Welcome to the 20th Hunger games. So hey. I thought I'll start my own hunger games so yeah. Its going to be set way before katniss. 54 years.

  • Please don't get mad if your tribute dies!

Sponsorship Items

Axe - $100

Sword - $125

Throwing Knives (3) - $75

Machete - $125

Cleaver - $125

Bow - $125

Arrows(12) - $25

Blowgun - $100

Darts (12) - $25

'Dagger - $100'

'Set of Blades (3) - $50'

'Sythe - $100'

'Spear - $125'

'Blisks; Bladed discs (3) - $75'

'Slingshot - $125'

'Trident - $250'

'Canteen - $75'

'Water - $150'

'Soup - $125'

'Bread - $50'

'Sleeping Bag - $75'

'Rocks (12) - $25'

'Spile - $50'

'First Aid Kit - $275'

'Painkillers (5) - $75'

'Fever Pills (3) - $50'

'Antidote - $150'

'Neosporin - $175'

'Net - $100'

'Blanket - $75'

'Burn Cream - $125'

'Snare - $100'

'Small box of Matches - $50'

'Wire - $75'

'Poison - $75'

'Rope - $50'

'Raft - $200'

'Paddles - $150'

'Throwing Axes (3) - $150'

'Mace - $100'

'Bag of Dried Fruit - $25'

'Bowl - $50'


'You start out with $1025 for each tribute.'


  • Reservations last for a week (Overtime, this number shall DECREASE)
  • For now, 3 tributes a user
  • No swearing or arguing at other users
  • If you are joing an alliance with another user, make sure I know the other user has given their permissiom to carry the act
  • Don't get mad if your tribute gets a small training scores or dies, you're not alone
  • There will be mild swearing and small sexual references
  • Enjoy the games

 The Arena

The area is based in a snowy forest with a moutain range on the ouster of the forest. The cornicopia it has three inch of snow but it dose not snow there. The mountain range pervades shelter but it is the coldest part of the arena. The is no water although a few bags contain water and you could mealt the snow if you could find dried wood. There are also mny dangous mutt like moutain lions.






Backstory (The more creative the better):





Token (optional):

Reservations/Taken Tributes


Age Gender District Weapon
Titan Sirus 16 Male 1 Mace& club
Serina Altoe 17 Female 1
Phanton Wisp 15 Male 2 Scythe, Muttations
Alexeii Pride 15 Female 2 Throwing Knives
Harry Blotz 14 Male 3 Wire, Knives & Dagger
Brianna Frye 17 Female 3 Spears & Electricity
Hiro Kahn 18 Male 4 Dagger
Opaline Cascade 18 Female 4 Trident & Spear
 Alexis Pheta 13 Male 5 Bow and Arrow
Claire 'Pussum'   Clove 15 Female 5                        

Throwing knives, Taps  & Dagger

Ice Bravo 16 Male 6 Hammer, Mallet
Shade 14 Female 6 bow, a knife & ninja stars
Peace Valley 16 Male 7
Lila Greene 17 Female 7
Brisbane Vesperia 18 Male 8 Spear, Axe & Sword
Shea Summerfield 15 Female 8 Dagger, Throwing Knives & Blowgun
Edilio Escolarr 17 Male 9 Sickle, sickle sword
Cecelia Brielle Devalange 15 Female 9
John Williamson 13 Male 10 Axes & Spear
Lily 13 Female 10
Smile Bloodtooth 14 Male 11 Teeth, Hand-to-Hand Combat &  Axe
Maizee Andrews 12 Female 11
Jordan Buhmann 15 Male 12 Dagger, Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrows
Candela Calor 17 Female 12 Bow & Throwing stars

  • Titan Sirus D1 Male
  • Phanton Wisp D2 Male
  • Alexeii Pride D2 Female
  • Harry Blotz D3 Male
  • Brianna Frye D3 Female
  • Opaline Cascade D4 Female
  • Alexis Pheta D5 Male
  • Clair 'Pussum' Clove D5 Female
  • Brisbane Vesperia D8 Male
  • Shea Summerfield D8 Female
  • John Williamson D10 Male
  • Smile Bloodtooth D11 Male
  • Jordan Buhmann D12 Male
  • Candela Calor D12 female


