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Chapter 1- The Reaping

I wake up. Pictures flash through my head of the past games. I head starts throbbing. Thinking that I could be one of the names that Isis Hefi pulls out. I get out of my bed and a plate is laying on the table in the kitchen. "Eggs and bacon!" My mom says happily knowing that it is my favorite. I sit down quickly and shove it down my throat. My mom usually does not cook me breakfasts like this unless it is a special day. Tears start to drip down my eyes. Every year the day of the reaping I am forced to think about my 12 year old brother that went into the hunger games. He made it to the top eight, but was killed of by a career tribute from district 1. My mom and dad went into a deep depression. Since his death they have never been the same.

My dad came out of his room giving me a present. I open it and it is my own custom made axe with the engraving of a lilly pad and my name engraved on the side. "I love it" I scream. Anything for my baby" He whispers in my ear.

My family is very wealthy. My dad and mom both own separate lumber mills. It make us one of the more wealthy families of district 7. With a little side money my mom saved, she has been able afford lessons for axe throwing and swinging. Also my teacher teaches me out to survive out in the wilderness with any weather condition. I told my mom she did not need to do this for me. She told me she did not want to have the risk of losing another child. This would categorise me as a career tribute.

I decide to walk outside to get some fresh air. I walk outside and district 7 is looking the same as it does everyday. Except one thing, that look that you always see one every ones faces the day of the reaping. I feel a tap on my shoulder. "Happy Hunger Games" is whispered into my ear. I turn around. Its my boyfriend Rayne. Rayne has been my boyfriend since we were thirteen. It is 4 years since then and we are still together. He always pulls me in with his gray eyes, his blonde hair, his smooth olive skin. "Come with me to do some final throws with the axe" Rayne says. Ever since we have turned 12 Rayne and I have been practicing throwing and swinging axes just in case we were ever to get picked for the reaping.

We get to the field. Our district call this the training field. Every kid from the district comes hear to throw and swing axes. Rayne and I quickly get to work. If we do not start now we will not have time because the reaping is soon. Over the years my throw has become one of the straightest in the district and my swing is like a hippos jaw locking onto its prey. I picked up my axe and got ready to aim. I locked my aim and with the flick of an arm the axe jolted out of my hand hitting the center of the wooden target. I turn around to face Rayne and he grabbed me by the hips. " I love you Petra" he says while his eyes glimmer in the sun. " Your brown hair, your pearl colored skin." He said as a tear ran down his face. "If you were picked to be put into The Hunger Games I do not know what I would do." Rayne whispered. He kissed me with his soft lips. "Come on" he says. "We have to get ready for the reaping."

I get home and my mom is holding a beautiful yellow dress that goes down to my knees. "Look what i got for you." My mom says with a smile on her face. "Its beautiful!" I exclaim. I quickly put the dress on and put my hair in a pony tail. I put on my shoes and walk out the door.

I meet with Rayne before entering the reaping. He wishes me good luck and we quickly separate from each other and get into the large crowd of tributes. Isis Hefi walks onto the stage wearing a skirt and coat made of real yellow roses. She is wearing a matching hat except the difference was this hat was pierced by only a single lilly pad. "Welcome all" booms over the loud speakers. " To the reaping of the 46th hunger games" Now we will play the annual movie to remind the districts what happens if you try to rebel against the capitol. As they play the video I try to find Rayne. The video has stopped and I still can not find Rayne. Everything has faded into the background as I am trying to find Rayne. All of a sudden I hear the words "Petra Lillyrun" Uttered out of Isis's mouth.

My knees start to shake. My lungs cave in. It is impossible for me to swallow. Some how I manage to utter a loud shriek that pierces the people ears around me. Two peacekeepers shuffle through the crowd trying to get to me. Both of them grab one of my arms. Only one thing is running thought my mind. I am now a contender of the 46th hunger games.

