Welcome to the 197th Hunger Games.


Three entry max

No sponsoring your own tribute One tribute per sponsor


Before After
There may only be one victor There may be 2 victors from the same district.
Districts 1 - 12 Disrtricts 1 - 13 & the Capitol
Two contestants from each district One extra contestant will be reaped.

Tribute Form (CLOSED)






Name District Age Owner Alive? Has Needs
Olivandra Io Extra 18 Pendillumna NO
Chris Vancutr Capitol 14 50thGamesFTW NO
Lola James Capitol 14 AnnieCresta4 NO
Rick Mountainier 1 15 Justafox NO
Ruby Lighter 1 17 2legit2quit NO
Draco Adams 2 18 Cato rocks! NO
Ellie Twist 2 17 Cato rocks! NO
Gary Flennex 3 16 FinnickForever NO
Yumiko Kishatata 3 16 Theoneandonlydisrict3 NO
Jack Sanca 4 16 Long hoang NO
Sophie Sage 4 15 Aquastar4infinity NO
Sionis Exior 5 12 District13 Tribute NO
Cassia Demoir 5 17 Cupcakes Rule NO
Brann Clatch 6 16 Robin040197 NO
Naomi Yoki 6 17 District3Trbiute NO
Mark Fancit 7 17 50thGamesFTW NO
Tatum Mason 7 12 Justafox NO
Reggie Miller 8 14 2legit2quit NO
Luna Snare 8 15 Justafox NO
Ryder Blask 9 16 Captainsv NO
Keryn Lightlace 9 18 District3Tribute NO
Crimson Blade 10 16 Cheeky Cheeky Man NO
Aria Camelliston 10 16 Katelyn.danita NO
Dradjah Wallace 11 15 Dabigd247365 No
Serene 'Fish' Viola 11 12 Aquastar4infinity Yes
Grayson Smith 12 15 Brynn1999 NO
Blythe Smith 12 15 Brynn1999 NO
Blackfin Brandon 13 16 Wolftheassasin53 NO
Lexi Hart 13 12 Rosemelrose NO

Death Chart

Name Killed how Killed by Place
Ellie Twist (2) Kunai Tatum Mason (7) 29
Blackfin Brandon (13) Rock Blyhte Smith (12) 28
Naomi Yoki (6) Ax Ryder Blask (9) 27
Lexi Hart (13) Arrow

Candy-Pink Bird Mutt

Luna Snare (8)

Luna Snare (8) Gatorade Dradjah Wallace (11) 25
Draco Adams (2) Birdsong Alliance 2 24
Gary Flennex (3) Birdsong Alliance 2 24
Sionis Exior (5) Birdsong Alliance 2 24
Sophie Sage (4) Birdsong Alliance 2 24
Blyhte Smith (12) Watermelon Ax Jack Sanca (4) 20
Jack Sanca (4) Ax Lola James (Cap) 20
Ryder Blask (9) Ax Lola James (Cap) 18
Olivandra Io (Ex) Depression, Dagger

Suicide Deer

Olivandra (Ex)

Aria Camelliston (10) Depression, Dagger

Suicide Deer

Aria Camelliston (10)

Chris VanCutr (Cap) Lion Mutt 15
Grayson Smith Lion Mutt 15
Keryn Lightlace Lion Mutt 15
Reggie Miller Lion Mutt 15
Cassia Demoir Lion Mutt 15
Reggie Miller Lion Mutt 15
Tatum Mason Lion Mutt 15
Mark Fancit Trident Brann (6) 8
Brann Clatch Trident Mark (7) 8
Crimson Blade (10) B & A Luna (8) 6
Rick Mountainier (1) Gatorade Bottle filled with rocks Dradjah (11) 5
Dradjah Wallace (11) Ax Lola (Cap) 4
Yumi Kishatata (3) Ax Lola (Cap) 3
Lola James (Cap) Throwing Sword Fish (1) 2
Serene 'Fish' Viola (11) Victor!

Sponsors (NEW)

No sponsors :/

Allies (NEW)

Were gonna see how thing work out in the arena instead... sorry guys

Training Scores (NEW)

I swear this is random I cant believe Oli got a 12 :o

Name Score
Oli 12
Chris 10
Lola 11
Fin 7
Lexi 12
Rick 5
Ruby 6
Draco 9
Ellie 6
Gary 9
Yumi 11
Jack 8
Sophie 9
Sionis 7
Cassia 7
Brann 11
Naomi 9
Mark 9
Tatum 9
Reggie 6
Luna 9
Ryder 10
Keryn 5
Blade 9
Aria 10
Dradjah 6
Fish 6
Grayson 7
Blythe 10

Boys Odds (NEW)

Name Score
Brann Clatch (6) 11
Ryder Blask (9) 10
Chris VanCutr (Capitol) 10
Mark Fancit (7) 9
Draco Adams (2) 9

Girls Odds (NEW)

Name Score
Lexi Hart (13) 12
Olivandra Io (Ex) 12
Yumiko Kishatata (3) 11
Lola James (Capitol) 11
Aria Camelliston (10) 10+

Overall Odds (NEW)

Name Score Gender
Lexi Hart (13) 12 Female
Olivandra Io (Ex) 12 Female
Yumiko Kishatata (3) 11 Female
Brann Clatch (6) 11 Male
Lola James (Capitol) 11 Female
Aria Camelliston (10) 10+ Female
Ryder Blask (9) 10 Male
Blyhte Smith (12) 10 Female
Chris VanCutr (Capitol) 10 Male
Luna Snare (8) 9 Female

Interview Outfits (EPIC)

