Ok so this is a quiz to see which user your most like. You probably thinking, "I'm most like me". I mean which of four users I pick are you most like. So answer these questions.

1. How do you usually say hello when you get on? A. IM HERE HOLD THE APPLESAUCE B.Lorem C. Lorem D.hey

2. Are you a boy or girl? A. I'm a dude B. umm I'm a girl, just like 95% of the users. Why? C. I'm a girl D. Girl

3. What is your lifelong dream? A. To be a doctor B. to date Alexander Ludwig and "take care of" everyone on my List. C. I dont really know this persons lifelong dream but probably something super useful or maybe helping the poor. D. I don't know this persons dream either but it's probably [insert something super random and funny here]

4. What is your opinion of talking in caps? A. HEY NO MODS BREAK ALL THE RULES B. usually just use them when I'm super angry or excited and it SHOULDN'T BE AGAINST CHAT RULES C. I don't use caps D. Umm I don't think admins normally break chat rules

5. How long have you been here? A. A long time B. like a little more than a month C. A long time. D. A LONG time

6. What was your opinion of this quiz? A. SUPER POINTLESS B. well I made it C. Well I took it cuz my friend gave me a link :D D. umm...

7. This quiz is now done. A. YES B. yea finally ended on question 7 (Alexander Ludwigs favorite number) and it took me forever to come up with good questions. C. Ok nice D. Awesome

Results: Mostly as- KEAP Mostly bs- ME (PiGirl) Mostly cs- Primrose33 Mostly ds-Moon Beam

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