Let the Games Begin!

The Tributes

District 1: Randy Illarn, Ponellopy Sacralp
  • Randy Illarn, Deceased
  • Ponellopy Sacralp, Deceased
  • Tarkan Huntred, Deceased
  • Lilly Hartep, Deceased
  • Edan Molerak, Deseased
  • Letha Dean, Deseased
  • Ship Quill, Deceased
  • Sierra Suecra, Deceased
  • Peter Stone, Deceased
  • Maple Follows, Deceased
  • Neron Lavan, Deceased
  • Lesianna Anoplois, Deceased
  • Ash Shadows, Deceased
  • Storm Woods, Deceased
  • Jak Nellon, Deseased
  • Palanam Kiray, Deseased
  • Aaron Thorn, Deseased
  • Megan Sky, Deseased
  • Jake Spakes, Deceased
  • Hannah Spakes, Deseased
  • Fisher LuBelle, Deseased
  • Sue Quill, Victor
  • Rezzy Good, Deseased
  • Jackie Soon, Deceased

District 2: Tarkan Huntred, Lilly Hartep

District 3: Edan Molerak, Letha Dean

District 4: Ship Quill, Sierra Suecra

District 5: Peter Stone, Maple Follows

District 6: Neron Lavan, Lesianna Anoplois

District 7: Ash Shadows, Storm Woods

District 8: Jak Nellon, Palanam Kiray

District 9: Aaron Thorn, Megan Sky

District 10: Jake Spakes, Hannah Spakes

District 11: Fisher LuBelle, Sue Quill

District 12: Rezzy Good, Jackie Soon


24. Rezzy, killed in bloodbath.

23. Palanam, killed in bloodbath.

22. Megan, killed in bloodbath.

21. Fisher, killed in bloodbath.

20. Hannah, killed in bloodbath.

19. Edan, killed in bloodbath.

18. Letha, killed in bloodbath.

17. Jak, speared with knife by Jackie.

16. Aaron, hit in heart with axe by Sue.

15. Lesianna, froze to death.

14. Tarkan, froze to death.

13. Ponellopy, stabbed by Lilly with an axe.

12. Lilly, commited suicied.

11. Ship, hit with axe by Sue.

10. Jake, froze to death.

9. Randy, hit in the head with axe.

8. Sierra, carried away by howercraft when still alive.

7. Maple, Commited suicide.

6. Ash, Commited suicide.

5. Neron, killed by Peter.

4. Storm, neck sliced open by Peter.

3. Peter, killed by Jackie.

2. Jackie, Commited suicide.

The Arena

The Arena this year is more cruel then usewall. The entire arena is all snow and it continues to snow... There is also alot of forest filled with pine trees but there is still snow that can come through the trees. There are Moose, Bird and, Bear muttations. Some of the pine needles off the pine trees are poisonouse. The cornucopia is the center. The arena is fairly small, only 5 miles in each derection. Some of the Moose and Bears can be used as games. All that is in the cornucopia is... Blankets, Tents, Coats, Axes ( To cut down trees and use as fire wood.), Matches, and Backpacks filled with other stuff. The only way you can get water is if you melt the snow.

Let the Games Begin!

Day 1

The gong goes off and Day 1 begins. Rezzy, Palanam, Megan, Fisher, Hannah, Edan, and Letha are all killed in the bloodbath leaving a puddle of blood in the snow. The career allinance is formed by the usewall districts 1, 2, and 4 meaning Lilly, Tarkan, Ship, Sierra, Randy, and Ponellopy. Peter and Maple, Neron and Lesianna, and Ash and Storm all form seperate alliances and scatter. Jackie, Sue, Aaron, Jake, and Jak all run for the forest at the same time. Jackie throws a knife at Jak peircing him in the heart. Arron takles Sue... They rassle back and forth for a while but Sue manages to come out alive after hitting Arron with an axe in the head. The remainders, Jackie, Sue, and Jake make it into a forest and spread out. The careers make a plan to camp out at the cornucopia. They grab blankets, coats, and tents then light a fire. Night falls on the arena.

Day 2

Day 2 begins and during the night and two people froze to death... Lesianna and Tarkan. Neron delt with the pain of Lesianna's pretty well. However Lilly did not take the pain so well. She went on a killing spree. She stabbed Ponellopy with her axe. Waking the others. Ship is just about to throw his axe at Lilly when she stabbed herself in depression and falls to the ground causing his axe to out of his hand and hit a tree. Then Sue who was hiding in the forest jumps out of the tree that the axe hit where she was spying on the careers. She pulls the axe from the tree and throws it back at Ship killing him instantly. She runs back into the forest and scales a huge tree. The two remaining careers (Randy and Sierra) start to hunt her down making sure they bring coats, blankets, tents, and axes. They make a promise that they won't stop until they kill Sue. Night falls on the arena and a blizzard strikes. The temperature drops to -30 celcius. More bear muttations are released.