Chapter 2- Goodbye

My legs give out and I am on the floor and do not know what to do. At this point I am being dragged by the peacekeepers onto the stage. I try to hold back my tears from coming to my eyes, but then a thought pops into my mind. Act Weak. If I act weak then the careers will seem as no threat and will hunt out the tributes that are more of a threat. I immediately let the tears flow down my face. "Aww sweety don't cry" Isis said sweetly " It's an honor to be part of the hunger games." I even add a little bit of an exaggeration and pretend to fall on the stage. Isis quickly picks me up and seems annoyed with me. " Now with out wasting anymore time we will now pick the boy tribute." Uttered Isis with an attitude. " And the boy tribute is Leporis Baxwoll." The whole crowd immediately start to boo. Leporis is well known around our district because he is always around the district helping people out. What makes it even worse is he is fourteen. Leporis has brown short hair and and about 5"4. He has dark green eyes and has a pale skin tone. Both his cheeks are covered with freckles. Leporis slowly walks up on the stage with his jaw dropped. " Congratulations Leporis on being the male tribute of district 7!" Leporis did not say anything. Isis's voice booms through the speaker once again. " Thank you everyone for coming to the reaping. Happy hunger games and may the odd be ever in your favor." We are taken to the meeting place where we say our last good byes to our families and friends. The door opens and Rayne bolts in with tears streaming down his eyes. " I love you Petra." He can barely get the words out of his mouth. He grabs me and gives me a kiss. "Petra remember you are amazing with an axe. Just try to get one and you could just possibly win. Don't forget you have a chance just don't loose hope." The peacekeepers barge in and before they can drag him out he grabs me and gives me one more kiss. I make sure that I kiss him for as long as I can before the peacekeepers rip him off of me, because it just might be the last kiss i get from him. The door barges open again and I expect to go and hug my mom and dad but instead it is my teacher that trained me to throw an axe since i was 5. " Petra you have an amazing potential to win the hunger games. You never miss a target when you throw your axe and with one blow of an axe you will kill anybody that it hits. Just find an axe." " What if i cant find one." I uttered. " Don't say that or you will definitely not find one." The peacekeepers open the doors. " It's time to go." She quickly exited. For one last time the door barged open and finally it was my mom and dad. " Petra we love you so much." My dad said while crying. Those were the only words that were needed to be said because for the next couple of minutes all we are doing is hugging. "It's time to go." The peacekeeper said in a stern voice. Both my parents exit and I sit there crying waiting for the peacekeeper to tell me I have to enter the train.

" Time to go." I get up and I am greeted by Isis with Leporis at her side. " I so excited aren't you guys" Me and Leporis both keep silent knowing that we are probably both going to live the last few days of our lives. We board the train in we go into the dining hall. Our mentor is in there. Finia Ordena. She won the 42nd hunger games at the age of 18. " Well, well, well. Not to bad." She says as she makes her first impressions on us. So what our your main weapons. I tell her mine is an axe. " Not surprising" She says. " I throw knives" Leporis says quietly. This comes as a big surprise to me. Mostly everyone in district 7's special weapon is an axe. " Would you like to be trained separately or together." We look at each other and say we would like to be trained together. "Great!" She exclaims. " Before you get started why don't you two both sit down and have some dinner. They bring out a whole array of food. I almost didnt know what to eat. After we finish eating instead of talking about training we go back to our rooms. When i get into my room I hear a knock. Come in" i say. Leporis opens the door and sits on the bed. " You know Petra, you really have a great chance of winning. I've seen you throwing your axe on the training field. Your amazing just get your hands on an axe and your set for the game. While me my knife throwing is rusty at best and I barley ever hit the target. Im going to go now. I just wanted to let you know that I believe in you." He quickly scurried out the room before i got to say another word. I put on my night gown and slipped into my bed. Almost immediately fell asleep.

