Let the first annual Hunger Games begin!

The Tributes

District 1: James Camille, Priminelle Jimena

District 2: Palax Maize, Linaria Olive

District 3: Canyan Trill, Ferb Tillow

District 4: Resnow Slipnot, Rosy Blanklite

District 5: Sage Birch, Willow Leafs

District 6: Dinter Harel, Tanyay Milkar

District 7: Spruce Ash, Dawn Woods

District 8: Candarm Sissily, Sarenda Gholotari

District 9: Woltred Busder, Milly Busder (Victor)

District 10: Huncan Willoemath, Pfannelle Trainet

District 11: Hankan Sinfil, Zirvil Exorce

District 12: Oak Thorn, Medea Trafner


24. Huncan, Killed in bloodbath.

23. Rosy, Killed in bloodbath.

22. Canyan, Killed in bloodbath.

21. Hankan, Killed in bloodbath.

20. Sage, Killed in bloodbath.

19. Dinter, Killed in bloodbath.

18. Ferb, Killed by Oak.

17. Candarm, Killed by Willow.

16. Sarenda, Killed by Careers.

15. Spruce, Eaten by Snake muttations.

14. Medea, Eaten by Snake muttations.

13. Zirvil, Eaten by Snake muttations.

12. Priminelle, Speared by Woltred.

11. Oak, Froze to Death.

10. Tanyay, Speared by James.

9. Resnow, Axe Thrown in Heart by Tanyay.

8. Dawn Woods, Stabes Herself.

7. Palax, Arrow Through Skull.

6. Willow, Crushed Skull.

5. Linaria, Stabed by James With a Sword.

4. Pfannelle, Knife thrown in eye by James.

3. Woltred, Stabed and Drowned.

2. James, Drowned.

The Arena

The cornucopia is is the middle. The arena is 100 miles in each direction. The whole arena is in the form of the vally. There is a lake to the north and a forest to the south. To the east and the west there are two big mountains that look fairly difficult to climb but still possible. There is somthing on the other side's of the mountains. You can not go around them only over. There are only mutt's beetween the two mountains. The only game is in the forest and maybe on the other side of the montains. There is also some food deep in the cornucopia along with weapons and survival gear. You can fish in the lake but most of the fish are poisonouse. There is also poison berries and poison flowers in the forest.

Let the Games Begin!

Day 1

Day 1 in the arena starts at dawn! Huncan, Rosy, Canyan, Hankan, Sage, and Dinter are all killed in the bloodbath. The career alliance is made up of James, Priminelle, Linaria, Resnow, and Palax. Woltred and Milly (Brother and Sister) form an alliance and begin climbing the east mountain. Candarm, Willow, Ferb, Dawn and Oak all run for the forest at the same time. None of them are in an alliance. Ferb and Candarm are killed by Willow and Oak. Willow and Oak form an alliance. Dawn runs away. Tanyay, Sage, and Sarenda head for the lake. Sarenda is killed by the careers. Tanyay and Sage form an alliance and hide at the lake. The careers decide to make a plan. Half of them (James, Priminelle, and Resnow) start to climb the east mountain going after Woltred and Milly and the other half (Linaria and Palax) stay in the valley staying on the lookout for tributes. The other four tributes are hidden in the vally. Night falls on the arena. More mutts are realeast into the forest.

Day 2

Day 2 starts in a boom! The careers in the vally hunt down Spruce, Medea, Zirvil, and Pfannelle who are the four tibutes hidden in the vally. The careers find them and tie Spruce, Medea, and Zirvil to a tree. Pfannelle runs to the forest. The other three are killed by snake muttations. The other half of the careers finish climbing the mountain. On the other side they see a feild of weapons. They go toward the weapons forgeting that Woltred and Milly are why they are up here. Woltred pops out of a bush and throws a spear right into Priminelle's heart killing her imedeatly. Resow and James run down the monutain back to the valley. They tell Linaria and Palax about Priminelle's death. James mournes Priminelle. Night falls on the arena and tepuratures drop.

