Hey, this is Pippycat here, with another Hunger Games! Since my first ones were a success, here is another one for all you users on the wiki. As like before, have fun, and please join to make these Games awesome.


The 171st Hunger Games (my other blog post, Cold-Blooded) have ended, with the victor, Banette Tsukomogami of District 8 crowned. The Capitol, though, is getting a bit... bored, to say, with the normal Hunger Games each year. Instead of having a twist every 25 years, they want more excitement. This year, a twist will be put in. Each tribute will have a special "bond" with another tribute, and if that bond is broken, well... they both die.


  • Ugh, the usual. Be nice, don't complain, basically normal rules you find on every Games. :3
  • All tributes are in, no more submitting necessary. :3
  • Realistic tributes, please, no perfect tributes or troll tributes. They will probably die first.


The 28 tributes will be paired together in the arena. They will be paired with another tribute they share a certain bond with. Maybe they are siblings, friends, lovers, cousins, enemies, any way they may know each other, or share a bond.

The two tributes, no matter what kind of bond they share, will have to work together in the arena to keep each other and themselves alive. Because, any damage inflicted onto a tribute will also be felt by the tribute that they share their bond with. That means if a tribute dies, the tribute they share their bond with also dies.

Becuase of this twist, there will also be two victors.

This Year's Tributes

Name Age District Gender Weapons Bonded Tribute User
Max Knightmare 17 Capitol Male Sword, throwing axe, bow Raven(C), "friends" Ccmoco5
Raven Black 16 Capitol Female Trident, axe, crossbow Max(C), "friends" Ccmoco5
Bronze Lucrian 17 1 Male Spear, kukri Nathaniel(2), enemies


Belladona Avenici 12 1 Female Bow Clair(7), cousins PumPumPumpkin :3
Nathaniel Chirp 18 2 Male Sword, bow, axe Bronze(1), enemies Ccmoco5
Lily Sinclair 13 2 Female Throwing knives, bow, mallet Realy(13), friends  Lexi142685
Xiophasis Zadronaxige 17 3 Male Axe, sword, bow Zepher(3), lovers Baz-turadan
Zepher Nockturnal 16 3 Female Sword, anything thrown Xiophasis(3), lovers Baz-turadan
Tsuik Mowin 13 4 Male Axe Llinna(4), best friends Thereal opian
Llinna Uisty 13 4 Female Axe Tsuik(4), best friends Thereal opian
Serj Tankian 18 5 Male Khopesh, scimitar,  Daron(9), friends Mistfire333
Kitty Mew 12 5 Female "Claws", scythe Bone(9), close friends Blue-Ribbonz
Brendan Jack 14 6 Male Kukri Megan(6), siblings Thereal opian
Megan Jack 12 6 Female Kukri Brendan(6), siblings Thereal opian
Jack Lumber 13 7 Male Axe, throwing knives, noose trap Akumai(10), friends Mistfire333
Clair Gravenstien 18 7 Female Throwing axes Belladonna(1), cousins PumPumPumpkin :3
Burgandy Anthrocloth 16 8 Male Swords, bare hands Eliza(10), protect her YourFavoriteSalmon
Saika Tan 18 8 Female Throwing knives, spear John(13), friends (I guess) Yoonie
Daron Malakion for 9 Male Axe, knife, spear Serj(5), friends Mistfire333
Bone Corlaya 13 9 Female Teeth, knives Kitty(5), close friends Blue-Ribbonz
Akumai "Tenshin" Kobaya 17 10 Male Sword, throwing knives, trident Jack(7), friends Tehblakdeath
Eliza Herader 14 10 Female Axe, bow, knife Burgandy(8), protection YourFavoriteSalmon
Tim Thorburn 16 11 Male Sickle, knives Kim(11), twins Nlby001
Kim Thorburn 16 11 Female Scythe, sickle Tim(11), twins Nlby001
Bryant Shefer 15 12 Male Sword, knife Adelaide(12), friends RossInSA
Adelaide Watson 15 12 Female Knife, bow Bryant(12), friends RossInSA
John Dolmayan 17 13 Male Sword, club, hammer Saika(8), friends (I guess) Mistfire333
Realy Cooper 15 13 Female Throwing knives, crossbow, hands Lily(2), friends  Lexi142685


These will be written in the perspective of the Head Gamemaker, Carnation Snow. From watching the Reapings live in her gamemaker office, lol.

District 1

It made me sort of happy to watch the Reapings from one of the prettiest districts of Panem. The square was decorated beautifully, and children were running about, waiting eagerly for the Reaping. When it was time, the escort reached her hand into the reaping bowl and said, "ladies first of course."

She unfolded the slip of paper carefully and read out the name slowly. "Belladonna. Avenici."

A girl from the 12-year-olds stepped out, looking absolutely terrified. I expected to see someone run forward and volunteer, but instead, whispers started. Listening closely, I heard someone whisper about how she was autistic. I feel a pang of guilt for her, even though I don't know her. My prediction, is that sadly she won't last long.

The escort has some trouble getting her to stay still, but she finally does. The escort goes over to the other reaping bowl, pulling out another slip of paper, this one, for the boys.


"I volunteer!" A boy from the 17-year-olds walks forward, grinning. "I volunteer."

Last year, there were no volunteers from District 1. This is more like it...

When he gets to the stage, he introduces himself, grinning stupidly to the cameras. "I'm Bronze Lucrian."

"Well, District 1, here are you're tributes! Belladonna Avenici"-- she struggles to keep Bella still, who lets out a scared squeal, the poor girl --"and Bronze Lucrian!"

The audience claps, and the screen I'm watching goes black before switching to the next district.

District 2

District 2 was always one of my favorites to watch. Being a kid from the Capitol, we all got to watch the Reapings live, and I always loved District 2 the best. The eager volunteers, and just the fact that they were almost as excited as the people in the Capitol are.

Everyone is standing crammed into the square, and I can tell their district is too overpopulated for that tiny district square. My eyes dart to every corner of the screen as the escort walks up in front of the justice building. 

"Greetings, District 2, and good morning!" The escort says. "Welcome, the 172nd Hunger Games! Now, let's see who our tributes are this year." Reaching his hand into the girls' bowl, he grabs the closest one. The whole audience -- including me -- holds their breath. "Lily Sinclair!"

A girl with blond hair in the 13-year-olds section gasps so loudly it gets caught by the cameras. Silence hangs in the air, and Lily walks up to the stage, horrifyed. She looks down at her shoes.

"And for the boys..."

"I volunteer!" A boy walks forward, and take the microphone. "I'm Nathaniel Chirp."

"Well, here are this year's District 2 tributes! Lily Sinclair and Nathaniel Chirp!" The two shake hands reluctantly, and the screen changes.

District 3

District 3. It's a nice district, I suppose. Without it I wouldn't even be watching this TV.

The escort this year, is new, and she's bouncing on the stage impatiently. She finally shouts into the microphone. "SHUT UP DISTRICT THREE!" They all stare at her, and she lets out a nervous laugh. "Well, uh, hey. So, let's find out who our tributes are, shall we?"

She moves over to the reaping ball on the right, which has the boy's names in it. Confused, she walks over to the left awkwardly and laughs nervously again. "Girls... first... let's see... Zepher Nockturnal!"

An angry groan comes from the audience. A girl with two differently-colored eyes walks up to the stage, arms crossed. When the escort offers her hand for a handshake, Zepher slaps it away. Well... sassy tribute we have this year.

"Hehe, okay." the escort walks over to the right and pulls out a slip of paper. "For the boys we have--"

"I volunteer!" Wow, one volunteer from every district. A boy with blond hair runs up to the stage, and I expect him to stand politely and wait for the microphone, but instead her runs to Zepher. "Zepher!" The two catch each other in a hug, and Zepher suddelny changes to calm.

"And you are....?" The escort asks, impatient.

"Xiophasis Za--"

"Your tributes, Zepher Nockturnal and Xiophasis!"

Last names...? I guess not, because next comes District 4.

District 4

District 4, the last Career district, unless sometimes you count the Capitol. It looks like a cold day in District 4, because the escort is shivering on stage, still wearing the same rediculous starfish dress she wore last year. 

The waves crash onto the shore some ways away, and the escort starts her talk. "He-hello, D-district... 4... let's get the Reaping over with, so we can all get out of this cold place. For the girls, we have..."

"I volunteer!" A girl steps out from the crowd, and without a word, makes her way to the stage, her long brown hair blowing in the breeze. She stands there, looking out at the audience, her eyes falling on a certain person in the boy's section. "My name is Llinna Uitsy."

"And for the boys." The escort talks fast, small steps over to the other side of the stage. Maybe it would be easier for her to get there if she didn't have on 5-inch high heels. "G--!"

"I volunteer." 

The audience is silent, watching as the boy walks to the stage. The escort hands him the microphone curiously. Two 13-year-olds just volunteered. "I'm Tsuik Mowtin."

I can tell that Tsuik and Llinna know each other. Tsuik gives her a warm smile, but Llinna looks so close to tears.