I woke up at midnight not able to sleep. After hours of staring at the cieling i decide to sneak out of my room and check out the train. I open my door and Finia and Leporis are in a room watching something on the t.v. I walk in and they turn around suprised that I am up. "Welcome!" Finia says. "We just started watching the reapings from the other districts." I sit on the couch as she puts in the video of the district on reaping. Nothing stands out to me until we reach district 4. District 4 has a 12 year old kid, Athenus as the male tribute. When he got up to the stage he started to cry. The whole district laughed at him for showing weakness. Then another one that stuck out to me was the tribute of district 6, Zylo . He was 18 but he walked onto the stage with a broken leg. Those are the reapings that are the hardest to watch. When a crippled boy or girl is picked to be in the hunger games. Lastley, The girl from district 12, Vein stuck out to me. When she was called she smiled. She walked up to the stage and stood next to thier escort with a smile. With the look on her face i could all ready tell that i did not want to meet up with her in the arena.

The next morning i woke up and put my cloths on that were left in my dresser for me to wear. I open my room door and walk to the main dining hall to eat my breakfast. All of a sudden I look out the window and see crowds of people screaming as we enter the central train station. My mouth drops in awe.

We have arrived at the capitol.

Chapter 3- The Capitol

The train door open and I immediately surrounded by thousands and thousands of people. Clapping, screaming, cheering. I have never had anyone do this to me in my life. Maybe coming to the hunger games wasn't such a bad idea. Even though i might die i will die in luxury. Anyways, people do say I have a chance. Leporis comes out. She immediately starts to wave. "Wave!" he whispers in my ear. "Why." I retort back at him. " If you want to get any sponsors at all then you have to seem friendly." Almost immediately i start to wave and even add a smile to it. "Come on, come on, time to go." We start to walk down the walkway until we reach the building we will be staying at. Isis, Finia, Leporis and I quickly enter the elevator. Finia presses the number 7 on the elevator. I realize that the level our room is on corresponds to our district number.

We opened the door that goes to my room. I looked in awe. The room was bigger than my house back in district 7. "Leporis before we go to your room we have to sit down and have a serious discussion." Finia says in a stern voice " Tomorrow you have the tributes parade. Also after the training you will have you private training session where you will be scored. Lastly you have your interview. Then your on your own guys. But before than we have a lot to discuss. After the tributes parade meet here and we will discuss what the plane will be. Other than that just get a good rest tonight. You will need it for tomorrow. Me and Isis will now be going back to our room, thank you." Finia and Isis leave but for some reason Leporis stays. " So whats gunna be your strategy fo the pregame events." I explain to him how I am going act weak and that when I am in the game people will avoid me because they know that i am no challenge. " That will not work." Leporis say. " The careers are ruthless. They will kill anybody in there sight, and you getting a 2 for your score is not going to stop them." he says quietly. " I'm going to go get some sleep. I hope you don't take that offensively." Once again he scurried out and left. I start to think about what he said. What if he is right. Then what would I do. I decide that I will hold nothing back and that my new strategy will be ruthless.

{C {C I wake up and open the dresser. There is a black shirt and a pair of black pants with a not attached. " Meet us in the lobby with the cloth we have assigned. Get ready because you are going to meet your stylist which will get you ready for the tributes parade which is in a couple of hours. I put the clothes on and walk down to the lobby where i meet Isis, Finia, and Leporis. As soon as i get there i follow them into a car. As we drive down to the the stylist headquarters I am shocked by the style of the people that live in the capitol. We get to the building and we walk inside. They instruct me and Leporis to enter the elevator and that Finia and Isis return back to the building wear us tributes stay. Leporis presses the button reading seven and we rise until the elevator doors open. When the doors open we see that there are to people standing in front of the elevator door blocking our way of exiting. " I am Darius. I will be the stylist of Petra Lillyrun." "And I am Lina. I will be the stylist for Leporis Baxwoll." The Lina was had the skin color of green. She was taller than most woman in the capitol and her face was mostly covered with creepy designs and piercings. Darius was more of the normal type. He had olive colored skin though probably the only abnormal thing about him was is silver eye lining and his gold eyes. This is a way makes me feel more comfortable to work with him because i feel like I i am talking t someone back at home.

