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alright, I promised a person that I would come out and say this once and for all. Firstly, after this has been said, I am leaving wikia forever. Okay. Cass or Nommy was NOT C. She was only posting these things because I THREATED her to do them. She said "go to hell" literally when I asked her. So I found her Facebook and ip, link all these random chats and said I would post these everywhere if she didn't... So, I chatted her on twitter the things I wanted her post, even made her act like a victim. Made her accuse certain people. Soon it was just making me feel bad, so I asked her to reel herself on chat... It is something I will lforgive myself for.. And to everyone else, I am deeply sorry. I have to cut this short, but thank you for being a friend to me. Bye guys.

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