• Blue Aurora
  • Quintin Blake

Let the 27th Hunger Games Begin!

"And may the odds be ever in your favor."--- Effie Trinket

Tributes/Training Scores

District 1

Male: Bright Lithe (9)

Female: Shining Starre (7)

District 2

Male: Granite Marvoulis (8)

Female: Marble Stonne (9)

District 3

Male: Trud Sqal (6)

Female: Elecsis Rewas (6)

District 4

Male: Avery Warford (7)

Female: Fern McMullen (6)

District 5

Male: Thomas Johnson (6)

Female: Tori Brown (4)

District 6

Male: Rana Halnam (5)

Female: Manami Simpon (3)

District 7

Male: Webner Cromwell (3)

Female: Alery Aliv (5)

District 8

Male: Quintin Blake (4),

Female: Genevieve Ramiro (8)

District 9

Male: Hige Edigd (7)

Female: Blue Aurora (7),

District 10

Male: Buk Dars (6)

Female: Chesen Brot (7)

District 11

Male: Grain Wheatly (6)

Female: Sara Quill (10)

District 12

Male: Spruce Ash (5)

Female:Luna Thorn (8)

Overall Deaths

24. Webner

23. Manami

22. Tori

21. Thomas

20. Elecsis

19. Alery

18. Spruce

17. Grain

16. Buk

15. Trud

14. Rana

13. Chesen

12. Sara

11. Fern

10. Luna

9. Marble

8. Bright

7. Hige

6. Avery

5. Granite

4. Shining

3. Genevieve


The arena is a large ocean. In the middle is the cornucopia on a tiny little island. All of the tributes metal plates are on little pieces of dry land only big enough for the plates to be places on. To the south is a big volcano that is fully functioning surrounded by a type of moat filled with lava placed on a massive island about 200km to the east, west, and farther south. There is two bridges to get across the moat. One filled fith pods and one not. On the outside of the volcano are caves that would protect a person from a hard rainfall or an eruption from the volcano. An eruption from the volcano would reach to just before the cornucopia. The trees contain bananas and many other tropical fruits. The only game is monkeys, and snakes. The ocean water is drinkable when it is boiled or purified from chemicals you can get at the cornucopia or by sponsor gift. There is also spews around the arena to drill into treed witch have fresh water in them.

Day 1


24. Webner, drowned.

23. Manami, got speared.

22. Tori, was boiled in lava.

21. Thomas, was boiled in lava.

20. Elecsis, got eaten by monkeys.

The Day

The tributes stand on their metal plates dressed in long white waterproof jumpsuites and water shoes. The gong off and the tributes are clueless barley any of them know how to swim. Avery and Fern are the first to reach the cornucopia. The other tributes from 1 and 2 some how find the courage and shorly after begin to swim to the cornucopia to form the career alliace with the 4 tributes. Quintin is desperate to find Genevieve who he has always loved so he dives it the water and swimes to her platform.

He says " Allies?"

"Allies." she replies

Genevieve jumps into the water and the swim to the island with the valcano along with Quintin. They reach land and withough knowing they rush over the bridge with pods on it. One of the pods sets off and sends Genevieve flying off the bridhe she grips on by one hand and Quintin pulls her up. They continue on the bridge making sure to dodge the rest of the pods. They rush into one of the caves on the side of the volcano and decide to camp there for the night. Back at the cornucopia most of the tributes have gained the courage to swim off their platforms. The ones who didn't where Webner and Manami. Webner decided to try and swim but he couldn't so he drowned. Manami was speared of her platform and killed. Rana, Alery, and Trud swim to the cornucopia to join the career pack the careers accept and decide to sleep at the cornucopia. No other tributes dare to swim over. The rest of the tributes swim to the island with the volcano on it. Blue and Hige also form an alliance pass over the bridge with no pods and find a cave to sleep in for the night. The District 11 tributes form an alliance and call themselves the "Unknown" and begin to hike around the volcano to find camp. Luna finds a spew and hides in the tropical forest behind the volcano. Buk also hides in the forest. Spruce finds a cave to himself. Chensen Climbs a palm tree and camps out in it. Tori and Thomas also form an alliance and try to cross the bridge with pods. They are both blown off into lava. In the middle of the night Elecsis was killed by monkey muttation. A thunderstorm aproches.

Day 2


19. Alery, was killed by pods.

18. Spruce

17. Grain

The Day

Day 2 starts at about 4:00a.m. as all the tributes are wakend by a thunderstorm. The careers grab as many weapons as they can and head for the bridges.