Alliances And Solo



Titan Sirus - D1 M

Serina Altoe - D1 F

Alexeii Pride - D2 F

Brianna Frye - D3 F

Hiro Kahn - D4 M

Opaline Cascade - D4 F

Brisbane Vesperia - D8 M

Other Alliances:

D2 M & D11 M

Phantom Wisp - D2

Smile Bloodtooth - D11

D7 F & D11 F

Lila Greene - D7

Maizee Andrews - D11

D5 F & M

Claire Clove - F

Alexis Pheta - M

D6 F & M

Shade - F

Ice Bravo - M


Harry Blotz - D3 M

Edilio Escolarr - D9 M

Cecelia Brielle Devalange - D9 F

Lily - D10 F

John Williamson - D10 M

Jordan Buhnmann - D12 M

Cecelia Brielle Devalange - D12 F


District 1

Serina Altoe

The Hunger Games. I've been training for them my whole life like most D1 kids. I really think without training D1 wouldn't have a many victor. I mean really how is luxury meant to kill omeone. This year I'm volunteering. Not because I want to, I'm no idiot, just to show I'm the stronget out of my family. Plus I have a chance of wining cause most of my family are victors. Jenifer Belle starts to say the females tribute. "Shara Mernie!" she said. A she saids the name I notice a girl about to she volunteer. As she open her mouth I scream"I volunteer!" The hock on her face was worth it.

Titan Sirus

I look up at all the other D1 males. Me and my sister Elle, have a plan as soon as Jenifer Belle, the D1 escort, Says the name of the tribute for this years Hunger Games, We both volunteer. I just hope someone quicker than elle. I counld not bare to see her get killed. Jenifer gose on about the dark days as she just dose every year and how she will be honred to bring back the victor of the games. Than she saids "Now its time to pick the female tribute for D1!" As she puts here hand in the blow I look around to see if I can find Elle. No luck she to small to see. As I look Jenifer had the name " Shara Merdie!" Good its not elle. All of a stunding I hear "I volunteer!"  I look the way the voice came From. A short blonde hair girl moves to the stage. Good its not elle. Now for the Males!" Jenifer yells, "Josh Mernie!" As soon as she finishes I yell, "I volunteer!"

District 2

Alexeii Pride

God I love the Hunger games! Its always a honer to be the victor and even if you die you will more respect than before. Sam grodd comes to the front of the stage. He talks about the tipecal stuff like the dark days and stuff. The he saids "Now lets pick our female Tribute." I hope its me I need to honer my parents deaths. "And the tribute is... Alexii Pride!" Yes its me! No one dares puts up the hand to volunteer. They know if they did I word make there life a living hell.

Phantom Wisp

So the felmale tribute is Alexieii Pride. Seen her around town but never talk to her so I couldn't care less if was killed. I got told by spirit my snake to volunteer fo this years HG. I always do what he saids so I'll do just that. "Now we go on to the male tribute!" Our HG escort saids, "James Risk." I short my hand up and say  "I volunteer!" Everyone starts to look my direction. "It looks like we have a volunteer!" Sam saids as I stand on stage, "Do you have a name." I Reply "Yes, Phantom Wisp!" I shake Alexii hand. Then I notice her lips moving. I think she said, "Your going down!"

District 3

Brianna Frye

I stand next to a bunch of 17 year olds all with worry looks on there faces. D3 Tributes hardly get passed the top 10 mark So we never get the respect we should have. I would volunteer but if I do I will shame my parents so I just say quite. "Welcome district 3 to the 20th aunnel hunger games!" Our escort saids. I can never remember her name. "I would like to take some time to remember the dark days." Wow I can't belive those were only 20 years ago. She show us the video that we watch every year. "Now for the tributes from our distirct 3. First, Like alway the female tribute." She speaks. I would mind going in. I mean it will be hard in all but imagine the glory of being a victor. "Brianna Frye!" Ha, well that work out fine.

Harry Blotz

Oh how I want to be in the games. I love them so much. I even think I mite volunteer this year. The way some people can kill makes so happy. Josh merdock, Our district escort, Says the felmale tributes name. "Now for the boys." He saids. "Harry Blotz!" OMG, I'm in the HG. As I work up the stage I look at my district partner... I will kill her.

