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  • I live in Gallifrey
  • I was born on July 2
  • My occupation is Eighth Grader
  • I am Female
  • PiGirl

    What user are you most like?

    February 18, 2012 by PiGirl

    Ok so this is a quiz to see which user your most like. You probably thinking, "I'm most like me". I mean which of four users I pick are you most like. So answer these questions.

    1. How do you usually say hello when you get on? A. IM HERE HOLD THE APPLESAUCE B.Lorem C. Lorem D.hey

    2. Are you a boy or girl? A. I'm a dude B. umm I'm a girl, just like 95% of the users. Why? C. I'm a girl D. Girl

    3. What is your lifelong dream? A. To be a doctor B. to date Alexander Ludwig and "take care of" everyone on my List. C. I dont really know this persons lifelong dream but probably something super useful or maybe helping the poor. D. I don't know this persons dream either but it's probably [insert something super random and funny here]

    4. What is y…

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  • PiGirl

    Clove and Cato: A love story

    February 13, 2012 by PiGirl

    Clove and Cato: A love story

    I just wrote this to try to make people see them as... A bit more human.  I know most people think of them as really cruel monsters, so maybe this will fix it.

    Clove looked at Brutus across the table, with the entire Comittee of Victors behind him, and Cato sitting next to her.  She knew they were probably in trouble.  Of course, there's still a chance it was just a pre-Reaping pep talk.  Since District Two was such a warrior district, the victors had worked out a way to ensure plenty of future victors.  Every year, a day after the Reaping,nevery ten year old who wanted to volunteer for the Games went to the Victors Villiage.  The Victors would, together, choose one boy and girl.  The boy and girl would be traine…

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  • PiGirl

    PiGirl's User Games

    February 13, 2012 by PiGirl

    My user games

    So sign up to do it, no maximum number of people, just everyone who's signed up by whatever time I feel like. WHat I'm gonna do is I'll put the first task up here, then you give me your answer, and I'll find a way to tell you the next task secretly. Note- most tasks will be math word problems using to do with the hunger games, or stories you have to write, or trivia questions to answer. All trivia questions will be hunger games related, unless I feel like changing it.



    Prezziesnow Anon... ~ilovepeeta~

    Primrose33 Quinnquinn

    Ok you can still join, but if you join late, you start late. For the first task, write a story. Not too long, just a brief summary of what happens if Katniss dies in t…

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  • PiGirl

    This is NOT meant to guilt you into stopping... I'm just thinking that most people here should be doing homework right now. So here's the question : what are you SUPPOSED to be doing right now instead of obsessing over a book series? Lol. Just wondering what answers I'll get.

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  • PiGirl

    PiGirl's Games

    January 20, 2012 by PiGirl

    Here's the first ever PiGirl hunger games!! Send me your tributes name, gender, and district. After that I'll add more, once all districts have both tributes

    District One: Female:Sparkle Rose, age 17, username Iluvgale Male: Ryan Hilford, age 16, username Iluvgale

    District Two: Female: Jadynette Olive, age 16, username QuinnQuinn Male: Wilden Criss, age 17, username QuinnQuinn

    District Three: Male: Joe Grenwism, age 15, usname Rockman117 Female: Anna Grenwism, age 15, username Rockman117

    District Four: Female: Penny Fly, age 17, username Moon Beam Male: Simon Trent, age 18, username Moon Beam

    District Five: Female: Ellacey Brown, age 18, username QuinnQuinn Male: Oparnler Parker, age 18, username QuinnQuinn

    District Six: Male: Garrit Khone, …

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