Okay, so, this is my first time ever making a user games, so bear with me. :3 I'm going to try my hardest to do this right and to finish them. I don't know what else to say but that if you enter, have fun with it, and please be active on the wikia and check this blog post often to see how your tribute(s) are doing. Now, moving on! :3


1: All tribute spots are filled, no more submitting. Thank you. <3

2: Just like in the intro up there, check back often, and post advice for your tributes. I will decide if they follow it (which they most likely will). Just post a comment every two or three days to let me know you're still here. Don't complaing if your tribute dies, please. It's okay to post a comment just to say "dang it!" but anything more than that, and it's just annoying and immature.

3: No more reservations please! Spots are filled

4: No fighting in the comments, and try not to swear. I don't know why, but sometimes, it just bugs me. 

5: Keep in mind this is a story. I am doing this for fun, and I like writing, and I hope ya'll enjoy it, too. :) If your tribute dies early, like in the bloodbath, it was for the story, not cuz you had a bad tribute. So sorry if it doesn't go as planned, but there are always more user games to go join. Remember I actually put some thought into this.

6: (This is getting too long...) Please don't advertise without joining these Games.

7: No wikia contributers joining... sorry... please make an account.

8: Have fun. I know I've said that like a million times, but that's the point. Haha. Thanks. :3

This Year's Tributes:

As usual, two tributes from each district, but in this one there will be tributes from the Capitol and District 13. Tributes from the Capitol will be considered Careers unless you say otherwise. Alliances can be: Careers, Anti-Careers (can be multiple of these alliances), Alone, or another tribute you entered. I might create alliances, too.

Name Age District Gender Weapons Alliance User
Lyssander Ghan 12 (O_O) Capitol Male Warhammer, swords Peope who get him (one or two)  Yoonie
Loreli Hayes 16 Capitol Female Crossbow, cleaver Nichole, Beemo, Rosette Blissfully Mine
Cornelius Harvestt 18 1 Male Curved sword, sickle, axe Try to lead the Anti-Careers  YourFavoriteSalmon
Rosette Lilith 15 1 Female Traps, strength Nichole, Beemo, Loreli  Blue-Ribbonz
Blade Spectrus 14 2 Male Spear, knives, swords Shade, Kokoro  Tehblakdeath
Annabeth Elosegui 16 2 Female Throwing knives, machete, crossbow Konami, Buck, Eli, Rebekah  YourFavoriteSalmon
Jonathan Tesley 17 3 Male Axe, sword, javelins His sister, Abraxas Baz-turadan
Anna Tesley 13 3 Female Mace, spear, pike Her brother, Abraxas Baz-turadan
Konami Aretino 14 4 Male Srength, fangs, trident, crossbow Eli, Rebekah, Buck, Annabeth Tehblakdeath
Kokoro Hitogoroshi  17 4 Female Dagger, teeth, poison Shade, Blade Mistfire333
Shade Spectrus 15 5 Male Dagger, crossbow, traps (hehe...) Kokoro, Blade Mistfire333
Nichole Peyton 15 5 Female Knife, dagger, wire Beemo, Rosette, Loreli  Nlby001
Buck Rockwell 16 6 Male Spear, rock, sword Eli, Rebekah, Konami, Annabeth  YourFavoriteSalmon
Juline Cenia 17 6 Female Sickle, sword Careers maybe Blissfully Mine
Jayson Huff 17 7 Male Axe, hatchet, sword Alone  Nlby001
Finna Grey 15 7


Knife, axe, bow & arrow Alone, maybe some else  RossInSA
Banette Tsukomogami 15 8 Male Traps, needle, knives Small alliances Mistfire333
Aislyn Latona 17 8 Female Bow and arrow, sword Alone, probably


Lucus Mines 18 9 Male Swords, morning star, throwing axe Careers Blissfully Mine
Rebekah Ure 13 9 Female Mallet (Meemay), throwing stars, spear Eli, Buck, Konami, Annabeth  Blue-Ribbonz
Eli Winersin 14 10 Male Axe, spear, fists Rebekah, Buck, Konami, Annabeth  YourFavoriteSalmon
Sienna Renea 17 10 Female Blowgun, sickle Alone, probably


Abraxas Tryntafylo 18 11 Male Sword, dagger, fists Jonathan and Anna Tesley  Baz-turadan
Lexi Greenway 14 11 Female Bow, mace, throwing knives Anti-Careers


Arian Latova 15 12 Male Bow and arrow, spear, slingshot Decent people; small group  ~PopTart~
Nora Eklund 16 12 Female Blowgun, bow, slingshot No one, maybe someone trustworthy  ~PopTart~
Gary Spade 17 13 Male Axe, dagger, mace Insane ppl O_O  YourFavoriteSalmon
Beemo Xra 14 13 Female Spear, traps Nichole, Rosette, Loreli  Blue-Ribbonz

Thanks to everyone who entered! :3


These are the existing alliances:

(NOTE: If one name is italicized, that means they are the leader of the pack, bold is co-leader)

Careers: Juline Cenia (6), Lucus Mines (9). LOL they're not even from Career Districts...

Capitol, 1, 5, 13 Alliance: Loreli Hayes (C), Rosette Lilith (1), Nichole Peyton (5), Beemo Xra (13)

District 3 Alliance: Jonathan Tesley (LOL 3), Anna Tesley (3... again...), Abraxas Tryntafylo (11... O_O)

District 12 Alliance: Arian Latova (haha 12), Nora Eklund (12 of course)

Districts 2, 4, 6, 9, 10 Alliance: Annabeth Elosegui (2), Konami Aretino (4), Buck Rockwell (6), Rebekah Ure (9), Eli Winersin (10)

Districts 2, 4 and 5 Alliance: Blade Spectrus (2), Kokoro Hitogoroshi (4), Shade Spectrus (5)

Loners (As of Now):  Lyssander Ghan (C), Jayson Huff (7), Finna Grey (7), Banette Tsukomogami (8), Aislyn Latona (8), Sienna Renea (10), Lexi Greenway (11)

Truces: Kokoro Hitogoroshi (4) and Konami Aretino (4)


Backpack Code (look down at items section to see what your tribute has in their backpack)

BP1=Backpack 1 

BP2=Backpack 2

BP3-Backpack 3


District Money Left Sponsor(s)/User Owned Items Dead or Alive
Lyssander G. Capitol --  Yoonie -- Dead
Loreli H. Capitol -- Blissfully Mine -- Dead
Cornelius H. 1 --  YourFavoriteSalmon -- Dead
Rosette L. 1 --  Blue-Ribbonz -- Dead
Blade S. 2 --  Tehblakdeath -- Dead
Annabeth E. 2 --  YourFavoriteSalmon -- Dead
Jonathan T. 3 --




Anna T. 3 --  Baz-turadan -- Dead
Konami A. 4 --  Tehblakdeath -- Dead
Kokoro H. 4 -- Mistfire333 -- Dead
Shade S. 5 -- Mistfire333 -- Dead
Nichole P. 5 $150  Nlby001 BP1, dagger, feast bag(D5) Alive
Buck R. 6 --  YourFavoriteSalmon -- Dead
Juline C. 6 -- Blissfully Mine -- Dead
Jayson H. 7 --  Nlby001 --


Finna G. 7 --  RossInSA -- Dead
Banette T. 8 $150 Mistfire333 Knife, BP2(2, 1 was Rosette's), boomerang knives(3) Alive
Aislyn L. 8 --  *Kyoni~Kara* -- Dead
Lucus M. 9 -- Blissfully Mine -- Dead
Rebekah U. 9 $150  Blue-Ribbonz Mallet, BP3, BP3 (Eli's), feast bag(D9) Alive
Eli W. 10 --  YourFavoriteSalmon -- Dead
Sienna R. 10 --  *Kyoni~Kara* -- Dead
Abraxas T. 11 --  Baz-turadan -- Dead
Lexi G. 11 --  Lexis2685 -- Dead
Arian L. 12 --  ~PopTart~ -- Dead
Nora E. 12 --  ~PopTart~ -- Dead
Gary S. 13 --  YourFavoriteSalmon -- Dead
Beemo X. 13 --  Blue-Ribbonz -- Dead


Sleeping Bag: $70

Blanket: $35

20oz Water Bottle: $50

15oz Water Bottle: $45

Small Coil of Wire: $20

Fishing Pole (with small can of bait): $60

Rope: $60

Scarf: $30

Gloves: $40

Warm Knee-High Socks: $40

Flashlight (with batteries, good for 3 days): $60

Winter Hat (hint hint good for covering up hair if that makes them stand out hint hint): $40


Short Sword: $50

Long Sword: $60

Curved Sword: IDK, $55?

Dagger: $40

8 Throwing Knives: $55

Cleaver: $50

Bow with sheath of 14 arrows: $60

Crossbow (with 14 Bolts): $65

Spear: $50

Trident: $70

Slingshot: $40

(Normal, not Throwing) Knife: $30

Axe: $55

Blowgun (with 14 darts): $65

Scythe: $50

Vial of Poison (good for four uses, IDK): $40

Mace: $60

8 Throwing Stars: $55

Morning Star: $50

Sickle: $60

Pike: $50

Javelin: $50

Warhammer: When I have time, lol


First Aid Kit: $100

Bandages: $90

Antipoison: $110

Burn Medicine: $10 (hehe you'll see why it's priced like that...)

Food (Nom Nom)

Bread: $45

4 Pieces of fruit (either apples, oranges, pears, or a cluster of grapes): $50

Quart of Milk: $55

Chicken Breasts: $45

Chicken Wings (just two): $40

Turkey Breasts: $45

Breakfast (scrambled eggs, two pieces of bacon, a small amount of mil to wash it down c: ): $100

Hot Cocoa Mix (good for three uses): $60

Green Tea (three bags, good for three uses): $50

Bowl of Oatmeal (pre-cooked and ready): $45

Bowl of Rice Pilaf (IDK I love rice pilaf): $40

I'll think of more stuffs laters. <3

The Arena

It's about time I told you guys *sniff*... it's *sniff* time... *tear falls dramatically onto desk*

Outfits: The boys will be wearing warm winter coats with thick, striped scarves, and will be wearing a T-shirt underneath. Theire clothes will be cream-colored, even their jeans. They will have warm socks underneath their water-proof and snow-proof boots. Girls' outfits will be the same, except their scarves won't be striped; they will be plain cream-colored.

Cornucopia: The cornucopia will be shaped like it was in all the other previous Games, except this one will be a pure-white color. Weapons and backpacks will be spilling out, and the backpacks will be BIG. They will all hold the same items, which you will find out later. Loaves of bread (ew, soggy bread) and food, and crates filled with who-knows-what will be strewn around the cornucopia.

Arena: The arena is a snowy forest with a big, icy river running through it, and a few iced-over lakes. It will be snowing almost constantly, which will give a false, peaceful sense to the place. The forest will have towering trees, which will be home to bushy-tailed squirrels, and other cute animals like snow-white rabbits, and of course, maybe a few muttations... hehehe... while the trees offer protection, shelter, and wood and all of those things, sometimes they can give an almost suffocating feeling to whoever is there, especially if they are alone...

The Arena will be filled with the sounds of chirping birds, but other than that, a somewhat "peaceful" silence unless a fight is going on or somethin'.

  • Girls' Example Outfit
  • Boys' Example Outfit
  • The Cornucopia Clearing
  • The "Peaceful" Forest
  • The Icy River

Intro: The Capitol

Looking out at the shining Capitol of Panem, Carnation Snow tapped her perfectly-painted fingernails on the smooth white surface of the wall in the Head-Gamemaker's room. This was her first year as the Head Gamemaker, and she had planned this out for so long... the easily-manipulated Capitol audience would love it as always, and the districts would fear it, as always. 

A knock at the door made her turn around. "Wh-who is it?" She asked in her quiet voice.

"The Reapings are to start today, Miss." A voice called back to her, and she knew it was another one of the Gamemakers. She heard footsteps fade away from her door, and, anxiously, she sat down on the couch centered in the middle of the room. She popped a candy in her mouth and tapped the remote to turn on the TV in front of her to watch what was going on live, in District 1, at that very moment.