Once they reach the bridges Granite stops them and says" Wait why do you suppose there would be two bridges?". " Alery you take the right bridge, Rana you can cover the left."

The right bridge is the one with the pods and the left has none. They walk onto the bridges. Rana walks past with no problem but Alery is blown off into lava. The rest of the careers take the left bridge and hide in a cave. Back with Quintin and Genevive they are sitting in their cave in silence. Then Genevive speaks up.

She says " Quintin... About yesterday..."

"Yeah?" he asks.

"...Well... You saved my life! Why?"

" Beacause... well... I've never really told anyone before..."

"Just tell me." says Genevive.

"...I... love you." he says.

" I know it soun"

But before he can finsh she leans over and kisses him. The kiss is interupted by the sound of two canons. They look out at the rain filled land laying in front of them and continue the kiss. That night they lay back in the cave and look out at the stars they see the faces of Spruce and Grain in the sky.

Day 3


16. Buk, was speared by Granite.

15. Trud, was speared by Buk.

The Day

The day begins and the thunderstorm has cleared up. The careers are awakened by the sound of glass hit rock. They look outside of their cave and pick up the silver parachute. Inside they find water purifier. The first thing they do is get some water from the lake. When they come back to thier cave they see Buk in their cave. Granite pops in and spears him. Befor he falls to the ground dead he takes the spear and throws it back at Trud. They both fall over dead.

Back with Quintin and Genevieve they awaken to much the same thin except when they grab the parachute Quintin pulls out a very powerful looking set of poison arrows with a solid gold bow.

Quintin says " This was meant for me I know it!"

He picks them up, loads, and shoots an arrow it land only a few feet befor the ocean... ( About 1000m) Him and Genevieve gasp and agree to make sure no one gets their hands on it.

Meanwhile back with Blue and Hige. Hige is woken by the sound of Blue's scream...

She was screaming " KIBA! KIBA! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Hige wakes her up and askes whats wrong.

She replies " It's nothing really. I'll tell you some other time."

Night falls on the arena and the shy turns an odd green colour.

Day 4


14. Rana, was boiled in lava.

13. Chesen, was thrown into the volcano.

The Day

The tributes wake too a very strong and warm gust of wind. Rana goes out for a walk... Back with Sara she stops then relizes whats about to happen. The reason for the sky being green and the strong wind... There's going to be a tornado... She sprints as fast as she can to a cave and stays there. Only seconds after the tornado begins. It lifts Rana of his feet and into the lava. Then Sara whatches as Chesen is blown out of his tree and into the volcano. The only reason Luna was not blown away is because she was gripping onto a tree for her life. A couple minutes later the tornado stopped. Back with Blue and Hige.

Hige asks " Okay, you said you'd tell me about the whole Kiba thing... What's wrong?"

Blue wispers into Hige's ear so that noone can hear her not even the Capitol " In my dream I had just won a games... Me and someone else named Kiba. When we where almost done the Victory Tour... at the Capitol diner party... We followed this black figure into a room. He locked us in and said he had to kill one of us. He killed Kiba. Do you think I could have been seeing the future? Do you think I'll be put back in the games for some reason? If so will I win these games. It's just so confusing.

Blue leaned her head on Hige's shoulder.

Hige replied " It's okay..."

Day 5


12. Sara, was poisoned.

11. Fern, was sufficated.

The Day

The day begins and Sara is awakened to a parachute land outside of her cave. She grabs the parachute and find to boddles of clear fluid. She opens them and assumes thier water purifiers. She goes down to the ocean and puts some in the water. She takes a drink and seconds later dies. The water purifier was poison.

Back with the careers they are being attacked by a snake mutt. It wraps it self around Fern and sufficates her. Marble takes a spear and stabs the snake killing it.

Meanwhile back in the cave of Quintin and Genevieve they are telling each other stories. They have the ocasional laugh and then they hear something... it is the volcano. Genevieve looks outside and sees that lava is begining to leek down the side of the volcano. She rushes back in and the lava flows down and blocks the exit to the cave.

The lava continues to pore down and the careers, Blue and Hige, and Quintin and Genevieve are trapped in thier cave with no way out. The only one who is not in a cave is Luna. She sees the lava coming towards her so she starts to run away. She figures if she continues to run the lava will eventually stop. Night falls on the arena, Luna is still running, and the rest of the tributes are still stuck in thier caves.

