• Pickle2000

    the 175th hunger games

    December 23, 2010 by Pickle2000

    hello all! and welcome to the 175th hunger games!

    i, cleo hythorne, will be presenting the fight for freedom this year, to keep you up to date with all of the great and exciting news!

    please comment in some tributes, (only four per person though please!) and i would like you to write out their abilities in order, like this:






    skills and strategy

    i need as many entries as possible please! or else i will not announce this important years' quater quell twist!

    cleo hythorne, over and out...

    district 1

    male- bob dupree score=8

    female- andrea tigger score=8

    district 2

    male- Raven Tern score=9

    female- Autumn Redstone score=11

    district 3

    male- Rufus Karalisks score=9

    female- Tanya Eurim score=7

    district 4

    male- Achilles Valerio sc…

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