Chapter 1- The Reaping

I am pushed to the ground. I feel a jab in my chest as my foot makes contact to my skin. I try to get up and and pushed back to the ground. "This is what you get for not volunteering last year Atlas!" He kicks me again and I struggle to breathe. "This year is your last year to volunteer. You better not mess this up!" Ever since last year my dad has been abusing me. Last year when I was 17 he told me to volunteer. My dad has been having money problems ever since my mom died. She was reaped for the 150th Hunger games where they reaped only people from the ages of 18-25. We thought she had a chance when she got to the top 5, though a boy from district six buried an axe into her chest. My dad was never the same. He got angrier quicker, he threw things when he got angry, he talked rarely, and he even had an emotional break down once in a while. Before my mom died my father did not work because my mom worked as a head peacekeeper so she got a high pay. He stayed home and would help me train to volunteer when I was 18 Now that my mom died we desperatley needed the money. It had only been a year after and we barely survived with my dad's low paycheck. Since most people here in district 2 are rich the prices here on food and basic needs are too exspensive for us to buys. Last year I tried to volunteer but I got scared and froze. From then on my dad has hated me. The only way for him to actually like me is if I volunteer this year and win.

I get up from the ground to eat my blob of mush that is layed out on the table. I'm used to it, to me it is like having a plate of eggs and bacon. I start to think of any advantages I might have in the games. Although many other district are poor and must survive with out food if I do team up with the careers. They probably cannot survive with out food for long while I can survive days. Also, though my mom died my dad continued to train me to be sure that I would win the games. He trained me with every single weapon imaginable, blow darts, spears, tridents, swords, axes, throwing knives, and bows and arrows. This would classify me as a career. I am ashamed to be one though, especially from district 2. Careers from district 2 are own to be viciouse, evil, and heartless. The males are known to be the leader of the pack. Being a career from district 2 makes me hated by every other district other 1 and 4. It makes me sad to be immediatley labled as a heartless human being. Though it is what it is. Another advantage would be my physical features. Being tall, having blue eyes, blonde hair and having a lot of muscles would make sponcers attracted to me and beting on me. All of that doesnt matter to me though, my only objective is to volunteer and come out of the hunger games alive. I quickly finish my lumpy mush and walk into my room. A suit is layed out on my bed. Here in district 2, if you do not wear your best outfit to the reapings your are ordered to be executed immediatley after the reaping. A simple black and white suit with a black bow-tie and a white vest under the overcoat was layed on the bed. The pants were simple black pants usually worn with a suit. I quickly slip on one layer after another and slip on my shoes. Since we live in district 2 are reapings are early. The reapings in each district happen at different times so that each district has time to watch the others.

I walk outside and meet up with my friend Ciefer. He is 15. He is tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. He is very muscular and is voice is deep. If people did not know better they would think that me and him were brothers. I already see him as a future hunger games winner. One of those viciouse tributes that kills without feeling a thing. Ciefer has no feelings which is a big advantage in the games. "It's your year to volunteer." he says to me extatically. I do not even asnwer. " Why are you not excited? I can't wait when its my year to volunteer!" He says to me. "The games are not for me. You are the type that would love the games. Killing someone would be hard, though in the games a probably will... alot. And it scares me." We are quickly pulled apart as are blood is taken and we put our finger print on the piece of paper. We are seperated and I watch as he is brought to the section of 15 year olds. The Aricula Erwin, our escort walks onto the stage with our mentor Talon Rudolph and starts to speak. " Welcome everyone of district 2. It is that time of year again and I know you are all excited. Before we pick our tributes for the 152nd hunger games we shall watch the video that reminds us of the dark days and why not to rebel. While the video starts to play I find my dad in the crowd of people behind the red velvet ropes. He is shaking and looks worried. Deep down I know he loves me. The only thing holding him back from showing is the death of my mom. He does not want to feel any emotions towards anyone just in case they are ever taken away from him like my mom. The film ended and Aricula centered herself with the stage again. Two perfectly round glass balls filled with folded pieces of paper were raised from under the platform. "Now without further a due we will pick our female tribute. The female tribute of the 152nd is Talla Orithsma. Before the small 12 year old even has time to step out of the crowd "I volunteer as tribute!" Is heard from someone somewhere in the 17 year old girls section. A girl almost as tall as me with brown hair and green eyes and skinny walks out of the crowd. We walks up to the stage confidently and quickly. "What's your name honey?" Aricula utters. "Terra Naysmith." She says in a low tone. I look at her face she is smiling and can already tell she will be a ruthless killing machine and if it comes to it she will probably even kill me in my sleep. "And now the tribute for the boys." I hear booming in the speakers. Her heels are making the loudest niose possible making me even more stressed. Her hand reaches in the bowl and my heart is pumping. I am ready to just scream "I volunteer!" She picks out a folded piece of paper and reads the name. "Ciefer Williams!" How ironic I think to myself. "I volunteer my self as the district 2 tribute!" I scream. I just signed myself up for a death sentence. I make my way out of the crowd and walk onto the stage.

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