District 4

Opaline Cascade

I stand there in the line of D4 girls. This year I'm going to volunteer to win the HG. Sure I will have to kill the other Tributes but come on its I can do this. Annabelle Pattel starts to talk about the the rebellion and how the HG help everone. Its a whole lot of bull but what ever I just go with. "Now this year will start wwih the girls!" Anna saids. ha well thats a surpise normally we have to wait for the guys. She puts her had the blow with all the girls names in it. "Melody Wave." Wow that weakling I will happy to take her place. "I volunteer." I say. I get all storts of look as a work to thr stage. Some are surpise that I volunteer because I'm so populer. Other are happy that I can win. As I look out to the audenice, I say in my head. I have volunteer. I will be a career. I will kill. I will be the victor.

Hiro Kahn

When Opaline volunteered I was so surpise. I was still surpise as Anna said the male tributes name. I didn't even get time to think about myself before she said "Hiro Kahn!" No I can't be in the games. No matter how har I try I can't beat the distircts. Well someone happy going to be happy. My parents will happy I'm finally in the hunger games. *Sigh* All well I just have to win.

District 5

Claire "pussum" Clove

I can't do this again. I hate the Hunger games with every thing I have. Why do this...Why. I just don't understand the Capitol. District 5 Hardally wins. What chance dose a girl like have. Ha. I'm think so hard I don't evern notice the reaping has begun. Our district ecsort Harly joe starts to annocnd the felmale tribute "Claire Clove!" No no no not me. Great I'm going to have to kill.

Alexis Phetaiding 

Oh no! Claire got pick for the hunger games. She's one of the nicest people  in the district. Oh well. Theres nothing I can do. Then Harly saids "Ok, now its the boys turn!" As she puts her hand in the blow with my name it. I think about what will if I get picked. I'm to young and  small to be a big threat.  I would have to find a bow and arrow. But this is only second time I've been in this position. So I might not even be picked. "Alexis Pheta!" Wait! What? I can't survive the games. Ok I'm going need allies.

District 6


Kim Smith, D2 escort, starts to speak. "Welcome all to the 20th Hunger Games!" she saids loudly. While we watch the video of district 13, I look around at the kids near me. Two of them will die in two weeks. "Ok now its time to pick the tributes for District 6!" Kim yells. Here we go. "District 6 female tribute is... Shade!" What? Did she just say my name? No! I wait 20 secounds for a volunteer. Of corse, no ones dose. *Sigh* In two weeks I'll be dead.

Ice Bravo

As a shy looking girl walks to the stage I start to think about last year. I was second from being in the hunger games. After my family was killed by the capicol years I've been hiding ever since. Last year I decided to volunteer knowing I would be killed but someone beated me to it. Kim as the card with the tributes name on it. "The male tribute is... Ice Bravo!" The shock on my face saids it all. I fanally find something in life to care about and I get reaped in the Hunger games.

District 7

Lila Greene

I stand in my spot with the D7 12 year olds. This is my first game and I've started to shake. So far in the hunger games no 12 year old have won the games. Its beacause were all not very tall and most tributes call us weak. And we are! Your not consdered a threat unless your a career. I try to imagine being in the games. I would have to say hidden untill I'm fores out by the game players. District 7's escort, Gillan Coach, comes to the front of the stage. "Hello District 7 and welcome to the 20th Hunger Games!" she saids. Ok the I'm really shaking. I know if my name comes out I'm in the games. No one will even bother to volunteer. "We will now be the female tribute." My breathing starts to rush. "Lila Greene!" she screams. I can't move my body. Its just staying still from shock. Evenerally some peacekeepers have to come and take me to the stage. I still can't move.

Peace Valley

Walk to the reast male 16 year olds. I hate the Hunger Games more than any other distract 7er. Why dose anyone enjoy the sport of killing? The more you kill the longer you survive. The more violent the more sponsors you get. *Sigh* I just don't get them. "Well I think itd time for the boys turn." Kim saids trying to get over the female tribute not coming to the stage. She puts her hand in the blow and takes out a card stight away. "The male tributes is... Peace Valley!" I'm stund when I hear my name but I quickly move to the stage. I look at my district partner. She can't be older than 13. Then I picture her beening kill. Ok I have to remember I can't kill anyone. I can't even pick up a weapon!

