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Welcome Welcome, To the 148th Annual Hunger Games. Your past Mockingjay, Katniss Everdeen, had been murdered in battle 48 years ago, so now, with no rebels, then others rebelled for nearly 50 years though they DID NOT suceed so We have our new games, which after seeing the terrible war that has happened, we swear as a nation not to do this again and never to disobey the Capitol


  • No being mean to each other
  • You MAY include Lunaiis or Pictures for your tributes with every sign up. Please
  • You may only have 3 tributes per person though I prefer people only having one tribute to make things go futher.
  • Reservations have 3 days and I will tell you a day in advance if you have a tribute needent been written.

Sign Ups

The "*" are for things you MUST do in order for a tribute :)

  • Name*
  • Age*
  • Gender*
  • District (1-12)*
  • Skills (includes weapons and ONLY 5 skills maximum)*
  • Weaknesses (2)*
  • Allies*
  • Personality*
  • Appearance (A Lunaii or picture will be good)*
  • History


Name Age District Skills Weaknesses Allies Personality Appearance History Username
Kassandra Lucas


1 female Spear,knife,fast,strong,has punching arms isn't Can't swim,Isn't known to kill anyone Careers

Shy but full of ideas,Kassandra is a contender in these games

Reddish hair and blue eyes Her family is rich and powerful because they work for the Capitol WCA
Jon Diamond 17 1 male Katanta, Hand To Hand Combat Swimming and Long Distance Fighting Careers Cold, Killing? and willingness Brown hair and eyes and muscular build he is also tall. He has been training from an earlu age and finally volunteered. Wesolini
Elizabeth *Liz* Wreath


2 female Bow and Arrows, Tree Climbing Swimming, Plant Identification Careers Outside of the Games, she's rowdy, but still kind, but inside the Games, she can be cruel, and loves to kill Up soon Grew up in District 2 with her parents and sister, and her father is a Hunger Games victor. Her uncle was a volunteer, but died in the Games. She lives in the Victor's Village, and is very popular in District 2. Jsm13athome
Drake Matthew 18 2 male Throwing Knives, Blow Guns, Extreamly Strong and Very Fast His temper and no - one trusts him. The Careers (Leader) Evil and Brutal Black hair, Brown eyes, Muscular build and Tall. Unknown Thresh Is Best
Jules Oston 16 3 female

Technology, Very intelligent, unusually athletic for a citizen of District 3, posessess endurance. Decent speed. Likeable enough.

: Not very skilled with outdoor survival. But, if she allies with someone, she can survive. Sometimes gets too angry too quickly. Cannot swim either. Anyone except for Careers.

Jules is an average teenage girl from District 3. She is hard working and very intelligent. She is unusually athletic for someone from District 3; she enjoys running quite a lot. She uses it as an escape from reality. She is generally a peaceful and kind girl, but if you get on her bad side, she can become vicious and wicked. She loves to use sarcasm, and enjoys poking fun at her and everyone elses miserable existences.

Jules has dark brown / black bangs and dark colour eyes, she is fairly pretty with flawless skin

Jules' family has terrible luck. And I mean terrible luck. Both of her great-grandparents, grandparents, parents and siblings have all been reaped for the Hunger Games. None have won. The tradition of bad luck continued with her, but unlike her family, she is confident that she can win for her family.

Happy Meadows
Rodrick Salizara 17 3 male Grapling Hooks, Machette, Speed, Strength and Intelligence Will get attactched to an ally after a while and a bad hunter The Careers Kind, Happy but ready to fight brown hair, brown eyes, slightly muscular and tall Unknown Thresh Is Best
Cascade Fen 14 4 female Tridents, Harpoon, Knot Tying, Swimming and can fish with anything Climbing and another which is unknown at this point. Not The Careers Fun, Creative, Brave and Intelligent

Light brown hair, tanned skin, emerald eyes, thin, 5'6", very pretty

Unknown Ada Payne
Thomas Quince 15 4 male Trident, Net, Spear, Running and Swimming Aftraid of lightning and doesn't like insects and can't climb Careers Kind and Nice Brown eyes, Black hair, Short not very tall. He trained for the games with his brother who died in past games. Has a token of a small blue waterbottle. Robin040197