"Congratulations to this year's District 4 tributes!" The escort grabs Llinna's right arm, and Tsuik's left, jerking them up into the air, almost lifting the two children off the ground. The audience claps, and then the screen switches.

District 5

Sunlight seeps through the spaces between the buildings and into the bright square of District 5, as everyone files into the square. Nervous whispers are exchanged, unlike the excited shouts in Districts 1 and 2. The tall buildings in District 5 are always so close to the square, I wonder how people stand in out with feeling claustrophobic.

The escort yawns, even though by the time District 5's Reaping comes around it's not really morning anymore. He looks around, seeming unimpressed. He taps the microphone, and everyone quiets down, nervous.

"Welcome, District 5." He says in a flat, unimpressed tone. "Welcome to the 172nd Hunger Games. Now let's see who the two lucky kids are who get to represent District 5 this year. Ladies first." He reaches his hand into the bowl, hovering over a slip of paper, before choosing the one right next to it. He unfolds it carefully. "Kitty Mew."

It sounds like a name someone would have in the Capitol, or maybe like one of the glamourous ones from District 1. From the 12-year-olds section, a girl steps out quickly, and I narrow my eyes. Are those... cat ears?

"And for the boys, we have, Serj Tankian."

A tall 18-year-old with very long, curly hair walks out and up to the stage in huge strides. He stands on his side of the stage, looking out at everyone, a blank expression on his face.

"District 5, your tributes this year!"

The two shake hands, and I want to laugh. Kitty has to reach up to Serj, and he just shakes her hand gently. Time for District 6.

District 6

District 6 is always an interesting district, since it is so big. I bet it must be horrifying to be the one tribute out all those kids out in the crowd, to be the one that ends up being picked. The square is a lot larger than the ones in the other districts of course, to allow room for all those people, but there are still people spilling out onto the streets.

"Hi, District 6. It's time to choose our two very lucky tributes. Are you ready?" The escort asks happily. 

She should have known better, because the audience is silent, glaring at her. "Well." she continues, trying to move on. "Laides first. For the girls, we have... Megan Jack!"

The crowd instantly parts way for a little girl in the 12-year-old's section. I can see tears streaming down her face, even though she isn't making a sound, just looking around, terrifyed. She walks to the stage silently, wiping her tears.

"Aaaaand for the boys we have, Brendan Jack!"

Are they brother and sister? That's such horrible luck... they don't look much alike, because Brendan has black hair and Megan is a blonde, but I can tell by the pained look Brendan gives Megan when he gets to the stage, that yes. They're brother and sister.

Out of all those children, a brother and sister were Reaped.

District 7

The change of scenery from District 6 to 7 always seems so sudden when I watch the live Reapings. District 6 is full of tall, grey factories, and the District 7 square is completely surrounded by lush forest. Instead of a paved ground for the square, it's just plain dirt. It's hard for me to imagine living in a place with so much nature, after living in the Capitol my whole life.

The audience is completely silent, so the escort tries to get things rolling as fast as he can. "Hello, you know, it's the 172nd Hunger Games, because last year was the 171st so it won't change." It's like he thinks all of District 7 is completely stupid. I can't help but give a little snort.

"Well, time for the Reaping. Let's see who the girl is this year! Clair Gravenstien!"

A girl walks up to the stage carefully, as if the steps up to the Justice Building will fall through the ground at any moment. The audience starts to whisper, and lots of people look like they don't know who she is.

"For the boys, we have, Jack Lumber!"

I look around for whoever this Jack is, but no one steps out. Finally, someone gets shoved out into the isle, and the first thing I notice about him is the odd smile on his face. It's not a full-on grin, but a small smile. Even though he looks really nervous and terrified. 

"Your two tributes this year!" The escort shouts out. The audience starts to clap as Jack and Clair shake hands.

District 8

The bright sun beat down on the population of District 8, all squeezed into that small square. The escort was chatting with the only live victors of District 8, one of them of course being Banette. She turns around, and looks out to the audience, unimpressed. She gives a scoff and walks to the middle of the stage.

"HEY!" She shouts, and everyone quiets down. "YEAH! TIME FOR THE REAPING! FOR THE GIRLS, WE HAVE... SAIKA TAN!"

A girl with long brown hair makes her way to the stage silently, looking down. She has a blank expression on her face, and when she gets to the stage, stands there without a word.

"AND FOR THE BOYS WE HAVE..." The escort starts, but someone is already running to the stage, a maniacal grin on his face.

"I volunteer." He says, excitedly. 

The escort looks surprised, and Saika turns her head slowly to the boy. The escort asks in a quieter voice, "why so eager?"

"I'm going to make history." He smirks to the audience, crossing his arms. Saika turns her head, her hair blowing in the wind. It looks like we have some interesting tributes this year from District 8.

District 9

I'm starting to get tired of watching the Reapings, but I have to. At least District 9 is next. It's sort of pretty, with the wheat fields swaying in the distance, because it always seems to be that there is a slight breeze in that district.

The escort begins things quickly, which I'm sort of grateful for. "Hello," he grins, "I'm so excited to be here with all of you in District 9."

I think he expects a reply, but the district is quiet. "Well, let's see who our tributes this year are." He says, and takes the closest slip possible out of the girls' bowl. "For the girls, it looks like we have... Bone Corlaya!"

A girl steps out of the audience, arms crossed, glaring at everyone. She looks so unimpressed. I wonder how many times her name was in, because she may look angry, but not the least bit surprised.

"For the boys we have Daron Malakion!"

A 16-year-old steps forward out of the audience, smiling slightly. It's a content smile, as he takes his place up on the stage. 

"District 9, here are your two tributes this year. Bone Corlaya, and Daron Malakion!" 

The two shake hands, and the screen switches to District 10.

District 10

The sudden quiet of District 10 is surprising. Well, the audience is quiet. The awkward mooing of cows cuts in every once in a while, and the escort is waving her hand in front of her nose, unimpressed with the district. It must smell bad there from all the animals, but that escort, from my experiance, is a jerk.

"Um, well, hey, District 10, so, let's get our tributes." She says, clapping her hands. She walks over to the girls' bowl and pulls out a slip, almost ripping it in half from the hurried way she opens it. "Eliza Herader!"

A girl walks out of the audience, looking around at everyone. She walks quickly to the stage, a grim expression on her face. She stands there, looking out to the cameras.

"For the boys, we have, Akumai Kobaya!"

There are whispers in the audience, until a boy steps out awkwardly, looking back, and around at the audience like Eliza did. He walks to the stage, looking around at everyone else in the district.

"There you are, District 10!" The escort says, already dragging the tributes off stage, "Eliza Herader and Akumai Kobaya!"

District 11

District 11 is next, of course, and it looks like a beautiful day there. I look around at the people of the district. This is another large district, so I imagine, as in District 6, it must be terrifying to know that you were the one picked... out of everyone...

The escort walks up to the microphone, and says in a clear, high-pitched voice, "hi, District 11! It's time to see who our tributes will be for the 172nd Hunger Games! Aren't you excited?!"

There's no answer, just the whispering of the wind. I feel embarrassed for the escort. Appearantly she doesn't feel embarrassed for herself, becuase she gives everyone a huge, warm smile, and goes over to the Reaping bowl. Her hand hovers over it for a minute, before digging around for a slip of paper. A few spill over the sides and blow off in the wind.

She takes the slip and unfolds it carefully, whipping her hair out of her face. "Kim Thorburn."

A hush falls over the audience, while a girl steps out from the 16-year-olds, looking around. The cameras zoom in on her face, but she looks expressionless, except for glint of fear in her eyes. She stands on the stage, careful not to make eye contact with the cameras, or the escort.

The escort just pats her on the shoulder. "What a nice girl." She tries to lighten the mood, but it doesn't work. She goes over a chooses the slip for the boys. "H--"

"I volunteer!" Someone shouts from the audience. The cameras zoom in on his face; he's looking back at a man and woman near the very back. They must be his parents. They look torn in half, but bravely, he walks to the stage. He walks with a sort of limp, and I wonder if something is wrong with his leg. Did he hurt it? 

"How brave!" The escort marvels at him, shoving the microphone into his face. "Who are you?"

"Tim. Thorburn."

"How cute!" The escort squeals. "Siblings!"

"Twins." Tim says grimly, and I feel a bit torn apart, too.

District 12

District 12 is a smaller district, you can tell, but the district square is still flooded with people. District 12 isn't as poor as it used to be, so some tributes stand a chance now.

"Hello, District 12! Time to see who will have the opportunity to represent all of you in this year's Hunger Games!" The escort is way too upbeat for occasion, at least, in District 12's perspective. But he gets right down to business.

"Ladies first." He walks to the left side of the stage, pulling out a slip of paper and waving it to the audience, to build up tension. Opening it slowly and delicately, he must have all of District 12 and the Capitol holding their breath right now. "Adelaide... Watson!"

A scream bursts out from the audience, and a girl gets pushed out. When she stumbles out to the middle, the cameras zoom in on her tear-stained face. She glares at them and straightens up, holding her head high. 