Darius brings me to a room where where his crew is sitting. " Welcome I'm Naya!" "Hi I'm Reif!" " And my name Linus!" Weirdly they were all matching. They all had blue skin yellow hair and yellow powder on their face. Though Naya was tall and was about 6"6, Reif was short was about 4"9, and Linus was right in the middle and was about 5"7. "Come into this room." said Linus " You are going to be washed and prepped for you costume so you must take of your clothes." Although i found it very awkward I took my clothes of and layed on the table.

{C {C A group of people dressed in all white come in. hey turn on a portable shower head and start to wash me as I am laying on the table. After about five minutes they are done with my front and back. They now take waxing paper and wax my legs my arms and my back. When they are done the hand me another pair of black pants and another shirt. I get up and Darius call me to sit down with him on the couch. " Here is what I was thinking for your costume. I'm thinking of putting little buds all over your body and ask you make your way through the parade the buds with sprout into many beautiful flowers and by the time the parade ends you will be covered by flowers." "What does this have to do with my district?" I ask. " The buds will be glued to branches that are coming of out of your body." I quickly agree. We start preparation to put on my custom. He puts me into a simple shirt and a simple pair of pant that are the color light brown. The he glues the branches to me and then glues the buds to the branches. " We're done!" He says ecstatically. He leads me to the chariot where I meet with Leporis wearing and almost matching out fit as me. We step onto the chariot. "Hold hands, smile, and wave with the other hand." He says. "Okay." I say back. A t.v in the room turns on showing district 1 chariot leaving the station. Then comes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

{C {C As the huge door opens. I feel nervous not knowing whether people will cheer or boo. The chariot starts to move. I look outside and thousands of people are staring straight at me.

Chapter 4- Alliances

As we leave the station thousands of people are cheering at us. Leporis grabs my hand and i smile and wave at the crownd. People are throwing roses screaming my name and even taking pictures. All these people cheering, clapping, screaming. The I noticed, this was not because they genuinly want to see me or because they like me. This is because in a few days they will be watching me... us on national television being slaughtered while they eat thier dinner in thier fancy home and laugh. This made me go into a deep rage wanting to jump of the chariot and attack someone. That would get me arrested and executed. I needed to get an even better revenge. I decided not to listen to Leporis. I want them to laugh at my score. I want them laugh at my weaknesses. I want them to laugh at the mere thought of me being in the hunger games. Then once I entered I would immediately become a killing machine. Not to bad of one though, if someone offered to be in an alliance I would except the offer though I would give no mercy to anyone who I was about to kill. No matter what. While thinking all this I still managed to wave and smile. I almost became excited to be in the hunger games.

After the chariot race was done i went back into my room where Isis, Leporis, and Finia were sitting. "Show me your run." Finia said immediatley after i entered. I nodded and got ready to run across the room. 3.2.1 GO! I ran across the room as quickly as I could. "Woh!" Finia said "We got a runner. Petra, you are going to run to the cornacopia and grab a pack and a weapon. If you can try to grab two. We already saw Leporis run and he wont get very far if he tries to run into the cornacopia. He is going to grab a pack and maybe a loaf of bread that are on the outskirts of the cornacopia while you run in a grab some neccesities. My jaw dropped open. "Going into the cornacopia could kill me" I say "If I make even one wrong move I will be dead. How am i supposed to find a weapon a bad and maybe even another weapon!" She tried to calm me down. " Do not worry if I wasnt confident that you would come out alive then i wouldn't send you. Also yes there is a risk but if you do not at least get something then your chances of surviving are slim. The careers spare no one and nothing. You have to come out with someing. Just think about it. Also, tomarrow try to find an alliance. Your gunna need one" All three of them exit. After an hour of thinking to myself i decide that I will go into the cornacopia bloodbath. After all, It could be my only way of coming back home.

The next day I wake up and look in the drawer. There is a note attached to a suit that someone would wear to go to the gym. " Wakey Wakey! Today is the first day of training. Come downstairs after waking up to eat breakfast. Remeber! Try to meet some new tributes!" As I am going to enter the elevator Leporis is there two. "Hi!" I say. "Have you thought about anyone for an alliance yet. He says to me. "No." I said. "I think we will eventually just meet other tributes. Just remember one thing. Do not create an alliance with the career pack." We both agree and enter the elevator. We go to the dining hall and not surprisingly the careers are all sitting at the same table. Me and Leporis get our pancakes our milk and bacon and sit down.

