who turns and runs. Lily shoots her once in the back and once in the base of Parker's skull. The Careers then split, going their seperate ways, preparing to finish the Games.

Day 6 Deaths

Leon Rivers- Lavender Snow (arena)

Lily Star- Lavender Snow (arena)

Day 6 Plot

The Careers, the only ones left in the Games, prepare for the final day. Lily checks her bow, Leon checks his trident, and Lavender checks her sword. The Gamemakers set off explotions. The Careers start to go to the Cornucopia. The first to burst into the clearing are Lavender and Leon. They start fighting, sword blocking and being blocked by a trident. Lavender then gets an opening and slashes Leon's throat open. Lily then bursts into the clearing. She is dissoriented because an explosion went off right next to her head. Lavender throws her sword, and skewers Lily, winning the Hunger Games.

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