"Well, then. And now, for the boys..." he walks over to the other side of the stage, and hesitates. I hate him for it, actually. Making us all wait. But when he chooses the slip, he reads the name loud and clear. "Bryant Shefer!"

"Bryant..." a whsiper comes from Adelaide, and she has her hands up over her mouth. Bryant walks up to the stage, and he and Adelaide hold eye contact, both with the same sympathetic look on their face.

"District 12, may I present to you, your tributes!" The two meet in the middle of the stage, and shake hands slowly.

District 13

District 13 is always interesting, because it's underground most of the time. The huge, white room is the center of the district. It's weird, because the cameras are put up on the walls, and ceiling is so low I can't imagine being in that room. Or having to clean that pure-white floor once the Reaping is over. 

It's always hard to get a good view of the Reaping in the District 13 square, because of the limited space. But the cameras focus from above the escort's head, out to the audience.

"Welcome!" The escort who I can't see says, "and Happy Hunger Games! Let's see who our tributes are this year, shall we?"

All I can see is the audience's reaction, and they all look scared and nervous. The girl's name starts to get read out, but a voice cuts through.

"I volunteer!" A girl comes running towards the stage, and the camera angle shifts so I can see her back. "I'm Realy Cooper."

"Congratulations, Realy." The escort says (who I can see now from the new camera angle). "Now, let's see. For the boys, it looks like we have... John Dolmayan!"

John steps out of the crowd, looks around, and then goes to the front of the room, going up the one step that leads to the "stage". The cameras zoom in on his face, and he glares at them seriously, his eyebrows knitted together.

The audience claps reluctantly as Realy and John shake hands, and the screen changes one more time.


I could just walk to the window of my Gamemaker's office, and look out at the square of the Capitol, with all the screaming adults and children who are too young to be Reaped excitedly waiting for the tributes to be chosen. But something keeps me glued to my seat, eyes on the screen, even though I can hear the raging audience from here.

"HELLO, CAPITOL!" The escort shouts over all the noise, and the audience quiets, except for a whistle from the back of the audience. "I know you're excited, so let's see who our tributes are this year!"

He walks over to the left side of the stage, and the audience gives another excited scream then instantly falls silent again. He grins stupidly out to them, and then someone screams out from the audience.

"I VOLUNTEER!" A huge grin on her face, a girl steps out frome the audience, running to the stage as the audience lets out another excited woop. Yanking the microphone over to her face, she says clearly, "my name is Raven Black."

Once the audience quits their screaming, the escort goes and chooses the boy's name. "For the boys, we have--"

"I volunteer!" Less excited-looking,  a boy runs to the stage. He looks into the cameras and says, "my name is Max Nightmare." He starts to smile, and something tells me even if he tried to hide it, he wanted to volunteer.

"Your two tributes!" I punch the on button on the remote and TV shuts off, but I can still hear the excited screaming from the Capitol square.

Oh, let the Games begin...

Training Scores and Odds

Training Scores are based on advice, tribute strategies, and tribute strengths and weaknesses. Odds are based off of training scores, allies/bonded tributes (because they can help each other survive), and any other things that might come into play. Odds will change throughout the Games, and don't worry if your tribute has low odds. They don't really mean much; just what the Capitol thinks. :3

Best odds are 1-1, worst are 28-1.

Name District Gender Training Score Odds
Max Nightmare Capitol Male 10 6-1
Raven Black Capitol Female 11 4-1
Bronze Lucrian 1 Male 9 8-1
Belladonna Avenici 1 Female 7 15-1
Nathaniel Chirp 2 Male 10 5-1
Lily Sinclair 2 Female 6 18-1
Xiophasis Zadronaxsige  3 Male 9 10-1
Zepher Nockturnal 3 Female 7 12-1
Tsuik Mowin 4 Male 6 17-1
Llinna Uitsy 4 Female 6 17-1
Serj Tankian 5 Male 6 11-1
Kitty Mew 5 Female 9 11-1
Brendan Jack 6 Male 7 15-1
Megan Jack 6 Female 5 17-1
Jack Lumber 7 Male 9 10-1
Clair Gravenstien 7 Female 6 15-1
Burgundy Anthrocloth 8 Male 10 7-1
Saika Tan 8 Female 7 14-1
Daron Malakian 9 Male 9 10-1
Bone Corlaya 9 Female 10 5-1
Akumai "Tenshin" Kobaya 10 Male 9 9-1
Eliza Herader 10 Female 8 14-1
Tim Thorburn 11 Male 6 19-1
Kim Thorburn 11 Female 4 20-1
Bryant Shefer 12 Male 5 17-1
Adelaide Watson 12 Female 4 21-1
John Dolmayan 13 Male 8 13-1
Realy Cooper 13 Female 7 19-1


Items and prices up soon.

Money Rewards - Survival

You can get a certain amount of money for sending your tribute advice and having them live longer. These are the rewards so far:

TBA haha.

Money Rewards - Comments

You can get money rewards for getting a certain comment. However, you can only give the money you earn from it to one tribute of yours, and only one of the comment money rewards can go to you. Ex: User 1 got the first comment money reward, so they can't get another one. To make things fair. ;3

Comment 200, 300, ect: +$20 sponsor money

I changed it so every tribute starts out with $130 of sponsor money. 

Sponsoring Items


Sleeping Bag: $70

Blanket: $35

20oz Water Bottle (full to the rim <3): $50

15oz Water Bottle (full to the rim <3): $45

Small Coil of Wire: $20

Fishing Pole (with small can of bait): $60

Rope: $60

Warm Knee-High Socks: $40

Flashlight (with battery): $60

Bandana: $20


Short Sword: $50

Long Sword: $60

Curved Sword: IDK, $55?

Dagger: $40

8 Throwing Knives: $55

Cleaver: $50

Bow with sheath of 14 arrows: $60

Crossbow (with 14 Bolts): $65

Spear: $50

Trident: $70

Slingshot: $40

(Normal, not Throwing) Knife: $30

Axe: $55

Blowgun (with 14 darts): $65

Scythe: $50

Vial of Poison (good for four uses, IDK): $40

Mace: $60

8 Throwing Stars: $55

Morning Star: $50

Sickle: $60

Pike: $50

Javelin: $50

Warhammer: $65

Tell me if I missed any weapons, and I will add them asap. 


Bread: $45

4 Pieces of fruit (either apples, oranges, pears, or a cluster of grapes): $50

Quart of Milk: $55

Chicken Breasts: $45

Chicken Wings (just two): $40

Turkey Breasts: $45

Breakfast (scrambled eggs, two pieces of bacon, a small amount of milk to wash it down c: ): $100

Bowl of Rice Pilaf (IDK I love rice pilaf): $40


First Aid Kit: $100

Bandages: $70

Antipoison: $110

Burn Medicine: $30

Wound Cream/Neosporin (helps heal wounds better, faster and easy. lol sounds like a comercial): $50

*Just tell me if I missed anything, and I will see if I can add it c:*

User Tribute 1 Tribute 2 Tribute 3 Tribute 4
Ccmoco5 Max Knightmare - Dead Raven Black - Dead Nathaniel Chirp - Dead
Baz-turadan Zepher Nockturnal - Dead Xiophasis Zadronaxsige - Dead
Blue-Ribbonz Kitty Mew - Dead Bone Corlaya - Dead
 Lexi142685 Lily Sinclair - Dead Realy Cooper - Dead
Mistfire333 Serj Tankian - Dead Jack Lumber - Dead Daron Malakion - Dead John Dolmayan - $175
Nlby001 Tim Thorburn - $165 Kim Thorburn - $160
PumPumPumpkin :3 Belladonna Avenici - Dead Clair Gravenstien - Dead
RossInSA Bryant Shefer - Dead Adelaide Watson - Dead
Tehblakdeath Akumai "Tenshin" Kobaya - $180
Thereal opian Tsuik Mowin - Dead

Llinna Uitsy - Dead

Brendan Jack - Dead Megan Jack - Dead
Yoonie Saika Tan - $165
YourFavoriteSalmon Bronze Lucrian - $80 Burgandy Anthrocloth - $180 Eliza Herader - $175


The arena, at first sight, is a very small, forested island. There is a clearing in the very center, where the
  • Cornucopia Clearing
  • The Island
  • The Forest
  • Lantern Tunnels
  • More Tunnels
  • Labyrinth Entrance
golden cornucopia is, overflowing with weapons, but a surprisingly small amount of backpacks this year (I'm be more harsh with supplies this times, ha >;3). If you go away from the cornucopia clearing, all you see is forest, lots and lots of trees. The island is completely surrounded by water. But, in the side of hills, are tunnels. That is where the real arena is.

Underground, dug out tunnels, like a labrynth for your tributes to get lost in. Light and food are crucial. Every now and then, you may come upon a curious, strange and of course creepy room, which may have supplies hidden in it. Once you are in the labrynth, there is no going out into you die.

If tributes stay in the forest or at the cornucopia too long, something will happen to lure them into the tunnels.

