The Cluedo Games ~-~

So I haven't quite decided how to do this but hopefully it will be Ok.

Sign Ups

  • Name
  • Age (12 - 18)
  • District
  • Looks
  • Weapon (up to 3)
  • Skills (up to 3)
  • Allies
  • Starting Room *The Hob, The Justice Building, The Bakery, The Interview Room, The Prep Rooms, The Forrest, The Meadow Or The Training Centre*
  • History / Other (Not needed though)

Please note the starting rooms won't affect who wins.


  • No being mean etc
  • Maximum of 2 tributes per person
  • Nothing to stupid for the names etc

Annoucement / Twist / Etc

President Tae is still confused about the person that killed the district 11 citizen that was killed in the victory tour, it was rumored to be a peacekeeper though later found out it was a child between the ages of 12 and 18. She has decided to place the 28 candidates in the board game cluedo to find out who is the murderer.

I will write down how the games work after the sign ups are completed.

The Tributes (Ignore all but the 1st one)

Name District Age Looks Skills Weapons Allies Starting Point Username-Other
Ivy Reed 1 F 15

Blonde Hair, Sparkling Blue Eyes; Heart Shaped Face

Speed, Agility, Strength Chainsaw, Mace and Chain Unknown Prep Rooms Nommy
1 M
Camille Switch 2 F 17 Reddish brown hair, fair skin and pale blue eyes Aim, Speed and Climbing Bow, Throwing Knifes and Swords Unknown The Meadow
2 M
3 F
3 M
4 F
4 M
Kittiwake Rozz 5 F 16 Long choppy and shaggy brown hair with thin layers, icy blue eyes

Climbing and swimming

Sword and Dagger District 12 and 4 The Justice Building Scar ___ Quite a quiet and anti social person. Can be very aggressive but is bright and open to her friends
5 M
6 F
6 M
Pamline Falcone 7 M 17 short brown hair and pale skin Climbing, Speed and Strength Axe, Mace and Sword None The Hob FITAO
7 F
8 F
8 M
Scarlett Dawn 9 F 17 Ginger cropped layered hair and piercing eyes


Memory and Fast and Stealthy

Bow And Arrow, Throwing Knifes and Blowgun None Prep Rooms FITAO
9 M
10 F
10 M
11 F
11 M
12 F
12 M
13 F
13 M

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