• PeetaMellark

    24. Webner

    23. Manami

    22. Tori

    21. Thomas

    20. Elecsis

    19. Alery

    18. Spruce

    17. Grain

    16. Buk

    15. Trud

    14. Rana

    13. Chesen

    12. Sara

    11. Fern

    10. Luna

    9. Marble

    8. Bright

    7. Hige

    6. Avery

    5. Granite

    4. Shining

    3. Genevieve

    The arena is a large ocean. In the middle is the cornucopia on a tiny little island. All of the tributes metal plates are on little pieces of dry land only big enough for the plates to be places on. To the south is a big volcano that is fully functioning surrounded by a type of moat filled with lava placed on a massive island about 200km to the east, west, and farther south. There is two bridges to get across the moat. One filled fith pods and one not. On the outside of the volcano are caves that would protect a person from a hard rainfall or a…

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  • PeetaMellark

    Let the Games Begin!

    District 1: Randy Illarn, Ponellopy Sacralp

    24. Rezzy, killed in bloodbath.

    23. Palanam, killed in bloodbath.

    22. Megan, killed in bloodbath.

    21. Fisher, killed in bloodbath.

    20. Hannah, killed in bloodbath.

    19. Edan, killed in bloodbath.

    18. Letha, killed in bloodbath.

    17. Jak, speared with knife by Jackie.

    16. Aaron, hit in heart with axe by Sue.

    15. Lesianna, froze to death.

    14. Tarkan, froze to death.

    13. Ponellopy, stabbed by Lilly with an axe.

    12. Lilly, commited suicied.

    11. Ship, hit with axe by Sue.

    10. Jake, froze to death.

    9. Randy, hit in the head with axe.

    8. Sierra, carried away by howercraft when still alive.

    7. Maple, Commited suicide.

    6. Ash, Commited suicide.

    5. Neron, killed by Peter.

    4. Storm, neck sliced open by Peter.

    3. …

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  • PeetaMellark

    Let the Games Begin!!!

    As a reminder to the rebels that even the youngest among them would be affected by their reckless actions, all the tributes will be between the ages of 6 and 12.

    The arena will be a fully functioning Capitol city with peacekeepers running amok hunting down tributes. There is food but only in certain houses. There is also only water running in some houses. There is no other items in the houses. Also there is no other people except for the tributes and the peacekeepers. The cornucopia is on the top of the fake "President" mansion. There is two ladders leading to the top of the mansion.

    District 1: Michael Feldman 12, Jenifer Fergeson 11

    District 2: Liamin Wofress 7, Pamanellf Quantop 12

    District 3: Hamanap Kreckan 6, Lulu Monkar …

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  • PeetaMellark

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  • PeetaMellark

    Let The Games Begin

    September 23, 2010 by PeetaMellark

    Let the first annual Hunger Games begin!

    District 1: James Camille, Priminelle Jimena

    District 2: Palax Maize, Linaria Olive

    District 3: Canyan Trill, Ferb Tillow

    District 4: Resnow Slipnot, Rosy Blanklite

    District 5: Sage Birch, Willow Leafs

    District 6: Dinter Harel, Tanyay Milkar

    District 7: Spruce Ash, Dawn Woods

    District 8: Candarm Sissily, Sarenda Gholotari

    District 9: Woltred Busder, Milly Busder (Victor)

    District 10: Huncan Willoemath, Pfannelle Trainet

    District 11: Hankan Sinfil, Zirvil Exorce

    District 12: Oak Thorn, Medea Trafner

    24. Huncan, Killed in bloodbath.

    23. Rosy, Killed in bloodbath.

    22. Canyan, Killed in bloodbath.

    21. Hankan, Killed in bloodbath.

    20. Sage, Killed in bloodbath.

    19. Dinter, Killed in bloodbath.

    18. Ferb, Killed by Oak.

    17. Candarm, Killed by Willo…

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