Day 3

Day 3 starts and another person has froze to death... Jake. Meanwhile back with the two remaining careers they are still on the hunt for Sue. They walk for a couple more houres when they hear a rustle in a tree. It was Sue. They see her and Randy threw his axe at where he saw her. Sue sees it and catches it in mid air. She purpously drops it and it speares Randy's foot. She pulls an axe out of her back pack and when Randy is trying to take the axe out of his foot. She throws the axe and it hits Randy in the head. He falls backwards and dies falling over Sierra. Sierra crawls out from under Randy but before she cand a metal claw scoops them both up. Sierra tries to get out of the claws grip but she couldn't. The hovercraft carries them both away... Night falls on the arena. Temperatures rise back up to -10.

Day 4

Day 4 begins with a loud skreech, but not from someone in the arena. It's comming from the sky... It's a video of Sierra. Not just normal she's in a type small 5ft. by 2ft. chamber! More tributes look up at the sky after hearing the cries and screams of fear. The thought of this and seeing this made some tributes in the arena go into shoke. For some tributes it was so horrible they killed themselves. The ones that went into shoke where Storm, Neron, and Peter. The ones that killed themselves are Maple and Ash. The video stopped shortly after and they heard a voice. It said " That was your feast suprise. For all of you that are still consiouse and alive a parashute will be dilivered to you with your feast item! We think that video was torture enough. There is no need for a real feast that is all." Seconds after parashutes where delivered to the two remaining conciouse tributes Sue and Jackie. Sue got some type of horn and Jackie got a bow and arrow. Two of the three tributes that went into shoke woke up ( Peter and Storm ) and cried themselves to sleep.

Day 5

Day 5 starts and Neron becomes conciouce once again. He doesn't understand what happened so he started walking around and runs right into Peter. Peter decided to take Nerons confusion to his advantage so he killed him. Storm heard Peter laught at Neron's death and she came sprinting over to him. She relized that he heard her so she tried to run away. However she was too slow. Peter quiqly turnd around and sliced Storm's neck causing her to die instantly. Jackie was watching all this from a high up in a tree but she didn't realize that Sue was watching her the whole time too. Sue threatened to kill Jackie but instead Jackie convinced her to form an alliance. They shook on it, and climbed down the tree to kill Peter. However he ran away to the cornucopia before they could. Jackie and Sue did not bother to pursue him. Night falls on the arena and the sky turns an odd green color.

Day 6

Day 6 begins and the sky is still a dark green. Sue and Jackie wake and head to the cornucopia to find Peter. When they spot him they relize a large gust of wind. They continue walking towards his sleeping body. He wakes and see's them he charges towards them with an axe. As he passes them Sue grabs his arm and throws him into a tree knocking him out. The Jackie goes over and killes him. Now Jackie and Sue relize that one of them will have to die. Sue says " Jackie go ahead and kill me. I'v lived a longer life and I have no family that will miss me. Just kill me now!" Sue closes her eyes and waits for the attack when she hears Jackie say "NO!". By the time Sue oppened her eyes Jackie was dead. She waited about five minutes for the announcements to say she had won but it never happened. Then the voice said " Oh and one more thing...". Right when the voiced stopped Sierra was dropped out of the sky. The fall caused Sierra to break her legs. Then to put her out of her misery Sue came over and killed her. Then the voice said " CONGRADULATIONS TO THE WINNER OF OUR 26TH HUNGER GAMES!".


Peter Stone

Peter's mother, two younger brothers, and two younger twin sisters. His mother said " Your doing great honey. I'm so glad your proteciting Maple! I know you'll win this!". His 13 year old brother said " Come on Peter you can do this we need you!". His other brother was too shy to speak. Then his twin sisters said " GO PETER!!!".

Maple Follows

Maple's 13 year old little sister came to the interview. She said " Maple please, please, please come home you promised and I need you... I love you so much. Good luck!".

Neron Lavan

Neron's two older brothers showed up. His parents where in dinial so they stayed home. One brother said " Come on dude we need you. You can do it!". Then the other brother said " Why did it have to be you!? Why didn't I volounteer!!!".

Ash Shadows

Ash's father showed up no one knew where the mother was. He said " Hey buddy... We miss you a lot...". That's all he said then he walked away.

Storm Woods

No one showed up for Storm's interview cause her mother broke her leg and her younger sister was looking after her.

Sue Quill

Sue had no family so nobody showed up.

Jackie Soon

Jackie's mom and dad showed up. Her mom was too busy crying to speak so her father said " Jack. sob sob please come home we need you!" Then they both walked away crying.

On the hovercraft home...

On the ride back to District 11. Sue is sitting on her hospital bed being examened to make sure nothing in or on her body was hert. The doctor was examaning her and then he said " It sure is a good thing you got chosen for these games and won. If you didn't you could have died by tomorrow! You have blood poisoning in your arms. However there is no need to fret we can cure you easily. We just need to put you out for a while." Befor Sue could even respond she was sound asleep.

