Here's the hunger games from catos point of view, as well as I can. I'm going for accurate, not funny, but I might include something about peanut butter (yes I've read Clove1001's cato POV)well anyway enough introduction, here it is:

Chapter one. The reaping

I listened carefully to District Two's escort, Mladra.  

"Clove," she called out. Great, I think, that girl's pretty, I've liked her since I was ten. I can't kill her. Then Mladra goes over to the glass ball full of boys' names.

She calls out the name of some loser no one cares about, and I lunge forward to volunteer. 
I won't let Clove being called effect whether or not I go.  Since I'm 18, this is my last chance to go into the arena. 
Obviously I have to go in, I've been training for years.
 I heads up to the stage.  This is my time. 
I am so gonna win these games, even if it means Clove's death.
 I shake Her hand.  I picture myself killing her, and immediately get that out of my mind,  it would be too hard,  I'll have to make sure someone else does.  

More to come later

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