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Banned From Chat
  • I live in Hawaii
  • I was born on October 21
  • My occupation is surfer
  • I am a gumball machine
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    Simply pick from the choices available, the one with the most votes happens.

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    Fairy McManly

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    The Deepest Games

    June 30, 2012 by Pendillumna

    The Overseer became enraged at the humans for destroying eveything. Earth was engulfed in flames, only few survived. The few that survived adapted to all that was left. Ocean. The fishlings kept fighting, and the Ruler feared that the Overseer would dry up the land. She rallyed all the tribes together to look for ideas to bring peace, but everyone kept fighting. She sat for hours listening to the fighting until, suddenly, a guppy swam up to her, and dropped her an old, faded book.

    The Hunger Games

    Name Clan Weakness Sponsor Appearance
    Aci Queen Flashy, bad at hiding FinnickForever

    Brock Dino Flashy, bad at hiding

    Bri Bear Slow, easy to catch Nommyzombies

    Syria Macaw Slow, easy to catch

    Rits Boulder Has to come up to breath

    Rue district11

    Dolph Inia…

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    Tektek of the tribute must be saved in a gallery on your profile
    I can take as much time as I want

    Username - Tirbute Name - Tektek Avatar - Favorite Color -







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    This will be fun :D

    Name Position
    Ole Scarlet Head Gamemaker
    Ash Catfaic Head MC & Interviewer
    Matt Batcher Head of Arena
    Dann O Head of Mutts
    Geekus Greekus Head of Training
    Arabesque Lisbusten

    Head of Cornocoupia

    Gamemakers go here -

    Name District Gender Age Owner
    McDonalds MD Male
    McDonalds MD Female
    Burger King BK Male

    Burger King BK Female

    Starbucks SB Male
    Starbucks SB Female
    Red Lobster RL Male

    Misty Calliden Red Lobster RL Female 17 Readwritelivenikki
    Pizza Hut PH Male

    Pizza Hut PH Female

    Tijuana Flats TF Male

    Tijuana Flats TF Female

    WingHouse WH Male

    WingHouse WH Female

    Longhorns LH Male

    Patricia Carrow Longhorns LH Female 18 Readwrit…

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