Those crazy stylists :/

Mutt Guide

Mutt Action # of kills # of injuries Allies
Candy Pink Birds Stab with beaks 4 Alliance 2
Gray Faun Depress until suicide is comitted. 2
Royal Blue Lions Attack with claws and teeth. 7 1


Bold means dead

Alliance One - Cassia (5), Aria (10), Rick (1), Oli (Ex), and Yumi (6)

Alliance Two - Tatum (7), Luna (8), Fish (11) and Candy Pink Birds (Mutts)

Careers One - Sophie (4), Sionis (5), Gary (3), and Draco, (2) DEAD Careers Two - Ruby (1), Dradjah (11), Ryder (9), Jack (4, the watermelon guy.), and Brann (6)

Sharp Ax - Lola (Cap), Chris (Cap), Mark (7)

Day 1 - Bloodbath


5...4...3...2...1, Let the 197th annual Hunger Games begin.

Items posted next to tributes

Tatum (7) throws a kunai at Ellie's (2) head. BOOM

Blade (10) throws an ax at Blyhte's (12) leg, it skins her leg and she is badly bleeding.

Rick (1) finds a pond full of contaminated water, he drinks it and slowly starts to die.

Blackfin (13) is killed by Blythe (12) after he trips over her. She throws a rock at his temple. BOOM

Naomi (6) is killed by Ryder (9) after he beheads her with an ax. Ryder (9) takes her sword. BOOM

Gary (3) is injured by Brann's (6) Trident.

Jack (4) drops his watermelon on Tatum's (7) head. Tatum (7) survives.

Aria (10) allies Cassia (5).

Such a short Bloodbath...

Day 2

Lexi (13) finds a tree for shelter. As she sits some candy-pink birds (50th) stab her right eye out, as she blindly walks, Luna (8) shoots her heart with a Bow and Arrow. BOOM

Rick (1) and his new allies Olivandra (Ex) and Aria (10) find a pond full of clean water and safe fish. Dradjah (10) dashes in front of them with Luna (8), and Fish (11) behind him. Luna shoots multiple arrows at him and Dradjah dodges all of them he then bashes Luna's skull with a 64 oz. gatorade. BOOM Fish (11) runs away crying. A aparachute drops in front of her and gives her... a bird whistle?

Chris (Cap) allies Tatum (7) and Fish (11). Chris and Tatum go hunting while Fish (11) goes somewhere secret. When they arrive they see Jack (4) running around with a watermelon strapped to an ax. Insanity. They go back to camp and see Serene. They then sit around at a camp bonding with each other.

Yumi (3) goes digging and she finds weapons in the dirt, everywhere. As she covers them up, a royal blue lion walks up and claws her throat. She limps over to a hut where she finds Aria (10), Cassia (5), Olivandra (Ex), and Rick (1). She collapses inside and the claw mark truns royal blue. DIRT, she screams reapeatedly. Luckily, Oli can heal her up with her clerical epicness. She then runs around covering herself with dirt and weeds still screaming DIRT like maniac.

Draco (2, who is now also insane after Ellie's death), Sophie (4), Sionis (5), and Gary (3) form a Career alliance find a camp. Then suddenly, Alliance Two approaches with no weapons. Careers One gear up and are ready to kill, when suddenly, Fish (11) starts singing. It is beautiful and hypnotizing, soon, a flock of at least 1000 candy pink birds appears and starts attacking the Careers One, she starts singing more creepily with every note and is suddenly screaming like a maniac. The bird's eyes turn red and they begin stabbing Careers One in the Heart. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM Alliance 2 steals their supplies.

Boy... Lots of insanity in this games

Day 3

Chris leaves Alliance 2

Careers Two forms with Ruby (1), Dradjah (11), Ryder (9), Jack (4), and Brann (6), they find Grayson taking care of Blyhte's leg and Jack starts hacking at them with his.... watermelon ax. Mark (7), Lola (Cap) and Chris (Cap) see this and chops his head off. The headless Jack runs around head less swing his ax until he collapses. BOOM Chris heals Grayson, but Blythe dies of bloodloss. BOOM Careers Two runs away but Lola chucks her ax at Ryder (9). BOOM

Alliance One goes hunting, when they come across Silver Fauns. Yumi (3, who is now an animalphobic) screams and runs away taking Rick (1) with her protection. Olivandra (Ex) and Aria (10) approach it, then it snorts suddenly they sit down. Olivandra (Ex) takes her dagger and stabs her heart. BOOM Aria then pulls Olivandra (Dead)'s Dagger out of her heart and stabs herself. BOOM

Then suddenly, Adrien Templesmith comes on:

Go to the cornocoupia for the feast, we have everything you need. Or else.

On the run there Chris (Cap), Ruby (1), Reggie (8), Cassia (5), Grayson (12), Keryn (9), and Tatum (7) are mauled by Lion Mutts.

Brann (6) stabs Mark (7) with his trident as he dies, he pulls out the trident and throws it at Brann. BOOM BOOM

Crimson (10) is shot by Luna (8) BOOM

4 left Dradjah (11) whispers. Too easy

Dradjah (11), Rick (1), Lola (Cap), and Yumi (3) sprint towards the cornocoupia. Dradjah smashes Rick's (1) skull. Yumi (3) screams and starts crying, as she hold's Rick's (1) body. BOOM Lola throws her ax at Dradjah (11) BOOM

Yumi (3) and Lola (Cap) face each other. We dont have to do this Yumi (3) whispers, scared. Lola throws her ax at Yumi (3) BOOM

I won! Lola screams I did it. Then a sword goes through her neck. BOOM

An orb of candy pink birds hops out of a tree. They then start to turn around and fly away leaving...



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