Hey, this is the 129th Hunger Games. You guys know the drill, lets make this a good games.


The arena covers a huge expanse. It has a mountain in the center, with forests surrounding it.


District 1 male- Caleb Stoll 12

District 1 female- Maryjane Silverstone 17

District 2 male- Navy Wonders 16

District 2 female- Zarahela Kourtain 18

District 3 male- Redwing Blue 15

District 3 female- Katrin Calix 16

District 4 male- Mickey Mcalister 17

District 4 female- Airlia Romain 15

District 5 male- Russel Burnly 18

District 5 female- Skye Nightingale 16

District 6 male- Miku Mlaten 12

District 6 female- Shady McKellen 13

District 7 male- Split Tree 18

District 7 female- Demi Trusker 17

District 8 male- Aaron Coin 18

District 8 female- Forsythia Aaljisic 16

District 9 male- Andy Pillars 18

District 9 female- Summer Wilson 15

District 10 male- Marmaduke Jesse 17

District 10 female- Jill Lennox 16

District 11 male- Cap Hatfield 18

District 11 female- Lauren Hill 12

District 12 male- Jonas Apex 16

District 12 female- Primstone Everdeen 14


Day 1 Deaths

Marmaduke Jesse- Bloodbath- Maryjane Silverstone

Primstone Everdeen- Bloodbath- Zarahela Kourtain

Split Tree- Bloodbath- Mickey Mcalister

Jonas Apex- Bloodbath- Navy Wonders

Katrin Calix- Bloodbath- Airlia Romain

Cap Hatfield- Bloodbath- Skye Nightingale

Miku Mlaten- Bloodbath- Andy Pillars

Forsythia Aaljisic- Bloodbath- Andy Pillars

Aaron Coin- Bloodbath- Jill Lennox

Demi Trusker- Bloodbath- Caleb Stoll

Redwing Blue- Bloodbath- Zarahela Kourtain

Day 1 Plot

The gong rings and the carnage begins. The first to fall is Marmaduke Jesse and Maryjane Silverstone run for a belt of knives. As they are pulling on it, Maryjane pulls out a knife and throws it at Marmaduke. It spins and digs itself into his eye. He falls over, dead. Closer to the cornacopia, Primstone Everdeen goes for the best of the many bows, Zarahela Kourtain plants her ax in Primstone's head. Near the edge, Mickey Mcalister grabs a trident and throws it at Split Tree. It buries itself into Split's back. Nearby, Navy Wonders attacks Jonas Apex. Jonas and Navy trade blows with sword and ax respectively. Then, Navy cuts off Jonas' hand and lops off his opponent's head. On the other side, Airlia Romain skewers Katrin Calix as she runs for her life. On the edge between Navy, Mickey, and Airlia, Skye Nightingale and Cap Hatfield start to fight. Cap throws knife after knife, trying to kill Skye, but she knocks them down with her sword, until she is close enough to cut him down. Opposite this, Andy Pillars goes berserk slightly. Andy grabs a machete and kills Miku Mlaten and Forsythia Aaljisic one after the other. As the bloodbath ends Jill Lennox starts to run. Aaron Coin charges her whis an ax and sword. Jill dodges and stabs him in the back. Caleb Stoll, not wanting to be viewed as a weak link in the Career alliance, attacks Demi Trusker who is just starting to flee. He throws his ax, and it imbeds itself into her back. He then starts to hack her repeatedly. To end the bloodbath, Redwing Blue, who had been hiding in the cornacopia, tries to flee. Zarahela, who wanted to get another kill, takes her chance and attacks him. All the tributes from 2 and 4 as well as Caleb form up in the usual alliance. The only one who is outside that is Maryjane. The rest of the tributes hide for the day.