Her first Games were about to begin.

IDK, I just wanted to write something in the Captiol as the into, so, I did, and, it was weird, and, I am using way to many commas. :3


District 1- Cornelius Harvestt's POV

We all file into the square of District 1, taking our places among the crowd. I play out in my head what might happen if I'm Reaped -- would I ever be able to win. 

"Excuse me?"

I look up to see a woman glaring at me. Oops. Too lost in thought. I hold out my hand, and she pricks my finger, then grabs it violently and slams it onto the paper in front of her. "Go ahead." She says, and then does the same to the poor little 12-year-old girl behind me.

I file in next to the rest of the 18-year-old boys, and look around. The beautiful square of District 1 has been transformed into something that looks like it came from the Capitol, with all their bright colors and crazy patterns. Hopefully, if I am Reaped, someone will volunteer. There are always volunteers.

The escort, a man with long red hair and a neon-colored suit walks up to the stage with a crazy grin on his face. "Welcome, District 1!" His voice booms out, and the last of the crowd squeezes into their spots. Silence. "It's such a pleasure to be here today." The man comtinues. "Now, to choose the brave girl and boy to represent District 1 in this year's 171st annual Hunger Games! Ladies first, of course!" 

His hand hovers over the bowl, before pulling out a slip of paper and unfolding it like it will disintegrate in his fingers at any second. He flashes a smile to the crowd before reading the name: "Rosette Lilith!"

A pretty-looking girl with brown hair and matching eyes gasps from the 15-year-olds, and looks around. I feel bad for her. Normally by now someone would have volunteered... but no one has. Why not? For some reason I feel angry no one has!

She walks up to the stage slowly, and I look up at the big Capitol screens with live coverage of the exact moment. When she's up, she looks down at her feet. 

"Well." The escort says, obviously trying to cheer her up, "how do you feel about having the chance to represent District 1?"

She talks quietly into the microphone. "Nobody will save me now..." She looks like she's about to stop, but then says more. "I'm just a hopeless girl walking into my death and no one can save me now..."

The escort lets out a nervous laugh, obviously not what he had expected. As he takes out the slip of paper from the boy's bowl, my stomach flips. Then I talk a deep breath. I've trained for this, and I can win. I can win...

"Cornelius Harvestt!"

I clench my hands into fists and take my place on the stage. No volunteers this year. I feel cheated, and the girl Rosette next to me looks like she feels the same. I look out and find my parents in the crowd, unable to read their expressions. But the happy parents next to them must be Rosette's. As we're lead off, I can form one thought: the Games are about to begin...

District 2- Annabeth Elosegui's POV

Thrashing around in the cold water, I scream for help. As soon as my head goes under, I try to breathe, but instead of air water fills me, and I know I'm drowning... drowning...

I jolt upright in my bed, and when I realize it was just a dream, fall backwards back onto the soft covers of my bed in relief. I get up out of bed and put on my nice dress for Reaping day, and brush out my long blond hair that so many girls envy me for. I spend a while in the bathroom looking into the mirror and deciding how to do my hair before just leaving it down. Then I flash a smile; the one I plan to show off to the cameras before I get whisked away from my District to go win the Hunger Games.

Breakfast is burnt pancakes. Pancakes would normally be a treat, since my brother and father have such a hard time getting food on our table, but they're burnt. I eat them anyways like they're the biggest treat ever, and then walk out into the warm air of District 2.

The square is decorated with the Panem flag, and other "beautiful" things from the Capitol. When I get there, I look up at the Justice Building, where a whole bunch of seats are laid out. District 2's many victors fill them, and someday soon I know I'll be up there.

After getting my finger pricked, I go to stand with the rest of the 16-year-old girls. I make sure to be on the edge, so that I can get out easily. The more the escort notices me, the more likely I am to get picked.

A lady with a rainbow wig and very pale skin walks out onto the stage and quiet falls over all of us. "Welcome!" She squeaks. "I'm so excited to be here with all of District Two!" I stifle a laugh. She used to be the escort for the poorer districts until one of them had a victor, then she moved up here. Really she was relieved to finally have a district that constantly produced victors. "Now, ladies first."

She opens a white slip of paper, but before she can read the name I scream out. "I VOLUNTEER!!!"

Moving to the center of the isle, I stand there, grinning like an idiot. 

"Well, a volunteer! Come on up sweetie! What's your name?"

I smile right to the cameras. "Annabeth. Annabeth Elosegui."

"Well how exciting!" The escort trills, and then pulls out a slip of paper with my district partner's name on it. "He-"

"I volunteer!" A chorus erupts from the boys' side, and one of them stumbles out. He looks surprised, like he might have been pushed.

"Come on up!" 

He does so, but doesn't look to sure. He speaks his name into the microphone.

"Ladies and gentleman, this year's tributes of District Two! Annabeth Elosegui and Blade Spectrus!"

Everyone claps for us, and we shake hands. He has bright blue hair and blue-ish grey eyes. I smile at him, already plotting my victory.

District 3- Jonathan Tesley's POV

"Ooh Jonny..."

"What?" I ask, impatient. My little 13-year-old sister, Anna, is hovering above me when I wake up. 

"Get up." She seems oddly excited, which I don't understand. But this is Anna. 

"Fine." I motion for her to leave, and she does. I can hear the clatter of plates from the kitchen, where my mom, dad, and Anna will be cooking breakfast. I didn't want to cook, so I woke up late on purpose. Heh. I get dressed and join my family at the table, eating quietly while Anna hums a little tune she always does on Reaping day. She says it will bring good luck to us. I never tell her that it doesn't work on the 27 children who lose their lives each year to our so-called government.

"I'm going to go get ready." Anna gets up and walks away, and so do I. I just go to my room and brush out my hair and start pacing worriedly. I took tesserae each month so Anna wouldn't have to. She's only 13, I'm 17, which means this year and next, and then it's over. I need to spare her until then. 

When it's time to, Anna drags me outside, fluffing out the skirt of her bright yellow dress that my mom wore on all of her reapings. Anna seems to cheerful. She can see the good in everyone, even the Career tributes who kill the tributes from our district. "They grew up thinking this was right. It's not their fault they've been raised to kill."

"Hey!" Anna waves over to her friends. "Hey, Carrie!"

"Come on, Anna." I tell her seriously. "We need to get there on time."

When we get our fingers pricked, we wince, then give lock eyes with each other. I can see pain in her eyes. She has lots of friends, and is probably scared one of them will go. Or scared I will. This is the one day each year when she isn't constantly her happy, jokey self. 

"Don't worry." I whisper, before we part ways.

The escort lady is wearing such bright, reflective clothes I have to shield my eyes. She giggles, and tells us all in her silly Capitol accent just "how honored she is to be here today with us all! Happy Hunger Games!" You wish. She giggles again. "Now, let's see who the lucky girl is this year!"

She reaches her hand into the bowl and pulls out a slip, then makes a show of unfolding it. "Anna Tesley!"

WHAT?! How? I whip my head over to where Anna is standing, covering her mouth with her hands. I can see tears well up in her eyes. The escort echoes her name again, and Anna walks up. No... I can't let this happen!...

As she reaches her hand in the bowl with all the boys' names in it, I take a deep breath. Just as she is about to read the name, I scream out, "I volunteer!"

"Oh, a volunteer!" The escort giggles. I can see Anna's teary face on the cameras, and my own serious expression, too. I look straight at Anna, and she knows what this means now. At least one of us is going to die. And it's going to be me. 

"What's your name?" The escort asks sweetly. 

I swallow hard, trying not make my voice sound wavery. "Jonathan Tesley."

"A brother-sister pair!" The escort starts clapping, and the district does so reluctantly. I can see our weeping parents out in the crowd, and wish I could just run off the stage and stay with them. But no. The Capitol needs their tributes. "Shake hands!" The escort demands.

But instead of shaking hands, we catch each other in a hug, crying, knowing we'll have to let go someday soon.

District 4- Kokoro Hitogoroshi's POV

My spiked, white-with-black-tipped hair blows in the wind as I make my way to the Reaping while singing a little morbid song I'm making up on the spot. A cold but sunny day in District 4, decoarated to look like a cold but sunny day in the Capitol. I look up and see cameras everywhere, and my immature side gets the best of me and I give them a huge smile with my sharp teeth, hoping it may have creeped out a few viewers.

When I get to where I'm supposed to get my finger pricked, I let the peacekeeper do so, but then jerk my hand away. "Nuh-uh..." I poke the paper with my finger and then turn around and take my spot in the crowd. I push a few girls over to get into my spot, then continue my little song, and they inch away farther. I take a look  up towards the stage, where our escort -- who appears to be wearing a giant starfish, ugh, the Capitol and their so-called "fashion" -- is chatting with our many victors. 

A group of boys passes by in the aisle, and I decide that one of them will get Reaped this year. That one... with the blue hair and eyes that are two different shades of blue. And... he'll die by getting speared. I guess how our District 4 tributes will die every year, and so far most of them have been right. It's weird.

The escort taps the microphone impatiently and it starts a screeching noise that rings out through the square. I cover my ears and swear at her in my head. Ugh! Once the noise has stopped, she laughs nervously. She looks really young, like, she could compete in the Hunger Games. She looks around and taps her foot, waiting for everyone to be quiet. "Shut up!" I hiss at the girls around me, and they all give me disgusted looks before they fall quiet.

"Um, welcome, District 4." Unlike all the other escorts, with overly-happy voices and weird accents, she sounds like she ran away from District 9 or something. "Well, you know, it's Reaping Day... time to choose this year's tributes." I think she's trying to sound enthusiastic, but it isn't working.

"Girls, uh, first..." she trails off and grabs the slip of paper on the very top, clears her throat, and speaks the name loud for all the District to hear. "Kokoro. Hitogo... Hitogoroshi?"

I let out a small gasp, and then try to clear my face of all emotion. I look out at the crowd like I'm angry. But inside, I feel a bit panicky. No one's volunteering, just watching me take my place on stage. Not that I expected anyone to volunteer; I know they wouldn't. Not for me.

The escort gives me an obviously fake smile and I stomp on her foot. "OW! I mean, nOW for the boys! Hehe..." Again, she grabs the closest slip of paper to her bony little fingers. "Konami. Aretino."

I scan the crowd for whoever is going to join me and the bored escort, and out comes the boy with the blue hair and eyes. Wow... I was right. He walks up and the escort awkwardly claps for us, and so does District 4. 

"Shake hands." The escort demands, and I know she wants to leave as soon as she possibly can.

"Hi." Konami says to me, and I want to laugh. He sounds like a four-year-old. I shake his hand and give him a fake smile, just like the escort's.

District 5- Shade Spectrus' POV

I clutch my newest gadget between my fingers, and one hand reaches out and hovers over the switch. Carefully, I flip it, and... nothing. Nothing happens. I sigh. That's another one that hasn't worked. Now that I think about it, I don't even remember what I thought it would do. 

I eat breakfast slowly, not saying much. Today is Reaping day, which means it might be me, or one of my siblings, that is being dragged away to the Hunger Games this year.

All of District 5 - so many people it feels like the whole population of Panem - files quietly into the bright square, where the escort, a man who looks like he is 150 years old, is waiting. After getting my finger pricked, I take my place and look down. After training secretly in an underground academy for two years, I think I could stand a chance, but there are always the insane tributes. Ones mostly from District 1, 2, and 4, that will do anything to get the most kills, to torture you before you die, amke it slow and painful. I don't want to be up against ones like them.

The escort walks slowly up to the microphone, and I feel bad for him. Such an old man shouldn't be an escort. He speaks quietly into the microphone, and I sort of tune out and think of how I could improve my little gadget back at home to make it actually work. Maybe if I added another wire--

"Shade? Shade Spectrus?"

I look up, surprised. Had I tuned out completely, or does that man just have a really quiet voice? I walk up stage slowly, and hear a few giggles from the audience. The laughingstock of Panem. That's probably what I am right now, the boy who couldn't hear his own name because he was distracted at the Reaping.