District 8

Shea Summerfield

I don't really care about the hunger games. Unlike the other kids in district 8 I don't work myself up and get scary. If do get pick I'll worry about then. But for now I have other things to worry about like finding out who are my real parents. Victoria Standley starts to talk. "Welcome all to the 20th hunger games!" she saids witha smile. Whilest she talks about the nomal reaping stuff,, I look to the audence to see if my adopt parents are there. Nope must be in the last few rows. "Ok shall we try and pick the tributes now." Victoria asks. She pulls a piece of paper from the blow. "Well the female tribute shall be... Shea Summerfield!" Did she just... I didn't even think my name would be on top. Ok now its time to worry.

Brisbane Vesperia

Ah The Hunger Games. I place where killing people is fine. Most kids in D8 would even be considered to be a career. But for me it won't be a problem. I don't really care if I hurt someone to get what I want. Since this will be my last to be reaped I have to volunteer "Now the male tribute turn... Sam skull!" I scream as loud as I can "I volunteer!" Of corse since I'm from D3 there shock on peoples faces bacause no ever volunteers. But what ever I going to win.

District 9

Cecelia Brielle Devalange

I'm watching Fin Tapp talk about the reaping when a thounght comes to my mind. I might be in hg this year! I don't no why but I have this feeling. Well if I am, I have the training. My Mum won the 7th Hunger Game and my dads the main peacekeeper. They serectly had trained me and my brother since we were able to walk. likely they don't have to worry about him since he's over 18. But they still worry about me. "The female tribute is... Cecelia Brielle Devalange!" *Sigh* I knew it.

Edilio Escolarr

I seethe female tribute for District 9 walk to the stage. She really beautiful for her age.  Wait! What? I need to concentrat! I have to volunteer this year. Why? To avenge my parents death thats why! And I have to win to do it. I have grown my strangth from working in the fields. "And the male... Andy Grain" Fin yells.  "I Volunteer!" I reply. I will win.

District 10


Ah death.. I mean the hunger games. Who are we kiding there the same thing. They bring the same thing. Saddness! Thats what I see on everyones face today. Well except Jenny River, our escort from the capicol. She always have that face but always different hair. I think she enjoys watching kids kill each other. Than again so dose evey Capicol person. "Well I think it's time to pick the female tribute!" She speaks. "Lily!" No. I don't want to play by there rules.

John Williamson

I miss my sister. She die last year dur to being ill. I'm kinder glad she die. At least this way she won't have to go to the reaping and risk being reap.I would leave with myself if she had. A girl called Lily is this years female tribute. I don't know her but I've seen her once or twice at school. Jenny annoces the male tribute, "John Williamson!" I hear my in her voice. I look aound hoping it was someone else. But of corse its me. Start to walk to the stage. I know my sister will be looking after me.

District 11

Maizee Andrews

I look at the crowed and see my family. All my siblings and both my parents all with worry looks on there faces. Since I'm the oldest this the first time any of there childern have been in this problem. I start to get pushed around by the other girls. I don't know why they hate me I didn't do any thing to them. But I guess if I was to be reap they would be happy. Rachel Kemp starts to about the dark day and stuff. When she finishes she puts her hand in a blow and takes a card. "The female tribute of district 11 is... Maizee Andrews!" she reads. Oh no thats me. My first reaping and I'm going in the hunger Games. I'm going to die in the hunger games.

Smile Bloodtooth

I look at the female tribute for d11. She very small, so I'm guessing she about 12. She has very shock look on her face and her hands are shaking. Unless she finds a allie in training she won't survive the bloodbath. Which, mind you, is my favourite part of the games. The blood! I'm going to volunteer this year so I can be causeing the blood spill. "We will now pick the male tribute!" Rachel saids. I get ready to volunteer. "Mark Robin!" "I volunteer!" I yell. I get wied look from many eyes. I don't care. I'min the hunger games.