Each tribute will have a bracelet on, that looks sort of like a watch. If they take it off, though, the Capitol will know, and that tribute will die. Because, these are what bond the tributes together, you could call these bracelets, the Pain Splitters. And at the end of the day when the anthem echoes throught the halls, press a button on the Pain Splitter to see the pictures of the dead tributes.

Mice, bats, and other creatures live down in the labyrinth. In that underground system of winding tunnels, is where things are real creepy. No light except in some tunnels with lanterns on the walls, and no food and supplies unless you find a secret room. Don't fall into the traps, and be aware of everything, because the innocent mice might just be waiting to lure you to your death. That underground water spring might be poisonous.

So watch out.

Tribute Stats

If it says a tribute has a backpack, that means they haven't opened it yet to know what's inside of it, so don't freak out. :3

Tribute Items Owned Alliance Members Location
Max Knightmare(C) Nothing Raven(C) Dead
Raven Black(C) Nothing Max(C) Dead

Bronze Lucrian(1)

Spear, flashlight, dried meat, first aid kit Nathaniel(2) Forest
Nathaniel Chirp(2) Nothing Bronze(1) Dead
Xiophasis Zadronxsige(3) Nothing Zepher(3) Dead
Zepher Nockturnal(3) Nothing Xiophasis(3) Dead
Tsuik Mowin(4) Nothing Llinna(4) Dead
Llinna Uitsy(4) Nothing Tsuik(4) Dead
Serj Tankian(5)


Daron(9), John(13), Saika(8) Dead
Kitty Mew(5) Nothing Bone(9) Dead
Jack Lumber(7) Nothing Akumai(10) Dead
Burgundy Anthrocloth(8) Sword, knife, dried fruit, matches Eliza(10) Forest
Saika Tan(8) Flashlight, water bottle, sleeping bag, throwing knives(7), dried meat John(13), Serj(5), Daron(9) Forest
Daron Malakian(9) Nothing Serj(5), John(13), Saika(8) Dead
Bone Corlaya(9) Nothing Kitty(5) Dead
Akumai Kubaya(10) Dagger, flashlight, dried fruit Jack(7) Forest
Eliza Herader(10) Bow & arrows(12), bandana, dried meat, sleeping bag Burgundy(8) Forest
Tim Thorburn(11) Bandana, matches, water bottle, sleeping bag, sickle Kim(11) Forest
Kim Thorburn(11) Knife, flashlight, scythe Tim(11) Forest
John Dolmayan(13) Sleeping bag, dried fruit, rope, spear Saika(8), Serj(5), Daron(9) Labyrinth

Death Chart

Sorry to whoever went first, but someone had to.

Also, if a tribute died because their bonded tribute died, I had no idea what to say, so, yeah. Just roll with it. XD

Placing Tribute District Killer Died of Day Died
28 Belladonna Avenici 1 Raven(C) Throat Slit 1(Bloodbath)
27 Clair Gravenstien 7 Pain Splitter Bella's(1) death 1(Bloodbath)
26 Realy Cooper 13 Akumai(10) Dagger through heart 1(Bloodbath)
25 Lily Sinclair 2 Pain Splitter Realy's(13) death 1(Bloodbath)
24 Bryant Shefer 12 Burgandy(8) Stomach stabbed 1(Bloodbath)
23 Adelaide Watson 12 Pain Splitter Bryant's(12) death 1(Bloodbath)
22 Brendan Jack 6 Bronze(1) Stabbed to death 1(Bloodbath)
21 Megan Jack 6 Pain Splitter Brendan's(6) death 1(Bloodbath)
20 Zepher Nockturnal 3 Burgundy(8) Stabbed in the back 2
19 Xiophasis Zadronaxsige 3 Pain Splitter Zepher's(3) death 2
18 Kitty Mew 5 Water Drowned 3
17 Bone Corlaya 9 Pain Splitter Kitty's(5) death 3
16 Llinna Uitsy 4 Raven (C) Knife to the neck 3
15 Tsuik Mowin 4 Pain Splitter Llinna's(4) death 3
14 Daron Malakion 9 Saika (8) Stabbed to death 4 (Night)
13 Serj Tankian 5 Pain Splitter Daron's(9) death 4 (Night)
12 Max Knightmare Capitol Raven (C) Trident through heart 5
11 Nathaniel Chirp 2 Bronze Lucrian (1) Spear through back 5
10 Jack Lumber 7 Bronze Lucrian (1) Speared multiple times, final hit to the neck 5
9 Raven Black Capitol Akumai Kubaya (10) Neck stabbed, bled to death 6
2 -- -- --
Victor! -- -- --

Day 1 - The Bloodbath

Know that in the games, I am not paying much attention to the user of each tribute (unless you are INACTIVE), but rather to what will make it a good story. So sorry if things don't work out the way you want them to, like your tributes killing your own tributes, or if they die early. Thanks. <3

Launch Room - Max Knightmare (with a K >;3), Capitol

My escort is going on and on about the arena, but I'm not listening. 

"And here." He shoves something into my hand. "This is what they call the Pain Splitter. It looks like a watch, but at the end of the day if you press this button, you can see the fallen tributes. Also, it's programmed to kill you if your bond tribute dies."

Isn't that sweet. "Can I ever take it off?"

"Not unless you want your tracker to elecricute you!"

He sounded way too happy about that. I step into my tube, just as the glass walls go up around me. The metal walls of the tube are cold, and as it rises I feel... excited. I feel a smile creep up on my face, just as the tube rises up to the light of the Arena. I look around, and can see all the other tributes. We seem to be in some sort of forested area, and when I look beyond the forest all I see is either hills, ocean, or more forest.

"Ladies and gentlemen!" A voice booms out around the arena. The head-Gamemaker's voice, more confident than last year. "Let the 172nd Annual Hunger Games... begin!"

The countdown starts, and my eyes dart to the golden cornucopia positioned perfectly in front of me. There seem to be a small amount of backpacks in it, but lots of weapons and food. I look around for Raven(C). She's on the edge of the semi-circle of tributes, grinning at me.

5... 4... 3... 2...


Bloodbath - Clair Gravenstien, District 7


As soon as the gong rings out, I run. To the cornucopia, for weapons and supplies, for both me and Bella(1). I look around for her, but don't see her anywhere.

The first to the cornucopia, is Kitty(5). She's fast, just like a cat, and she's already getting weapons. I dart into the cornucopia and hope she doesn't see me and decides to attack. She quickly grabs two backpacks, and two packs of throwing knives, then runs off with Bone(9).


I gasp, darting out from my hiding place. I look around for Bella(1), that was deffinetly her voice. Where is she? She's running towards me, and I look around for something to get before we have to run off. If Bella gets hurt, I'll hurt too, and she's an easy target.

I grab an axe, and look around. Yep. Everyone's arriving. Jack(7) runs past me and gets an axe for himself, then runs off again to the forest. Raven(C) is running straight towards me, and I wrap my arms around Bella and shove us out of the way.

"We have to go, Bella." I say, terrifyed. Raven could take on either one of us. "Bella, come on!"

I hear a scream and turn around. Raven has Bella in a headlock, and Bella is flailing her arms at me. I try to free her, but Raven just laughs before slittling her throat.

Bloodbath - Lily Sinclair, District 2

I meet up with Realy(13) as soon as we can safely step off our tribute plates. The fighting has already started, and I jump when I start to hear screaming. It sounds like Clair(7), and Bella(1). I wince as soon as it stops... the first deaths have already happened.

"Hurry." I tell Realy, and yank her arm. We run to the cornucopia, and I dash over and grab a backpack, trying to get out of the way of everyone else. On my way out, I take a bow and a sheath of arrows. I see Akumai(10) running to the cornucopia, and shoot at him. I miss, and when he gets to the cornucopia, he knocks me down. I fall to the ground with a thud.

Realy(13) is trying to help me, and she takes a knife and starts stabbing Akumai. I ready another arrow, and am ready to shoot when he throws Realy off of him and she hits the wall of the cornucopia.

"Realy!" I scream, and try to shoot at Akumai again, but it's too late. He takes a dagger and stabs Realy.

I scream, and fall over from the sudden, piercing pain through my heart. Realy is dying, so I'm dying...

Bloodbath - Xiophasis Zadronaxsige, District 3

I've gotten an axe for myself, and a sword for Zepher. She comes running up to me, and, knowing the sword is for her, takes it. Bella(1) and Clair(7) are already lying on the ground, and I can't help but feel a little bit sick. The Hunger Games are disturbing on TV, but even more when you're in them...

Zepher(3) swings her sword at Brendan(6), who backs away, horrified.

"Zepher we have to go." I tell her, and grip her arm firmly.

She glares at Brendan. She can't kill him... that will kill that little 12-year-old girl, his little sister, Megan. And how can she even want to kill him?

I start to run off, and I can hear her footsteps behind me. At least, I hope that's her... We're lost in the forest now, and I have no idea where to go. 

"Ocean." Zepher says very matter-of-factly, bending down by the edge of the water. "Let's go."

