Here's the first ever PiGirl hunger games!! Send me your tributes name, gender, and district. After that I'll add more, once all districts have both tributes

District One: Female:Sparkle Rose, age 17, username Iluvgale Male: Ryan Hilford, age 16, username Iluvgale

District Two: Female: Jadynette Olive, age 16, username QuinnQuinn Male: Wilden Criss, age 17, username QuinnQuinn

District Three: Male: Joe Grenwism, age 15, usname Rockman117 Female: Anna Grenwism, age 15, username Rockman117

District Four: Female: Penny Fly, age 17, username Moon Beam Male: Simon Trent, age 18, username Moon Beam

District Five: Female: Ellacey Brown, age 18, username QuinnQuinn Male: Oparnler Parker, age 18, username QuinnQuinn

District Six: Male: Garrit Khone, age 14, username Nate777 Female: Glade Frost, age 15, username Nate777

District Seven: Male: Miles Graze, age 15, username moviepopcorn123 Female: Belle Freeze, age 15, username moviepopcorn123

District Eight: Male : Aran,Age 15, username mrweare121 Female: Larua,age 15, username mrweare121

District Nine: Female: Alexa Colleek, age 13, username BubblestheLlama

District Ten: Male: Brom, age 18, username Mrweare121 Female: Meg, age 14, username Mrweare121

District Eleven: Female: Evelyn Grace, age 16, username mikalmt Male: Jason Grace, age 18, username mikalmt

District Twelve: Male:Aaron Winters, age 17, username Rockman117 Female: Lilac Coulburner, age 15, username Rockman117

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