Since this kind of blog seems to be so popular, I'm going to attempt my first Hunger Games. It's probably going to fail (epicly), but I'm willing to give it a try.

Just tell me your tribute(s)' name, age, gender, district, skills, history and token. If you have any additional information you'd like me to know, tell me.

And, as Effie Trinket says: "May the odds ever be in your favor!"


District 1:

M - Brass Sater (Kills: Giant Monster thing)

F - Trifle Woods

District 2:

M - Snake Bones

F - Medusa Clon

District 3:

M - Ukina Terana

F - Gizmo Lavar

District 4:

M - Alexandar Lettom

F - Karina Lettom

District 5:

M - Cedar Lark

F - Everest Tinder

District 6:

M - Cole Smoke

F - Lizzy Blue

District 7:

M - Aydan Monarcha

F - Keyllu Vetra

District 8:

M - Nylon Denim

F - Silk Denim

District 9:

M - Lake Secrene

F - Evera Lake

District 10:

M - Tony Delgado

F - Serena Torna

District 11:

M - Meister Note

F - Lily Turnae(Kills: Ukina)

District 12:

M - Timber Nerea

F - Dawn Rose


A huge meadow is in the center of the arena, surrounded by several streams and patches of forest. Besides the forest, there is no cover from the hot, beating sun. Several whispers in the grass and forest tell the tributes are not alone. The cornucopia is hiden in a tree, thus slightly reducing how quickly tributes are killed, but adding a bit of stealth to this game.


Dog-like mutt: Wild dogs altered so their pelt color changes with the day and place. Not extremely deadly alone, but in a pack, fatal.

Eagle-like mutt: Eagles altered to by similar to mockingjays, but obey the Gamemakers. Can make ear-splitting noises.

Centipede mutt: Looks harmless (downright edible-looking, in fact), but is poisonus. Eaten, it kills the person in about a day.

Monster mutt: When dead tributes are collected, some of their DNA is taken and fused with an animal of some sort. The resulting combonation is given a white mask to wear over their faces.


Each person starts out with $5000


Blades of any kind: $100 per weapon

Bows and arrows: $50 for first, goes up by $50 for refills

Maces: $50 for smallest, $600 for biggest.

Clubs: $100

Spikes: $100 for normal, $200 for poisonous.

Snares: $40

Tridents: $2000


Food: $50 for lowest grade (like soup, biscuits, etc.), $1000 for highest grade (full-on feasts)

Medical Care: $25 for lowest grade (bandages, etc.), $190 for highest grade (antidotes, gauze, etc.)

Once again, may the odds ever be in your favor!

Chariot Rides

District 1

Brass and Trifle are dressed like royalty. Trifle's wearing a beautiful gown that shows most of her back and some of her chest with diamonds sewn into the hem. A silver tiara rests on her head. Brass is wearing a bold shirt and dress pants, and a gold crown on his head.

District 2

Snake and Medusa are dressed way too much as Peacekeepers. District 12, 11, 10 and 9 all shout unrepeatable words, until suddenly, the Peacekeepers outfits catch on fire, which forces the chariot ride for the District to end early.

District 3

Gizmo and Ukina are dressed like Wiis (To those who know). Most of the Districts have no clue what they're supposed to be, but those who do know giggle or cheer.

District 4

Alexandar and Karina are dressed similar to Brass and Trifle, but more like mermaids. Dawn from District 12 and Meister from 11 are the only ones who cheer because of the amazing work on the outfits.

District 5

Cedar and Everest apparently decide to dress like kung-fu masters. The crowd is impressed.

District 6

This one is forced to move quickly because Cole and Lizzy are dressed like syringes with a liquid in it. Dawn reassures the others that it's just water, but some think it's morphling.

District 7

Aydan and Keyllu are dressed like beavers, which makes the crowd laugh hysterically.

District 8

Nylon and Silk are dressed in outfits similar to their names. Nylon's wearing a suit made of pure nylon, and Silk is dressed in a gorgeous dress made of silk and pearls. Everyone loves it.

District 9

Evera and Lake miss the chariot and run to catch up. Surprisingly, they jump onto the horses and ride them the rest of the way. The crowd isn't sure to cheer or not because Evera and Lake are dressed in normal outfits.

District 10

Tony and Serena are dressed as kung-fu masters/farmers. It's weird, but the crowd loves it.