"We don't have backpacks..." I'm starting to freak out.

"Look!" Zepher completely ignores my comment, not caring that we don't have food, or matches. Instead she's hypnotized by the tunnel entrance in the side of the hill. "Explore?"

"Why not." Anything is better than the bloodbath.

Bloodbath - Bryant Shefer, District 12

Adelaide(12) and I are hiding outside of the cornucopia, crouching against the wall. I'm panting, not because I'm tired, but because I'm scared. Adelaide touches my hand gently, and gives me a reassuring look, nodding her head.

I stand up, and we both hover by the entrance of the cornucopia, out of view. Tributes are starting to run away. I can see Zepher's blue hair off in the distance, and Jack(7) standing by the side of a hill with an axe in hand, Akumai(10) running up to him. Burgandy(8) is waiting for Eliza(10) outside the cornucopia, sword in hand. I take a deep breath before running in.

Panic is starting to take control of me, my hands are shaking so bad I can barely pick up the sword for myself. I decide to get backpacks and run. Adelaide and I can do with just a sword, right?

On my way out, someone blocks my way. "Going somewhere?" He asks. It's Burgandy(8). I swing my sword in a panic, giving him a small cut on the arm.

Eliza rushes over to him to help, and I can hear Adelaide running up behind me. "Br--" Her words are cut off by her scream, as Burgandy plunges his sword into my stomach.

Bloodbath - Llinna Uitsy, District 4

I duck behind a rack of throwing knives in the cornucopia, and pick up a loaf of bread right in front of me, stashing it in the one backpack I've managed to get for me and Tsuik(4). Tributes are already starting to die off, and I just want to get out of here as fast as I can.

Looking around desperately for a weapon, I take two axes, one in each hand.

I run out, looking for Tsuik(4). When I see him, I run to him, thrusting the axe into his hand. "We have to go." My voice sounds high and squeaky.

Tsuik just nods in agreement.

We run off into the forest, leaving the bloodbath behind us.

Bloodbath - Bronze Lucrian, District 1

"I would kill you if it wouldn't kill me." I growl at Nathaniel(2), and he just smirks at me. We're two of the most dangerous tributes, that's clear, so people are steering away from us. 

Half the tributes are already gone. There are Kim and Tim, the two from 11, disappearing off into the forest. Serj(5) and Daron(9) were here for a short amount of time, long enough to get a backpack to share between them and some weapons, and Saika(8) and John(13) followed after them after getting what they needed.

"I think we're the only ones left." I allow myself to calm down a bit. The bloodbath is intense. 

I look around for a weapon to take, and find a nice spear. I toss it back and forth between my hands, and watch as Nathaniel chooses a sword, a bow with a matching quiver of arrows. As a last thought, I take a backpack, but Nathaniel can get his own. 

I take hold of the strap of the backpack, and try to pick it up, but it doesn't. Curious, I look down to see Brendan(6) is trying to take it. He has a kukri in one hand and the backpack we're struggling over in the other. 

He lets go of the backpack and tries to run away, but I catch him and pin him to the ground. He struggles to get away, twisting over onto his back to stab me in the arm with his kukri. I take it and start stabbing him over and over, until the first cannon of the Games sounds.

Night 1 - Serj Tankian, District 5


The cannon shakes the arena, and I look to Daron. He just stares ahead. We've found some sort of tunnel entrance in the side of the hill, and when I looked inside it was pitch black. "Should we go in?" I ask.

"What's in the backpack?" Daron(9) asks, and I take off the backpack and sit on the ground. "Umm... matches, a knife, a sleeping bag, and this bag of dried fruit."

Daron tries to take some of the fruit, but I snatch it from him. "We need to save it! Go pick some berries or something."

He just grunts in reply. "You keep the backpack. I'll just take the knife though, and the matches." 

"Here." I have no idea how to make a torch, but give it my best try. All it is is a stick with fire on it, right? So I snap a branch off a tree and take a match, setting the tip on fire. "You'd think they would give us flashlights."

Daron shrugs, and we go into the tunnel.

Night 1 - Bone Corlaya, District 9

There's a pause after the first cannon, and Kitty(5) and I sit down on the wooden floor of the tunnel, waiting for the next one.


"Two." Kitty whispers.

"I can count, you know." I roll my eyes, and play with the yarn Kitty wrapped around my wrist. Thanks to her cat-like night vision, she can see perfectly, and thought that to lead me through the tunnels without risking people seeing our light, she would tie her tribute token -- a ball of yarn -- around my wrist. Sometimes we just hate each other.


Eight cannons, eight dead tributes.

"What now?" I ask Kitty in a small voice.

"Let's settle down for the night." She says, "and find out what's in the backpacks we got."

I open mine, and find a sleeping bag, a flashlight with a working battery, and two apples. Kitty has a knife, a bandana, and some dried meat. I take out the sleeping bag and lay it out on the floor, curling up for the night with a throwing knife by my side, just in case.

The anthem starts, and Kitty presses the button on her Pain Splitter, and we both watch the pictures of the fallen tributes play out on the screen.

Day 1: The Fallen

District 1 - Belladonna Avenici

District 2 - Lily Sinclair

District 6 - Brendan Jack, Megan Jack

District 7 - Clair Gravenstien

District 12 - Bryant Shefer, Adelaide Watson

District 13 - Realy Cooper

Day 2

Day 2 - Jack Lumber, District 7

When I open my eyes, it's still as dark as it was to have them closed. Sitting up and stretching, I grope around lazily, feeling the cold wooden floor of the tunnels for the flashlight. Akumai(10) insisted that he keep it since he got the backpack from the cornucopia for us, but I'm going to use it anyway. Because we only have one.

Switching it on, the sudden light is blinding! Akumai is snoring, laying on the ground on the other side of the tunnel, a little ways away from me. Standing up, I hit my head on the low ceiling. 

I look back at our little camp, wondering if it's even daytime yet. I don't feel tired at all, and I'm convinced there's something we can find in the tunnels. I start to walk away, but jump at a sudden scurrying noise. Taking the knife from our backpack out of my belt, I look around frantically. It sounds like it's getting closer.


I jump, and see that I've shined the light from the flashlight straight into Akumai's face. I can't help but snicker, and then sigh. "You scared me."

"Idiot." Akumai stands up, looking like he wants to slap me. "You know," I say, teasing, "if you punch me, it'll hurt you t--"

The scurrying noise came back, and I remembered why I was scared. In a hushed voice, I asked, "you hear that?"


"Listen." I freeze, switching off the flashlight.


I switch the flashlight back on, and let out a little laugh at Akumai's mad expression. I make a game of switching it on and then back off again, until I feel something on my arm. I switch the light on, and leave it on, to see a rat crawling up my arm. I scream, and swat it away. I don't know much about rats, but I think it hisses at me. Wait... the scurrying noise...

"Rats." I tell Akumai. "You think they're running from something."

"Maybe they are, and maybe we should get going." Akumai is so unamused with me right now. He takes the flashlight from me. "And stop. You're going to use up the battery."

Day 2 - Eliza Herader, District 10

Burgundy(8) is already awake when I wake up from my sleep. I watch as he chases a few rats away, trying to stab them with a knife. I watch as they scurry away, off into some other parts of the tunnels. It's a bit dark, and we have almost no light source; just a box of matches.

Burgundy lets out a somewhat insane laugh and turns around to me, with a burning match in his hand. "Hey, Eliza." He says to me. "Good morning." I say half-heartedly, and can hear my stomach growl. "I'm hungry." I reach over for the little pack of dried fruit from our backpacks, and start nibbling on a little piece, then shove the whole thing in my mouth once I realize just how hungry I really am!

Burgundy has his back turned to me, and I turn the other way, trying to see down the tunnel. Suddenly, I start to hear echoing footsteps, and my heart starts to pound. I look around for my bow, and get an arrow ready. Burgundy has heard it, too, and is standing up with his sword.

"Where are they coming from?" He asks.

I listen closely. There is only two ways they could be coming from, and I think... "my side." I squeak.

The footsteps get closer, and my heart starts to pound. My fingers slip, and the arrow fires. I hold my breath before a piercing scream rings out. A girl stumbles out of the dark, and her blue and green hair, you could recognize anywhere. It's Zepher, the girl from 3.

Out of fear I notch another arrow and it flies into her arm. Xiophasis(3), her bond, comes running towards me, but Burgundy tackles him, armed with a knife, and they both fall to the floor.

As I still have my attention towards the boys, Zepher comes up behind me and stabs my arm. I scream and whip around, taking an arrow out of my quiver and using it on it's own to puncture her cheek. We're too close for me to use my bow.

She grunts and punches my face, taking it in her hands and trying to twist my neck, or at least get a stab in.

"BURGUNDY!" I scream out, reaching for another arrow as Zepher slams me to the wall and starts to choke me. Everything is going blurry, and I feel lightheaded.

Zepher lets out a small scream, before her grasp releases me and we both fall to the ground. I gasp, standing up, not sure if I can walk.