"And... now for the girls..." He must have forgoten to call the girl's name first. He gingerly takes out a slip of paper, and unfolds it, looking like he is about to fall over. "Nichole Peyton..."

A stunned girl from the 15-year-old section starts to step forward, but someone grabs her arm, and she whips around. 

"You can't!" I can tell the blond girl who is gripping her arm is close to tears, but Nichole responds with a stern "no".

"I volunteer!" Another girl screams out, but Nichole denies her, too. They must be her friends, or her sisters. But Nichole is very short, with red hair and a bridge of freckles across her nose, and the other girls look nothing like her.

Nichole comes up to the stage and looks out to her friends, pain in her eyes. Maybe she was being brave and not letting her friends take her place, knowing they would die. Or maybe she knows she will win.

"Shake hands." The escort says, and Nichole grabs my hand and shakes it hard.

"Ladies and gentleman of District 5, this year's tributes!"

I look out to the crowd, knowing this might be the last time I see this place. Which makes me even more determined to win.

District 6- Juline Cenia's POV

The cabin air is still and quiet. So I decide to break it. I yawn loudly, and make a show of waking up, even though I'm the only one there and there is no one to pay any attention to me. I eat the breakfast I stole from the town, and then slip on my best clothes. Living alone isn't too bad. It gives me more of a reason to try to be the center of attention when there are people around.

I walk out of the cabin and know something is wrong. The people are whispering nervously, and one girl comes up to me and asks if I've seen Azera. Of course I have. I'm the reason she's gone. But I put on my best worried face, and act. "No... what happened."

The girl starts crying, and I know she was one of Azera's other friends. "Someone found her... dead..."

I pretend to comfort her, but I get nowhere. "I'll be fine." She tells me, and on the outside I have tears in my eyes, too, but on the inside I feel nothing, except cold, even though it's the nicest day out it has been for a long time here in District 6.

I make my way to the Reaping, and in my head am already practicing what I am going to say when I go up to the stage. I need sponsors, so I need to say something good...

The escort makes his way up to the stage, along with our three remaining victors. Oh, goody. I roll my eyes. One of them is a twelve-year-old girl who uses her blond hair to shield her eyes. After being in the Hunger Games and having her own allies commit suicide so that she, the youngest one, could survive. After her victory, she dyed to ends of her hair raven-black. She never talks, and the only time you see her is when she's alone, buying either more black clothes or food before shrinking back to Victor's Village. I hope I don't end up like her.

"WELCOME!" The escort booms out over the microphone. He doesn't even sound like he needs one... "BLAH BLAH BLAH, LET'S GET TO FUN, SHALL WE? FOR THE GIRLS, WE HAVE, EV--"

"I VOLUNTEER!!!" I screech at the volume of the escort's voice. I sashay up to the stage, take the micrpohone from him (which doesn't make him too happy, but who am I to care?), and smile out at the auidence. The Capitol is watching me, right now! Make them remember me...

"I'm Juline Cenia." I look out at the whole District, and the relieved Ev-whatever who has shrank back into the crowd. "And I'm your next victor."

I shove the microphone back, cross my arms and give the cameras a satisfied smirk.

"WELL, WHAT A CHARMING GIRL." The escort says.

You bet. I flip my sunset-orange hair over my shoulder just to show off. 


A boy with black hair walks up to the stage and gives me an unimpressed look, which I return with a glare. When the escort tells us to shake hands, instead, I slap his hand hard, to which he slaps me right back.

District 7- Jayson Huff's POV

As I swing the axe, birds fly away, leaving the peaceful forest of District 7. Well, peaceful except for me, chopping down this tree. If today wasn't Reaping day, I would spend my whole time here, chopping down trees. Maybe bring some wood back to the house, skip school, like usual. But no. Not today. People think I'm angry, coming out here just to chop down trees. But I just love using an axe. Weapons are the only thing that can capture my attention, which is why I kind of don't like school.

I tuck the axe into some really tall grass under the tree with low-hanging branches, os no one will find it, I set off for home for breakfast. When I get there my mom has cooked up something special, hoping I won't be chosen. We eat in silence. There seems to be an odd hush over the district today. I get into my best clothes, and hang the gold medallion I found years ago in the forest around my neck, then go downstairs. "Bye." I say to my parents. "I promise, I'm coming back."

This and the next, and it will all be over for me. Standing in the crowd, the strange silence hangs there. Usually, there are conversations and people rushing to get to where they need to be, little kids who aren't old enough to be in the Games rushing around and playing, but not today. Today two of us will be sent to our deaths.

The escort, a lively-looking lady with too much lipstick, is talking to our remaining victors. When a peacekeeper comes up and whispers something to her, she suddenly gets serious and taps the microphone. Not that she needed to, no one is talking anyways.

"Welcome!" She says it like we are the ones who have never been here. "This is my first year as escort, and it's been exciting so far! Now, let's see who will represent District 7 in this year's Hunger Games!"

She chooses a slip from the bowl with the boy's names in it, and I remember she is the escort that forgets everything... ladies first, but not this time. "Jayson Huff!"

Inside I feel a bit like I'm freaking out, but don't show it. Instead I walk up to the stage, where the escort is waiting eagerly for me. I scowl at her, and she turns away.

She reaches her hand deep into the bowl with the girls' names and pulls out a slip, waving it to the audience. It flies out of her clutches and gets carried off by the wind, and a few people in the crowd laugh. She nods and mouths the word, "well" and chooses a new one. 

"Finna Grey!"

A girl with blond hair starts her way up to the stage, and a boy screams out for her. "Finna!" He calls.

"James!" She runs to him and hugs him, as a peacekeeper tears them apart. The boy, James, starts to run after her as she is dragged to the stage, but a peacekeeper shoves him to the ground and shouts at him. 

"JAMES!" Finna calls, trying to get out of the peacekeeper's grasp. I feel helpless as I watch, which of course I am. "I PROMISE I"M COMING BACK!"

She gets shoved onto the stage next to me, and the escort pipes out how happy she is to have such exciting tributes, and I watch as James is shoved back into the crowd, just another face to watch. Is her her brother? Friend? Boyfriend? I'll never know. I find my own parents in the crowd and smile at them, but it's painful.

"Shake hands!" The escort says eagerly.

I reach out my hand, and Finna takes it. We shake hands weakly, before the escort drags us off to say goodbye to our loved ones.

District 8- Aislyn Latona's POV

A light knock at my door is what wakes me up. I turn over in bed, still groggy from sleep. "Liana?" I ask.

"Yep." My little sister says. I can hear the clatter of dishes downstairs and know that Grandma must be cooking breakfast for us. The smell wafts upstairs and is the only thing that makes me drag myself out of bed.

Liana's footsteps fade downstairs, and I get up out of bed and put on a dress, then brush out my long, dark hair with those little streaks of brown and put it into a braid that I flip over my shoulder. Looking out the window, I can see the people of District 8 already filing into the square, just like they do every year. The square is small for such a large population, so we always have people spilling out into the streets, normally family members or people who are too old for their names to be called.

We eat breakfast quietly, but at least we're together. We all love each other so much, what's left of my family. Only four of nine children from my parents are alive right now, and one of them is me. We live with our grandmother now, and we all work hard. Well, except for my siblings who are too young to work. Or have their name in the Reaping.

I hug my siblings goodbye; I'm the only one still eligable to have my name called. Grandma cries for me, and I quiet her down. "I promise..." I feel tears in my eyes, too, but push them back down. If I die my family is going to fall apart. "I promise I'll come back." But in my head, I know I have no control over it. Some promise that is.

When I get to the Reaping, I scan the crowd. My friends are all either standing beside me, or are in different age groups. The escort is standing up on the stage, and he looks as tired as I am. At least I don't have to wake up as early as District 1 does.

It's a nice day out, if you don't count the Reaping.

"Hello?" The escort grins stupidly out at us, and we return it with glares. I shift uncomfortably as he begins to talk. "Hello. And welcome to the 171st annual Hunger Games!" It's like he thinks it will have changed. Llike last year was the 170th, and this year would be the 172nd.

"Now, to choose our two tributes. Ladies first!"

He pulls out a slip of paper and makes a show of opening it. I feel so nervous, and my stomach feels empty and -- am I shaking?

"Aislyn Latona!"

I hear a shreak from the back of the crowd, and can see Grandma, weaping, with my siblings by her side. "Aislyn!" They call out. 

I don't look back. I look down at my feet, my dirty shoes, and get up to the stage. I can hear a cruel chuckle from the crowd and suddenly feel angry.

I look out at District 8 as the escort reads off the boy's name. "Banette Tsukomogami!"

A boy with droopy dark hair and bright redish-pinkish eyes comes up to the stage. I hear laughs from the crowd, from the boys around him. He wouldn't seem so scary except for the fact that he has a bandana over his mouth, with a gold zipper painted onto it... in the shape of a smile. 

"Let's hear it for this year's tributes!"

I bet he expects the crowd to hoot and holler, but the only sound is a sneeze and my Grandma crying in the back of the crowd.

District 9- Lucus Mines' POV

District 9 on Reaping day is not where most people want to be. But I'm okay with it. After living on my own for years, dealing with the guilt and training with my father's axe until it was just metal and wood, I think I'm ready. And int he process, hey, I can save a poor little boy. But today really all I care about is me. All I want is to escape the past.

I walk along the streets, making my way to the Reaping, getting my finger pricked, all of that stuff I have to do before the real fun begins. Everyone else is so nervous.

The escort is tapping her foot impatiently, grinning like an idiot. District 9's victor died recently, and he was good friends with our escort. I wonder if she misses him right now. I'm going to be the next victor...

"Welcome!" She shouts to us, like it's an order. "Welcome! District 9! Welcome!" Yeah, we know... "Welcome to the 171st annual Hunger Games! May the odds be ever in your favor! Hopefully this year we will get a new victor, right?"

No one answers. I don't know why she expected anyone to.

"Let's choose our newest victor! Ladies first." She goes over to the bowl and pulls out a slip, opens it, and turns it over like it was upside down the first time. She squints at it, and then reads the name loud. "Rebekah Ure!"

A young girl with brownish-blond hair steps out and walks silently up to the stage. An easy target, maybe my first...

"And for the boys... Ja--"

"I volunteer!" I shout.

"Who was that?" The escort smiles out at the crowd and shuffles excitedly to the other side of the stage, nearly pushing Rebekah off to get a good view.

"I volunteer." I say again, and step out for her to see me. Rebekah and her watch me as I stand next to them. Finally. I might be able to forget the past.

"Shake hands," the escort demands. I take poor little Rebekah's hand and squeeze it, and watch her wince. 

District 10- Sienna Renea's POV

Just as I'm about to grab the handle of the door, the floorboards creak behind me. I turn around to see the man holding a knife, and cry out. Turning back, I yank at the handle but it doesn't open.

I jolt awake, panting. That same nightmare taunts me all the time... but it's just a dream, and the past is the past.

I get up and put on a dark purple dress, brushing my light brown hair and letting it fall in wavy sheets down my back. I hum sweetly as I come into the kitchen, preparing breakfast for me and my mom. It's a wam day outside, and I can hear cows mooing outside. District 10 is fine and a nice place to live, but the escorts always want to plug their noses and get it over with. I giggle. Last year the lady actually had a clip on her nose so she wouldn't have to smell anything. It made her voice sound weird.

We leave the house, and get to the Justice Building where Peacekeepers are washing off the stage. Wouldn't want the escort's fancy Capitol shoes getting dirty, now do we?

I go to stand with the rest of the 17-year-old girls, but my mom catches me and squeezes me tight. "Be safe."

I watch her join the rest of the parents, and give her a reassuring smile. Of course, I don't even know who's name will be called. If I could go up there and take out every single slip of paper with my name on it and let them fly away in the wind, but I can't.

The escort looks so dissatisfied it's funny. His bright red shoes are caked in mud, and he looks disgusted. His eyebrows are all archy, anyway. The Capitol and what they call fashion...