As we begin to eat our food a girl from district 3 sits with us. "Hey, Im Malorie." She says quietly. Me and Leporis both introduce ourselfs and have a nice conversation with her as we eat our breakfast. "So the reason I came here was to ask if me and my district partner could have an alliance with you guys. I may not be amazing with weapons anything that has to do with electronics I can figure out." I looked at her carefully. You could tell that back in district 3 her family was not poor because she had some meat on her bones and was not too skinny. She was 15. Her hair are red and she has a turquoise color to her eyes and white skin. It was almost like she was not a human. Maybe that was the reason I might accept it. "How do I know I can trust you?" I said. "Well... I don't know but please." She said almost in a begging tone. I told her to bring her district partner to the table. "Dane come over here." When I turned I saw a boy about 6"2. I was in awe. He was very muscluar with black hair and green eyes. His muscles were buldging from every possible place. He was the kind of guy that you did not want to meet up with in the arena. For that reason I knew that they will have to be our alliance. "How old are you and what are your strength, weaknesses, and weapons?" I questioned. "I'm 18 my strengths are snaring, hunting, and running. My weaknesses are plant identification and climbing. Also my main weapons are spears throwing knives and swords." I will accept being in an alliance with you but you must keep you distance. "We don't want people thinking we are in an alliance so lets talk about our plan." I said. "I am an extremley fast runner so why don't me and Dane go into the cornacopia for items. Malorie and Leporis make sure you hide your self extremley well east of the cornacopia and on the way there grab a pack and some bread that are no close to the cornacopia." "Sounds good." they all say. We all say goodbye and get ready to go into the first day of training.

Chapter 5- Training

I went into the training center and looked at all the stations that you could train at. I still needed to make myself look weak. I decided to go to the plant identification section. As the man taught I did not pay attention. When I was back at home my trainer taught me every thing i needed to about plants. Instead I watched the the career tributes showing off so that I knew what I was up against. The boy from district 4, Athenus threw a spear from almost entirely across the court and speared the dummy right in the head. The girl from district 1 the knives across the courtyard and they all seperated and hit 4 dummies all in the head. The boy from 2 stabbed 8 dummies extremely quick and shredded them into pieces. The girl from 4 threw the trident just like the boy from 4 did and hit the dummie and pinned it one the wall. Before I knew it, the session was over before i got a look at all of them

The next day I went to the rope tying section. Coincidentaly Leporis was there. "Make sure your watching the career tribute." I noodded and went back to watching them. As I started to watch them again the boy with the broken leg from district 6 walked in. I could not believe it. He had his cast taken off completley. He picked up a bow and shot it straight into the dummies heart. Then he threw a couple knives into the dummies heads. The careers quickly asked him if he would like to be in thier alliance. He must have said no because the tributes face turned from a smile to a face of humiliation. The boy from district 1 scream at him and said "YOU JUST MADE THE WORST MISTAKE OF YOU LIFE, I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN IN THE ARENA AND I WILL TORTURE YOU BEFORE I FINISH YOU OFF!" All of a sudden the boy from distric 4 spoke. "I'm done. I never wanted to be in this alliance anyways." The boy from district 4 said quietly. "BE QUIET YOU STUPID 12 YEAR OLD YOU WILL NEVER SURVIVE WITHOUT US." Screamed the boy from district 1. "But he will with me." The girl from district 4 said. They all quickly split up going different ways. The boy from 10 followed the two from 4 and they trained together. All I can think about is how the careers just fell apart.

It is the last day of training. This time I make my way down to the training center and a boy from district 5 bumped into me. "I am so sorry." He says sorrowly. "Dont worry." I say "This isnt gunna make me hunt you down in the arena." I said. Before quickly running out he spoke again. "If we ever meet in the arena maybe we could be in an alliance. Anyway thank you." He then ran away. Well look at that. I aleady have a steady alliance and also a could be alliance. I finish the day off at the camoflague station watching the rest of the carrers.