As I'm about to fall to the ground again, Burgundy catches me, and we both sit on the floor. I look over to Zepher, a knife in her back, and Xiophasis, who is laying next to her. I feel like crying. "Let's... let's go..." Despite myself, I hug Burgundy. "Thank you..." he saved me. Is that because he knows my life rides on his shoulders, or because maybe... he actually cares for me?

Day 2 - Kim Thorburn, District 11

Tim and I both startle at the cannons, but then calm down. It's not like it was us... and that's two more tributes gone.

"I'm going to go look for some food." I tell Tim(11), and stand up from sitting on the grass in the forest.

"Where are the rest of the tributes though?" Tim asks me.

I shake my head. "They've disappeared somewhere. Maybe they're trapped. Wherever they are, I think we're safe."

"I'm coming with you." Tim stands up.

"You can pick berries." I tell him, and we head off. He finds a bush and starts plucking some red berries from it, and I pretend to pick some berries a ways away. I know Tim is scared of other tributes being here, so he wouldn't approve, but I have to. I sneak off towards the golden cornucopia.

I shiver at the sight of the place. There's still some blood-stained grass, but the hovercraft came last night. I go inside the cornucopia, and take the only two remaining backpacks. Lucky us. Inside mine is a knife, some dried meat, and a flashlight. Inside Tim's is a box of matches, a bandana, and a sleeping bag. I get a weapon for each of us, a sickle and a scythe, and jump when I hear a rustling in the grass near me.

I turn around, holding the scythe in a position to attack, but only see Tim walking towards me. I let out a sigh of relief. "You scared me."

"You scared me." Tim counters. "You ran away! Thanks though." He says, taking the sickle as I hand him his backpack.

The sky is getting dark, and as we walk back to our camp, the anthem starts to play.

Day 2: The Fallen

District 3 - Xiophasis Zadronaxsige

District 3 - Zepher Nockturnal

Day 3

Day 3 - John Dolmayan, District 13

The only sound when you walk with Saika(8) is the sound of your shoes echoing on the smooth wooden floor of the tunnels. She shines the flashlight around cautiously before leading us down another tunnel, that has just a slight downward slope.

"Where do you think Serj(5) and Daron(9) are?" I ask her, and she's quiet for a minute before just saying, "I don't know. Maybe we should stop trying to find them."

I know Saika isn't the happiest with how our alliance is going, since she got dragged into it by me. But I couldn't risk us being split up, so what else could she do?

"Wait." She says, freezing where she is. She takes out a throwing knife. I listen carefully to the voices coming towards us, but they sound familiar.

I smile, and run towards them, taking Saika's flashlight. "Serj! Daron!"

"John?" Daron asks when we reach him.

"Duh." I say. "But hey, where were you guys?"

"It's impossible to tell, with all these tunnels." Serj shakes his head. "I swear we've been right here, in this exact spot, twice before."

"I wonder if we can get out of the tunnels." Saika mumbles. It's like we all forgot she was there until then.

"Hi, Saika." Leave it to Serj to be friendly to everyone. Saika smiles just a little bit, and I have to admit, she's really pretty. But it matters more how well she can throw a knife.

"What do you guys have?" I ask, and we start comparing our supplies. I'm glad to have Daron and Serj as allies, but I don't know about Saika. She watches politely, even putting her backpack in the middle, so we can split the supplies. But I think she might have some sort of plan, and it gives me a bad feeling.

Day 3 - Kitty Mew, District 5

"Come on, Bone!" I say, and start skipping. She isn't happy about the string beind tied to her wrist, but I'll lose her otherwise. Besides, I'm the one with the excellent vision, not her!

She rolls her eyes. "Ya know, I'm getting a little thirsty. We don't have any water... do we..."

I sigh. "No. But I think we could find some."

"Where would we look?"

"Umm... down?" I honestly have no idea, but Bone(9) seems to think mine is good. We both don't know much about the labyrinth, which means water could be anywhere. We walk around, and I look for new passages we may not have gone down yet.

After a while, Bone gives me a confused look. "Haven't we looped around her five times now?"

I look around, trying to remember the cracks in the floorboards, the rocks in the walls, anything that might suggest we've been here before. "I have an idea." I untie the yarn from Bone's wrist, and instead tie it to a floorboard peeking up from the wooden floor. "If you keep a hold of that yarn, then we can find our way back easily."

"What if...? Never mind."

"Good." I think I hear something, and listen closely. Yep, it's there. A slight little dripping sound. "I think I hear water!"

Bone gets excited instantly, and I run off in the direction of the water, forgetting all about Bone and the string.

"WAIT!" Bone's plead echoes throughout the halls, and anyone could hear it, but I'm too blinded by my own greed. When I get there, I squeal. There, is a big, underground pool of water. I don't care where it's been. I paw at a few times like a real cat, and then start slurping it, bending down to drink. I swear I brought the water level down a bit. I bend down farther, and my foot slips.

It sends me off balance, and I fall into the water. I scream and yowl like a cat, thrashing around. The arena clothes are thick and heavy, not made for swimming, and I can't swim anyway.

"Kitty!" Bone's cry is getting closer.

"B--" my head goes underwater and I try to surface, but my breath won't last much longer. I finally give up, letting the water fill me.

Curiosity killed the cat.

Day 3 - Raven Black, Capitol


Max and I look up, but of course see nothing. It's not nighttime, and if it was, then we wouldn't see faces in the sky anyway.


Yep. Cannons always come in pairs.

Max is being really quiet, and I don't like it. I want to at least be able to say something, but he isn't much of the conversationalist.

"Wait, hold on." I jump when I hear him whisper something. I quiet down, but my thoughts are elsewhere, so I don't know if I hear anything, really. "I hear footsteps."

I hold out my trident, ready to attack anyone who comes. I have an odd smile on my face, excited to attack another tribute. I haven't had the chance since the bloodbath, unless I wanted to kill myself by taking out Max. I hold my breath to be as quiet as possible, because I want to see the look of shock on the tribute's faces when I jump out of the darkness at them.

I tense as the footsteps come closer, and tell myself to wait. When I think it's time, I jump out in the direction the footsteps are coming from. A little scream from the District 4 girl tells me I did my job right. Both of them jump back, and Tsuik bumps into the wall. I giggle, and call out for Max in a sing-song voice. "Oh, Ma-ax! Tributes!"

Max comes immediately, and we turn to each other, grinning like idiots. We corner the District 4 pair, and Llinna lets out a little whimper. To scare them, I ask Max, "what should we do to them?"

"I don't know." Max is good at playing along. "They're only 13, nothing too horrible."

But Tsuik knows how to put up a fight. He raises his axe and swings it at my arm, giving me a deep gash. I scream, and Max yelps, clasping his arm, even though I'm the one who's really bleeding.

Llinna takes the chance, and jumps at Max, swinging her axe at him, too. I pin Tsuik to the wall, and he knows I'm stronger than him. I thrash him around, banging his face against the wall. I take out my knife, and am about to stab him, when I hear Max scream my name.

Llinna has managed to give him some wounds, and all the sudden my arms and legs start to hurt really bad. I ignore the pain, and instead, grab Llinna by the hair and stab her in the neck. That's all it takes.


I let Llinna fall to the ground, and help Max up. He's silent. I smirk. "A little, 'thank you' may do?"

He glares at me, but without me, he would be dead.

Day 3: The Fallen

District 4 - Tsuik Mowin

District 4 - Llinna Uitsy

District 5 - Kitty Mew

District 9 - Bone Corlaya

Day 4

Day 4 - Bronze Lucrian, District 1

Nathaniel is already awake when I wake up. I look around, and narrow my eyes to be able to see. I can barely see anything at all.

Nathaniel(2) says nothing, but that's fine. We hate each other. I've felt bored over the past few days, if that's even possible in the arena. We haven't seen any tributes yet, and that gives me a bad feeling. Because we can count the number of tributes who are left, and there are still enough left that we're not getting down to the final few any time soon.

"Attention, tributes." The calm voice of Head Gamemaker Snow comes on, and Nathaniel looks at me, confused. Are they going to announce a feast?

"Attention. Starting tomorrow morning, strictly as the sun rises--" Sure, like we'd even know when that was -- "the bonds between you will all be broken. That means, you all will stand alone in the Games once more. Only one victor may be crowned this year. Good luck, and the odds be ever in your favor."

The announcement cuts out, and I feel angry. Only one victor? I may hate Nathaniel, but with him, I have a better chance of survival. We can both fight, and we both do it well. With this twist...

"That means I can finally kill you." Nathaniel smirks.

"Not yet, idiot." I remind him flatly. "The bonds aren't broken just yet."

"So let's just wait until then."

What do we do until then? Do we still have to stay together?

I don't know, all I do know, is that right now, I hate the Capitol.

Day 4 - Tim Thorburn, District 11

I look over to Kim(11), who still has tears in her eyes.

"We'll be alright." I tell her soothingly. "We'll be fine..." but my voice cracks, and I'm sure she can hear the tears behind it.