District 12

Candela Calor

I walk to my spot in the reaping. I watch the video about district 13 yeting blown up. I don't mind the reaping it gives my a incucs to see my family since I live in the moutains. This would be my yougest sisters first reaping. Once the video is finish Sara Maree puts her hand in the female blow with both me and my sisters name in it and picks are card. "And the female tribute is.... Anna Calor!" Wait! Thats my sister names!!!! I see her start to walk to the stage and I blot. I scream "I volunteer!!!" Before I reles what I had just done, I Satr to get strange looks from everyone. I'm because I'm ment to be dead. Oh well I will be soon again.

Jordan Buhmann

I have more other thing to worry about than the hunger games. I have just loss my job at the minds because I'm horrible at it. I can't give my siblings what thy want now because of it. Oh well if I survive the reaping I'll go hungting tomorrow. As I think Rachel takes a card from the male blow. "The male tribute is...Jordan Buhmann!" When I hear my name I denine it. It can't be me!!! But of corse it is. I start to walk to the stage when I notice my young brother crying. How will they survive without me.

The Blood Bath. 

As the tributes platforms rise some are blinded  by the white sky. The area is coved in snow. Around the cornicopia a tick forest with a mountain range in a stright line of the counicopia. All the trubites a dress in long black pant with a white t-shirt. They also have a snow jacket to keep them warm.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, let the 20th Huger Games began!"

Brisbane Vesperia - District 8


As the clock starts to go down, I look around my platform. I'm inbetween the girl from 10 and Opaline. In training the careers said I can stay with them if I show my skills. In other words KILL KILL KILL! As I'm looking I spot a nice size spear. I have found my weapon.

Phanton Wisp - District 2


I rise to the area. Its a snowy forest. Well this is different. I think this is the first time I've this kind of area. I try to find Smile.  We had formed a alliannce in training. I was planing on get a allie but I think I'll need with this years tributes skills. I spot him about five platforms on my right. He sees me too. Now for my weapon. The first that pops out is the scythe on the side of the cornicopia. Your mine!

Claire 'Pussum'   Clove - District 5


I need to from a knife vest or disint weapon. Why? Well without it I'm dead. Noone wanted to form a alliannce with me. Not even my district partner. They all think I'm weak and thats how I wanted it. I'll show them that I have what it takes to kill.

Brianna Frye - Distict 3


My district partner keeps stare at me. He's been doing that since the reaping. Never talks just stares. It's really creepy. I know what he's doing. Trying to find my weakness so knows how to kill me. He won't find it though. I'll kill him before he knows.


Maizee Andrews -  District 11

Gong... I run off my platform and blot stright for the cornicopia. As I run I look around for Lila from District 7. We had formed a alliannce because were the smallest tributes. I spot her a few paces behind me and stop and wait. Thats when she shoted "Maizee run!!!" At first I didn't understand why thats when I notice that the D4 girl was chasing her. She jumps up and easilly takes Lila to the ground. Then she grab a close by spear and pushes it in Lila chest! Boom. No! Lila! I don't even have time to cry when the girl gets up and starts runing my way. Wait! What? Oh no, she had spoted me!!! I run as fast as can to the woods like she dosn't follow me there. Great! I have no ally, weapon, water or food. What am I going to do.

Shade - District 6

As I run I see the girl from 7 get killed by the girl from 4. Wow were not even ten seconds in and theres a death. Well thats the hunger games for yah. I see my district partner picking up a mallet. He will be my first KILL! I sneak up on him and takelle him to the ground. I grab my knife I found and get ready to stab him when he saids "WAIT!!! Wait! Lets be allies!" I think for a moment and help him up. But when I turn my head I feel a sharp pain in my head. Ice had stract me in the head. I fall back to the ground straght away. As I wait for my canom I hear him say "I'm sorry.I had too!" BOOM

Titan Sirus - District 1

CRAP!!! Theres been two deaths and none by me. I know I'm in here to get killed but I want to at less go down with a fright. I see the boy from 8 spear the girl from 10 in the heart. BOOM. I think he's name is Brisbane. He's ok, I wouldn't mind alling with him. Wait! What was that. I heard foot steps behind me. I turn and see th boy from 7 trying to knock me out. Big mistake. I run and swing my mace. It hits his legs and he falls. With one swing I hit his back. BOOM. My first kill. Theres no going back.

