aka Panther12

  • I live in Why do you need to know?
  • My occupation is Umm... the 7th grade?
  • I am I'm a girl, wait.... yeah last time I checked
  • Panther12

    Like so many others, I must leave.

    I came upon this wiki, this family, by chance.

    Then when I joined, everybody who was older seemed to leave.

    Wars broke out as well.

    But this is not the big reason I am leaving.

    I am officially on summer break now, and I want to enjoy it outside of a computer. I want my friends over more often. I want to swim at the pool four times a week. I want to go to Six Flags, Disney World, the beach without worrying about what's happening here. I want to go to overnight camps and laugh with my friends. I want to live this summer as the best ever and that's what it will be.

    Jacob55111, Mockingjay5, Firecatcher3, and Rosella6, you guys supported me more than anyone else on this wiki. I came on here thinking I was okay, you …

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