"Hello, District Ten. I'm so pleased to be here." He doesn't sound like it, but who would want to be the escort for dirty District 10? "Let's see who will represent District 10 in this year's Hunger Games." He reaches his hand deep into the bowl and pulls out a slip of paper, unfolding it slowly. I cross my fingers it's not me...

"Sienna Renea!"

No. How? How could it be my name? I step out of the crowd and look around, and suddenly the soft breeze feels like a cold wind. No one is volunteering. But who would want to, anyway.

"NO!" I hear a desperate cry from the back of the crowd, and whip around to see my mother being held back by Peacekeepers. "SIENNA!"

"Mom...!" I reach out a hand towards her, but know I have to go. It was my name that was called, so it's me that's going.

When I reach the stage, the escort gives me a blank look and shoves me to the side, then chooses the boy's name.

"Eli Winserin!"

A boy with dark brown hair steps up to the stage and looks between me and the escort before giving both of us a nervous smile. We shake hands, and I get my last glimpse of District 10 before I leave for the Capitol. Before we both leave for our death.

District 11- Abraxas Tryntafylo's POV

I wake up to birds chirping, and roll over, still tired. I wish I could go back to sleep, but I'm pretty sure the birds outside my window are what woke me up. Shut up, I tell them in my head, but secretly, I like it when they sing. It reminds me of my sister. I get dressed and eat breakfast alone, becuase I woke up early. Then I sneak out into the fields and practice with the small sword I have. I'd survive. And it's all worth it. For my sister...

When I get to the Reaping, the large population of District 11 is being crammed into our tiny little town square. At least the Reaping doesn't last long. I don't like being crammed in with other people. I want my personal space.

I get my finger pricked and join the rest of the 18-year-old boys. "Are you volunteering?" One asks me, with his eyebrows raised. "You said after your sister died tha--"

"SHUT UP! I KNOW!" I yell at him. I don't want to be angry, but it's just that any mention of my sister makes me angry.

The escort comes onto the stage and looks out at us all, shielding her eyes from the sun with her hand. She walks up to the microphone and goes "ahem?" So many times I want to slap her. She scoffs and taps the microphone, sending a screeching noise through the whole District. "Welcome." She says sarcastically in a valley girl accent. "I'm the escort for District 11." You don't say...

She doesn't even announce what she's doing, which most escorts do, she just walks over and pulls out a slip of paper. "Lexi. Lexi Greenway."

A girl with long, dark, curly hair and freckles steps out cautiously from the audience. 

"Come on..." the escort rolls her eyes. When poor Lexi gets up there, the escort gives her a tight hug, which surprises Lexi. "What a nice girl! Now. Let's choose our boy."

She walks over to the bowl -- the one sabotaged with my name. She takes out a slip and narrows her eyes. "Um... Abraxas... Trynt... Tryntafiilio?"

Tryntafylo. I correct her, but know I'm the only one in the district with the name Abraxas. And if there is another Abraxas out there, well, I just saved his life.

"District 11, I give you your two tributes this year!" She yanks on my left hand and holds it up in the air, and does the same to Lexi's right hand. "Your tributes! Lexi Greenway and Abraxas... Abraxas!"

I'm going to win what my sister lost ten years ago. For her.

District 12- Nora Eklund's POV


Ugh. As I get up off the hard prison floor, I can hear birds chirping outside, as if they're mocking me. We have freedom, and you don't. But I did it for Violet... and now I'm here.


I turn to see a Peacekeeper staring at me through the bars. He shoves a bowl of mush, my breakfast (yay), into the cell and then shoves a bundle of something white in, too. I eat quickly becuase I know the white thing is my Reaping outfit. Reaping day might not be a very fun day, but at least I get to wear a nice dress. It's just plain white, with powder-blue shoes and a headband. I put it on, and the dirty floor has gotten part of the dress brown but I don't care.

I peer out of the bars of my cell and when the Peacekeeper sees me, he lets me out. "You look nice." He says in a voice that's pretty much monotone. But maybe he means it. Another Peacekeeper comes up to my side and one to the back of me. There is only one other kid here to lead to the Reaping, so guarding us is a pretty big deal. Plus, he's eighteen which means next year they don't have to worry about him.

When we get to the square, I shield my eyes. There's a tiny window in my cell, but it's barred off, and it's up really high and tiny. This is the first sunlight I've seen in a long time. "OW!"

I look down and see a bit of blood on my finger, and bite my lip. Of course. They have to prick my finger every year. But I was too busy being distracted by the sunlight.

Peacekeepers shove me into the rows with the rest of the girls, but stay by my sides so I stick out in the crowd like a sore thumb. I just want this to be over.

"Hey, District 12!" The escort comes up to the stage, and he looks as bored as I do. "Isn't today exciting?"

I hear a cough, that's it.

"Well, let's move on then." He reaches his hand into the girls' bowl and pulls out a white slip of paper. I hold my breath. "Nora! Eklund!"

I feel like I'm shaking, but try not to. I don't want to look like a target on the cameras. I get up to the stage, and the escort can see how scared I am. He gives me a sympathetic look and pats me on the shoulder before choosing the boy's name.

"Arian Letova!"

A boy with blond hair comes up to the stage. He looks at the escort, and then me, and then stands where he has to.

"District 12, may I present to you, your tributes for this year's annual Hunger Games!"

The crowd claps like they have to, and inside, I feel dead already.

District 13- Gary Spade's POV

The Hunger Games. The perfect place for me.

As we leave the small, underground District 13, people are already staring at me and backing off in fear. I don't blame them, of course. I have small bursts of maniacal laughter which makes them almost run away. Then I laugh. Oh, what fun...

"Give me your hand." A Peacekeeper demands. I do, and he pricks my finger and slams it onto the paper. Then I walk away, going to join the crowd.

The escort is a very pale woman, who looks almost like a ghost, or like she lives in 13. Well, not all of District 13 is underground. Ever since we joined Panem and the Capitol again, we built above ground and freaked out the districts. Heh. More players for their Games in the Capitol.

"Welcome!" The escort shouts, but not everyone is in their spots yet. "Welcome?! WELCOME!" Now she just sounds like an idiot...

Finally she just starts shouting. "WELCOME DISTRICT 13! TIME FOR THE REAPING TO BEGIN SO SHUT IT!!!"

Everyone quiets down and finds their spots, and everything's quiet except for my evil laugh.

"Now." The escort goes back to her sweet self. "Let's choose our brave girl this year! Beemo Xra!"

A girl with dark blue hair and glasses makes her way silently up to the stage, and I evilly laugh again. She glares at me, and I pretend it wasn't me.

"And for the boys, we have J--"

"I volunteer!" I shout, and walk up to the stage, knowing they have to except. I'm going into the Hunger Games, because no one can stop me.

"Your two tributes!" The escort shouts, and as the audience is pretending to clap for us, she turns around and hisses, "shake hands!"

I grab Beemo's hand and stare at her arm like I want it for my own, and she jerks it away. And, of course, I do.

Capitol- Loreli Hayes' POV

It's late in the afternoon by the time the Reaping comes around to the Capitol. Here, it's really celebrated, because to most people it's still just a game. But not to people like me, who have lost someone they love. Lucyl and I walk into the square, get our fingers pricked, and I look around. Everything is so neon and bright, I think my eyes will burn out.


"Sorry, Lucyl." I say, looking down. Oops. I stepped on her foot. "I was distracted."

"Get into your spots." A peacekeeper pushes Lucyl into the crowd, and I try to join her, but the peacekeeper pushes me away. "There's no more room in that row. Go to another one."

"But... we're sisters." It's a lie, we're friends, but we might as well be sisters.

"Just go get in line." He pushes me away, and I give a sympathetic look and smile to Lucyl before going off to another row.

The escort takes her place on stage, and smiles out at us. I look around at the spacious Capitol streets. Compared to the Districts, this place is huge. 

"Hello, Capitol!" The escort trills. "Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor!"

She walks over to the girls' names, getting right down to bussiness. She pulls out a slip and reads. "Lucyl! Dukes!"

Lucyl screams, and so do I. I run out of the rows of people and so does she, and we meet in the middle of the street in front of the stage. I hug her, and she hugs me back. "Don't go, Lucyl..." I feel like crying, but suck it up. "I VOLUNTEER!" The words spill from my mouth before I even know what I said.

"Loreli..." Lucyl sobs.

"Don't worry." I break away, and peacekeepers rush over to us to push us our seperate ways, but I hold back just long enough to tell her one last thing. "I'll try my best to return, but even if I don't, remember the stars will still dance, even if I'm not there."

She bursts into tears as I'm thrown onto the stage.

The escort makes no comment, not even asking my name, just goes over to the other bowl. "And for the boys--"


A boy with blond hair from the very back of the crowd rushes up, and speaks into the microphone. "MY name is Lyssander Ghan."

If he was from the very back of the crowd, that means he was twelve... and he volunteered. We turn to each other, and shake hands, and I give him a small smile. He might last longer than me. Becuase who can kill a twelve-year-old?

My thoughts return to Lucyl, and I imagine her, lying in the grass all on her own, watching the stars dance without me.


What District's POV for each day was chosen at random. Each District gets a POV! If your district was int he male's POV for the Reaping, it is being told in the female's persepctive this time. If it was in the female's perspective for the Reaping, now it's the male's turn for a POV! :3

Day 1-

District 3- Anna Tesly

The training center is huge. I mean, I've seen it on camera my whole life, watching tributes train, but to be there myself... I stay close to my brother, squeezing his hand. "Are you alright, Anna?" He asks me. I nod and swallow hard. After watching all the Reapings, I know some people are to look out for, and I don't want to be anywhere near them if I don't have to.

"I'm going to..." we both start our sentances the same, but I end by saying "plant identifying" and he says "Weapons". I look into his eyes, and he tells me we're going to be fine. I walk over to the station, where a boring lady starts telling me about dangerous berries. A boy with blue and red hair -- I recognize him from the District 11 Reaping -- walks over and joins me. I inch away from him.

"So, which berries are edible?" The lady asks me. 

"Uh..." I start.

"Those ones." The boy points to them, and I realize... maybe he's smart... and maybe... 

"Would you want to ally?" I ask him quietly.

He looks me over. "You're the sister... fromt he brother-sister pair?" I answer yes, and his eyes flicker. I wonder if he has a sister. "Sure."

I drag him over to where my brother is trying to use a spear, and tell him excitedly, "guess which tributes just got an ally?" But instead of acting happy like I thought he would, he glares at our new ally.

"Don't hurt Anna and it's a deal," is all he says.

District 5- Nichole Peyton

When the person working at the training center turns us off to practice whatever we want to, I don't know what to do. So I join a station where there are three girls working together to create a trap. 

"Here, you could go like this." The girl with blue hair says, and I recognize her as Beemo, from District 13. I watch them for a moment, and one the other girl puts a piece of metal between the teeth of the trap and watches it clamp down on it, and smiles. They look up and see me.

"Hi." The brunette girl stands up and smiles at me. District 1: Rosette Lilith. The third one is from the Capitol. Loreli, I think. She looks at me, and then to the other girls.

"You might want to save that for private training." I say, and they smile at me. It's sort of awkward, but all three of us are kind of alike in personality. "Could you teach me...?"

Before I know it, I know how to make a trap. And I think, I might have allies, too...

District 1- Rosette Lilith

Not that I don't like my new allies. But as I help them learn some hand-to-hand combat, I feel a little nervous. I have some trust issues, but tell myself it will be okay. They seem trustworthy.

Loreli has proved useful with a crossbow, and Beemo can make traps that will cut you straight in half. The only thing is, I don't want to get to the point where we all have to use these skills on each other. But it's Nichole I'm worried about. She needs weapon training, which the others are helping her with, and I'm trying to teach her some combat skills. She says she plans to ge ta low score, too.

"But what if people think you're an easy target?" Loreli asks, worried.

"They won't even think I'm worth going after." Nichole is good with knives and daggers, which I guess will have to do. She punches a punching bag and sways back and hits her, but she punches it again. 

"You're getting better." I say. "But I think knives and daggers are your strength."

She smiles at me, and bounces over to the knife-throwing station. She hits a few targets right in the center, and then purposefully misses. I look over to see some Careers snickering at her, and glare at them. 

