hello all! and welcome to the 175th hunger games!

i, cleo hythorne, will be presenting the fight for freedom this year, to keep you up to date with all of the great and exciting news!

please comment in some tributes, (only four per person though please!) and i would like you to write out their abilities in order, like this:






skills and strategy

i need as many entries as possible please! or else i will not announce this important years' quater quell twist!

cleo hythorne, over and out...

district 1

male- bob dupree score=8

female- andrea tigger score=8

district 2

male- Raven Tern score=9

female- Autumn Redstone score=11

district 3

male- Rufus Karalisks score=9

female- Tanya Eurim score=7

district 4

male- Achilles Valerio score=8

female- Danielle Storms score=9

district 5

male- Jake Pine score=8

female- Fawn (Fawnstep) Leaves score=7

district 6

male- Faunus Mors score=9

female- Furina Aquilo score=8

district 7

male- Harry Fiderson score=8

female- Marry "jumpy" blodbath=8

disrict 8

male- Intemporal Armastus=7

female- Nyota Klatergoud=8

district 9

male- Finn Sorygra=9

female- Nyx Ryuu=8

district 10

male- Darius Gregorios=8

female- Skye Stevens=6

district 11

male- Aaron Thorns=6

female- Sky Thorns=7

district 12

male- Eldon Bellanger=9

female- Scarlet Frieght=10

come on guys keep sending these great tributes in and spread the word!

thank you very much every body, you may be getting impatient now because i, cleo hythorne am frequently not here, but i now am ready to sort out the sponsoring:

every one will recieve £200.00 (obvoisly not real lol)

medicine= £50.00

small weapon= £60.00

food= £70.00

(this may seem a little expensive so just sponser wisely!

Hi again! Cleo Hythorne here! i was quite disracted for the last *cough* year or so *cough* but anyway! on with the extremely delayed 175th annual hunger games! Now... i shall tell you all the secret twist of the quarter quell edition of the games! It is........

drum roll please........

No cornucopia!!! Every districts two tributes will start together but in a totally distant place from the other tributes, there will be no bloodbath this year, only 50 hidden weapons around the arena. Pictures of the arena shall follow soon- this game is on, and it aint gonna be an easy one for our intrepid contestants!!! Tune in soon to find out more...

Cleo Hythorne over and out :o)

Hello again! news just in... district twelve have just found out that the capitol resident tiffany sparkylot, (Who picked the names for the reaping) rigged the game! will this cause an uproar in Panem? Eldon Bellanger and Scarlet Freight are now accusing the Capitol of a setup, this is sure to go down in history! Eldons dad was a tribute and won in the 125th hunger games, and scarlets mum also won a game, in the 130th hunger games, this is considered as to why the chuldren were picked. They think that they were picked because of their skill, and that tey are destined to take down the Capitol, so they were picked on purpose for the games in the hope that they will die? what on earth will happen? with the games scheduled to start for next weekend, what on earth can happen...????

Cleo Hythorne over and out! :D

Hay guys! The interviews are set to go tomorrow, if not Friday (due to a small mishap in the capitol) and make sure that you look out for autumn redstone

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