Dimitrian Rye

13 5 female

Axe, Sai, Running, Climbing

Emotion and Trusting (another one will be added as theese aren't very "useful" to me) None Sweet, Kind, Nice, Shy Brown Hair, Tan Skin, Blue Eyes. 5'1 Dimitrian Was Born In District 5 To Mary Jane Rye & Kyle Rye. She Was Happy As A Child Always Had Something To Eat But Her Mother And Father Died After Food Poisening So She Lived On The Streets With Her Brother Aw3som3s4mu3L
Kirk Kowell 14 5 male He is good at making traps, using swords and finding water Can swim very well and is dumb District 5 female and maybe some tributes from 3 and 6

Kirk is always been described as a good boy. He loves animals, and he is a loving character; but he is also socially awkward: Having few friends.

He is tall for being 14 years old and he is an african american. Even though he's tall people wouldn't think of him as a threat. He looks a lot like guitarist Jimi Hendrix Kirk was born on a farm in District 5 and grew up here. Kirk never really had a lot of friends so he befriended animals. He's parents has always been kind to their kids, even though he has 6 siblings. Super Tomato
Cornelia Wilkings 15 6 female Using the axe, find food, find shelter Not good at making friends, kind of socially awkward and she hates spiders. She is scared of Spiders and meeting The Careers District partner? She's very emotinonal and quiet. She have blonde long hair and brown eyes. She has a flat nose, freckles and a very curvy body (for a 15 years old); without being fat.

She lives alone with her mother. Her father ran off with another woman right after she was born . She's been a victim of bullying, and she really hopes to win so she can get an end to the bullying. She's very emotinonal and quiet.

Super Tomato
Brann Clatch 16 6 male Strength, Swords and Intelligence Scared of the dark and swimming.

maybe one or two others, except careers

Helpful and Intelligent Brown hair with brown eyes and a very nice smile. Has many muscles and is tall. He has strong legs

His sister died in an earlier Games He wants to take revenge on the Capitol and his token is a wooden necklace

Wendy Geranium 17 7 female Stealth, knives, fool people, running, not seeming like the threat she really is. Fear of heights and difficult at making friends None Wendy is sly and does not talk much

She has black hair, blue eyes and ponytails. She is thin and she looks innocent.

She grew up very poor and had to shoplift to acquire food Super Tomato
Callam Delaney 15 7 male Speed, Climbing, Plant Identification, Tactics and Stealth and an axe and a spear... (two will not be counted though) Spiders and another unknown weakness.... One or two trustworthy people funny, flirty and charming He looks a bit like Conor Maynard. No need to say more Okay?! Trained for the games incase he was ever reaped, learnt all survival skills so he can focus on weapon practice CallamD97
Fallon Quiana 17 8 female throwing knives, along with throwing axes. Edible plants, climbing, swimming and very fast If blood is seen Fallon retreats Unknown Nice, Fun, Creative and Smart Curly black hair, skin that is almost white, dark brown eyes, full lips, thin, 5’8”

Fallon grew up as an only child. When she was 8, both of her parents died in a factory explosion. Immediately, she was placed in a Foster Home. Most of the kids made fun of her because she sewed her own clothes, but Velvet, a girl with a red ponytail, was just like a sister to her. She learned to believe in herself and not fear to show the world her gift.

Ada Payne
George Bernina 16 8 male Bow and arrow, intelligence and endurance

Hand to hand combat, Size.

Unknown Calm and quiet Brown hair, dark brownish eyes and tanned skin, he is quite handsome.

George is very bright and consistently performs at the top of his class. He wants to go to a prestigious university in the Capitol, but knows his family will not have enough money. He now goes out and collects money during the Hunger Games when people are generous sponsors. He would like to pay for his education if possible as well as help future scholars pay for theirs.

Pema Vaughn-Carr 16 9 female Axes/Picks/Daggers Fairly strong. Fairly qucik. Likeable enough. But, her best strength is her extensive knowledge of surviving in any wilderness setting. This includes how to find food, water and traverse through dangerous terrains. Though one of theese will be erased as there are too many (maximum of 5 please!) 17

Pema is quite naive. She tends to listen to, trust and follow people too quickly without getting to know them or their intentions. Not much endurance, get's overheated or chilled very easily (not much tolerance to weather changes).