I'm worried about Nichole and my allies, but I think, maybe we will survive.

Distrist 12- Arian Latova

I watch the girl form 1 walk away from the hand-to-hand combat station and step up, getting to work. I need to get better with my physical strength. Nora watches me from behind, and claps when I'm done. "Nice." She says. "But I don't see why we had to wait for miss-Dsitrict-1 to leave."

"We need to stay away from Careers." I tell her. She had agreed to ally with me on the train ride, and offered to lead. She likes to take things into her own hands, I guess.

"Let's go to the trap-making station." She tells me, and I follow her. She really wants to make traps, because she thinks that they'll be really useful in the arena. I hope they will be, but I don't know. It could be a desert, and then what would we make it out of? Dead bushes? Sand?

I make a lame attempt at a trap, and Nora laughs at it. "Whatever." I say. "Want to train in weapons?" We're just trying to get as much training as we can in for each day. We want to be trained in everything, or at least, I know do.

A loud whistle interrupts our conversation, and I know training is over for the day. I look at Nora, and tell her one last thing before we have to leave. "Just don't stand out in private training. Do something really stupid and idiotic. The Gamemakers probably won't be paying attention but the time District 12 rolls around, anyways. 

Nora laughs. "It's a deal."

Day 2-

District 13- Beemo Xra

Early morning training. Yay. I'm sure I look horrid for the cameras, but smile at them whenever I see them, anyways, and tr yot flirt with some of the guys, see if I can gain more allies. I giggle loudly at one of them, and he moves away from me. Oh well. He seems more interested in the girl from District 2, anyways. Wait till he realizes they're going to have to kill each other...

I'm trying my best with traps, becuase I want to do something really awesome to impress the Gamemakers. Today, my allies and I have all dispersed. I see Rosette practicing at the fire-starting station, Nichole with some knives, and Loreli is shooting down targets with a shiny Capitol crossbow.

Day 2, Day 3 is next, and after that, private training, and soon after the Games will start... I need to work on my skills. A lot. I guess I know how to make a trap anyway, but need to make a really good trap. Or maybe a bomb...

"Ow!" I hurt my finger on I-don't-know-what, and look at it to see that it's bleeding. It hurts, but I try not to show weakness. I can't. So I keep on working on my trap, until the whistle is blown to signal lunch time. I find my allies, and we eat together, away from everyone else.

District 11- Lexi Greenway

I eat lunch alone, watching the other tributes witha  careful eye. I'm trying to figure out who is to look out for, who isn't a threat, and who to go after. Or who will be going after me. So far, I think I know what groups most everyone fits into. I aim my bow at the target, and take a deep breath before releasing the string. I watch it hit, and breathe a sigh of relief. Close to to center, close enough that if I actually have to use a bow on someone, I think I'll do pretty good.

I look around. My District partner has ditched me, which I guess is okay. He's with the pair from District 3, where the girl is using a mace to smash some targets. She grins when she does, and her brother claps. I look away, hoping I'll never have to face them. 

People are already breaking off into alliances, and I think right now I'm alone, but I'm fine with that, I guess. I aim with the bow again, and hit right on target. I have to show the Gamemakers this when it's time for my private session. I might get a decent score for a District 11 tribute.

Use the second to last arrow, full of confidence I take aim, and see some of the tributes who volunteered, who want to be here, watching me with skeptical looks at other stations. The boy from 6 and girl from 2 are standing together at the spear station. 

The arrow pegs into the target's leg before I even realize that I shot it, and they laugh at me. I feel my face go red, and look away, but I'm angry, so I take my last arrow and aim at the spear target, and it hits right on center. The two back away, clutching each other's arms. Someone working at the training center comes over to me, and starts yelling at me not to aim at other tributes yet. But I just smirk. I showed them.

Capitol- Lyssander Ghan

I swing my sword at the target and it chops it right in half. I smile, wondering if anyone else can see that the target has disolved. I don't think so, I can see things other people can't because of my... illness. I swing my sword again, and it hits another target right on spot.

I just came here to escape my crappy life back in the Capitol. Once I'm free of the Capitol, of Panem, I can go to the Hunger Games, where I don't have to worry about normal things. I swing again, and tell myself that I have to show this to the Gamemakers, not all the other tributes.

I wanted an alliance, but no one here would understand me, or take my illness seriously, so I guess I'm on my own in these Games. I pay attention to the other alliances. The ones from 12, struggling to do anything. I wonder if it's a strategy. Four cute girls going station to station, the boys from 4 and 10 along with the girl from 9 who are stuck with the lovebirds. The brother-and-sister pair that all the Gamemakers, announcers, and the whole Capitol, really, is psyched about. Any relationship between tributes is something to celebreate, I guess. The boys from 2 and 5 and the girl from 4. And the girl from 6 and boy from 9 trying to weave their ways into an alliance with the Careers, but with no such luck. There sure are a lot of allainces.

I sigh, knowing I was happy, now my personality is changing and I'm not so happy anymore. I remember back home, and wish I could still be there. With my dad, not where they shipped me off when they heard I had an illness. I would like to just go and sit down and read a book right now...

But I have to focus on winning these Games. They wouldn't expect a 12-year-old to come out fighting, but I will. I'm going to win these Games.

District 8- Banette Tsukomogami

I'm not really working on my own skills as much as seeing what everyone else is doing. I'm pretending to lern how to start a fire, but really, I'm watching the other tributes. If I can learn what the Careers avoid, I can know their weaknesses. If I can see what normal tributes go to, I can know what they are trying to improve at.

"Turn it faster..." the trainer working at the fire-builder station glares at me. I bet she just wants me to leave the station, so I turn the stick I'm trying (or, not really trying at all) to start the fire with faster, and then slower when she looks away. I hope it isn't an arena where fires will be useful, because I don't think I'm ever learning how to make one any time soon.

When the trainer gets really mad at me, I dow aht she says, and to my surprise a small fire sparks up. I stare at, pleased with myself. Ha. Maybe I do know how to make a fire. It will probably come in useless, though. I stare up at the Gamemakers, watching all 28 of us tributes from their little box in the wall. There's a forcefield around it. Appearantly one year a girl shot an arrow at them. 

Maybe I should throw a knife at them. I think I would, if there weren't a forcefield.

An alliance of all girls comes over ot the station, and I step away, the fire is still burning where I made it. Looks like they don't know how to make a fire. Well, I do...

District 4- Konami Aretino

I've spent all of day 1 trying to make friends. It seems I have some allies, but I think mostly I'm just annoying them. Annabeth and Buck are always off doing their own things together, and Eli and Rebekah look like they're just barely tolerating me right now. I'm with Rebekah, who is just practicing basic skills. She's quiet, so I try to make a conversation with her but she finally just glares at me.

"That one is poisonous." She mumbles to the person working at the station.

"Correct." The lady says. "And... you?" She has her eyebrows raised, and I laugh nervously. I can't show any weakness, but I'm not that good at identifying plants. I know what seaweed looks like, and some flowers, but that's about it.

I look to Rebekah, but she just looks back at me, like she is saying, aren't you going to answer her?

I point to one, not so sure of myself. "That... one...?"

"Wrong." The trainer working at the station says just a bit (*cough cough* not just a bit, way too much) loudly, and people turn to me. I try to make it look like I do know the poisonous ones. "That one, then!"


"That one?" But she just shakes her head. I clench my hands into fists, trying to ignore the people staring at me. Maybe I talked a bit too loud, too. I think I'll go after the ones who laughed at me, first.

Day 3-

District 7- Finna Grey

I watch the alliances and other tributes practice, while I just stand on the sidelines. Everyone looks like they know what they are doing... but friends are just so hard for me, no way am I getting into an alliance. I slowly walk out to a station, hoping no one will go to it so I can practice alone. I just want to explore, and see what I need to improve.

I need to learn how to do everything. I guess I'm good with an axe, which I will show during private training. And I'm fine with a bow and arrow, and good with a knife. I think I'm fine, as far as weapons go.

An alliance walks to the station and I back off. One girl, who I recognize as Nichole (District 5), smiles at me and asks, "do you want to join our alliance?"

I look at the four of them. I don't want allies. How can I trust them? I can't. That's how. So I just turn and walk away, hoping they get the idea. No.

All the alliances seem so big and dangerous, I just hope that when the gong rings, I run away from the cornucopia, and the bloodbath starts, the allainces will get ripped apart. After all, about half of us die during the bloodbath. I'll just run away.

And during the Games, I think I will just leave the killing to the others.

District 9- Rebekah Ure

I wrap my fingers around the rope and tug on it as hard as I can, trying to make a knot. All my allies have gone away from the knot tying station, because they think it won't be useful. But you never know. Maybe I can use it sometimes during the games.

It's not until I try to untie the knot I realize I tied it around my fingers. I laugh nervously at myself, reminding myself that Gamemaker's are probably watching me from behind, so I hide my hands and try to untie it. It doesn't budge, so I end up ripping it off of my hands violently. The rope lands on the floor, and I kick it away, disgusted. My hands are red from ripping the rope off of them, and it stings. I have to give the Gamemakers a show now, just so they don't think I'm stupid.

I join Eli at the hand-to-hand combat station, and just watch him for a minute. I don't think he even knows I'm there until I call over one of the trainers working at the training center to try and fight me. He's good, because, well, this is his job. I try to punch him in the face, and he takes his hand and just twists my arm, jerking it away. "OW!" My eyes start to water, and I'm so angry... I catch him off guard by pretending to be really hurt, and he turns his head, so I land a punch right on it. 

I giggle when he turns back to me, my face going red. "Didn't see you there..." I joke, and I can hear Eli laughing from behind me. I turn to him as he claps.

"Thank you." I laugh. "I'll be here all day."

District 10- Eli Winersin

I'm trying to teach Rebekah some hand-to-hand combat, but the problem is, we can't practice against each other, because "tributes fighting against tributes is strictly forbidden!" The trainer working at the training station nearest to us had said when she saw Rebekah pretend to punch me. We were just joking around. And it's like the trainers here don't know that we're all going to go kill each other in a couple of days, anyway.

"Think you're ready to try it out?" I ask her.

"Sure." She wispers, twisting a strand of her brown hair around her finger. I notice her hands are red, but decide not to ask. We call a trainer over, and the two start to fight. Rebekah again tries to punch him in the face, and he does the same arm twist thing, but this time Rebekah brings up her knee and knees him in the stomach. He doubles over, and she finishes it with a punch to his shoulder, then turns to me. "Good?"

The trainer looks hurt, but I know he really isn't. They have padding, and armor, but I think Rebekah might have actually hurt him. "My turn." I smile, and turn to the guy. He gets up, and waits for me to do something. Rebekah calls Konami over for his turn next, and Buck and Annabeth just watch from far away.

I just kick him in the stomach. I didn't know I was that flexible! I can see Rebekah smile from the corner of my eye, and Konami laughing in his weird 4-year-old-voice laugh. Buck and Annabeth are smiling at me to. I like my allies.

District 6- Buck Rockwell

I turn back to Annabeth, who has brought me over to the knife-throwing station. Not that I care. I guess I could use the practice, and she's teaching me how to throw knives. 

I hold a knife in my hand, and it's weird, because it doesn't look like a normal knife. I had imagined it would, but no, and Annabeth explained it to me, but I just stared at her the whole time, into her beautiful blue eyes. They sparkle like the sea.

"Ready?" she asks.

"What?" I was lost in thought.

She giggles. "Just try and throw the knife. You have been listening, haven't you?"

"Yeah." I blush, turn to the target so she doesn't see my tomato-red face, and throw the knife sloppily. It hits a little off from the outline of the target, and into the wall behind it. Oops. Looks like the training center is going to have a lot of marks in their walls, from of course your's truly.

When they call us to lunch, I sigh as I watch Annabeth walk away, leaving the knife in the wall. She's beautiful, and smart, and a good fighter, and I have to protect her. I love her. Great. I walk over to her and sit beside her at the table with the rest of my allies. Just wait till we all have to kill each other.

District 2- Blade Spectrus

It's almost the end of training.

