Hi. I don't do too much around here but I'm bored so I'll start this thing about Cashmere and Gloss. It will be like two separate stories as they both have different games. It starts in Cashmere's POV then switches to Gloss's during his games. I might not ever finish this so I'll start now.

Life in District 1

District one, best place ever. I may be only 8 but I know there is no place better than here. Me and my younger brother, Gloss, have lived in our huge house since we were born. I have always wanted to be a jeweler as I will do anything to make things pretty for the Capitol and (possibly) the lesser districts. Gloss wants to be a Goldsmith but what does he know? He's only 6 too young to do anything worthwhile. After a year, I no longer wanted to be a jeweler. I was going to be a victor. The best one district 1 has ever seen. We have had really, really, really bad luck in the games lately. One tribute dies in the bloodbath while the other is killed in the top 8. The death I hated the most was when Cecelia and a female tribute from 1, Emerald, were fighting to the death. Emerald had stabbed Cecelia and thought she was going to bleed to death so she turned. Cecelia grabbed the knife in one last effort and threw it into Emerald's neck. I hated it and promised to rip every district 8 tribute apart. They would never last another second when I was mentoring. At career training, I worked harder than everyone. "Who's this little victor?" everyone always asked. Gloss always tried to copy me and wasn't very bad himself. He was great with a knife while I could use most weapons. That's the beginning of my life, all I did was train right? No, not at all that simple.

The challenges begin

As soon as I was 11, everything changed. My mother, Ruby was murdered by the president. Not by him, but publicly executed in the town square. She had Lund that the president was poisoning everyone that was against him. The truth got to some peacekeepers then to Snow. My father, Matthew, was torn apart and didn't do much anymore. 2 years ago, we got a baby sister, Scarlett. I had to feed and care for the 4 of us singlehanded. We were rich but my father was fired from his job and we still had many bills to pay. Gloss seemed fine except he was continually getting thinner. Scarlett kept getting sick with fevers and the flu. The medicine cost money and soon we found ourselves poor. When I was 14, Gloss, Scarlett, and me dropped out of career training because we couldn't afford it. 3 years later, our father died. He caught the flu from Scarlett and we no longer could buy the medicine. The 3 of us were shipped to an orphanage where Scarlett still got sick. 4 months later, she also passed away. Me and Gloss were alone for now, forever. Just before the reaping, I knew the only way to end the suffering was to volunteer.

The beginning of the end

It was the day of the reaping. I knew I had to volunteer today or else we would suffer. I was in a long white dress and a diamond necklace on. My long blond hair was in a pink hairband that almost seem to have a flaming aura. When Gloss walked in, his mouth opened and he stopped. It happened as we walked from the orphanage to the square. I loved having all the attention on me and and couldn't wait until everyone saw me on the stage. Me and Gloss got our blood drawn and walked over to our separate areas. "See you later" he mumbled to me. Gloss didn't know I was going to be volunteering so he was going to be freaked out. Our escort, Sosyos Ess, got up. "Happy hunger games and may the odds be ever in your favor!" She was weird by Capitol standards. She had long bushy pink hair but on the inside it was blue. Her eyes were like cats, yellow and in slits. She had almost orange skin and had many tattoos up her arms and legs. "Ladies first!" Sosyos said in a voice that was almost as high as a regular screech. This is going to be a very annoying time. "J-" She barely breathed before everyone shouted "I VOLUNTEER!!!" All of us were loud but the person next to me was loudest. Sosyos glanced around then must of thought it was me who screeched loudest. She beckoned me up and I smirked sideways at loudgirl. "Hello you. What's your name?" I smiled and took the microphone. "I'm Cashmere Zaya and I'm going to be victor this year." All of the boys cheered and I saw Gloss mouth to me I'm going to volunteer to be with you I shook my head vigorously. I'm doing this to save you, I thought. There can only be one victor and it will be me. "For the boys!" She picked a name and just opened her mouth when 100 voices shouted "I VOLUNTEER!!!" Sosyos easily picked an 18 year old. "What's your name?" She asked him. "Cole Acevedo" He spoke in a quiet but nice voice. I'd feel bad killing him but it may be necessary.