I woke up ready to go to my private session with the game makers. I went downstairs and met Leporis I was to wait in until I was called to preform for the gamemakers. After two hours Leporis came out wished me good luck and I was finally called in. This was my chance to act weak.I walked in and immediatley picked up a spear. I threw it purposley haveing it landing nearly two feat away from. Then I grabbed the throwing knives and threw them and also purposley made them go the opposite direction of the dummies. At this point the the gammakers were on their knees laughing at me. I continued missing everything I could miss and messing everything up. "Your are exused." He said histerically. I walked out and congratulatted myself.

We were now all sitting on the couch. Finia, Isis, Leporis, Darius, and Leporis's stylist were all sitting there. I watched carefully as they annouced the scores. District 1 boy, 8. District 1 girl, 9. District 2 boy, 10. District 2 girl, 8. Malorie got a 5, and Dane got a 11. People rarley get an 11. Even careers. The boy from district 4 got a 6 and the girl got a 10.Both tributes from five got 7's and the boy from 6 got a 9. The girl from 6 got a 4. Finally, it was the moment of truth. First came Leporis. He got a 7. We all clapped knowing that he wasnt the most amazing. Then came the picture of me and next to it a 1. Everyone gasped. I told them about acting weak and they all calmed down. The boy from 8 got a 5 and the girl from 8 got an 8. Both from 9 got a 6 and the boy from 10 got a 9. The girl from the and both the boy and girl from 11 got 3's. The boy from 12 got a 2. The girl Vein that stuck out to me because of her erie smile's picture came up. I looked next to it. She was given the score of 12.

Chapter 6- The Interviews

I woke up the next morning ready for the interviews. I put on a yellow blouse and a pair of blue skinny jeans. Today was the first actual day I was given a chance ot choose my outfit. I walked down the stairs of my appartment and once again Leporis and Finia were down there. "Come eat some lunch!" Finia said. I looked at the clock and noticed that I had slept throught the morning and it was already 3 o'clock. "Sure." I replied. I sat down and saw a huge plate of belgium waffles with whip cream on the top. After I practically shoved them down my throat. We all went to sit on the couch. "So what are you guys planning to be like during your interview?" She asked. I tried to talk but Leporis interupted me. " I'm planning to sound sneaky, agile and quick. Which I am!" He exclaims. How about you Petra?" Finia questioned. "I'm just going to act weak. I'll probably start crying a few times on stage." "Well we should start practicing then." Finia continued.

After practicing for hours I finally perfected my act during the interviews. For one last time we drove to the stylist headquarter. I entered into the elevator to go see my dress for the interview which was in 3 hours. "Welcom, Welcome you already look so nice, I dont know if I will even have to do anything to you." He said jokingly. "Lets get started." I followed him into another room and was told to lay down on the table once again. After taking off all my cloths and was waxed and washed. I went and sat on the couch. Darius showed me the box which held the dress for the interview. I opened it. "Wow its so beautiful!" He unfolded the dress which was a transparent light blue that was made out of a transparent silk. The dress was simple and went down to my knees. He gave me a pear of light blue high heels that had a soft smooth fabric on it. I quickly slip into the high heels and the dress. He starts to do my hair and starts to straighten my hair until It went straight down my back all the way to my mid stomach. "Your ready and you look beautiful." He whispered into my ear. "Head down into the lobby and Isis and Finia will be waiting there for you." I went down to the lobby and Finia and Isis greeted me and told me that we had to quickly get into the car because we were late. Leporis joined us and we got into the car. "Are you guys ready!." Isis screamed. We both ignored her as we were to nervouse ot even speak.