All I'm doing is trying not to show my strengths. Appearnatly one year there was a victor named Johanna that did that, so, that's what I'm doing. Acting lame. I wonder if people are actually falling for it.

I try to make sure I have gone to every station. Even I'm trying to act lame and weak, I actually needed to get some training in but I don't think that worked. I'm not sure how to do much of anything at all... but I do have some weapons skills, and my brother Shade is my ally. It wasn't very lucky we are from different districts, and got reaped. And on the same year. And our crazy ally from District 4 is just driving me insane... she keeps annoying us just for fun.

"Oh how adorable..." she had said when she first met us. "Brother and brother."

I have no idea how we ended up being allies.

Shade has helped me, though. He has the real skills.

"Ready for private training tomorrow?" Shade asks.

"I am!" Kokoro laughs. "Oh, they're in for a surprise..."

"I'm going to pretend to be weak." Is all I say.

Shade nods, just as the whistle blows. One of the Gamemakers calls down to us, "go! Interviews are tomorrow! Don't want any of you to be tired! GO!"

"Good luck!" Kokoro sings as she skips away.

Shade and I look at each other. "You too." We say at the same time, then board the elevator together. Training is over. Let the Games begin...

Private Training/Training Scores:

Score Key:

1-3: Not so good

4-5: Good enough

6-7: Average for most tributes

8-9: Average Career scores, high normal tribute scores, depends on where your tribute comes for for how much praise they get for earning this score

10-11: 10 is a normal Career score, 11 is super-amazing-awesome-rainbow-tastic for anyone

12: Everyone else might as well just curl up and die right now.

Name Age District Gender Score Strategy User
Lyssander Ghan 12 Capitol Male 7 Skilled with a warhammer, really good for 12 years old  Yoonie
Loreli Hayes 16 Capitol Female 7 Shot crossbow from long distance, gave the Gamemakers and "infinity" Blissfully Mine
Cornelius Harvestt 18 1 Male 9 Destoryed dummies with a curved sword  YourFavoriteSalmon
Rosette Lilith 15 1 Female 10 Proved fast and agile by jumping on dummies without falling, expert with hand-to-hand  Blue-Ribbonz
Blade Spectrus 14 2 Male 5 Mediocre with a spear, skilled with knives  Tehblakdeath
Annabeth Elosegui 16 2 Female 11 Hit right on target every time with throwing knives long-distance, lifted heavy weights; strong  YourFavoriteSalmon
Jonathan Tesley 17 3 Male 7 Good with an axe and sword, strong  Baz-turadan
Anna Tesley 13 3 Female 5 Good with a spear and fast, but displayed bad trap-making skills  Baz-turadan
Konami Aretino 14 4 Male 8 Very deadly with a trident Tehblakdeath
Kokoro Hitogoroshi 17 4 Female 7 Skilled with daggers, and knew how to make a poisonous substance with berries Mistfire333
Shade Spectrus 15 5 Male 8 Useful with daggers and crossbow, excellent trap-making skills Mistfire333
Nichole Peyton 15 5 Female 5 Good with knives and knows how to make a decent trap  Nlby001
Buck Rockwell 16 6 Male 9 Long-distrnace spear throwing, able to throw one of the heaviest weights  YourFavoriteSalmon
Juline Cenia 17 6 Female 9 Came in seemingly clueless, threw a knife at the Gamemaker's forcefield, shattered the ligth bulbs in the room Blissfully Mine
Jayson Huff 17 7 Male 8 Strong, very good with an axe  Nlby001
Finna Grey 15 7 Female 6 Useful with an axe, but missed a few times  RossInSA
Banette Tsukomogami 15 8 Male 8 Excellent trap-making and knife skills Mistfire333
Aislyn Latona 17 8 Female 5 Useful with a bow and arrow, but missed a few times  *Kyoni~Kara*
Lucus Mines 18 9 Male 9 Decapitated dummies in one swing, very deadly with a sword Blissfully Mine
Rebekah Ure 13 9 Female 8 Set throwing stars on fire, threw them at dummies  Blue-Ribbonz
Eli Winersin 14 10 Male 8 Good axe skills, can lift very heavy weights; strong  YourFavoriteSalmon
Sienna Renea 17 10 Female 4 Good with a blowgun, not much else  *Kyoni~Kara*
Abraxas Tryntafylo 18 11 Male 9 Very strong, good with many different weapons and deadly without one  Baz-turadan
Lexi Greenway 14 11 Female 7 Very good bow skills; close and far-range  Lexis2685
Arian Latova 15 12 Male 3 (Wink wink PopTart) Grabbed a random weapon and hit himself in the arm, bled. The Capitol fixed him up before sending him out.  ~PopTart~
Nora Eklund 16 12 Female 2 (Wink wink again) Struggled with a weight obviously too heavy for her the whole session  ~PopTart~
Gary Spade 17 13 Male 8 Cut up dummies and freaked out Gamemakers (haha lol)  YourFavoriteSalmon
Beemo Xra 14 13 Female 11 Made bombs and traps that could cut dummies straight in half  Blue-Ribbonz


Sorry whoever went first, but this is the Hunger Games. 

If there is a BB next to day 1 where it says what day they died, that means they died in the bloodbath.

If there is an F next to the day, it means they died at the feast.

If there is an N next to it, it means they died during the night.

Placing Name District Gender Killer 0_0 Died of Day died
28 Sienna Renea 10 Female Gary Spade(13) Drowned, knife to heart 1(BB)
27 Buck Rockwell 6 Male Annabeth Elosegui(2) Knife to the heart 1(BB)
26 Nora Eklund 12 Female Lucus Mines(9) Throat slit 1(BB)
25 Gary Spade 13 Male Juline Cenia(6) Chest slashed 1(BB)
24 Loreli Hayes Capitol Female Abraxas Tryntaffylo(11) Sword to the back 1(BB)
23 Aislyn Latona 8 Female Annabeth Elosegui(2) Knife to leg and back 1(BB)
22 Kokoro Hitogoroshi 4 Female Juline Cenia(6) Leg slashed, sword to heart 1(BB)
21 Eli Winersin 10 Male Lyssander Ghan(C) Sword to kneck 1(BB)
20 Jayson Huff 7 Male Wolf mutts Mauled N1
19 Shade Spectrus 5 Male Wolf mutts Mauled N1
18 Lexi Greenway 11 Female Arian Latova(12) Electricuted, arrow to head D2
17 Jonathan Tesley 3 Male Annabeth E.(2) Knife through heart D2
16 Rosette Lilith 1 Female Banette Tsukogami(8) Stabbed to death D2
15 Cornelius Harvestt 1 Male Lucus Mines(9) Throat slashed D3
14 Arian Latova 12 Male Annabeth Elosegui(2) Knife to neck D3
13 Konami Aretino 4 Male Arian Latova(12) Arrow to heart D3
12 Beemo Xra 13 Female Juline Cenia(6) Neck slashed D3
11 Lucus Mines 9 Male Abraxas Tryntafyllo(11) Neck slashed D4(F)
10 Annabeth Elosegui 2 Female Anna(3)(Technically), Gamemaker trap Slipped off ice, drowned D4(F)
9 Abraxas Tryntafyllo 11 Male Backpack trap Explosion... ^-^ N4
8 Juline Cenia 6 Female Backpack trap Poisoned by food N4
7 Blade Spectrus 2 Male Backpack trap

Poisoned by gas

6 Anna Tesley 3 Female Annabeth Mutt Stabbed with poisonous knife D5
5 Lyssander Ghan Capitol Male Banette Tsukomogami(8) Knife to neck D5
4 Finna Grey 7 Female Rebekah Ure(9) Sword to chest D5
3 Rebekah Ure 9 Female Nichole Peyton(5) and Banette Tsukomogami(8) Cut with knives, hit in neck with spike-ball D5
2 Nichole Peyton 5 Female Banette Tsukomogami(8) Bled to death D5
Victor! Banette Tsukomogami 8 Male Victor! Victor! Victor!


If you are wondering about what items your tribute has, look at the sponsoring table. If it says backpack 1, you can find what is in backpack 1 down here, same if it says backpack 2 or 3.

Backpack 1 (Snow-White Backpack):

Sleeping bag

Dried fruit (6 pieces)

20oz Canteen

10ft Strong Rope


Backpack 2 (Cream-Colored Backpack):


20oz Canteen

Sleeping bag

4 apples


Backpack 3 (Pale Blue Backpack):


Warm and fuzzy blanket (to keep ya tribbies warm at night <3)


20oz Canteen

Dried beef (6 pieces)


After the feast (day 3 or 4, IDK depends on how it goes), there will be a twist. One of the many dead tributes will be revived. Not as a human, but as a mutt. Revived with the DNA and memory of the dead tribute, they will come back. And they will not stop until they get what they seek.


Day 1

On their pedestals around the cornucopia, this is the order the tributes are in, from left to right (if you look at the cornucopia from above. lol I hope you actually know what I'm trying to say XD)

Anna (3), Beemo (13), Annabeth (2), Lyssander (C), Juline (6), Finna (7), Eli (10), Gary (13), Rosette (1), Jayson (7), Aislyn (8), Jonathan (3), Rebekah (9), Lexi (11), Buck (6), Arian (12), Blade (2), Loreli (C), Nichole (5), Konami (4), Nora (12), Cornelius (1), Banette (8), Sienna (10), Shade (5), Kokoro (4), Abraxas (11), and lastly Lucus (9).

Launching Room - Aislyn Latona, District 8

My heart is pounding. Dressed in my clean white-and-cream-colored outfit, I sit in the luanching room with my escort. The stylists are waiting with Banette, and the clean launch room seems to unreal. I'm shaking. What if I die? I can't. I just can't.

"30. Seconds."

The monotone voice comes over the microphone in the room, and I let out a small whimper.

"Get up." The escort says nicely. His stupid grin from the Reaping has vanished, and I wonder if I have grown on him. He does seem sad to watch me go.

"20. Seconds."

"I-I'm scared..." I feel like breaking down and sobbing, but don't. I can't cry at the beginning of the Games. I just can't.

"You'll be okay, Aislyn." He gives me a delicate hug, and I return it. "I can try to get you sponsors."

"Thanks." Is all I say.

"10. Seconds. Enter the launch tube now."

There's no "please in that sentance, it's an order. Get in the launch tube now. I step onto the shiny metal plate and face the stone wall, and when it starts to rise, I close my eyes. Bright light shines through, even though my eyes are closed. I open them, to see a snowy white arena, with peaceful snow falling down on us. I take a look around at the other tributes, and take a deep breath, as a voice booms out over the microphone. Miss Gamemaker Snow's.

"Ladies and Gentleman, let the 171st Annual Hunger Games... begin!"

Countdown - Nichole Peyton, District 5

And the countdown begins. 

All 28 of us stand on our pedestals, and I look around desperately to find my alliance. We form a semi-circle around the mouth of the cornucopia, and I find myself between Konami from 4 and... Loreli! I breathe a sigh of relief when I see her. She points to the cornucopia, and I nod. I need to stay with my alliance.

I get into a running position, careful not to set off the mine underneath my feet. I listen to the countdown tick, and tell myself to find Rosette and Beemo in the bloodbath.

"48. 47. 46. 45. 44..."

I spot a bag near the mouth of the cornucopia, and right next to it is what I think is a pack of knives. Throwing knives or not, I need them. And I'm going to get them. Taking a deep breath, I ready myself to face the bloodbath of the cornucopia, just hoping I don't die.

Countdown - Jonathan Tesley, District 3

"30. 29. 28. 27..."

Anna's on the edge of the semi-circle, next to the girl named Annabeth from District 2. If Annabeth gets a hold of Anna, she could take her down in one stab with a knife, or one blow from a sword. I'm running towards Anna. Abraxas is grabbing the weapons for us, and I'm getting the backpacks, but I need to protect Anna, first priority.

"20. 19. 18. 17. 16..."

Everyone else looks just as scared. I'm just hoping my alliance lives. Anna has to. I have to help her win. I'm so scared, knowing I could die in just a few seconds. A few seconds might be how much longer my life is.