Day 6


10. Luna, was electrecuted.

9. Marble, was pushed into lava.

The Day

The sun rises over Day 6 in the arena and no one has gotten a wink of sleep as the lava continues to pore down the volcano... Luna continues to run as fast as possible. When she looks back to see if the lava is still comming witch it is she feels thousands of volts go through her as she falls to the ground dead. She had ran into a force field.

Meanwhile back with the careers they are starting to get angry. Avery gets so angry that he shouts " I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!" and pushes Marble into the lava that continues to flow. The careers can't aford to lose another tribute so they let Avery live.

About an hour later the lava stops. Back with Blue and Hige two parachutes land outside of thier caves. Blue oppens hers and finds a Bow and Arrow. Hige opens his and he finds a sword. Another sponsor gift is sent down later on to Genevieve. It is a poisonouse jagged sword.

Night falls on the arena and the careers exit thier cave to go on a hunt for Blue and Hige who now have powerful weapons. Thier cave is in the opposite derection of Quintin and Genevieve's.

Day 7


8. Bright, was shot in the head by Blue.

7. Hige, was stabbed by Shining.

6. Avery, was speared by Blue.

5. Granite, was stabbed in the head by Blue.

The Day

Day 7 begins and the careers have found Blue and Hige. Blue and Hige wake and the battle begins. Hige rips out his sword and slashes Granite's stomach. He falls on the ground but not dead. Blue loads up her bow and just as she's about to finish off Granite, Granite throws a knife at Blue's leg where it stays. That causes Blue to shoot off target and the arrow pluges itself into Bright's head, killing him... Shining decides to avenge him so she takes a knife and stabes Hige over and over even after he is dead. Blue get so mad that she takes an arrow and stabes it threw Avery's chest and lunges a knife into Granite's head. Shining runs away when she still can. Then Blue who is still mad a Shining takes all of the career's bodies and throws them into lava where they are left to burn. Blue returns and hugs Hige as hard as she can.

Then she screams to the sky " I LOVE YOU HIGE!!! I WILL GET REVENGE!"

She sings to Hige's body as the sun sets and night falls on the arena... Blue cries herself to sleep.

Day 8


4. Shining, was speared by Blue.

The Day

Day 8 begins to the sound of a voice say that the feast will be held at the cornucopia today. Genevieve and Quintin decide there is no reson to go because they really don't need anything so they wont risk there lives. Blue just stops mouning Hige and begins to head to the cornucopia with plans to kill Shining. Shining allready reached the corucopia last night. She goes for a quick swim, knowing that no one will reach the cornucopia for at least another hour.

Shining returns and to her suprise Blue has already reached the cornucopia. She climbs onto the little island and snatches her bag befor Blue can. Blue opens her bag and pulls out a double sided poisonouse spear. She throws it as hard as she can at Shining ans it goes through her arm.


Shing rips the spear out of her arm. Looks inside of her bag and to her luck there is a poison antidote. She drips some on her arm and then throws the spear back at Blue it rips off some of her flesh and she knows if she does not get that antidote she will die. Blue kicks Shining as hard as she can in the stomach and she falls over. Blue rips the antidote out of he hand and drips some on the poisoned skin. Shining stands back up and Blue smashes the glass bottle against Shinings head knocking her out. When Shining is still past out Blue goes and picks up her spear. She goes over to Shining and stabs the spear through Shining's stomach leaving behind a puddle of blood.

Blue shouts " I LOVED HIM!!!" and falls on the ground crying.

Night falls on the arena...

Day 9


3. Genevieve, killed by Quintin.

The Day

Day 9 begins and Blue plunges into the water to pegin her hike to Quintin and Genevieve's cave. Meanwhile Quintin and Genevieve know that there is only Blue left so they are preparing for a fight. They each strap some weapons to them and get some water. They sit in thier cave and wait for Blue to arrive but first Quintin speaks up.

He says " Genevieve. I love you very, very mutch and well"

Befor he can finish he is inturupted by Genevieve...

She says " I know what your going to say... Today or tomorrow one of us will have to die. Unless we both die... Then we will live forever together!"

" Genevieve, don't even think that! We will figure out something... Let's just spend these last few minutes in peace..."

They wait about an hour then from outside they hear footsteps it Blue. They draw their weapons and prepare to fight. Blue takes a few slow steps into the cave then stopps. Then withough saying a word she pulls a spear out from behind her back and throws it threw Genevieve's arm. Quintin takes his poison bow and arrows and sends one flying into Blue's foot. She runs away as fast as she can and hides in a cave not to far away... She knows the arrow was poison and that it could kill her. Minutes later a parachute comes down with a poison antidote. She puts it on her foot as soon as she can and goes to sleep.