District 11

Meister and Lily are wearing outfits similar to the sun and moon, respectively. It's actually quite amazing.

District 12

Dawn and Timber are wearing fire-based outfits, Dawn wearing a glowing orange dress with rubies in it and Timber wearing a dark orange suit. Everyone just loves it.

A Few Words

As you can see by now, I'm planning on something big. At this point, the next person to die will be Timber, but that's it for people dying because I'm planning a different kind of Hunger Games. The only thing I can say at this point is it's going to be big.

Let the Games BEGIN!

Sorry, I'll do training scores later. I just want to do the first chapter.

Day 1: Where is the Cornucopia?!

Dawn's POV

As the elevator took me up into the arena, I swallowed hard. What was going to come? Suddenly, the elevator stops. I can tell by the surprised look on everyone face that:

  1. The arena was more beautiful than we expected.
  2. The cornucopia was not there.

As we're let out onto the arena, there's an unusual light above the forest. We all race to the forest. Gizmo, from that one district, is lagging behind. I heard he never was the best in P.E., so we're all taking advantage of his weakness. I'm the third into the forest, just behind Meister and Brass.

Third Person:

Dawn races up a slope and trips over a shiny thing in the ground. She grumbles something about "Should've killed the Gamemakers when I had the chance," then realizes that's the Cornucopia in the ground. It's small, but it's a cornucopia with a bow and arrow in it, plus some salve, a sleeping bag perfect for sleeping in a tree and a sword.

"Score!" Dawn cheered, quietly. She climbed into a tree, dragging the cornucopia with her, and waited patiently to strike.

Meister's POV

I hurry through the forest and find a knife on the ground. "Good. Something to kill with," I mutter. It's just my luck I hear Everest Tinder running from some sort of dog that looks like it has a cat's tortoiseshell pattern. The dog leaps and mauls Everest. I feel sorry for her.

But this is the Hunger Games.

After the dog is finished, she has lost one arm, one leg, and about half her face. "What are you going to do?" Everest growled. "Kill you, of course. Hope you have a good time in the afterlife," I respond. I stab Everest through the brain, and she's dead. The cannon goes off.

"One down, 22 to go," I muse.

Lily's POV

A cannon goes off as I'm walking through the forest. A small sword is sheathed at a hilt by my side. "I wonder if that was Gizmo. He IS the weakest," I wonder. Suddenly, I see Ukina in front of eagle-like things. Their beaks are open, but I can't hear anything. Ukina looks frozen, so I stab her through the chest. "Y-You..." she growls.

"Hiya. See ya," I greet as she falls dead.

Day 1 Deaths

Everest Tinder - Mauled by dog-mutts, then stabbed through brain (Ouch!)

Ukina Terana - Eardums broken by eagle mutts, then stabbed through chest.

Any sponsering begins now!

Chapter 2: Why'd It have to be Centipedes?

(I'll give a free feast to the first person to guess which movie I'm referencing with the name of the chapter!)

Dawn's POV:

I wake to hear a cannon going off. Sunlight's barely peeking through the trees. I drowsily wonder if it was Timber. He wasn't the brightest guy in class. I get up and hide my stuff underground, keeping the bow and arrow and a knife.

Gamemaker's POV

As three silver parachutes float down to Aydan, Trifle and Brass, the Head Gamemaker, Madison Cornelius, smirks. "This oughta be fun," she mused.

Meister's POV

Tony peeks his head out of the bushes. His district, our district and Lake's district have teamed up for once to see how the Career Packs like it. "Is it clear?" Lily asks. "Yeah. No one in sight," Tony responds, "BECAUSE I'M AWESOME!" I facepalm and whisper, "Yeah, that's nice, but let's move!" We move quietly around the forest.

To be honest, we haven't had a bite to eat since we got here, and we can all hear each other's stomachs rumbling from lack of food. "Is there anything we can eat around here?" Evera wonders. Tony looks around and spots three centipedes.

"Ew!" Serena complains. "Bugs are edible, for pete's sake. We need to eat," Tony grumbles, eating one. Lily eats one out of desperation. Lake eats the last one. "Okay, are you guys done eating?" I snap. "Aw, someone's grum-" Tony never finished. He, Lake and Lily fall to the ground, choking. "It was poisonous! Serena, Evera, don't eat them!" I warn. The two girls nod as three cannons fire. Three tributes dead.