"7. 6. 5. 4. 3..."

I put a determined look on my face, and ready myself to run. Live or die. Live or die...

"2. 1."


I choose live.

Beginning of the Bloodbath - Gary Spade, District 13

Oh, let the fun begin. The Hunger Games have started, and I'm already looking for my first victim. I run into the cornucopia, making sure to clear way of the alliances. I'm ony my own, and I don't want them to target me.

I dive into the cornucopia and hide behind a crate, listening as footsteps aproach the cornucopia. No screams, or weapons clashing, or anything that says someone is dead yet. Last year someone stepped off their pedestal early, setting off a chain reaction of explosions that killed 13 tributes right then and there. Thank badness that didn't happen this year. Though some of the tributes are stupid enough, anyway.

I find a pack of knives and grin, then evil laugh as I exit the cornucopia. That's when I see my first victim: there, hunched against the edge of the cornucopia. Sienna, I think, from District 10. I can hear the first battle break out, and I dive at the girl, trying to stab her with my knife. She screams, and runs away, but I run after her. We're headed towards the river, and I knock her to the ground, trying to stab her. She keeps turning her head, or moving her arm, in just the right way I miss.

Just when she starts to run away, I grab her hands and hold them behind her back, and she cries out, screaming so loud it sends birds in the nearby forest flying. I evil laugh again, and throw Sienna to the side, and she lands on the river, breaking the ice.

Beginning of the Bloodbath - Sienna Renea, District 10

A rush of cold takes over as I break the fragile ice of the river. I had planned on getting weapons, but fear had taken over, and I had been an idiot and just sat there. Now I'm going to die.

The river is deeper than you would think it would be. You would think, of course, it would be kind of shallow, like I could stand up in it and it would go up to my knees or something. But no. It's very deep, and I try to swin to the surface, knowing the ice where I fell through is broken. If I can swim back out, maybe I can get away from the bloodbath, and try not to freeze to death. But when I'm almost to the top, hands burst through the surface of the water and push me back down.

I'm losing air, and I can't hold my breath any longer. Finally, I give in, and suck in water. I start to panic, knowing I'm drowning. This time, when I flail around and reach my hand above the surface, a knife pierces the water, and goes straight for my heart.

All I can do, helpless, is watch as the water goes red.

Beginning of Bloodbath - Finna Grey, District 7

I run a fast as I can to the cornucopia, just as some battles break out. I slip in unnoticed, and try not to breathe too loud, but there's screaming and weapons clashing, and even some swearing. It's too loud for anyone to hear me breathing, so I calm down. I swing a snow-white backpack over my shoulder, putting it on. No time to check what's in it.

I look around desperately, and spot a small dagger out of the corner of my eye. I stuff it into my belt, knowing that will have to do for weapons. I run out of the cornucopia, but run into someone. The boy from 6. I scream, and get up to my feet and run away, knowing I have to go. 

I run off into the forest, leaving the battles behind me, and slow down gradually the farther I get. I finally settle down on a fallen log, and look at my supplies. A sleeping bag! Yes! Judging by the looks of this arena, I will need it. Some rope, a canteen. I open it, and it's bone dry, but that's okay. I start a small fire with a match I have from my pack, and put the canteen of it with some snow in it, hoping it will melt and turn into water. Finally, a pack of dried fruit. It makes my mouth water, but I save it.

The sun is still up, so no one will see the light of my fire. I settle down, still on guard though. After all, this is the Hunger Games. 

Bloodbath - Rebekah Ure, District 9

I watched Gary drown and stab Sienna, and expected him to come back, but the water around Sienna keeps getting a deeper red. Doesn't he know she's already dead? She's not screaming, or resisting, or--


I whip around, wielding my weapon, to see Eli running towards me. Lucus(9) is chasing him with a sword, and Juline(6), trailing behind him. I grab Eli's hand and jerk him out of the way, and Lucus swings again. We both duck, and it's clear Lucus is not giving up. "BUCK! KONAMI! ANNABETH!"

I look around desperately, but swing my mallet at Lucus. He dodges and swings his sword back at me. I'm his district partner! Juline comes in and pins me to the ground. "ELI!" I scream out, and knee Juline in the butt (Pippycat: okay, I'm immature), and she lets go of me. I scramble up and swing again, and it hits Lucus instead. I turn and run for Eli, who is fending off Aislyn with a spear. He hasn't actually hit her, but she runs away from him and back to the cornucopia. "Where is Konami?" I pant, looking around for him.

"I don't know." Eli admits.

"Right here!" Konami jumps on me, almost knocking me over. I give him an annoyed look. 

"Buck and Annabeth...?"

Eli points to them, and I see that they are already locked in a battle. I'm too scared to move, so I just follow Eli and Konami in their direction.

Bloodbath - Anna Tesley, District 3

I had just run for a backpack. Plus, there was a spear right next to it. But Annabeth, who was on the pedestal right next to me, ran for some knives near it. I have the backpack, and am trying to fend her off with the spear.

I see her allies coming up behind her, and my eyes get really big. I turn around, trying to defend myself on every side, but they have surrounded me. Konami, with his annoying laugh is pointing his trident at me. Eli is doing the same with a spear, and Buck is there, and so is Rebekah, though she is hanging on the sidelines. I'm dead. I'm deadI'mdeadI'mdead...

Annabeth throws a knife, and I see the perfect chance for escape between Konami and Eli. I run for it, and the knife hits someone. I can tell it's a boy by the scream, and I turn around and see Annabeth standing there, shocked, with big eyes. I can't see who it is, but I can see Konami running for me. Annabeth is screaming and crying, and I can hear her scream, "LEAVE THE GIRL FOR ME! I'M GOING TO KILL HER! BUCK! STAY WITH ME...!"

I thrust the spear forward, and it hits Konami. I run, never looking back. What have I done?

Bloodbath - Buck Rockwell, District 6

When the knife hits me, I fall over. I can't stand up any more. I fall back into the soft snow, letting more fall onto me. This isn't such a bad place to die.

Annabeth is screaming to me, and one of her tears falls into my face. It feels hot and acidic, and more come after it. She's screaming my name, begging me to stay, but I can't hear her very well. She sounds so... distant...

I can hear Eli and Rebekah rushing over to Konami, too, and know he must be hurt. I let out a shaky breath, and whisper, "Annabeth...?"

"Buck..." she rests her head on chest, and sobs, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry... I promise I'll get that girl. For you. I didn't mean to do this."

"I know." I say, and mean to add, I love you, and I can't tell if it's the snow or what, but everything just goes white.

Bloodbath - Arian Latova, District 12

Once I meet up with Nora, we decide to run into the bloodbath. We both decide it looks safe, and I go and grab us each a weapon. A bow and a sheath of arrows for me. I swing the sheath over my shoulder, and grab a blowgun for Nora. I turn back around to where she is... where she was!

"Nora!" I cry out, looking around for her, and then I see Lucus(9) holding her in a headlock near the mouth of the cornucopia.

"Don't come any closer, or she gets it." Lucus says, and Juline(6) just stands by his side, laughing.

I raise my bow slowly, and notch an arrow.

"Oh, so the low-score pair from 12 really are fighters!" Juline taunts us. 

I let the arrow fly, and it hits Juline in the arm. She cries out, and removes the arrow, but Lucus has decided that counts as coming any closer, because I watch helplessly as he slits Nora's throat.

Bloodbath - Juline Cenia, District 6

I watch as Nora slips to the ground, and then attempt to go after Arian.

"No." Lucus catches my arm. "Let him go. Let him suffer without his ally."

I watch Arian run off into the forest, and then turn back to Lucus. "Fine." I can see someone down by the river, and I smile. "Come on, this way."

I walk up silently behind him, and watch Gary(13) cutting Sienna. "She's dead, you idiot."

He turns around, startled, then wields the knife at me, but I only laugh. "I'll make it quick, kay?"

Gary slices the air in front of me, standing up, but the knife is so tiny it comes nowhere near close enough. I smile, before slashing him across the chest.

Bloodbath - Rosette Lilith, District 1

I've found Beemo, but Loreli and Nichole are still somewhere in the bloodbath. I have a backpack, but can make it without weapons. Beemo has a backpack and a spear, and is ready to strike anyone who comes too close. 

I hear Nichole's scream, and see Abraxas(11) rip a backpack from her grip. "Nichole!" I rush forward and try to rip it from his grip, but he knocks me to the side. "Run!"

Nichole runs, but Loreli has already been knocked to the ground, so she has a hard time getting up. Abraxas takes his sword and sticks it in her back. 

Beemo jerks my arm and drags me aay from the bloodbath, after Nichole. I feel tears in my eyes. What had they ever done to anger him? Only tried to take his backpack. We should never mess with him.

I wipe my tears and run off into the forest with Beemo, and we catch up with Nichole. The sun is only starting to go down. We find a place in the forest to stay, and I sit down on the ground, wiping my eyes.

Beemo rests her hand on my shoulder, and Nichole takes off her backpack. "Come on." She says soothingly. "Let's see what we've got."

Bloodbath - Eli Winersin, District 10

We're trying to take care of Konami. He'll bleed to death soon, and we can't let that happen. Annabeth has flung Buck's backpack against the wall of the cornucopia, just out of rage. Her face is still wet and shiny with tears, and Rebekah is trying to calm her down. 

That's when I see the girl behind the cornucopia. Her dark hair is just peeking out from behind, and it shrinks back behind the snow-white wall of the cornucopia, but I saw her. 

"Annabeth... Rebekah..." I motion for them to come over, but Annabeth has seen her too. 

Annabeth throws a knife at the girl, and by the scream that follows I can tell it's hit her. I feel a pang of pity for Annabeth. She's so mad, she's killing random tributes that aren't even a threat... It's clear Annabeth can't lead this alliance, and I was the leader anyways. I stand up, and watch as the girl runs away, off into the forest. I think she's from District 8. She's limping, and I think the knife hit her leg. Annabeth stands up and screams, "GO AWAY!" And throws another knife. Rebekah looks away, and we make eye contact. We're the leaders here.

"Annabeth." I say sternly, knowing if there were cannons during the bloodbath, we would have just heard one. "Control yourself. Come on. We're staying here at the cornucopia, and camping out here." I turn around, ready to defend the group. Rebekah comes up by my side, and I look back at Annabeth. "See if we have anything to help hurn Konami."

Annabeth nods, and starts looking through the packs.

Bloodbath - Abraxas Tryntafyllo

Jonathan, or "Jonny" as Anna insists I should call him, has grabbed three backpacks for us. I have the weapons, and we meet each other outside the cornucopia. "Where's Anna gone?" I ask.

"I think she went that way." Jonathan points off into the forest. "I hope I'm right. She wouldn't survive on her own."

"I'm sure she would." But I'm only trying to calm him down and make him less nervous. Loreli's screams are still ringing out in my head, even though I know they are over. Forever.

We run off, and I see the alliance with the little lovebirds over by the side of the cornucopia. But one of their alliance is dead. I can get them someday, but right now I have to stay with my alliance.

The sun is setting when we crash into Anna in the forest. She's shaking, and we find a place to stay, hoping at least to survive this day. What they don't know is that I will leave them someday.

Bloodbath - Kokoro Hitogoroshi

Grabbing a dagger, I look around for Blade and Shade, and see them rushing to the cornucopia. Anyone to fight...? I see Lucus(9) and Juline(6) looking like they are just wondering what to do, and I smile.

"Blade." I say to my allies. "Shade. Wanna come help me fight?"

The two brothers look at each other, unsure what to say. I laugh and run over to the two, slashing my dagger at Lucus, and it hits him on the leg. I try again, but Juline grabs me and rams me into a tree.

I hear footsteps behind me, and try not to let my legs give way. I turn around, knowing my nose is bleeding. Juline looks angry, holding her sword, letting the sunlight glint off of it at just the right angle to shine right into my eyes. I swear at her and slash the air with my dagger, and Juline tries to jump back but it's took late. She has a slash through her jacket now, and I don't know if it actually penetrated her skin or not. I glare at her, and she swings her sword at me. I cry out, and know it hit my leg. 

