This will be fun :D


Name Position
Ole Scarlet Head Gamemaker
Ash Catfaic Head MC & Interviewer
Matt Batcher Head of Arena
Dann O Head of Mutts
Geekus Greekus Head of Training
Arabesque Lisbusten

Head of Cornocoupia

Gamemakers go here -


Name District Gender Age Owner
McDonalds MD Male KEWLBEN
McDonalds MD Female KEWLBEN
Burger King BK Male
Burger King BK Female
Starbucks SB Male KEWLBEN
Starbucks SB Female Katelyn.danita
Red Lobster RL Male
Misty Calliden Red Lobster RL Female 17 Readwritelivenikki
Pizza Hut PH Male
Pizza Hut PH Female
Tijuana Flats TF Male
Tijuana Flats TF Female
WingHouse WH Male
WingHouse WH Female
Longhorns LH Male
Patricia Carrow Longhorns LH Female 18 Readwritelivenikki
TGI Fridays TF Male
TGI Fridays TF Female
P.F Changs PC Male
P.F. Changs PC Female
Cracker Barrel CB Male
Cracker Barrel CB Female
Olive Garden OG Male Jsm13athome
Demi Olive Garden OG Female Readwritelivenikki

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