Alexis Pheta - District 5

I'm starting to shake I'm now the second smallest person and I have no chance of surviving unless I find a bow and arrow. I look around and I can't see one so I decide to run to the forest. As I run I see a bow hiding behind a bag and grab both. There some arrows abour ten metres away. I run and get them. Ok now the woods. I'm almost at them when at the conner of my eye I see Claire beening chase by Hiro from 4. Without thinking I run to her need. I have no idea why I do though. I pull a arrow in my bow and aim it at his head. I let go. It hits his back skull. BOOM. Claire has a shock face. I'm about to help her up when she throws I kife at me. I see it in time to doge. BOOM. What!!! I trun and see the girl from 2 fall to her knees. "Sorry." Claire saids. "Its find." I answer not knowing if she meant to hit the D1 girl or not. "Allies?" "Ok!" She saids with a smile. I hope I can trust her.

Alexii Pride - District 2

I stand in the counicopia with the rest of the careers. Its surpising warm in here. "Ok, what do we do with those two?" Opaline asks about Brisbane and Brianna who are standing just outside. "Well since we lost Hiro and Serina thanks to the D5 pair.We need them." I answer back. "Ok you two are in but do anything wrong and we will kill you!" Titan yells. I guess he's the leader of the group. The living tributes have all runed away from the bloodbath. I count the bodies of the dead tributes. 6!!! ONLY 6!!!. Oh well at lest I'll be able to kill more. We all pick the weapons we want then go and set the fire. We're about to eat some soup when we hear foot steps. The boy from 3 starts to run Brianna's way. He's going to kill her. She looks like she dosn't see him but has I see she going to attack him with some knives in her hand. When he gets close to her she jumps up, pushes himto the ground then stabs him in the chest and chest. BOOM. Wow! I'm glad shes with us. The capitol Athem starts to play. I watch all who were killed in the Bloodbath and D3 boy. I will kill someone soon.


-Lila Greene District 7, Speared in the chest by Opaline 24th

-Shade District 6, Mallet in the head by Ivo 23th

-Lily District 10, Speared in the heart by Brisbane 22th

-Peace Valley District 7, Stabbed in the back by Titan 21th

-Hiro Kahn District 4, Arrow to the skull by Alexis 20th

-Serina Altoe District 1, Stabbed by Claire 19th

-Harry Blotz District 3, Stabbed in the head and chest by Brianna 18th

Day 2

Smile Bloodtooth - District 11

Crap its cold! I mean I know it is  because of the snow but really got cold since we've gotting near the mountain. Phantom just keeps walking. He dosn't even talk. I had offered to stop for an hour of sleep but he just said we can sleep at the moutain. I'm not so sure about going up there but if I need to flee from anyhing I just can fly. CRAKE! What was that! I have my axe in my hand ready for attack and Phantom has he's weapon ready. As we move closer to the sound I see something shine. TWO SILVER PHARACHUTES! Smile grabs one and hands me the other one. There both filled with bread and soup! "Ok we can have a half an hour brake but thats it." he's said looking for dry wood. We find about three stipes of bark. We sat cooking the soup and eating the bread. I look at a cave in the moutain. Its going to take the rest of the day to get there.

Opaline Cascade - District 4

I'm walking around looking at the red snow. There's seven spots from all seven victims of the bloodbath yesterday. I look at the spot where the first tribute fell. The girl from 7.I kill her and I don't mind that I did. "Opaline come and help us pack up!" Titan yells. The other careers are packing bags so we can go hunting. I grab a red bag and put some knives in it. "I want to kill that little D11 girl." I say, "Who do you wanna kill guys?" "The girl from 12." Alexeii answers first. "She looks the toughest." "I going to kill that D5 pair!" Brisbane said next. We didn't talk again till we finish get our stuff ready. "It dosn't matter who we kil as long as we do. Now lets go." Titan just said.

