aka McKenna

  • I live in Pieland/ District 7!
  • I was born on June 7
  • My occupation is Eating Pie
  • I am Female
  • Pierulesnotyou

    Hi. I don't do too much around here but I'm bored so I'll start this thing about Cashmere and Gloss. It will be like two separate stories as they both have different games. It starts in Cashmere's POV then switches to Gloss's during his games. I might not ever finish this so I'll start now.

    District one, best place ever. I may be only 8 but I know there is no place better than here. Me and my younger brother, Gloss, have lived in our huge house since we were born. I have always wanted to be a jeweler as I will do anything to make things pretty for the Capitol and (possibly) the lesser districts. Gloss wants to be a Goldsmith but what does he know? He's only 6 too young to do anything worthwhile. After a year, I no longer wanted to be a jewe…

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  • Pierulesnotyou

    I am currently doing the 183 hunger games and I thought of a great idea, the quell of quells. It is all the quells in one. Double the amount of victors are voted in. It doesn't have to be a real victor though.

    1. Use the given templates

    2. I won't go on profiles

    3. Up to three tributes, 2 stylists and 1 gamemaker

    4. NO SPAMMING!!!

    5. They don't have to be true victors

    6. Have a happy hunger games and may the odds be ever in your favor

    The anthem blares out and President Morinteen steps on stage. "As you all know, it is almost time for the 100th hunger games and the fourth quarter quell! So we must do the reading of the card!" A small boy walks up to the stage with a box. President Morinteen reaches in and takes out a slip of paper with a 100 on it.…

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  • Pierulesnotyou

    183 Hunger Games

    August 2, 2012 by Pierulesnotyou

    This is my first games so please don't be mean if I mess things up. This is a regular games so no quell. There is 48 tributes, 2 males, 2 females.

    About 55 years ago, the mockingjay died. Snow's great-grandson reinstated the hunger games and made each district send 2 males and 2 females to the capital. They all must still be ages 12-18. This time President Snow orders that only 3/4 of the mines are deactivated until the final 10, then the rest are deactivated.

    1. You can enter up to 3 tributes.

    2. You must use the given templates

    3. I am sorry but I will not be doing any lunaii

    4. You have 2 days for reservations

    5. You should send your tributes advice and supplies

    6. Do not get mad if your tributes die. Only one will survive.

    7. You get 600$ per …

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