We got to where the interviews were going to be held. I was directed to where I would sit until Heavans Flickerman introduced me to the crowd. I sat there and watched interview after interview. I saw many different personalities. From funny to courageous to brave and even merciless. The boy from district 3 portraided himself with a flirtacious edge. I stared mezmorized at his interview. Then the thought came into my mind. Im starting to like him. Before I could put anymore of it I heard "And from District 7 Pertaaaa Lillyrunnn!" I got up and walked toward Heavans and sat down in the chair next to him. "Hi honey, we have a lot to talk about!" " So what were you thinking when you were reaped?" He asked. Began to talk and let a tear escape my eye just to top it off. "Well to be honest Heavans, I thought well this is the end of my life. So now Im just trying to enjoy the last few days." "Well Petra, If you donnot think you are going to win how far do you think you are going to get?" "To tell you the truth, Probably not past the bloodbath." "Petra, dont think so harshley of yourself, you may have gotten a 1 but anybody has a chance in these games for they do not know what will happen in the arena. What do you think about the 1 you got for a score?" "I dont mind it. I knew since the beginning I was not a contender in these games. I know I am no threat. It is just a matter of when I die and whether it will be quick or not. Hopefully I do not run into any careers." *BUZZZZZ* "Well that is all the time we have folks give a nice round of applause to Petra Lillyrun from district 7!" I went back stage. I was to nervous to even think. Tomarrow might be the day I die. I blacked out from all the anticipation.

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Chapter 7- (Day 1) The BloodBath

I wake up and every one is hovering around me. "Thank god you woke up." says Darius. "Quickly we have one more hour until the the games and they were threatening to put you in still sleeping. You had a fever of 106." He gives me the outfit that I am going to wear in the arena. It was a simple black jacket over a black t-shirt. Then I put on black cargo pants and black boots. Although being completley dressed in black looked wierd it will really help me when I am in the arena and trying to be camoflagued. I walked outside and was immediatley picked up by the hovercraft. Once Leporis and I were in there we were with 10 other tribute from district 7 through 12. A lady dressed in white came over with a tracker on a chip on a needle. "Hold still." She said in a stern manner and before I had time to react she injected the tracker into my body and I let out a little squeel. "Everyone please stand on you plate with your district number. We all stood up. Leporis and I stood next to eachother. I jumped as the plate started to move and we were lowered from the sky. I look around at the arena. Thank god. This year it is an ordinary arena but some year there are deserts and blizzards. This year it was just an oasis of trees. The only troubling thing is there was no view of any sort of water at all. Finally the plates were on the ground and we were all standing around the cornacopia. The cornacopia had all sorts of weapons knives spears, spears, sythes, bows. The I saw it. Laying a couple inches out of the cornacopia. A sliver axe. The blade was the sharpest I have ever seen. It was so close to the cornacopia but I had to get it. The clock was on thirty. I started to get into the running position. I saw a large gray pack right next to the axe all of a sudden it seemed so easy. I knew I was a fast runner and that I could probably out run anyone here. I knew Dane would be running so I made sure that when I ran in to keep an eye on him. The clock reached 20 I looked to my side and noticed I had the boy from district 1, Tate. I looked to my other side and the girl from 2, Pepper was there. Great now I was surround by to of the career packs. The clock finally reached 10 and my heart choked up. GO!

I quickly sprinted at the cornacopia, not looking back. Nobody was ahead of me and I had a good feeling. As I was running towards the cornacopia I picked up a large ring of knives for Leporis and put the the large ring whole around my wrist. I had already heard a scream meaning people had gotten to the cornacopia before me and already started killing. I started running faster knowing my life was on the line. As I finally got to the axe and the gray pack I saw Dane already escaping from the scene with a weapon and a pack. I put the pack on my back and held the axe in my hand. As I started to run and a girl from from district 8 fell in front of me holding knife that was jabbed into her stomach and was trying to keep the blood in. As I was distracted with the girl pleading me to help her, a boy from district 9 caught me by surprise and pushed me down with a spear in his hand. "This is why girls with the score of a 1 shouldnt be in the hunger games." He said. This was his mistake. I quickly grabbed the axe I had in my hand and burried the axe into his chest. He let out a loud scream and fell to the ground. I took the axe out of his chest and continued to run. I looked back and saw at least 5 dead bodies on the ground. It was less then there usually would have been but there could of been more. I keep running east until I reach the bush where Malorie, Leporis, and Dane are hiding.