Candela Calor - District 12

I'm laying down on a tree stump looking at the sky threw the trees. It looks about 4 in the afternoon. I havn't seen a any tributes since the bloodbath yesterday. I deceided to flee as soon as the gong went. I have no allies, weapons or food and water but I'll make by. I had found a berry bush this morning and pick every single berry off it. As I think to myself I hear someone crying. I get ready to acttack when I notice it's the D11 girl. She had lost everything yesterday in the bloodbath. She must be staving by now. She so small I don't think she'll last by tomorrow. "Oy!" I shalt. She looks up and see me and starts to walk back. "Look are you hungry?" I ask her. She nods in reply. "Catch!" I throw about two dozen berries. As I walk away I hear her say "thank you" in a tiny voice. I hope she lasts.

John Williamson - District 10

Well no one has died today. Thats a real surpise! I mean on the second day normally at lest 2 people die. There will be a death soon though. I was almost at the top of the tree when had saw the boy from 6 coming from one derection and the boy from nine coming the other way. Thats when the boy from 9 saw him. I think there names are Ice and Edilio. Edilio tries to sneak up on Ice but he standed on a twig. Ice truns his head and tackles Edilio to ground. Edilio tries ti stab him but can't get his hand with a good grip. Ice takes his mallet and hamer it into his face. BOOM. Ice gets upand walks away.

Jordan Buhmann - District 12

I'm walking in the forest looking for a place to hided and sleep for the night when the Athem starts to play. I want to see who had died today so I climb the closest tree as qiuckly as I can. As a get comfy I the face of the dead tribute is shown. The boy from 9. I didn't really like him so I don't care. I start to go to sleep when I hear I beeping sound. At first I think its a mutt. But then I remember thats the sound of a pharachutes. I look up and I see it on the branch on top of me. ITS A BIG ONE!!! I grab and open to see what I got. OMG!!! 3 thowing knives, bread and a canteen. I rip open the bread. Steam comes out of it as it is freshlly made. Look out other tributes I now Have a chance of winning.


- Edilio Escolarr District 9, Mallet to the face 17th

Day 3

Cecelia Brielle Devalange - District 9

I wake up from a night of crying. I have nothing! I didn't get anything from the bloodbath two days ago. After the D7 girls death I ran. Whats worst is that my District partner was killed yesterday. He wasn't even a wreak tribute. It canda put me in a state of shock. How the hell did my mum win these game?  No matter how hard I try I won't be able     to win. "Ha ha ha. Guys look what I found!" I hear a girl voice below me. Its the D2 girl. OH NO!!! THE CAREERS HAVE FOUND ME!!!! "So whos going to kill her?" I jump and start to run put someone grabs my hand. The D8 boy pushes me into my tree. "You go ahead Alexeii.You founded her." Opaline saids. "Thanks!" Alexeii saids with a giggle. Both the D1 and D8 boys have pin me to the tree. "PLEASE!!!" I Beg them but of corse its no use. The girl grabs her knives and throws them into my chest. I so sorry mum. BOOM.

Titan Sirus - District 1

I look at Alexeii's face. She has the biggest simle I have ever since she killed the D9 girl. The careers and I have been hunting down the stonger tributes all day. All we've mange to kill was the D9 girl. The tributes must be well  hiden this year. As I look to the sky I see to shiny objects falling fromthe sky. each one lays in fornt of Alexii and Brianna. We all stop to see what they got. Brianna opens hers first. Her mentors gave her a cleaver whilest Alexii gets 3 throwing knives. "It's about four so I think we should set up camp." Brisbane saids. We all agree to stop. I really wish we found more tributes to kill. Maybe one will come by tonight.

Claire Clove - District 5

I have stop in me foot steps. The boys for 2 and 11 are in fornt of us whilest the girl from 12 in to our left. I draw out a arrow and put it in my bow. I let go of it before Smile can throw his axe at me. I doge it but my gose threw his shroulder. Phantom grab Alex and puts him into a headlock. He trying to brake his neck. I try to run but the girl from 12 tackles me into the ground. She has no weapons but shes strong. "WAIT!!!! WAIT ALL OF YOU!" I  sceam. "WHAT?" The girl saids. "Why don't we all form a allence to take down the careers." I say as I look at there faces. Their thinking about what I had said. "I'm in. The names Candelor." The girl from12 saids. "Well we all can't take on them by ourselfs. So I gues Me and Smile Are in." Phantom answers. "Ok let's go and kill some careers!!" I say. Alex pulls me aside. "What are you doing?" He wisper to me. "We're picking to birds with one stone."I answer. I hope we kill them all.