Day 3

Day 3 begins, the temperatures is 20- and a blanket of snow is covering the ground. Oak was killed by the cold tempurature overnight. Willow wakes and findes Oak dead. Furyated she belives it's the careers and begins to hunt them down. Meanwhile the careers have headed to the lake to find tributes. After three houres the careers get frusterated because they can't find anyone. Getting mad James throws his spear into a bush. They hear a screech and Tanyay sticks her head up. She falls to the ground dead with just enough time to throw an axe into Resnow's heart killing him. The careers take all the supplies off Tanyay and head back to the vally. Willow continues her hunt for the career's. Dawn decides to use the snow to her advantage and gauthers some to melt it into water. Night falls on the arena and tepuratures begin to rise once again melting the snow.

Day 4

Day 4 starts in the forest. Dawn wakes and hears a strange noise. After a minute she relizes it's her sisters voice. Then she manages to hear what she's saying. She's saying " Mother Died... Mother Died... Mother DIed... Mother Died." Shocked and confused she pulls a knife out of her backpack and stab herself. She dies emideatly. Meanwhile Willow has found the careers. She jumps out of a tree and shoots an arrow right into Palax' skull. Linaria and James wake up and see Willow. Linaria throws a rock at Willow's head and she passes out. Linaria goes up to her and crushes her skull. James uses this time to his advantage and stabes Linaria with a sword killing her. Night falls on the arena and James is in the valley , Pfannelle is at the lake, and Woltred and Milly are still on the other side of the east mountain. More mutattions are released.

Day 5

Day 5 begins and James begins a hunt for Pfannelle and begins heading toward the lake. Meanwhile Woltred and Milly decide to climb down to the valley making sure to take a bunch of weapons from the weapon field on the other side of the mountain. Back with James he has now found Pfannelle. Pfannelle throws a knife into James are he rips it out and throws it back at her. It spears her eye and James begins to head back to the cornucopia. Woltred and Milly have made it to the bottom of the hill and settled in a tree right next to the cornucopia. Night falls on the arena. Pfannelle does not survive the night. More muttations are realesed.

Day 6

Day 6 starts and James is back at the cornucopia. He does not see Woltred and Milly in the tree. Woltred and Milly wake. They look down and see James. They go silent. Woltred slipes out of the tree and James sees him. James tackles Woltred and stabes him in the back. Milly jumps out of the tree and starts to run in the other derection. Not from James but from the 100ft. title wave behinde him. James looks back and begins to run too. Milly drops a bear trap and it catches James's leg. The water rushes over his head and he drowns emidiately. Unfortunatley Woltred drowned too. A metal claw pulls Milly out of the water. She is the final tribute alive Milly is the victor!


James Camille

James was raised by his mean older brother and he was the only one who showed up. He said " What's your problem why are all these people still alive?!? Oh yeah because your to wimpy to kill them! You better win this!" Then he gave a sturn grunt and walked away.

Palax Maize

Palax' mother and baby siter (4 years old) showed up. His mother said " We know you can do this! You are by far the best! Kill everyone!". His little sister said "Gow Pawax!". Then started dancing.

Linaria Olive

Linaria had no family left. She was also very anti-social so she had no friends either .

Willow Leafs

Willow's mother showed up but her sister didn't because she refused to. Her mother said "Why am I here agai~ Oh yeah kay so do your best and a kay bye." Then she walked away.

Dawn Woods

Only her little sister showed up she said " Dawn I know you can't here this. This is very important though. Mother died. Do your best!". Then she fell down on the ground and started crying.

Woltred & Milly Busder

Their mother and father showed up. Their mother said "I know it's not possible for you both to win. I just want to say that I love you both and I'm wishing you two good luck!" Their father just said " You guys can do it!".

Pfannelle Trainet

Pfannelle had no family only a best friend who said " I miss you so much. I know you can do it!"

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