Let the Games Begin!!!

Quarter Quell Twist 1#

As a reminder to the rebels that even the youngest among them would be affected by their reckless actions, all the tributes will be between the ages of 6 and 12.

Quarter Quell Twist 2#

The arena will be a fully functioning Capitol city with peacekeepers running amok hunting down tributes. There is food but only in certain houses. There is also only water running in some houses. There is no other items in the houses. Also there is no other people except for the tributes and the peacekeepers. The cornucopia is on the top of the fake "President" mansion. There is two ladders leading to the top of the mansion.


District 1: Michael Feldman 12, Jenifer Fergeson 11

District 2: Liamin Wofress 7, Pamanellf Quantop 12

District 3: Hamanap Kreckan 6, Lulu Monkar 7

District 4: Martin Johnson 12, Gemma Revlis 12 (Victor)

District 5: Tim Cook 6, Beverly Lawrence 10

District 6: David Taboc 11, Amy Taboc 10

District 7: Ash Stone 12, Dawn Woods 11 (Victor)

District 8: Ipana Tulffer 8, Kelshay Monokun 7

District 9: Ealy Gangaui 11, Ashlii Marvyn 9

District 10: Uniper Linka 6, Anrehanda Palkoff 11

District 11: Aaron Grain 8, Sky Follows 7

District 12: Fell Wist 9, Palla Husker 11


24. Ashlii, Killed in Bloodbath.

23. Hamanap, Killed in Bloodbath.

22. Lulu, Killed in Bloodbath.

21. Tim, Killed in Bloodbath.

20. Sky, Killed in Bloodbath.

19. Kelshay, Killed by Peacekeepers.

18. Uniper, Killed by Peacekeepers.

17. Liamin, Killed by Peackeepers.

16. Fell, Shot in Head by Peacekeeper.

15. Palla, Shot in Chest by Dawn.

14. Ash, Crushed by Building.

13. Michael, Speared by Ipana.

12. Ipana, Stabbed by Jenifer.

11. Jenifer, Stabbed by Ipana.

10. Anrehanda, Stabbed by Dawn.

9. Beverly, Killed with Mace by Gemma.

8. Pamanellf, Killed with Mace by Gemma.

7. Amy, Bombed by Capitol.

6. David, Flesh Melted Off.

5. Martin, Hit with Mace and Kicked off Mansion.

4. Ealy, Shot in Head by Peacekeeper.

3. Aaron, Stabbed by Peacekeeper.

The Arena

The arena is a fully functioning Capitol city about 300 miles in each direction in the shape of a square with Peacekeepers running arround, hunting down tributes. There is food but only in certain houses. The same is with water. Also some closets have blankets and cloths. Only Capitol cloths. Otherwise there is no other items in the houses. There is also birds and house cats. There is also no other people besides the Peacekeepers and the Tributes. The cornucopia is on top of the fake "President Mansion". There is two ladders to the top of the mansion. It is hard to get on top of the mansion though because it is guarded by Peacekeepers. There is a suprise inside the mansion. It is really hard to get into though because of Peacekeepers and Pods.

Let the Games Begin!

Day 1

The gong goes off and the tributes scatter. Ashlii, Hamanap, Lulu, Tim, and Sky are killed in the bloodbath. Kelshay, Uniper, and Liamin are killed by Peacekeepers. The career alliace is formed by Michael, Jenifer, Pamanellf, Martin, and Gemma. The Careers manage to kill all the Peacekeepers they see and begin to climb the ladders to the top of the mansion. They decide to camp up there for the night. David and Amy for an alliance (being brother and sister) and decide to hide in a house with water a cat and a blanket. Two other alliances are formed by Fell and Palla and Ash and Dawn. Fell and Palla go to a house with only water. Dawn and Ash go to a house with water and food but no blankets. The rest of the tributes are wandering the streets. Night falls on the arena.

Day 2

Day 2 starts in a bang as a squad of Peacekeepers burst into the house that Fell and Palla where staying in. A Peacekeeper shoots Fell in the head and Palla jumps out a window. He breakes a leg because the window he jumped out was two storys off the ground. He crawls away but the Peacekeepers do not presew him. He finally crawls into a house. However he did not relize that Ash and Dawn where in that house. Dawn shoots him in the chest with an arrow and a metal claw lifts the roof into the air and pick up Palla they drop the roof and it lands on Ash killing him. It hits Dawns arm and makes a gash but she manages to get away and hides in a new house. She wraps a blanket around her arm hoping it will heal by morning. The careers climb down the mansion and decide to start hunting down tributes. Night falls on the arena and more Peacekeepers are realesed.

Day 3

Day 3 begins and the careers start hunting down tributes. They see Ipana wandering the streets and decide to attack. Gemma pops out from behind a corner and throws a knife that hits his shoulder. Ipana panicks and thrown a spear into Michael's forhead killing him emidiatly. Ipana tries to run but filled with fury Jenifer chases him into a house corners him. They stab each other at the same time and they both die. The careers hear two canons and relize that Jenifer has died so they continue hunting. Meanwhile back with Dawn she is sitting in her house board throwing knives around for practice. She throws a knife off course and it goes through a window. She hears a scream look out the window and relized it hit Anrehanda in the stomach. She runs away. Night falls on the arena and Anrehanda does not survive the night.