Dawn's POV:

I'm hiding in a tree as Nylon is walking around, carefully. I shoot. My arrow pierces his neck and he hits the ground, just as three cannons fire. Another cannon fires shortly after. "Four down, more to go," I murmur.

Day 2 Deaths

Lily Turnae - Poisoned.

Tony Delgado - Poisoned.

Lake Secrene - Poisoned.

Nylon Denim - Shot through neck.

Day 3: I Feel Like a Monster

(Free feast to character if you guess which song I'm referencing)

Meister's POV

With only three people left in our alliance, we're growing cautious. I'm at the lead, while Serena is at back. "Anyone know where Dawn is?" Evera asks. "What do you want her for?" I question. "We have to find a way to fight the President. This is ridiculous!" Evera snaps back.

I nearly drop my scythe that I found. "Are you insane?! They could be watching us right now!" I remind. "They aren't. They don't want to see the boring stuff. This year, they want only exciting stuff, such as our three former members being poisoned," Serena pointed out. That's probably when I hear a scream.

Gizmo's POV

I'm running as fast as I can from this...awful beast! It has the body of a guinea pig, the feet of a bird (which are red for some odd reason), and a pure white mask that shields its face! Brass boldly appears and yells something at it, or me, and swings both of his double bladed axes. The monster screams in pain. I hide up a tree and watch the scene unfold.

Brass's POV

This monster looks strong. For once, I'm a little scared. I charge at it and strike it in the head as its claws strike me. The mask comes off.

Gizmo's POV

I gasp as I see the mask come off. The face is a tortured looking Tony Delgado. The monster slowly fades away. But then I see the damage that has been done. Its claws struck Brass in the chest. Blood slowly but steadily streams from his chest and the cannon fires.

Meister's POV

My group and I burst through the trees and see Gizmo in front of a dead Brass. He's just...stunned. "Did you kill him?" Serena asks. "No! There was a monster...and it killed him!" Gizmo answers. I sigh. "Gizmo, you're the smartest kid in your class, right?" I ask. Gizmo nods. "We need you in an alliance," I respond.

Third Person

Suddenly, Dawn climbs down a tree, ready to shoot. "Don't shoot!" Evera snaps. "Why shouldn't I?" Dawn retorts. "We need to form an alliance. I'm sure our mentors are thinking the same thing by now," Meister calmly responds. Dawn lowers her bow, though hostility is still gleaming in her blue eyes.

"So I'm going to have to trust you?" she asks. "Please. We don't like doing this anymore than you do," Serena pleads. "Okay, fine. But we'll probably need the other tributes. I have a plan in mind," Dawn decides, a grin forming on her face.

Day 3 Deaths

Brass - Struck in heart by Gamekeeper-made Monster.

Day 4: Love Can Hurt

Silk's POV

I'm walking slowly through the woods, careful not to set off a trap. I swallow nervously and load an arrow into my bow. Suddenly, the bushes rustle. I'm about to fire, but then Dawn comes out. Her blonde and red hair is ruffled. "Could you keep it down, please?" Dawn asks. I lower my bow and arrow and Meister comes out. His black hair and light skin are grass-stained.

"What are you guys doing?" I ask. "Camping out. What does it look like?" Dawn wryly responds. "That's not what I mean. I mean that why aren't you guys fighting?" I reword. Meister and Dawn share a look. "Let me explain..." Meister begins.

Third POV

"Wow," Silk murmurs as Meister finishes. Dawn was out hunting for food, while Serena and Evera waited patiently. "Yeah, I know. President Butthead (real name: President Blizzard) has had too much control over us. It's time we struck back," Evera informs. "So, will you join us?" Meister asks Silk. "I have to. I'm looking for my brother, and I won't find him alone," Silk answers.

Dawn's POV

I return with a few squirrels and one of the wild dogs. Meister could only gawk at me in surprise. "Is it that surprising?" I ask. "Yeah, considering it's a Gamemaker-made thing," Meister responds. "It's gotta be safe to eat. It's dog meat, right?" I ask. Meister frowns.

I sigh and take off part of the ear and throw it in one direction. Sure enough, another dog comes by and eats the ear. Nothing happens after a minute or two. It's safe. Meister and I bite into the meat first, followed shortly by the others.


