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So sign up to do it, no maximum number of people, just everyone who's signed up by whatever time I feel like. WHat I'm gonna do is I'll put the first task up here, then you give me your answer, and I'll find a way to tell you the next task secretly. Note- most tasks will be math word problems using to do with the hunger games, or stories you have to write, or trivia questions to answer. All trivia questions will be hunger games related, unless I feel like changing it.




Primrose33 Quinnquinn

Ok you can still join, but if you join late, you start late. For the first task, write a story. Not too long, just a brief summary of what happens if Katniss dies in the bloodbath, and Peeta is denied being allowed to join the Careers, so they kill him. Just a brief summary of what would be different. When your done with that, tell me in private chat, and I'll decide how long until I tell you the next task based on how creative and how accurate your story is. Have fun, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Ok I'm gonnna do this differently. You can start the next task immediately after you finish the first one, and at the end of the first set, I'll penalize you for anything I didn't like bat your stories.

Task two: For this one, It's about somewhat minor characters. Pick three people who are somewhat important to the story, but don't have much character development, and write about a paragraph about who they are. If you can think of anyone, I suggest either Madge or any tribute form either games. Note- making Cato seem like a total idiot and really mean and super hate able and stuff won't help you. And changing clove at all want help. SO HAVE FUN

Task three: Ooo this ends gonna be fun. Pick a song and write a parody to it, changing all the lyrics. You have to EXTEND the song. Heres what it has to be about: one verse for tribute, dn the chorus has to be something about these are the tributes in the 74th hunger games HAVE FUN

Task four: O this is gonna be so fun.... For this you have to solve about twenty math problems, I'll post them here after school, you have to tell me the answers today, and they may sound like seventh grade math homework problems.... Jk lol. What you really have to do is pick any character and type up every line they say in the whole book series. Note: they hve to have at least ten lines. HAVE FUN

Task five: Write a hypothetical where Cato accidentally spills the beans at his interview- he and clove are in love! Since he's a career and they're SUPPOSED to be super tough and stuff, all sponsors think he's a weakling. Write how the story would be different. HAVE FUN

Task six: This is the last one in the first set. Katniss fired the arrow at snow instead of coin. Coin ended up being the new ruler of panem, write how the story is different. And remember- dried pickles. Jk HAVE FUN

I'll put what time of what day people finished right here and how much they're being penalized for answers I don't like.

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