Ok so I'll have my other games done tomorrow so I wanted to start this new games. This quell going to be diferent.It's going to have three games in one.


The peace times have ended so with this the new President (Jilly) has brought back the games and not just any games a quell. Jilly had pull a card from the quell box. It had said there will be four twist this year. As a punishment before the games she has made a district that for day and night will be training for the games. This district will be know has the sercet disrict.


1. The Capitol and distirct 13 will be in the games.

2. There will double the tributes. That means 60 tributes in total.

3. There will be three games with three diferent areas.

3. A) Boys vs boys

B) Girls vs Girls

C) The final 24

4. The areas will became poisons at night.


Like I said the areas will all be deferent this year.

Boys Area:

This area will be set in a desert area at day and beautiful woods at with food on the trees.

Girls Area: 

This one will be set in a forest near a dam. At day you will be fine and safe but at night it will turn into a mutt hunting area. With dangous mutts everywhere.

The final Area:

This shall be a ghost/ruin city. At day the city look safe but each night one of the tributes will be come a phyco killer. They will die at the end of the night night.


  1. Do not argue with other users.
  2. 5 tributes a user
  3. Reservations last 3 days
  4. Submit advice often if you want your tribute to live :p
  5. No "On my profiles" or links
  6. Please make lunaiis. If you don't, leave a description of the appearance or a RL photo.
  7. Enjoy! :D















Interview Angle:

Bloodbath Strategy:

Game Strategy:



Bold- Required

Credit for template gose to Hybrid Shadow.

Tributes: Male

District Name Age & Height Personality Weapons Strengths & Weaknesses Fears
Capitol Joke Lolor 18, 7'0 Joke, as you can see from his appearance, is a clown. He loves playing pranks such as throwing pies at people's faces and he wears over-sized shoes. He doesn't like it when someone makes it fun of him and when they do, Joke goes into a rage-mode. When he does this, he takes out everything he has with him and he attacks the person. The insulter  usually has to go home with pie in his shorts and a whole bunch of bumbs to cover up. Sometimes, however, he doesn't get to see the start of a new day. He is very self-conscious about his height and weight (he weighs over 200 pounds). Metal Bat

Strengths: Joke is strangely agile and flexible. He can lift heavy things with ease and he is also good with plant identification.

Weaknesses: He can't handle being called names. He'll become enraged and he won't pay attention to his surrondings. He also will have a hard time making allies with his appearance and his unstable personality.

People making fun of him
Capitol broca 'roc' nixes

16 6'2

smart, funny, charming, friendly, can turn ruthless when angered knives, mace, traps

strengths: camoflague, smart, good runner

Weaknesses: sel, hates glum looking things, snores

fears: sel being hurt,

2 Astagon Sentarin 18 5'11 Astagon is a very nice person but he takes things seriously. When he is ordered to kill, he will do it. He is very flirty and can make all the girls fall for him. He can be vicious and mean, but can also be loving and sweet. He is the best of the best and has been training his whole life. He is also very smart. Sword / Dagger

Strengths: Charm, Strength, Power, Using his weapon of choice, Adaptability

Weaknesses: Has a good heart and might not kill certain tributes, MIGHT. Boastful, Overconfident.

6 Light Slizel 18
6 Jack River 16
7 Quineroo Salvix 17  Friendly to Allies, Vicious to Enemies. He has a short temper, so don't mess with him. He has always hated The Capitol, President Snow and The Hunger Games. He hated THG more when his sister was reaped. Axe

Strengths: Good Aim, Strong, Ability to Adapt to the Environment, Can Withstand Serious Pain, Knowledge

Weaknesses: Climbing, Thinking About Family,  Swimming,  Hand to Hand Combat, Easily Gets Lost

8 Reserve for District1 Obsessed 3 day!!
11 Rory Jonsten 17 5'9 funny, friendly, nice, knives, swords

strengths: plants expert, good at hiding, strong

Weaknesses: used to do drugs and still gets occasionaly urges, heavy sleeper, quite lazy in the morning.

his family and friends being hurt

11 Reserve for Hybrid Shadow 3 days!!
12 Reserve for Hybrid Shadow 3 days!!

Tributes: Female

District Name Age & Height Personality Weapons Strengths & Weaknesses Fears
Capitol selena 'sel' pulchritudo 16 6'0  smart, funny, charming, friendly, can turn ruthless when angered know's karate, bow and arrows, throwing knives

strengths: camoflague, smart, gymnastics

Weaknesses: hates loud noises, not a morning person, roc being harme

arachnophobia (fear of spiders)
Capitol Savannah Epstein 18 6'7 Savannah is very stubborn and money-obssessed and only likes people for their money. She is very cunning and has a heart of gold. She is a Career tribute and always attends bloodbaths. She has a bad habit of being snarky and rude toward others. What she says goes. Archery, throwing knives, and throwing axes

Strengths: Swimming, seducing, deceiving, cleverness, sly, strong, and healthy

Weaknesses: She is slightly clumsy and is also very snarky and narcississtic

Arachnephobia, acrophobia
1 elizabeth 'liz' turnabout 15  5'9 nice, funny and friendly but can change her personality completly when she needs to. throwing knives, bow and arrow, fists, swords

strengths: looks, street smarts, preparing for games since she was ten.

