The Dark Days

So there is this competition to win The Hunger Games goodies and to have your story on the page and I wanted to know what you thought of it? It is only meant to be less than 1000 words and it only a took about an hour to write and I wanted some comments? I'm only 13, so not to many negative comments, Just constructive ones :)


Short Story

As I look up into the dark and gloomy clouds I can see hundreds of Capitol Hovercrafts towering above the District. I can feel myself running deeper and deeper into the Woods, further and further away from District 9, but there is nowhere to hide. Darker and Darker, I can hear the screams of young children and their parents as bombs are dropped onto the Districts. As I stop to breathe I can hear the sound of a small animal maybe, or a human. I pick up a nearby stick on the ground as a weapon, though if this is the Capitol, it will have no effect on their high – tech equipment. As I pull back the stick, ready to launch at whatever attacks me I see a minute girl and a tall boy hide behind a tree. I gasp and immediately drop the stick and walk over to the young children.

“What are you doing here?” I exclaim, “You’re going to get killed. You need to hide. Run!” I realise I might have been too harsh on the innocent children.

“The Capitol, they got our parents, we tried to run but they didn’t make it. My names Seel,” the young boy, who looks to be about 12 answers, “This is my sister is Casey, but she is only 6 and she barely talks.” I look over to the little girl who is hiding behind her brother; I touch her on her shoulder though she immediately backs away. Sounds pierce my ears as bombs are going off, they must be mines under the ground as they get nearer to us by the second.

“Run!” I scream, and I lift up Casey against her will, and run as fast as I can and out of sight of the bombs. I make sure that Seel is okay, though he nods in reasurement, we continue running for what seems hours though must only be for about a few minutes, maybe 10 at the most. I look around at the towering trees and tap at them to see which one would be the easiest to climb. I find some sticks on the ground and start to make a simple bow and arrow for me, and a slingshot for Seel for defence and for game.

“It’s okay; I’m not going to hurt you. My parents got killed too,” I can barely find the strength to say the next words, “My little sister, Safron, They got her as well. She looked just like you Casey, she was beautiful and hardly 7 – years – old and yet I’ll never see her again. But now, I’m your family, we are all family and we are going to be okay. My names Thalia, Just...Just trust me.” I can feel a tear roll down my cheek and onto my lips, though I dare shed another tear, for I can already see the children are getting upset. I lift up Casey onto a low branch and tell her to climb up if she wants to survive. She follows my orders and climbs higher and higher up into the Oak, until I finally tell her to rest. I gather more branches and make a few snares to catch some game, though it takes several hours until I have grabbed a small sized squirrel. I sigh and skin the squirrel before roasting it on a fire I have just made. I pass a ration of it over to Seel and Casey before having a few to myself and put the rest in the backpack I found from a dead citizen. I never really checked what was in my backpack so I check again, though all I can see is a sleeping bag, some water, a loaf of freshly brought bread and half an apple, as I look inside a pocket I find a small photo frame with a picture of a beautiful young woman and a tall and smart looking man who must be her husband, whilst the person in her arms must be a newborn. It isn’t until I see a young boy who looks vaguely familiar hiding behind a woman, when I realise who this photograph is of. Shocked, I drop the frame and watch it shatter into millions of fragile pieces of glass. I can feel a tapping on my back and I look around to see Seel standing behind me,

“That was us in the photograph, wasn’t it? It was my old family, but now you are my new family and that’s all that matters.” Seel tries to smile through his soft voice and tears, though I can’t help hugging him and telling him, We’re going to be okay, even though I know and so does he, that we won’t be. The Capitol are greater than us, they aren’t going to let this go quietly. Then, as soon as I finish talking to Seel I can hear more loud and piercing noises. I quickly react and pull back my bow string, not that it will be much against a hovercraft, another bomb goes off and I dip my arrow into the fire I forgot to put out and aim at the hovercraft, which is barely higher up than the trees. I pull back my bow string and let go, watching the flaming arrow hit the hovercraft. I must have hit near the front window and made the pilot lose control as the hovercraft hurdles to the ground. I run over to the hovercraft with Seel and Casey and look inside to see hundreds of dead bodies, I don’t put out the fire, instead I wait for it to increase and watch the Capitol citizens suffer in pain. And then that is when I see it, I look further and see a piece of crumpled up paper reading the words, “The Hunger Games” I skim down the paper until I realise, This is just the beginning and it’s about to get a whole lot worse.

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