She's silent for a moment, before she starts sobbing full-on. I wrap an arm around her shoulder, and sit down next to her on the soft grass. It feels almost like we're back in District 11. If we were, Kim would be smiling and laughing. I close my eyes and imagine that we are back in District 11, and for a moment, I smile, before Kim's voice snaps me back to what's real.

"I thought we could make it..." she sobs. "But it's over now... it's all over... we can't..."

"I know." Is all I say. What else would I say? But then I know. I know what we have to do.

"Kim?" I ask firmly, and she knows I'm serious. She looks at me, eyes red, cheeks tear-stained. I feel so angry. First we're thrust into these games, then only one of us can live. I can't deal with that.

"What?" She squeaks.

"I know what we have to do." I tell her, and stand up. "There are going to be two victors, no matter what they think. Let's show them."

She smiles at me weakly, and I return it with a grin. The odds will be in our favor soon enough.

Day 4 - Akumai Kubaya, District 10

What now?

I'm debating whether or not I should split up with Jack. He's been a good and helpful ally so far. I look over to him, and he's just sitting on the floor, with that weird grin on his face I've come used to, tilting his axe back and forth in his lap, watching the small light from a match glint on the smooth surface.

"Jack?" I ask him, and she startles at my voice.

"What?" He puts his axe down on the floor.

"I think we should stay together." I tell him, "you know, just as allies. That way one of us still has a better chance."

"I know what you mean." His voice sounds distant, like his mind is on other thoughts. Which it probably is. "You know what?"


He gives me a mischievous smile. "I think we should go after someone."

"Who?" I can't help but wonder, and feel a smile creep up on my face, also.

"Someone from District 2, named Nathaniel."

I don't question him at all. "Let's get moving, then."

Day 4 - Burgundy Anthrocloth, District 8

The anthem comes on, and I press the button on my Pain Splitter to see who died. No one, as far as I know. I didn't hear any cannons, and sure enough, no tribute's faces show up, just the first few notes of the anthem.

I look to Eliza, who has a scared look in her eyes. I smile at her, and sit down next to her, squeezing her hand. I wish I knew what to say, but I don't, so I just stay there next to her.

Eliza(10) shifts her feet and looks down at the floor. A few more minutes of silence pass before she says something. "Do you think... we should split up?"

I can't tell if she's sad to think she has to leave me or not. I look straight into her eyes, and hesitate before answering. "No."

She looks surprised. I imagine she is. I was the one in training who was so cruel, laughing as I practiced slicing targets. I was the one who laughed at everyone who didn't do well, and who was so rude, sitting alone when it was time to eat, until Eliza came over and sat next to me one day.

"We..." she had been so scared. "We're bonded, so... I guess I better sit with you."

I can remember it all so clearly. Eliza was different.

"Let's stick together." I tell her, and we smile at each other. "We have to make it to just us."

"What?!" She gasps.

"No, not like that. We're not going to kill each other! We have to show the Capitol they can't tear us apart. We're both going to win this."

"Promise it'll work?"

I can't promise... but I can try. So instead of answering, "I promise", I say, "It'll work."

Night 4 - John Dolmayan, District 13

"What've we got for food?" Daron(9) asks flatly.

"Uh..." Serj(5) takes a backpack and looks through it, a worried expression showing on his face. "Well... not much. We'll all have to share a really tiny amount."

"Give it here." Daron takes the small package of dried fruit and empties it onto the floor, dividing it into three equal piles. "One for me..." he starts to eat his immediately, shoving it in his mouth, which makes what he says next sound muffled. "Shom for Serj. And shom fo John."

"Thanks." I take a piece and start to eat it slowly, savoring it.

"What about Saika(8)?" Serj asks. "Doesn't she get some?"

"What?" Daron asks, sounding skeptical. We all know he isn't really appreciative Saika is with us, but that was all the food we had left. Saika glares at him. Daron keeps going, angry. "You mean, Miss Pretty Face over there? She ate half the dried fruit we had before, leaving us with only this much! So I think it's fair."

Daron yawns. "I'm going to sleep. John, you take first watch." He's out like a light, so there's no arguing with him. Serj smiles at Saika and gives her a piece of his dried fruit. He's the only person Saika has seemed to take a liking to. Not even me, her bonded tribute. we're not bonded anymore...

I take Serj's spear, having no weapon of my own. He's okay with it though. He falls asleep soon, too, and I feel tired myself. I look to Saika. Sometimes, you forget she's even there. She gives me a weak smile, and curls up to sleep a ways away from Daron and Serj, with a throwing knife by her side. I consider taking it away from her. No. She wouldn't do anything to us, would she? She hates Daron, but likes Serj, and if she kills me right now, she's dead. She wouldn't do anything.

I turn away, looking down the dark tunnel. I hear a shuffling from behind me, and turn to see that all my allies are just asleep. I wish I could be too. I lean against the wall and slide down to sit on the floor, closing my eyes. So what if I don't keep watch for one minute...

I hear a tiny gasp form Saika, and turn to her. She's sitting on her knees, going through her backpack. "Saika?" She jumps at my voice, and turns to me.

"I'm fine." She answers, then mumbles something I can't understand.

I turn back to keep watch, and wonder if I should be watching Saika instead. I watch her from the corner of my eye, which goes well until she moves out of view. Another little gasp. "Sai--" I start to ask, and turn to her, to ask if she's okay. When I turn back, she's holding her knife over Daron.

"SAIKA!" I scream, and lunge towards her, but she plunges her knife into Daron's back. That wakes both Daron and Serj, and she stabs Daron again. Serj tries to stop Saika, but she keeps on stabbing Daron, which is making both of them weaker. I snap back to my senses and push Saika away from them, wrestling the knife out of her hands. She doesn't care anymore; she know's they're both dead in a minute.

I scream insults at her as she leaves, then turn back to Serj and Daron. Daron's groaning and bleeding all over the place. "Daron..." there's nothing I can do to help him. "Sorry..."



Saika's gone already. I can't help but feel guilty for my ally's deaths. I look back to them, and wipe a tear from my eye. How could she? And of course she stabbed Daron, not Serj. She doesn't make sense. I take my backpack, and Serj's spear with me, running off in the other direction. How could I let her do that?

Night 4: The Fallen

District 5 - Serj Tankian

District 9 - Daron Malakion

Day 5

Day 5 - Raven Black, Capitol

I stare off into the darkness of the labyrinth, smiling to myself. Finally... this morning, the Pain Splitters will have almost no purpose, except to show who's died. That means, the bonds will be broken. Good. I can not imagine how horrible it would be to have to share the title of victor with Max(C).

I can be crowned victor, all on my own... finally.

I wait, wondering if the sun is up. I look at the Pain Splitter, and wonder when it will turn off the bonds. Click. It makes a little sound, and I narrow my eyes. Was that it turning off? I decide to try and make sure, even though it's stupid. I take it off, and wait to see if the Capitol will electrocute me. Stupid, because I'd die if it did that.

But it doesn't!

"Yes!" I whisper, and throw the thing down a tunnel, grinning. I turn to Max, who's still sleeping. I giggle, and slowly take out my trident. I raise it above him, hesitating. I wonder if I should...

Too late to go back. I bring the trident down on him, and he jolts awake, letting out a weak scream before his cannon goes off.


"Sorry." I whisper, even though he can't hear me. "But only one of us can be victor. And that's going to be me."

Day 5 - Bronze Lucrian, District 1

The first cannon of the day has gone off already. And there wasn't another following it... that means that the bonds really are broken. I was wondering if the Capitol was just playing with us, pretending they were broken so that we would accidentally kill ourselves.

Nathaniel(2) has requested that he go in front. So I'm holding our light source, following him to wherever we're going. We're on a downwards slope. I sigh. Really, I'm just waiting for the perfect moment to kill Nathaniel.

A ways away, I can hear a laugh, and I tense up. I turn to Nathaniel, who has stopped in his tracks. He doesn't look scared at all, of course, trying to look tough for the Capitol audience. He gets out his weapon, and I fumble around for mine for a minute, before gripping my spear, ready to attack.

There's a moment of complete silence, and then suddenly, a knife comes flying out of the darkness, lodging itself into the wooden floor. I let out a gasp, and shine my flashlight from where the knife came from. There, is Jack(7), still standing with his arm out from throwing his knife.

Nathaniel takes the opportunity to lunge forward and attack Jack, but Jack quickly and easily dodges all of his attacks. I look to Akumai(10). Looks like he and Jack stuck together. I run at Akumai, and manage to hit him in the leg with my spear. He doesn't even wince, instead, he takes his dagger and sticks it in my leg, causing me to lurch backwards. I pull out the dagger, and throw it at Akumai. It whizzes past his face, cutting his cheek and spraying blood on the floor. I can hear the sound of the dagger hitting the floor some ways behind us.

Nathaniel has managed to get Jack unarmed, and Akumai is limping towards his dagger, coming to help Jack, and I see the perfect moment. Ignoring the pain in my leg, I take my spear and plunge it into Nathaniel's back. I watch him fall to the floor, and then look to Jack. He looks confused, but mostly scared.


