Hello and welcom to the 64th hunger games

I will need 24 tributes, so i need you to comment on this page telling me:

1. Your characters name

2.the district they are from (dont choose ones already taken!)

3.physical appearance

4.speacial skills (dont make yours a walking tank)

5.preffered weapon

6. age

7.if your running to the cornucopia or not


thats all you need to have and your done,everything sill be randomized like who im focusing on for the day mutts gamemaker traps.The arena will be a desert with a very strange and deadly forest hot during day and cold at night. you have a health bar that gets drained if you are wounded or staving you also have a hunger bar which you have to eat and drink to keep filled once that goes all the way down it subtracts 50 health. you start off with a 100 on the health and hunger is 100. sponsors start off with a 500 credits they can buy stuff with it and send it to a certain player, here are the sponsor list.

sponser prices
trident 500 credits battle axe 400 credits
hatchet 300 credits
sword 200 credits
knife 100 credits
food (restores 30 hunger) 50 credits
food (restors 15 hunger) 25 credits
medicine (restores 30 health) 100 credits


Tamora summers


age 18


Trhowing knife, sleuth, bow and arrow.

sweet, shy and kind

Lorenzo vega


district 1


hand to hand, strenght, smart



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