We ran far into the forrest until we though we were safe. We sat down and decided to look through the packs. "What did you manage to grab?" I asked Leporis. "I got a piece of bread and and small pack." He opened the pack and emptied it. The only thing the pack held was an empty waterbottle and a sleeping bag. "And what did you grab Malorie." She started to talk quietly. "I went closer to the cornacopia than you told me to so I think I might have something good in this pack." She opened the pack and all I saw was a bunch of wires. "Oh my god! theses are components to building an electrical trap! It may take a couple days but its worth it and many people will run into it!" She screams. "Sounds goods. Next time though do not take a risk like that you could have been killed. Also once we venture farther into the woods you can start building it. Finally it is my turn to open the pack and the sounds of cannons are heard through out the arena. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM. "17 left to kill." I say. I opened the large pack that was half the size of me. I took out the the contents of the pack. A full gallon of water, a very large dagger, a pack of crakers, beef, and a nice bag of apples. I gave Leporis the ring of knives. "Thank you." He said greatful to have something ot protect himself. "What did you get Dane." "First of all for myself I got a spear." He then opened the pack that was a little smaller than mine. There were 2 large lines of rope and another sleeping bag. We heard a rustle in the bush. The boy from district 6, Zlyo jumped out of the bush with a bow. After him came the girl from district 4, Marina with a sword and the 12 year old boy, Hyde with a trident. I threw the dagger to Malorie and grabbed my axe. We all stood up and got ready to fight. "Give us your items." They demanded. We refused. "Then we will have to kill you." They said while cackling. I got ready to defend myself. I knew that at least one of us will die. And there was a good chance it would be one of us.

Chapter 8- (Day 1) May The Odds Be Forever In Your Favor

I grip my axe tightly waiting for them to make the first move. "Stay back Petra, Im not trying to say your weak but you did get a 1." Before I could say anything the girl from 4 charged at me. She swung ger sword at me and as if it were natural without even thing my brought my axe up to protect myself. Malorie jumped in trying to swing her dagger at her. She jumped back dodging Malories blade. I looked to my right and Dane was fighting the boy from 4. The girl from 4 charged at me again but with her came an arrow from the boy from 6. I quickly dodged swung my axe and it slashed the girl in the arm. Her arm started to gush blood. She tried to put her arm over it but it was no use by the time she tried the axe had already left my finger tips. Before she saw the axe in the air it was already lodged into her. Without thinking I ran towards her and dislodged the axe from her head. I looked to my right and for some reason Dane was still having trouble. I quickly ran at the boy from 4 and swung my axe at him. That was all it took. One blow from my axe into his chest. He fell on the ground like a souless body. Where was Leporis I thought. "Oh My God!" I scream. There was Leporis on the ground with an arrow in his chest. A wound beyond repair. I looked around and the boy from district 6 had escaped. BOOM! The cannon sounded. The girl from district 4 stopped breathing. I looked back at Leporis and ran to him. He started to gurgle blood. "Leporis, you might have died on the first day but you survived the blood bath." I said with tears rolling down my eyes. "Just win and represent district 7." BOOM!. His eyes closed and the breathing stopped. BOOM! The 12 year old died too. I stood up and saw the three dead bodies on the ground. Blood was everywhere. "I cant believe I did this." I said with a whimper. "I cant believe you did either!" Dane said. "Didn't you get a 1 on your training score?" "I sort of faked that." I said quietly hoping he didnt get mad. "Well at least now I dont have to be worried. Lets go before anyone else comes." I went and grabed the knives from Leporis's wrist and we left.

We ran for about 3 hour until we reached a pond. We decided to stop here and make camp. I took out the package of beef and the gallon of water. The screen in the sky turned on. The faces of the dead showed. District 5 girl, district 5 boy, District 6 girl, District 8 girl, District 9 boy, District 10 girl, and the district 1 boy. I had survived the first day. She took out the sleeping bag. Malorie took one sleeping bag. Dane and I slept in the other

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