Anyone but Careers.

: Pema is childish, easy to control and very naive. Despite having a child, she is very naive about life and how things work in the world. She isn't dumb per-se, but she is easy to convince and control, and she is almost kid-like. However, she does have her good traits such as a motherly nature, along with the ability to remain calm in sever situations.

Pema has pale skin with dark brown bob curls, her skin is flawless and her eyes are of a dark brown colour.

: Pema has had a decent life so far. She had a nice childhood, and never had problems working with her parents chopping wood. Pema got pregnant at age 15, and gave birth to a daughter months before she was reaped. She did well looking after her child, and as a result, she isn't easy to worry or upset. She thinks with the right allies and arena, she could do well or even win the Hunger Games.

Happy Meadows
Banak Crane 17 9 male Trident, Spear, Good throwing skills, very strong, bloodthirsty Can't get his own food, can't look far... Bad at sprinting Other career tributes Bloodthirsty, aggresive

: Brown/black hear, big and strong, he got blue eyes. 6'2"

He lives in the 9h district of Panem, and is in the richest place of the district, as he always had alot of food, he is ready to join the Career tributes. 1 older brother, who died in the Hunger Games after getting reaped. Altough, he goes as tribute to the Hunger Games. His district token is a small spear (not risky)

Banak Crane
Ann Sage 15 10 female Axes, Swords, edible plants, swimming and climbing Afraid of being alone and another one not yet revealed District Partner Fun, Brave and clever and full of charisma Dark brown hair, tanned skin, thin, 5'5", cute and dark brown eyes Her bloodbath stratergy is to help her district partner AdaPayne
Uit 15 10 male Spear and Knife, Very Light can run very fast can go from food very long and can identify poison berries can climb trees very fast

Not very strong can't breathe underwater very long. Scared of bears and the dark

None (Yet) Shy and Quiet and nice. Brown hair and torn up clothes. 4'9"

He is a orphan because his parents were killed because they were acting sick on a hunger games and somehow Uit hid from the guards and sucessfully fleed from them. He managed to build a wooden shack and he gets most of his food from the woods and he hangs at the woods alot.His token is A coin


Bethany Wakeling

14 11 female

Blowgun, Hiding, Plant Identification and Hiding

Swimming and Hand To Hand Combat District 10 and 12 Hyper, Talkative and Confident Long blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin and is 5'4" Unknown Rueforever
Charlie Hill 13 11 male Sword, Plant Identifcation,Knot Tying and Hand To Hand Combat Climbing and Running No - One Cocky Short brown hair, Very tall, blue eyes, tanned and 5'9" Unknown Rueforever
Rachel Howard 15 12 female Can shoot with a bow and arrow from a very far distance. Isn't smart or very fast. District 12 male and 11 female. Nice, Edgy Vine green eyes, olive skin and brown cropped hair. Is very poor and has lived in the Seam all of her life. Flowers101
Aldon Fircus 18 12 male Trident, knife,sword, climbs and swims very well. : Loud, Not that fast. Anyone Funny, Hackin' awesome, kind. Blonde hair, gray eyes, muscular

He is the mayor's son.


Meet The Tributes

The Reaping

Welcome Welcome! To the 148th Annual Hunger Games. Here you can watch all the live coverage of the games and even a sneak peak in the tributes diaries! Are you excited? Because we are! Watch it all here live on Capitol TV!

Bye for now! And remember to keep check on the latest updates!

District 1 Reaping

Kassandra Lucas Diary : Entry 1

Dear Diary,

Mum and dad left for the Capitol to do some more work today and left me at home, hoping I wasn’t reaped. Though I was, How is Lilliana going to cope when I am gone? She will have no – one but the carer to look after her, and she is a total beast! It’s going to be horrible without her and my family, though I have trained for this day all my life, and I will come back her in District 1, I wonder if mum and dad are watching in the Capitol and if they do I hope they won’t miss me too much. Of course they’re going to miss me... I just wish I could prey they are okay. I keep on thinking about it, just a few minutes ago Zala Mahay called out my name through the loud speakers, It hasn’t quite sunk in yet.

I hope my family and friends are going to be fine without me, I wish them all the best when I’m gone. I prayer them to be safe and maybe forget about me when I’m gone.