Day 2 Deaths

Shady McKellen- Forest- Andy Pillars

Day 2 Plot

The Careers stay close to the cornacopia for the entire day, gloating over how many they had collectively killed. Near the tree line on the south side of the mountain, several tributes came upon each other. Jill, Lauren Hill, and Summer Wilson surprise each other. Summer draws her bow, Jill readies her sword, and Lauren just stands there. She states that they should all just calm down and form an alliance. They all should be able to work together fine, and they all were fairly good in training. They agree and start to head further down the mountain into the forest. In the forest to the north, the tributes from 5, Russel Burnly and Skye, meet up. They had agreed during training that they should make an alliance with each other, and hopefully make it to the end. In the east, Maryjane wakes up in a tree, and spots Shady McKellen walking around. She is looking wary, hoping not to meet up with other tributes it seems. Maryjane thinks that Shady hopes not to meet up with any of the Careers, Maryjane herself, or Andy. Maryjane then spots Andy hiding behind a bush along Shady's path. He has his machete ready and looks like he is waiting, itching to get another kill. As Shady passes him, he pounces. He starts to hack at the poor little girl from behind. He then turns to look at Maryjane's tree. He locks eyes with here and nods. Then he turns and walks away. Maryjane, who is rarely scared, starts to shiver.

Day 3 Deaths

Navy Wonders- Mountain- Maryjane Silverstone

Airlia Romain- Mountain- Maryjane Silverstone

Skye Nightingale- Forest- Andy Pillars

Russel Burnly- Forest- Andy Pillars

Day 3 Plot

The Careers, who didn't set up a rotation for guarding their camp, are found by Maryjane. She drew two knives from her belt, and chose her targets. She winds up and throws one knife, then does the same with the other knife. One finds its way into the base of Navy's skull, the other into Airlia's throat. Maryjane is gone before the second cannon booms. The remaining Careers decide to leave their camp with what they can carry. Down in the forest, Andy found the camp of the 5 alliance. He draws his machete and charges. Russel fires two arrows, both of which Andy dodges, before the boy 9 cuts off part of his head. Skye charges and they trade blows with each other. Andy gets the upper hand and cuts of her hand. The girl from 5 falls to her knees, clutching her stump. She begs for her life, trying to delay the inevitable. Andy then, laughing, sheaths his machete and snaps her neck.

Day 4 Deaths

Summer Wilson- Forest- Andy Pillars

Lauren Hill- Forest- Andy Pillars

Andy Pillars- Forest- Jill Lennox

Day 4 Plot

The day starts, and the all girl alliance is still asleep. Andy, after killing both of the tributes from 5, went looking for more to kill. Just before dawn, he found the girls. As the sun broke through the branches, Andy pounced. He first slashed Summer's neck. As the cannon sounded, Lauren and Jull woke up. They took up their weapons and attacked Andy. Lauren thrust and Jill slashed and stabbed at Andy. He either blocked or dodged the attacks. Andy then cut off the end of Lauren's spear and then stabbed threw her head. Unfortunately, Andy couldn't pull the machete out of the young girls head. Jill took her chance and skewered Andy through his chest. Jill, crying as she looked at her friends, sheathed her sword and ran.

Day 5 Deaths

Caleb Stoll- Forest- Maryjane Silverstone

Zarahela Kourtain- Forest- Maryjane Silverstone

Maryjane Silverstone- Forest- Mickey Mcalister

Day 5 Plot

Maryjane decides that she wants to do some more damage to the Careers. She goes looking for them and finds them at midday. She draws two knives, and steps into their view. She throws one at Caleb, taking him in the eye and the other at Zarahela, taking her in the chest. As they fall, she draws another knife, but it doesn't matter. As the cannons had sounded, Mickey drew back and threw a trident at Maryjane. She fell with it sprouting from her chest. After this, Mickey ran. This left Jill and Mickey as the last surviving tributes.

Day 6 Deaths

Mickey Mcalister- Cornacopia- Jill Lennox

Day 6 Plot

Explosions occur all over the arena. The Gamemakers are trying to push the remaining tributes to the cornacopia on the top of the mountain. Jill and Mickey run for their lives, trying to outrun the falling trees and flying rocks. As they crested at the same time and stared. Jill draws her sword after a few minutes and charged. Mickey readied his trident and threw it. Jill knocked it down and continued forward. Mickey realized to late that he had thrown his last trident. He started to look around for something to defend himself. Before he could do anything, Jill came up and ran him through. Then an announcement boomed through the arena. "Jill Lennox of District 10 is the winner of the 129th Hunger Games!"

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