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  • Pippycat

    Hey, so the first 998th HG were a fail so here. :3

    President Rain took his spot on the balcony overlooking the huge Capitol audience, as his daughter, Evaline, walked up beside him in her frilly blue dress. She smiled at him warmly as she picked up a small wooden box, nervously scanning the area with her eyes.

    "We're live..." President Rain whispered to her, then he started his speech. "Welcome, Panem! As you all know, each year, we celebrate the peace that we have maintained for years. For 997 years, that is. And, as you also know, it is time for the 998th Hunger Games in just a few days. But, it is also close to the 1,000th Hunger Games. The 1,000th Hunger Games are not just another 100 year mark... this will be 1,000 years. So, instead of…

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  • Pippycat

    The Underworld Games

    July 23, 2014 by Pippycat

    Please note that this is a blog post for me to organize ideas for my series of games, The Underworld Games. They won't be written for some time, but I am already planning out most parts.

    So, read the first section, and after that, you can start pre-reserving spots. I want to give you time to make the best tributes possible. :3 Thanks for viewing this post!


    Note: Please don't add links or enter your tributes in comments on this post, and save that for the individual blog posts.


    • You can pre-reserve spots, which means that when the individual blog posts are created, spots will be reserved for you already and held for you for 4 days (the normal reservation time)(please know that I got this idea from Yo…

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  • Pippycat

    The School Games

    June 19, 2014 by Pippycat

    Hey, so this is an idea I came up with randomly one day based on a dream I had. It will work differently than normal games, so please read the rules, and sorry if it gets a little confusing. I hope you like these games though! :3

    It is almost time for summer, with exactly one week of school left. Yet, students have been behaving badly, and must be punished. So, two students shall be Reaped from each homeroom class, to be transferred to the old academy school. There, only one student shall return. The only way to return is to be the last student standing; the last to survive. At that school, students will fight to the death in an event known as the School Games. Good luck, and may you get all A’s this Quarter (Quell).

    -Be a nice person

    -Have f…

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  • Pippycat

    Hey, this is Pippycat here, with another Hunger Games! Since my first ones were a success, here is another one for all you users on the wiki. As like before, have fun, and please join to make these Games awesome.

    The 171st Hunger Games (my other blog post, Cold-Blooded) have ended, with the victor, Banette Tsukomogami of District 8 crowned. The Capitol, though, is getting a bit... bored, to say, with the normal Hunger Games each year. Instead of having a twist every 25 years, they want more excitement. This year, a twist will be put in. Each tribute will have a special "bond" with another tribute, and if that bond is broken, well... they both die.

    • Ugh, the usual. Be nice, don't complain, basically normal rules you find on every Games. :3
    • All …

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  • Pippycat

    This was never here lol.


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