Hey guys, I got this crazy idea because of all these different kinds of games being made that slightly divert from the actual games. Instead of making up tributes, base them on yourselves, with the choice of district and weapons.


District 1 Male- Turner Markwalter 17

District 1 Female- Kat Diamond 15

District 2 Male- Darren Zell 16

District 2 Female-

District 3 Male-

District 3 Female-

District 4 Male- Marshall Reed 12

District 4 Female- Cazzandra Davenport 18

District 5 Male-

District 5 Female-

District 6 Male-

District 6 Female-

District 7 Male- Julius Ziles 18

District 7 Female-

District 8 Male-

District 8 Female-

District 9 Male-

District 9 Female-

District 10 Male-

District 10 Female- Kayleigh Reed 12

District 11 Male-

District 11 Female-

District 12 Male-

District 12 Female-

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