"Jack!" Akumai is running as fast as he an in his current condition over to Jack, who also has multiple wounds of his own.

"Oh, no you don't..." I snigger, and kick Jack to the floor. He gets up surprisingly quickly and punches me in the face, running for his axe. I throw my spear, and it hits him in the side. I take my spear out from him, and kick him down again putting him out of his misery with one final stab to his neck just as Akumai lodges his dagger in my side.


Night 5 - Kim Thorburn, District 11

I yawn, ready to settle in for the night. The forest is oddly serene and calming when it gets towards night. I look to Tim(11), who is trying to set up a trap to catch some animals for food.

"Here..." I offer to take it from him. "Let me help."

"You'd be a lot better at it." Tim says playfully.

I smile, and add jokingly, "we all know I am."

We both laugh, before falling quiet. My heart starts to race. I heard something. Two other tributes are here, talking to each other. I can't make out what they're saying, but it doesn't sound good. I think... Burgundy, that awful boy from 8. I can feel Tim jerking on my arm. We should run, but I feel frozen where I am, sitting on the grass. I clutch my weapon close by, and stare off into space.

Out of the corner of my eye, I can see Eliza(10), who is looking around nervously. I listen closely to hear what she's saying. "You think anyone else is here?"

"I don't think anyone is." Burgundy says in an oddly soothing voice. "It's a miracle we made it out of that maze."

I can hear their footsteps coming closer, but it doesn't register in my mind. The crunching of the leaves under their feet seems to be slowly, slowly lulling me to sleep...

"Kim!" Tim hisses in my ear, and I jump, letting out a scared little squeal.

"There's someone here!" Eliza shrieks, and Burgundy comes into view. He narrows his eyes at me, and tries to attack. I gasp, watching helplessly as he runs towards me. I'm too scared...!

"STOP!" Tim lunges in front of me, and Burgundy stops in his tracks. Eliza comes up behind him, clinging to his arm. "Don't..." Tim continues, and I know he's just as scared as me. "Don't hurt her. I'll do anything. She has to survive."

"Why?" Burgundy questions. "Eliza and I are the victors."

"Wait... what?" I squeak. "There's only one victor."

"That's what the Capitol thinks." Eliza grins mischievously. "We were going to convince them to have two victors."

I look to Tim, and silently, we agree on something. I take a deep breath, before saying, "we could all work together. Are you with us?"

I reach out a shaky hand, and everything seems silent, except for the cold wind, which felt warmer before Burgundy was here. Oddly enough, he's the first one to shake my hand. Then Eliza. I grin at them. "We have a plan."

Day 5: The Fallen

Capitol - Max Knightmare

District 2 - Nathaniel Chirp

District 7 - Jack Lumber

Day 6

Day 6 - Eliza Herader, District 10

When I wake up, the sky is still tinted orange and pink with the sunrise. I rub my eyes and sit up where I am, looking around. It's so crazy... Burgundy and I managed our way out of the labyrinth, and now we've teamed with the pair from 11. I'm not sure what their plan is yet, but I just hope it doesn't get us killed.

"Attention, tributes."

I look around, and can see Tim(11) waking up to the sound of the Head Gamemaker's voice. I hope they're announcing that the bonds are back on, now that they've had some more tributes die.

"Attention. At nightfall, a feast will be held at the cornucopia. You must find your way out of the labyrinth before then, or die. The feast will start directly at nightfall. Go early, and you'll die. There's something there that all tributes will need to earn their spot as victor... at the cornucopia, is a small box. What's inside it will seal your title in these games as either dead or alive. Once you obtain the box and open it, it will allow you the power to kill any tribute you want, instantly. Or keep them alive... good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor."

My heart is racing... if we get that box, then I can keep Burgundy(8) alive! We can both win! I don't care about Tim(11) and Kim(11), only Burgundy. We both need to get out of her alive.

Day 6 - John Dolmayan, District 13

I need to get to the feast.

I don't have another tribute to keep alive, just myself. If I can get there, then this can all be over. I can get revenge by killing Saika(8), and then I can be the victor. But how can I get out of here? I've been walking around in circles all this time in the arena, and I've never thought of how I would get out. The thing is, I probably didn't even think I would manage to get out.

I walk faster, to try and find my way. there's no way to tell where I've already been! Then I get an idea. I need to mark the tunnels somehow, to make sure I don't keep walking around in circles, because that will for sure seal my death. I look through my backpack, but there's nothing in it that could be useful. The rope, maybe, but it's too short to drag around with me to mark my path.

I get up again, groaning. There's no way I'm getting out of here. I can hear footsteps a ways away, and decide to follow that tribute. Maybe they can help me find my way out...

It's Raven(C), and I can go unnoticed. I decide to follow her. It's the best chance I have right now.

Day 6 - Saika Tan, District 8

I was already near the exit of the maze when the feast was announced, so I decide to spend my time finding somewhere to hide. I can jump out at tributes trying to escape, so there will be less participants at the feast.

I can hear noise from the forest, and decide to investigate instead. Maybe I can hunt an animal for food. I have been extremely hungry, after my old allies pretty much let me starve to death.

I can see tributes walking away from their camp, but leaving one of them on guard. It's Tim(11), and it's clear he expects no one to come. I get a knife ready to throw, as someone's voice rings out, making me jump.

"Tim!" It sounds like his twin sister, Kim(11). "Come on. No one's coming, everyone is in the tunnels."

Tim looks around, and I duck behind a tree. "Okay." I can hear him get up and walk away. I run to where he was just a minute ago, and look through a backpack they left there. Some dried meat! I take it, and run off, eating a piece on the way. I then decide to eat all of it.

I'll need all of my energy for the feast, going against all of the other tributes.

Day 6 - Bronze Lucrian, District 1

I can't find my way out of the tunnels at this rate. My leg is bleeding, and it still hurts a lot, causing my me to limp. After he stabbed me, Akumai(10) ran off with his dagger.

Ding! Ding!

I look around for the source of the noise, but don't see any. That's when the tiny, white hovercraft comes speeding towards me. I duck down, and it stops in midair, making a weird little whirring noise, then another ding! Before dropping a small container on the floor and flying off again.

It's a sponsor gift for sure! I pick it up, but I have something else to do right now. I run after the hovercraft. It must have been sent into the tunnels to give that to me. I run after it, because if it got down into the tunnels, it must know it's way out.

It feels like I'm running forever, before it finally slows down. Out of breath, I slow down too, clutching my first aid kit in both my hands. The hovercraft stops, then zips off. I limp in that direction, before I can see daylight coming from the end of the tunnel!

I decide to sit down and treat my wounds first. I need to be fully healed before going out to face any other tributes. The first aid kit has everything I would need, thank badness. I grin. I'm going to be ready for the feast to start.

Day 6 - Akumai Kubaya, District 10

After I saw Bronze running off, I followed him. He must have known where he was going, and sure enough, I can see light spilling from the end of the tunnel. I look ahead, and can see Bronze walking off, packing up a small box that looks like a first aid kit.

"Well, well, well..."

I turn around, slicing the air with my dagger, to face Raven(C). She looks at her trident like it's the most interesting thing in the world, before saying in a voice that sounds like one Capitol people would use to talk to a pet, "wouldn't it be a shame if you didn't even make it out of the labyrinth?"

I glare at her. "If we stay here any longer, we both will die."

"Exactly, so stop wasting my time!" Raven lunges forward, stabbing the air with her trident. I jump to the side, and wince as I land on my bad leg.

Raven turns around again to hit me with her trident, and I grab her arm and twist it into an unnatural position. She screams, and I stab her other arm, shoving her to the ground with a knee to her stomach. She gets up quickly, and I slam her into the wall of the tunnel. It knocks the wind out of her, so I take the chance to pin her to the wall, putting my arm over her neck. She flails around, unable to move. I quickly take my dagger, and plunge it into her throat. She lets out a weak scream before falling to the ground, gasping for air. I feel sick, so I leave the scene quickly.


Night 6 - The Feast

Night 6 - Tim Thorburn, District 11

Kim(11), Eliza(10), Burgundy(8), and of course, myself, are all waiting on the edge of the cornucopia. I'm shaking from fear. Our plan has turned into: get the box and save all four of us. We told this to Eliza and Burgundy, and they agreed. We knew that was the only way to keep myself and Kim alive. Otherwise, we would die.

I turn to Kim, and she squeezes my hand reassuringly. I smile at her nervously. We can actually make it again. We could live.

I look to Burgundy and Eliza, who look just as nervous. The sun is going down again, and I can see Bronze(1) among the trees on the other side. The other tributes are arriving. I take a deep breath, and watch as the sun starts to go down.

The anthem starts, and we all look to the sky.

Day 6: The Fallen

Capitol - Raven Black

I'm glad it was Raven who died. She was a major threat, and someone had managed to take her down. But that makes me feel horrible all over again. The fact that someone could kill her, one of the most dangerous tributes...

"Ladies and gentleman..." The Head Gamemaker's voice cuts through the silence that's fallen over the whole arena. "Let the feast begin!


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