Before the games

Me and Cole were taken to the justice building immediately. Even though he volunteered, Cole struggled against the peacekeepers. We were taken to different rooms and my first guest was Gloss. "Why did you volunteer?!? You could die in 2 weeks." He got right to the point. "If I do win, and I will, we will live in Victors Village. I'll be famous but I do have to go back to the Capitol every year." Gloss looked angry and I knew he had the right to but I had to do this. "You knew you were going to. That's why you look so pretty. What if you don't come home? I'll be alone forever. I knew I should have volunteered to be with you." I had just opened my mouth to explain when the peacekeepers came in and grabbed Gloss. "Gloss, I love you. Take care and I'll see you soon." As soon as he left, Sosyos came in. "Time to go!" We were taken to the train and got our pictures taken and then, we were racing to the Capitol. Me and Cole sat in silence as we saw a district fly by. "I'm not going to be part of the careers. Will you join me?" Cole looked serious and I was about to reply when Sosyos came in. "Here are your mentors!" she said as she waved to people forward. "I'm Cassi Etcitty and this is Jonathan Rodillas!" Cassi said loudly. I knew who they were because they were victors. Cassi was a 30 year old who looked a little like me. She had long curly blond hair and green eyes. Her eyes were a little lighter than mine and she was better fed and maybe stronger. Jonathan had dark brown hair that stuck up all over the place and didn't look well fed. He was strong and had electric blue eyes that were scanning Cole. "Don't worry, we know you" Cole said quietly. I just nodded. Cassi beckoned for me to go with her into a private room. "How do you like Cole?" She asked as soon as the door was shut. "He's ok, I guess. He just asked me to leave the career pack with him. What should I do, mentor?" I tried to sound mad on the last word but I couldn't do it. "Don't do it. I would have died if I wasn't a career. Just get ready to possibly leave the careers." Cassi said it importantly and I wasn't going to disobey her. As soon as we got to the Capitol, my stylist got to work on me. I didn't pay much attention to him as he is so ugly and annoying but he made beautiful costumes for us. Everyone loved us at the chariot parade. After I finally answered Cole's question "No," I told him quietly and walked off. During training, I stuck with the careers. They included a strong, cute, not talkative, 18 year old from 2 named Clay. A small 13 year old girl great with a bow and won't stop talking from 2 named Alana. And two 14 twins from 4, Roxie and Max. I liked Max the most as he was a lot like me. I stayed at weapon training most of the time but also loved the gauntlet. The twins were better with weapons while the 13 year old could do the gauntlet fastest and could climb very well. Clay didn't talk much and all he did was stabbing things with a sword or destroying things with clubs. In private traing I did the gauntlet in 12.42 seconds and did almost every weapon. On tv we didn't have to wait long as I was second. Cole got a 7 then my picture came on and I got a 9. I was heartbroken as I wanted a 11 or 10. Clay and Alana got elevens, Max got a 10 and Roxie got an 8. I was second worst and I hated that. They would regret getting a score higher than me. Caesar was really annoying and I always snapped back on the interview until the end when I was sweet. "How's your family back home?" he said. "Why do you care?!?" I knew my mother would have hated me saying that. "Your pretty, do you have a really cute boy?" he asked near the end. I instinctively blushed. "Well, no. I'll tell you something. My whole life, I've had to take care of my brother, Gloss. I never had time for a boy but when I'm home again, I'm going to get the cutest boy in district 1!" the buzzer sounds as soon as I'm done talking. "Best of luck, Cashmere Zaya, the prettiest girl of district 1!!!!!" As soon as the other interview end, I go up to my room. The games start tomorrow and I need to be ready.