Day 4

Day 4 starts and the three remaning careers head out. They find Beverly and kill her instantly by hitting her with a mace. However Gemma's hand where too small for the mace and it slipped out of her hands killing Pamanellf too. Meanwhile back with Amy and David they are still in there house. However they relized they where in that house too long. Not long after that the roof shattered they relized they where being bombed. Another bomb hits and it somthers Amy in flame. David tries to run but his short legs where not fast enough. The last bomb hits and lights him on fire. His body falls to the ground. Night falls on the arena and an announcement is made. The voice says " Tomorrow the feast shall be held!"

Day 5

Day 5 begins and Gemma, Martin, and Dawn head to the feast. Dawn gets there first and clibs the ladder to the top of the mansion where the feast is being held. She grabs her little backpack labled Dawn Woods. She grabs it and opens it. On the inside is a medecin to help heal her gashed arm. She takes it and begins to rub it on her ingury. Then she hears something. It's Gemma and Martins voices. She runs up into the top of the cornucopia. Gemma and Martin climb up the ladder and grab there bags. In Gemma's is a ton of food. Then in martins is a shooting sword. Dawn slips and Gemma and Martin hear her. Dawn runs up to them and holds a knife up to each of their heads. Gemma tries to swing her mace but Dawn duck and it hits Martin. Then Dawn grabs Martin's sword and shoots Gemma. She misses and Gemma runs away. However Martin does not get away so easily. He grabs the sword from Dawn and cuts of the rest of Dawns arm off. Dawn kicks Martin and he falls off the edge of the mansion and dies. Dawn puts some of the medecin on what used to be her left arm making it scab over almost instantly. Then wraps it in a blanket. Cause she can not climb down the ladder with one arm she camps out at the top of the mansion. Night falls on the arena.

Day 6

Day 6 begins and the tributes hear an announcement. The voice said " As it is Thanksgiving today we will give you tributes a special suprise. The suprise is an extra... 4 squads of Peacekeepers. One for each tribute...". At that very moment a squads of Peacekeepers dropped down in front of every tribute. Dawn managed to fight all of hers off easily with the shooting sword she stole from Martin. Back with Gemma she had a bit toughfer time. Having only her mace she had to fight each one off one by one. She hit about half of them in the head killing them. The other half piled over her. Thankfully she managed to stab each one leaving a dozen dead Peacekeepers sorrounding her. While fighting she got shot in the leg. She emideatly removed the bullet and ran into a house with blankets to wrap up her wound. However Ealy and Arron where not so lucky. Ealy was sleeping and did not hear the Peacekeepers so they managed to shoot him in the head. Aaron was just too small to fight them off. A Peacekeeper stabed him in the stomach causing him to bleed to death. Night falls on the arena the, the Peacekeepers are picked up by hovercrafts and the only two remaining tributes are Gemma and Dawn.

Day 7

Day 7 begins and Gemma refuses to lose so she begins to head to the cornucopia where she knows Dawn still is. She arrives and Dawn is awake. Dawn sees Gemma and shoots an arrow at her it hits her arm. Gemma get mad and hits Dawn with her mace. Dawn arm starts bleeding again. Dawn turns around and blood spuse out of her arm and into Gemma's eyes blinding her. Gemma swings her mace and hears a screech. She wipes the blood out of her eyes and sees Dawn is hanging off the side of the masion with her one arm. Gemma swings the mace on final time and misses. Dawn mages to pull herself up and then they hear a voice. It said " This year there is one more Quarter Quell Twist that we told no one... The two final people alive are victors." Then Dawn and Gemma are lifted in to the air by metal claws into seperate hovercrafts. They are both victors!


Martin Johnson

Martin had no family left he raised himself on a boat.
  • Martin Johnson, Deceased
  • Gemma Revlis, Victor
  • Dawn Woods, Victor
  • Ealy Gangaui, Deceased
  • Aaron Grain, Deceased

Gemma Revlis

Gemma's father came to the interview because she had no mother. He said " With you not here I have nothing to do. When you left I relized that you where my whole life. We all miss you here at the docks. We hope you make it!" He walks away and murmers " She was so young."

Dawn Woods

Her younger sister came to do the interview cause her mom is sick. She said " I know you can't hear this but I have great news mom is almost better! So do this for her!" She walked away saying " Go Dawn! Go Dawn!".

Ealy Gangaui

No body showed up for Ealy's interview so they assumed he had no family left eather.

Aaron Grain

Aaron's grandparents and little brothers showed up. His grandmother said " A-A-Aaron we miss you so much. We love you sweety...". Then his grandfather said " You can do it Aaron we miss you so much.". His brothers where to shy to speak to the camera.

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