I miss you all already,

Kass xxxxx

Jon Diamond Diary: Entry 1

Dear Diary,

Apparently we have to keep a diary which sucks. So I wrote it in my neatest writing incase that crappy the Capitol sees this. So I guess everyone has done some sort of overall of their day or something? Well I had a normal day and then I volunteered. Happy now?

Good. Because that’s it. Was I happy? What do you think, I’m the one that volunteered

This crap is boring me now.

But then again I could go on about how much I hate the Capitol and think they should burn in hell but it would take too long. Ha.

Bye I guess


Escort P.O.V

As I call out the name of a young girl named, Kassandra Lucas, she immadietly takes the stage, she looks brave though also a bit weak as if she isn't happy about the games. She looks as if she could get quite far in the games, so i'm sure some bets will go on her, then the boy, a strapping young lad named Jon Diamond rushes up after volunteering for an anonymous, he has such a lovely surname to fit such a lovely boy. I'm sure people will be killing to sponsor him! He looks as if he could get very far, maybe win theese games. My bets going on him, well if I was allowed to bet...

District 2 Reaping

Elizabeth Wreath Diary: Entry 1

Dear Diary,

Those other tributes don't stand a chance against me. I'm going to beat them all and be this years Victor, and don't doubt it because soon I'll be even more famous and popular. Everyone loves me so everyone will sponsor me. And anyway I have Victor blood in my blood and I was born to kill, not to die.

I volunteered because not only do I think I have a chance of winning. I will win. And if I don't... Well I won't. I'm winning whether the Capitol like it or not. Tough luck. Because Elizabeth is your new Victor.

I'm excited for the games to begin because in just a few weeks I will be the Victor! I'm so excited I can't wait to be like my family!

Bye! Hugs and Kisses from

Liz xoxo

Drake Matthew Diary: Entry 1

Dear Diary,

I finally volunteered at the reaping for the most tiniest loser ever, he was lucky I was kind enough to volunteer for him because there was no way that ugly little thing would stand a chance in the arena. So he should be greatful and he owes me big time when I get back home at District 2.

I cannot wait to do my family and friends proud, they all said from when I was a kid that I was going to be a Victor one day and I will be! That will teach all the haters for saying I'm terrible with weapone because I'm not! Okay!

Nice to talk to you diary?


Escort P.O.V

As I pull out the slip of piece readng "Lillibeth Hae" a tall girl automatically volunteers, she says her name is "Liz Wreath" not Elizabeth, Liz. I nod to her and then reap a boy named "Ron Trey" he is a short boy with big ears, he is a career, though he wouldn't stand a chance. Luckily, a sturdy, well built lad lunges forward to volunteer, his name, Drake Matthews. Now, I am stunned for I think I have seen this years Victor!

District 3 Reaping

Jules Oston Diary: Entry 1

Dear Diary,

This is it. The moment that could change my life FOREVER. The way people look at me, the way people see me. I was reaped. Like the rest of my family have been, we have a lot in common from what you've just heard, my family have all been reaped and so have I, though the only difference? I will win this.

I believe that I can win theese games, I'm more intelligent, powerful and aware than any of my family was, bad luck has to change one day or another, and I have a feeling it's changing now.

Hopefully I'm not wrong.

Jules :)

Rodrick Saliza Diary: Entry 1

Dear Diary,

WOW. It all seemed to go alot faster than I thought would happen, I didn't though that time could go that fast. As I got reaped, the only thing that went on in my mind was, "get with the careers" and "you need the careers" I couldn't stop thinking of anything else but having to become allies with the careers. I'm intelligent so, don't think I won't have a little trick up my sleeve.

Even though, Death may be nearing, I can't help but to feel somewhat happy with myself. Why you ask? Well, maybe it was the way I was brought up, If you cannot stop it than what have you to fear? Make the most of whatever you fear, your eyes do not decieve you.

Though than again, I should be working on some of my homework, just in case I get back...

Nice talking to you...piece of paper...

From Rodrick Saliza

Escort P.O.V

I watch the children arriving in rows into The Square, somewhere I know, there is a part of me that can't help but feel sorry for the poor souls. Though again, What fun would it be?!


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