When she woke the doctor said " You are cured!" However she relized that now one of her arms was now fake. There was nothing she could do about it though. She looked out the window and realized they where right over District 11. The hovercraft began to lower and she saw her home where she lived alone. Then she remembered that she did infact live... alone. Nothing to go back to, no one to go back to. The hover craft landed and she saw a crowed of people waiting for her out the door. How could this be? I though there was no one who cared about me. Or so she though...

Back at Home

Back at home Sue stepped out of the hovercraft. A woman that she had never seen before ran up to her and said " Sue honey, your home!". " Who are you!?!" replied Sue. Then the women said " I'm your mother." Sue said " I don't have a mother!". "There is a long story to that..." replied Sue's mother. Then she said " When you where a child the whole family moved to District 10. We where trying to take you with us but you where only aloud 20 passengers on the train. Then by the time we loaded on all of your aunts uncles, cousins brothers, sisters, me, and your dad there was no more room left on the train. So at the age of 2 we let you go on the street and left. As soon as we heard that you had won the Games we got on the next train back to District 11! I'm so sorry!" Sue was somewhat furiated that her family abandoned her but she was so happy that she had a family again she couldn't care less...

The Victory Tour

District 1

The Victory tour starts in District 1. Sue steps up to the stage but only a couple people clap, her being from District 11 and all. She says " I would first like to say a big sorry to Randy's family. I hade no other choice but to kill him. If I haden't I wouldn't be here... I do value the lives of all tributes. However I value my life more... Well it has been a great honor fighting in your Games and being welcomed in your district. Thank You" She stepped off the stage and the crowed didn't make a sound.

District 2

The hovercraft drops Sue off at District 2. She steps on to the stage and begins to speak. She says " Even tough I had nothing to do with the death of your tributes, I'm sorry. You will learn to get used to it though. Like I have over the past 17 years! Trust me you'll live with it! ( She is now getting mad.) So accept it or live out the rest of your misarible lives!". She stops speaking and the croud begins to boo. However booing at a victor is against the law. Sue is rushed into a hovercraft and a squad of mashine gunners is rushed out on stage. The last thing Sue hears of District 2 is the sound of mashine guns firring.

District 3

She arrives in District 3 the next day after her incident in 2. Sue says " I know this must be very hard for you familys to have both of your kids killed on the first day. I wish you all good luck. Thank you. Again I'm very sorry." She stepps away with a sence of acomplishment for the first District she managed to speak in without ruining everthing. The croud claps and she walks away.

District 4

Sue steps on stage and sees Sierra's family. She can tell It's them cause they look just like her. She says " This is the only District where I killed both your tributes. However I'm sure you can all forgive me. It hurts me more than it herts you. Cause will don't have to live with the guilt of killing people. I'm tuley sorry to both Ship and Seirra's family. I wish you good luck with the rest of your lives."

District 5

At District 5 she says " I'm sorry about Maple even tough her death was not my fault. However Peter is who I would really like to talk about today. He had a loving family. He made it very far and he was very brave! I did not plan to kill him. That is why I let Jackie do it. I'm sorry." She stepped of the stage with tears running down her eyes.

District 6

At District 6 Sue arrives and starts to speak " Hello. Well I know that I can't controle the weather so Lesianna's death is none of my buisness. However then theres Neron that still isn't my fault. It's the stupid Capitol! I say we fight back!" Sue turns around and the croud follows they begin attacking the Peacekeepers. However the Peacekeepers are somewhat stronger. First the mashine guns come out. Then seconds after the bombs hit. They blow Sue off her feet and she passes out.

The Room

Sue wakes in a dark room. She is laying down on some type of table. She tries to get up but she relizes she is being held down by her arms and legs. She scream and it breaks through the air. Then she sees a small light and someone walks into the room. It's a capitol resident. He says " Hello. How are you feeling?". She tries reply but all that comes out is " Who are you and why am I heer?" He replies " Let's put it this way. First we will show you a little video then we tell you why your here." A dim light turns on in the corner and a video begins rolling. It is her family in a room mutch like hers and the it begins whips hit all over their bodies and blood starts flowing every where. Tears begin to roll down Sue's eyes and the video turns of. " Why? Why are you doing this it my fault kill me instead!" says Sue. " Okay we will spare your families life and yours. Cause we have something mutch worse in mind for you." The man leaves the room and about an hour later another man arives in a white coat with a knife. He says " Get all your talking out no..." He waits about five minutes then comes back in to the room. " Open your mouth." he says. She opens knowing this will save her family's lives. She feels the blade of the knife touch her toung then... She feels nothing. That is because there is nothing there. She tries to scream but nothing comes out. The man relises her and takes her out of the room. THey step out into the open air and she is still unable to speak.

An Avox on T.V.

The man walks Sue into another room with a camera. The camera starts rolling and the man steps in front of the camera and says " As many of you may heard there was a little incident in District 6 the other day. For those of you that have not heard... Let's just say our victor made a little mistake. To prove to you that in Panem no one is safe not even our Victors we want to show you a little something... Open your mouth my dear..." he says with an evil grin. The camera turns onto Sue and she opens her mouth... From the outside of the room you could hear the gasps...

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