As night falls, we all divide into groups. Evera and Serena sleep together, Silk and Meister sleep near each other, and I have first watch. No cannon has gone off yet today, which relieves me. I set some of the poisionous spikes (that Brass had before his death) around any obvious places to strike.

"Dawn?" I freeze, then relax. Meister climbs into the same tree as me and sits next to me. "Can't sleep, huh?" I guess. "Yeah. It's hard to sleep when death could come striking at any time," Meister dryly answers. I nod in agreement. I look up at the starry sky and imagine my family watching, praying I come back alive.

" you have a family to go back to?" I ask, cautiously. "More or less. I suppose you never heard of the story of the two Peacekeepers?" Meister questions. I shake my head. "About 15 years ago, two Peacekeepers arrived at District 11. They fell in love, and two kids were born. One had dark hair and pale skin, the other light hair and dark skin," Meister informs.

"You're the son of a Peacekeeper?" I realize. "Exactly. Did you ever notice what I looked like? I bore no resemblence to that spoiled brat, Lily (they're not related). Everyone thought I was a prisoner, working in the fields because of the Capitol," Meister responds. For the first time, I realize how amazing he is.

Meister's POV

I gaze into Dawn's shimmering blue eyes that flash like a river. I suddenly don't want to kill her. "Dawn..." I whisper. "I know. I love you too," Dawn responds as we lean in and kiss.

Day 4 Deaths

Squirrels and wild dog - hunted by Dawn Rose.

Day 5: The Reason Why The Games Were Cut Short

Dawn's POV

I woke to hear screaming. I sit up and look around. No mutts. Had someone found my cornucopia? Then I hear the Head Gamemaker over the microphone.

"Due to wolves invading the arena, the Games are now cancelled. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!" Madison screams. "Wake up you guys!" I shout. Meister opens his eyes. I explain briefly there are wolves in the arena. Somehow, even though the Games are supposed to be cancelled, a cannon goes off. This time, we're treated to seeing the dead tribute once the cannon goes off.

It's Timber.

"He died already?" Evera gasps. "He made it five days in. Not bad for our district," I point out. Screams of terror brush past my ears, and the next thing I know, I'm running with all the remaining tributes. For once, I don't attempt to kill the others.

Third POV

Dawn manages to lead the way into the meadow. "Draw your weapons!" she orders. No one complains and prepares to fight. The wolves streak into the arena. All are wearing white masks. Dawn shoots several arrows before stabbing some wolves with knives. She loses track of the other tributes until the wolves flee.

Dawn's POV

I pant and realize the wolves are gone. Silence is the only thing present in sound terms of the arena. As for materials...we somehow had driven the wolves across the forest and towards the hole they made in the arena. Meister joins me. His right arm is a little injured, but he's uninjured otherwise.

We both look at where the Head Gamemaker's been hiding. "Well? What's going to happen, Gamemaker?" I taunt. The others taunt Madison as well until she recovers enough to announce, "All the remaining tributes are victors!"


Dawn's POV

We're allowed one last good-bye before parting for our own districts. I walk up to Meister. His arm's healed up nicely. "Hey," I greet him.

"Hey," he greets back. I hug him, just relieved we're both alive. "So...what do you think's going to happen now?" Meister asks once I step back. "President Butthead has to accept it. His Gamemakers and audience are safe," I respond.

"I know, but somehow...this does not feel good. The next Game's a Quarter Quell, and we all know how well the last one before the Second Rebellion went," Meister points out. "I know, but...right now, we'll just have to be careful, okay?" I ask. Meister nods.


Okay, that's the finale for my first games! Yup, I planned this all along! Watch for my third games!

Announcement of the Quarter Quell

Dawn's POV

I turn on the TV, hoping something good is on, when an important announcement goes in place of some other program. "We bring you live coverage of announcing the next Quarter Quell," a male reporter announces.

My heart nearly stops as President Blizzard is handed a wooden box. He fingers through the envelopes and pulls out the one for the Quarter Quell.

"To show that no one can defeat the Capitol, all surviving tributes from the year before will fight with the regular tributes."

The fated words. No.

I didn't want to go back.

Meister's POV

I turn off the TV and sigh. "Dawn...what can we do?" I ask.

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