Back with Quintin and Genevieve. Quintin still can't remove the spear from Genevieves arm. If it is not removed soon she will die of blood loss. Unfortiounatly that is what will have to happen.

Genevieve says " Quintin, this is to painful! Please kill me now!"

" No I can't!" replies Quintin.

" Please!" says Genevieve.

" Fine." replies Quintin.

He takes a small knife and stabs it through Genevieves neck. Night falls on the arena.

Day 10

The Day

The sun rises over the arena and sponsor gifts start coming down like rain... Blue recieves a powerful sword, and a poisonouse spear. Later on Quintin recieves two powerful swords and a poisonouse spear. Meaning that Quintin has three powerful swords, poison bow and arrows, a poison sword, and a poisonouse spear. Then Blue has a powerful sword, a poisonouse spear, poison, and a poison antidote. They both head out knowing that today is the day.

Shortly later the two tributes meet up at the bridge as it shakes and creaks.

Blue says " This is it..." and they immerge in battle.

Quintin whips the poison sword at Blue as it skims her head but misses. Blue then takes her poison spear and throws it at Quintin it rips off his shirt as it lunges itself into the lava. He fights back and shoots an arrow at Blue as it pins her to the ground by her jumpsuit. Quintin aproaches her in attempt to kill her but blue takes one of her glass bottles and throws it at Quintins legs causing him to trip. Blue rips the arrow out of her jumpsuit get up and runs to a side of the bridge. She takes her sword and says " Quintin this is it!". She slashes her sword at the rops causing the bridge to fall. However Quintin holds on as tight as he can and does not die. Instead he begins climbing the bridge as if it where a ladder as it continues to shake. Blue looks down and sees him climbing up. She grabs her sword and says " Make another move and I drop this on you...". Blue is just about to release the sword when from behind her she hears a noise. She turns around to see two tall and clearly strong mwn in suites with hand guns approach her. Behind them she sees the President of Panem. She panics and sets her weapon down on the ground and raises her hands in the air...

She says " Whats going on!?"

They don't respond... One of the men grabs her and carries her onto a hover craft.

The President says to the other man " Grab Quintin."

He waits for Quintin to finish climbing the bridge then carries him onto the same hovercraft that Blue was carried into.

On The Hovercraft Home...

On the hovercraft Blue and Quintin have been sat down at a large, round table. After about 5 minutes the president and his body guards join Quintin and Blue.

After waiting a few minutes in silence Blue says " If you don't mind me asking sir, whats going on?"

" Here's how it goes... Right after Genevieve "died" ~ He says while looking at Quintin ~ we decided to try something new. We spoke to all of the past victors, and asked them who they vote for... You or Quintin. In the end 11 victors voted for Blue, and 10 voted for Quintin. However I casted my vote to Quintin, making it a tie so now you are both victors... Congradulations!"

" Wow!" replied both Blue and Quintin at the same time.

" Now, because you two are from different Districts we have flown Quintin's family to my mansion where we will all stay until the Victory Tour. Oh here we are now..."


Bright Lithe

Bright's father could not be shown on film because he is the mayor of District 1.

Shining Starre

All of her family worked in the Capitol so they could not come...

Granite Marvoulis

Granite's mother, father, and twin sister showed up. His mother said " Granite, you've done it... You've made us proude. Win and will be just that much happier." His twin sister says " Granite, you didn't have to volounteer... I already won a games, we had a nice home, please come home... I miss you..." His father said nothing and the family walked off stage.

Avery Warford

Avery's mother and step father, brother, and sister showed up. His mother said " Oh baby, I love you... when you come home I have a big suprise waiting for you." She was the only one who spoke then hey all walked off stage.

Quintin Blake

His mother showed up and said " Quintin honey, I'm very proude of you for protecting Genevieve. You finally found love... I love you..."

Genevieve Ramiro

No one could show up for her interview because her father was the mayor's brother.

Hige Edigd

No one showed up for Hige's interview.

Blue Aurora

Blue has no family...

List of Sponser Items

Basket full of food................................................................................................350$

Poisonouse weapon.............................................................................................575$

Water purifier.......................................................................................................275$


Powerful Bow & Arrows........................................................................................300$

Powerful Spear....................................................................................................350$

Powerful Sword....................................................................................................400$


Poison Antidote...................................................................................................400$

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