Day 1 of the 63rd games-A bath of blood

I got up really early and remembered I could be killed today. I blinked and got breakfast. Soon, I was in the hovercraft and then in the underground "home". I hated my stylist so I just ignored him until the robotic voice told me to get in the tube. "Good luck," he whispered to me and I smiled. I felt myself going down fast. It abruptly stopped and I was in a pitch black cave. The robotic voice began countdown and suddenly, there was light. 59...58...57...56... I saw Clay nod at me and I nodded back. The arena was a huge cave with 6 tunnels leading up. The cave seemed to be slanted at there were many stalagmites and stalactites. They were huge and seemed as if they would fall. 28...27...26... I looked for weapon to run for and saw a nice bow with a quiver. Next to it was an array of throwing knives and I saw Alana and decided to go for the knives. 5...4...3...2...1...GONG!!! I saw the two tributes from 8 run away from eachother. The boy was running towards my knives while the girl ran to a tunnel. I easily got to the knives first and threw one into his heart. He fell and I smiled knowing I started to avenge Emerald's death. I started to throw knives and random tributes and by the time everyone had left or died I was almost out of knives. BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! "Where should we hunt for tributes first?" Max asked. "That tunnel" I pointed at the tunnel that the girl from 8 ran up. "And if we find the girl from 8, she's mine!" They nodded like they understood and I decided to smile. "Let's go!" Alana said cheerfully. We raced up the tunnel and I found myself in a sweet meadow with tall grass on the other side. I saw the boy from 10 at the edge of the tall grass and he sprinted back into it. "I think I saw him with a big group of people. There could be an alliance in there." Max smiled and gripped his trident. I saw all 5 of us were heavily armed. Clay had a mace. Alana had a bow with 10 arrows remaining. Max and Roxie had a trident each. I had my knives arranged carefully in my jacket. What nobody knew at that moment, we were all being watched by a later ally of mine. We walked quietly into the tall grass and we were all thinking the same thing but Roxie finally said it. "There has to be some clearin-" She stopped and fell immediately. BOOM!!! I turned and started chasing the girl from 7. I decided to throw a knife just as we broke into the meadow. I threw it and it hit her square in the back. BOOM!!! I retraced my steps and found Max crying over his sisters body. "Quiet!" Clay hissed. I heard some hushed voices when they abruptly stopped. I had another knife in my hand when I fell something pierce my back. I fell and blacked out.

Day 2- Come and die!

I woke up and my back was aching. Max was standing over me with medicine in his hand. "Hi, you should probably get some medicine." I knew it must of been from sponsors. I looked around and noticed that Clay wasn't there. It dawned on me of what happened when Max explained. "It was the boy from 9 who shot an arrow at you. Clay charged at him and took him down quickly. Then the tributes from 5 came out with the female from 8 and male from 7. 7 threw an axe at Clay and he didn't make it out. Alana had shot an arrow at the male from 5 and she guarded me as I ran with you. I thought she was right behind me but I set you down and she was gone, the stinking traitor!" Max was fuming at the end of the story and I had to calm him down. "Ok, there's three left in that alliance unless Alana joined them" I muttered half to myself. Max nodded silently and he picked up his trident. "There's something I need you to know. I got a note from my mentors and they to.d me to kill you. Sorry." He was directly over me and I reached for a knife when I found he had disarmed me. "NOOOOOO!!!!!!" Cole was out of a tunnel and hurled a spear at Max. He fell and his trident was loose in his grasp. BOOM!!! "I told you not to join the careers." Cole said, shaking his head slowly. "Allies? If not..." He grabbed his spear and I froze. "Just kidding!" He said and laughed. He started to look around and froze at the sight of all the spears. "Take them, if we leave them, others could get them. I never use spears. My best weapon is the bow. I'm not terrible with throwing knives either." Cole grabbed all the spears and everything else he wanted. I got food, water, a sleeping bag, a bow, 2 quivers (each with 12 arrows), 7 throwing knives, and matches. "Where do you want to go?" I asked Cole. "Let's stay here for today. Nobody knows that Max is dead and... Where's Alana?" Cole looked around like he just noticed. I sighed as I started "She ran off and nobody knows where she is. Unless..." An arrow whistled past my ear cutting, me off. "Unless me and Max formed an alliance to kill you?" Alana said as she stepped out from a cave. "Not only that but I have other allies." She smirked as 4 others came out and I half recognized them from training. "This is the alliance you attacked. Let me introduce Paige from district 5, Rick from 5, Dustin from 7, and Susan from 8." Alana waved her hand for Cole to join her. "Cole, you could join us too. That or have a spectacular death. Which would you prefer?" Cole froze and looked at me then her. "I choose, his death." He pointed at the guy from five as he threw one spear. BOOM!!! I got the signal and shot an arrow into 7's heart. BOOM!!! Paige and Susan ran back up the tunnel while Alana froze. "You want a slow death, or a long spectacular one?" I smirked. She looked at us and shot an arrow at Cole. He slumped to the ground as Alana ran off. I got down behind Cole and realized he wasn't dead. I got the nearest pack of medicine and forced it down his throat. His eyes opened, "Is she dead?" I shook my head and got two sleeping bags. "Take a nap. I'll tach for a while." He curled up and started to snore. I think this won't be too bad.

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