Phanton Wisp - District 2

We have been walking for about three hours. Smile, Candelor, the 5 pair and I have been looking for the careers since we had Allied. We had stop when Smile had reseive some bangered. "I think we should stop for the night and start tomorrow morning." Claire saids. As she saids this I look to the sky. SMOKE!!! "WAIT!! Look over there." I shrot as a point to the sky. We quickly run to it and when we see the careers we hide behind some bushes. The Career hadn't seen us yet. As we watch them talking over the fire, I see someone hiding to there left. Its the girl from 8. She runs and tries to sell some apples but the girl from 4 sees her. She starts to run but the girl from 4 throws her trident at her legs. She begs for her life but the girl from grabs a axe and throws it at her neck. BOOM. Claire gets her arrow ready in her bow. Our plan is for her to makethe first kill. She lefts her bow and lets go. It lands in the D4 girls heart. BOOM.

Brianna Frye - District 3

As I watch Opaline fall to the ground I hear some sounds come from the bushes. I see running out was Candelor, Smile. Phanton, Claire and alex. Smile fly up and targets Alexii. She tries to hit him but he just dougdes them.He lands on her and rips her arms off. AND THEN HER HEAD. BOOM. Phanton has pick me as his target. He runs at trying to hit me with his weapon. It goes into my shoulder. Its not that deep but theres alot of blood so I pretend I'm   dead. When he turns around I get up and hit him in the back. BOOM. Bribane  has cornder Alex in a tree. He's about to kill him when Claire comes up and pushes Brisbane to the ground. WOW. She strong. "RUN ALEX RUN!!!" she shorts. She then tries to run but Birsbane throws his spear and it gose right threw her. BOOM.  Candelor just gets up from the ground and walks away. I think she must had lied to be a ally with them. Smile starts to come my way.I start to run. He follows me untill I get to a dense part of the forest. Even though he stops following me. I continue to run. I don't stop untill the athem  plays. I look to the sky and see the faces of Alexii, Phanton, Opaline, Claire, the girl from 8 and the girl from 9. Wow. Six people dead today.WAIT that means I'm the in THE TOP TEN!! YES!!!


-Cecelia Brielle Devalange District 9, Stab in the chest by Alexii 16th

-Shea Summerfield District 8, Axe to the necks By Opaline 15th

-Opaline Cascade District 4, Arrow to the heart by Claire 14th

-Alexeii Pride District 2, Decapatated by Smile 13th

-Phanton Wisp District 2, Stab in the back by Brianna 12th

-Claire Clove District 5, Speared thew the body by Brisbane 11th

Day 4

Brisbane Vesperia - District 8

The was the worst night of my life. When the tributes took out Opaline and Alexii, Brianna ran for her life. She must  have ran deeply in the woods because she hasn't come back yet. "So what do we do now?" I ask Titan. "I think we should go our sepret ways." he answer, "Theres no point in there beening only two careers." "Ok, What ever." I grab a bag that has some food in it and start to jog away. I need to make plan. Ok so whos left. Theres Titan, Brianna, Alex, Ice, John, Jordan and Candelor. Wait, the little girl from 11 still alive. WOW, she's made it this long. I look at all the names. I think of the one I should go to kill. They need to be strong so I can get some sponsors. Ok I'll go after Brianna then Alex. You two better be looking out.

John Williamson - District 10

I'm in the top ten. I can't believe it. And whats amazing I'm the only one who has made it to the moutain. I walk all day yesterday to get here. Its alot colder than I thought it wood be. GRRR! What the hell was that! I slowly turn around. I almost scream when I see whats in fornt of me. ITS A MOUNTAIN LOIN!!! And not just any mountain loin. Its a mutt. I know this because its twice its size normal. I slowly back away. It then gets into a atack persetion. I start to run but I trip over. The next thing I know I hear my cannon. BOOM.

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