Weaknesses: not book smarts, strong love of her brother and family, lives in lap of luxury so not used to sleeping outside, starving some nights etc.

wolf mutts make her backstory then freak out.
1 Emerald (emmy) Firia 17 5'9 sarcastic, sweet, cocky, sexy knives of all sorts trengths- great liar, smart, stealthy, leadership weaknesses- too good of a liar, dyslexic
2 Ivy Willik 17 5'9 mean, vicious, sexy, smart alek Bow and arrow strengths- Bow and arrows, knives, steath, strategic, smart weaknesses- hot headed, ad-hd, soft spot for twelve year olds
2 Reserve for District1 Obsessed 3 day!!
3 reserve for Hybrid Shadow 3 days!!
4 Reserve for District1 Obsessed 3 day!!
4  Indigo Bleu 17 5'4 Sly, Sneaky, Charismatic, Strong-Willed. Poisons from leaves/berries in the arena, Knife, Sickle.

Strengths: Speed, Mental Strength

Weaknesses: Not physically strong, Can't swim.

5 Cassia Slyara 15 5'5 smart, intellegent, VERY quiet angle- smart and sweet stealth, bow and arrow  strengths- fast, quiet, agile, smart, stealthy, edible fruits and plants weaknesses- small, bony, insonmiac (literally CANT sleep) 
5 Katharin Seroine 17  She is very fun and bubbly, but her acts can look deceiving. She is very lethal, and is dangerous to make an alliance with her, she MAY betray them. She is considered as one of the best in her training class. Dagger / Bow and Arrow

Strengths: Strength, Swimming, Power, Accurate Aim, Speed

Weaknesses: Usually Off-Focus, Darkness, Bigger Tributes, Arrogance, Overconfident

6 lora selmore 18 5'2 sly, tough, hates capitol and everything about it she believes the district people shouldn't be separated and should be able to talk. kind and funny to maxie, hissess at capitol citizens knives, hiding, contortionist

strengths: contortionist, used to starving, grew up on the street,

Weaknesses: skinny, huge pessimist, not very educated

being turned into a capitol citizen.
7 Mary Haze 15 6'2 Nice,Caring,Selfless but she is not afraid to kill others Combat, Camoflauge, Knives, Mace, Axe, Batons

Strengths:Taming,Weaponry, Combat,Swimming, Climbing, Running, Plants, Fruits, Charm, Seducive

Weaknesses:Killing' 'Animals

7 Reserve for District1 Obsessed 3 day!!
8 Jennika Stromoling 18 6'7 She is kindhearted and sweet, and is not very strong. But she has a good aim with her knives and archery. She is very stoic and quiet, and seems very mysterious. Throwing knives, archery

Strengths: Swimming, Good arm

Weaknesses: Arachnephobia

9 Jackie Azalea 15 5'2 Shy, Decieving, Cunning, Headstrong. Range

Strengths: Her agility makes up for her short stature. She is sneaky and cunning. Also has basic survival skills.

Weaknesses: Not very physically strong compared to other tributes.

 Being suffocated or buried alive. Also has a fear of large bodies of water
11 Violette Meadow  12 4'8 sweet, shy, scared, looks up to any elde slingshot, Bow and arrow strengths: agility, hiding, stealth, calmness, photographic memory weaknesses- VERY VERY VERY bony and skinny, small, scared of blood/death
12 Auvelina Lorphelin  17 Very mean, arrogant and snobby. Everyone hates her. When she got reaped, no one volunteered. They looked pretty happy. She wanted to show them that a girl like her could win. Bow and Arrow / Throwing Knives / Mining Pick

Strengths: Swimming, Knowledge, Hand to Hand Combat,  Accurate Aim, Fast Runner

Weaknesses: Arrogant, Mean, Self-Centered, Climbing, Not Aware of Surroundings

13 reserve for UniCandy 3 day!!



Sponsorship ItemsEdit

Axe - $100

Sword - $125

Throwing Knives (3) - $75

Machete - $125

Cleaver - $125

Bow - $125

Arrows(12) - $25

Blowgun - $100

Darts (12) - $25

'Dagger - $100'

'Set of Blades (3) - $50'

'Sythe - $100'

'Spear - $125'

'Blisks; Bladed discs (3) - $75'

'Slingshot - $125'

'Trident - $250'

'Canteen - $75'

'Water - $150'

'Soup - $125'

'Bread - $50'

'Sleeping Bag - $75'

'Rocks (12) - $25'

'Spile - $50'

'First Aid Kit - $275'

'Painkillers (5) - $75'

'Fever Pills (3) - $50'

'Antidote - $150'

'Neosporin - $175'

'Net - $100'

'Blanket - $75'

'Burn Cream - $125'

'Snare - $100'

'Small box of Matches - $50'

'Wire - $75'

'Poison - $75'

'Rope - $50'

'Raft - $200'

'Paddles - $150'

'Throwing Axes (3) - $150'

'Mace - $100'

'Bag of Dried Fruit - $25'

'Bowl - $50'


'You start out with $1025 for each tribute.'

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