I fall down onto my hands and knees, then raise my hands off the ground, tossing my dagger around sloppily, just hoping it hits. I can see Blade and Shade running this way, and Shade aims his crossbow at Juline, but she dodges and tries to shove me in the way. I can feel it fly centimeters away from my head, and take the chance when Juline is still clutching my shoulders to stab her in the arm.

"UGH!" She yells, and I luagh at her. She doesn't think it's funny. She comes up to me and I barely have time to scream.

Bloodbath - Shade Spectrus, District 5

Kokoro falls to the ground once Juline stabs her through the heart with her sword, and Juline turns around to us. "Oh, you better run." She holds up her sword, and blood drips off of it. Well, we're not stupid enough to stay, so we run.

Crashing through the forest, I won't let myself stop. I can't stop running. Juline and Lucus are a threat, and if I'm sure Eli's alliance hasn't left the cornucopia at all.

"They could... follow our footprints..." Blade pants, and I look behind us.

"What?" I stop short and ask myself this, because there aren'y any footprints. Just the sparkling snow, crisp and clean.

I stomp on the snow, and it leaves no print. "Trackless snow boots." 

Blade grins at me. "Awesome. Thank you, Gamemakers. At least something good came out of having this arena. Now, let's see what's in the backpack."

End of the Bloodbath - Lyssander Ghan, Capitol

I weave my way around other tributes when the gong rings, and dive into the cornucopia, looking around for a weapon, and a backpack. I grab a shiny Capitol sword off the wall and hide behind a rack with a bunch of spiked maces on it, grabbing a backpack. I open it up, and see that it has a canteen, some dried beef, a soft blanket, gloves, and a knife. Useful.

I listen to the weapons clashing, screaming, and the occasional insane laughter. I hear footsteps coming near me, and my heart starts pounding, hands on the sword. The footsteps fade, and I realize that one of the shadows from above my head is gone. Good. They took a mace. Or bad, depending on if they have to use it on me or not.

I stay there, deciding that the cornupcopia might be safe. I hide in it for what seems like forever, before I peek out from my hiding place and see that the sun is almost gone down. I step out cautiously, and hear voices.

"Annabeth!" One of them is yelling. "Medicine!"

"We don't have any! There isn't any in the backpacks."

"Let's check the cornucopia, then."

Oh, crap.

I can hear someone coming near, and I flatten myself against the wall of the cornucopia. He steps in, and jumps when he sees me. I jump, too, and fear kicks in, so I swing the sword. It hits his neck, and scared, I run out of the cornucopia, heading for the forests.

"Eli?!" Someone else's cry comes formt he cornucopia, and I get out of range of them to see me at all when the first cannon sounds.

Night 1 - Beemo Xra, District 13

(Btw sorry Eli I just like, killed all your tributes... except Annabeth. Sorry lol :3)


I jump at the sound, and so do my allies. The first cannon of the Games. I look to my friends, and hold up my index finger. 1 cannon.

BOOM! I hold up another finger, for 2. 


Eight gone in the bloodbath. The antehm flares up, and Nichole whistles the first few notes of it before we all turn our attention to the dark, starry night sky.

Day 1: The Fallen

Capitol - Loreli Hayes

District 4 - Kokoro Hitogoroshi

District 6 - Buck Rockwell

District 8 - Aislyn Latona

District 10 - Sienna Renea, Eli Winersin

District 12 - Nora Eklund

District 13 - Gary Spade

Only eight gone isn't exactly a good thing. It is if we all got out alive - which all of us but Loreli sadly did - but that means there are still more competitors.

"Let's set up a trap." I suggest, and find my lips curl up into a smile, looking for things to use for a trap.

Night 1 - Cornelius Harvestt, District 1

The pictures vanish from the sky, and a final musical flourish is heard before the sounds of the snowy, cold forest fill the air again. I listen for a minute, caught up in just how serene it all sounds. It's like, if we weren't all here to kill each other, this place might be enjoyable. But when a bird stops it's cooing, I realize where I am. I can hear branches snap, and clutch the handle of my sword tightly. I made it out of the cornucopia with a backpack and a normal sword, which is fine, I guess.

I stand up, but the sky is so dark by now I can barely see anything. I look around, and just as I think everything is okay, no one is there--

There! It whizzes so fast through the trees near me, I don't have time to attack. A lock of long blond hair pokes out from behind a tree, before Finna(7) runs away from me. I wonder where she's going. Looks like she isn't up to a fight, either. 

I sit down and make a small fire, hiding behind the trees. I look inside my backpack, and find a soft blanket among many other supplies. I curl up in it and lay there before putting out the fire, and laying back on the grass. Looking up at the sky, I can see the crescent moon above. I'm hiden, no one will find me.

I can just feel myself drifting off... drifting...

Night 1 - Jayson Huff, District 7

It's cold.

Thankfully, the Capitol has decided to put a sleeping bag in the kind of backpack I grabbed from the cornucopia, and I have an axe, too. I don't want to risk setting a fire; the night sky is so dark. But it's so cold, even in this sleeping bag that seems to radiate heat and melt the snow around it. 

I count off the tributes left in my head after the pictures are shown in the sky. My district partner, Finna, is still alive. So are most of the major alliances I think. I curl up for sleep, still shivering. The birds sing, like they're mocking me. 

I can hear branches cracking, and know someone is coming near me. I jolt up and grab the axe, shivering and shaking, but holding still just enough to hold the axe without dropping it. I look around, and can see Finna's blond hair whiz past me. She almost runs into me, but doesn't. What is she running from?

I look the direction she came from; she's long gone, and was running fast.

There... I can see two more tributes. I step out in front of them, holding my axe out to defend myself. They stop, obviously not looking for a fight. But I can see something in their eyes... fear? Are they running from whatever Finna was running from?

And then, as Blade(2) and Shade(5) run past me, I can see it. Two snow-white wolves with giant fangs, chasing after them. And me.

Night 1 - Blade Spectrus

It came out of nowhere. Shade and I were setting up a camp, and it just... started chasing us. We ran, of course, only to meet up with Finna later, who was also running from her own wolf. Mutt or not, they were deffinetly lethal-looking. 

We didn't bother to stop and fight Finna, she wasn't much of a threat anyway. Now, we've been joined by Jayson(7), I guess. He's running beside us, but he's slower than we are. "Should we... help him?" I pant to Shade, not even sure if he can hear me over the loud snarles and howls from the wolves pursuing us.

"He's a threat." Shade says loudly, and I can see another face poking out of the trees. Lexi(11). One of the wolves sees her, and she screams, drawing her bow. The arrow hits it in the eye, and I can hear a loud whimper from the wolf. The Capitol must have been getting bored to send these after us.

I can hear screams, and expect to hear Lexi's, but instead, they're Jayson's. I look to Shade, and we keep running. Lexi is coming up behind us, and Finna(7) is still far ahead.

I turn to Shade, but he's not there!

I look back briefly to see that he's tripped over a fallen tree, and grab his arm, but his foot is stuck. A wolf jumps on his back, and Shade is screaming at me. "RUN! RUN!"

So I do.

Night 1 - Lexi Greenway, District 11


I don't know if it's Jayson(7), or Shade(5), but I keep running, even when my legs feel to weak to even move. I see Finna(7) ahead, but she's stopped. Why? I try to slow down, but end up bumping into her. I fall to the ground, face in the snow.


Someone else bumps into me, and I look up to see that it's Blade. Shade must have been left behind. The anthem flares up again, but we don't have to look up to see who it is. I look back to see that the wolves are still coming towards us, and more have spawned. Crap. Thanks a lot, Capitol.

I draw my bow, and look to see why Finna has stopped. She's lying unconcious on the ground, but I haven't heard another cannon. I turn to Blade, and he pulls his weapon. I'm breathing heavily, and grab a small rock in my hand, curious. I throw it ahead of me, where Finna was running, and it bounces back. The forcefield.

Blade decides to run off, one of the wolves chasing him. But I stand my ground, next to Finna, and wait. Just as the wolves are about to get to me, I dive out of the way, and they hit the focefield.

I don't wait. I run again.

Night 1 - Lucus Mines, District 9

Juline(6) and I had just set up a fire as the screams and snarls had started. Juline had jumped a bit, looking scared. I had teased her. "You scared?"

She just laughed and punched me on the arm.

We don't care if the fire attracts people anyways. We're Careers, we can take them. And more targets to take down makes these Games more enjoyable. It's when the two cannons sound and the forcefield has a strange ripple through it that we look up to the sky.

The Fallen:

District 5 - Shade Spectrus

District 7 - Jayson Huff

Juline looks puzzled. "Mutts?"

"Probably." Is all I say.

"But what about the forcefield?"

"I don't know." I reply. "Maybe someone ran into it? That might explain the second cannon, also."

"I guess we'll never know." Juline sings it slightly, as if it amuses her. She grins. "More target-hunting in the morning?"

I nod my head, and we go to sleep.

Day 2

Day 2 - Annabeth Elosegui, District 2

When I wake up, it feels oddly warm. I smile despite anything else, but when I open my eyes it all comes rushing back: Buck and Eli are dead. Konami is moaning off to the side from the pain of the spear (which Rebekah and I managed to get out), and Rebekah is watching as a hovercraft drops down over in a section of the forest I don't know yet.

As the silver hovercraft shifts in the air to pick up who I think is Jayson(7), Rebekah and I both watch the claws carry him into the hovercraft, then it lifts off. To deliver him back to District 7, where his poor family is probably still crying.

"Wait." I shake my head. "What happened?"

Rebekah shakes her head as Konami lets out another moan. "I'm not exactly sure. The forcefield got this weird ripple through it, and there were howls and screams, and two cannons. Jayson and Shade(5)."

I just nod, casting a glance over at poor Konami. He hasn't been acting happy or angry or anything, just in pain like he is. "Do you think we should kill him?" I ask faintly.

"What!?" Rebekah screams.

"Shut it!" I hiss. "Just, you know... out of pity."

"Not yet." Rebekah shakes her head. "He can still live."

"Okay." She knows I'd take the pleasure, and I can tell she doesn't want to give it to me. She cares about all her allies. "Well, let's go."

"Where?" Rebekah asks.

I smirk. "After District 3 girl. For revenge."

Day 2 - Arian Latova, District 12

Ding-ding. Ding-ding.

I roll over on the ground, and open my eyes, still tired. I jump when I see what's in front of me. A sponsor gift! I grin stupidly, and unscrew the lid from the silver package. The snow is reflecting off it, and it almost burns my eyes out, but like I care right now.

Inside it, I find a small coil of wire and a flashlight. At the bottom is a note that says, "Water, weapons, and waffles. Make a trap."

Weird, but okay. Suddenly, it all fits together. The burning sun is melting some of the snow, which is a good thing. I open the battery compartment to the flashlight, and smile at what I find. I get to work, setting up a trap. Wrapping the wire around the batteries, setting it int he snow so no one will see it... it's hard to explain, but I know how this will work. Hopefully, they will get electricuted. 

I set an apple down, making it look like it fell there or something. Thankfully, the boots we got don't leave prints, so no one will see that it's clearly a trap.

I sit and wait, out of sight, eating another apple. 

It's been a while, what I guess is a few hours, and I think no one is around this part of the forest. I throw the core of the apple, and hits the branches of a tree and sends snow toppling down. I watch, until a scream jolts me back to the world.

No cannon.

I walk out to see a girl, Lexi(11) I think, still clutching the apple lightly. I know she's been electricuted, and I slowly raise my bow, knowing the cannon will sound soon. I falter a bit, before letting the arrow fly.

Day 2 - Jonathan Tesley, District 3


The cannon is the only thing that makes Anna stop chatting, and even then it only lasts until the echoes of the cannon are gone. "Um... what else?"

"No more." Abraxas rolls his eyes. Anna's trying to give him nicknames, saying his name is too long. I've just been trying to forage and find us food. Abraxas is telling us which berries are edible, and so far I've collected quite a few.

"Shut up." I tell Anna as I hear voices in the distance. 

"Why?" She asks irratated.

"Just shut it!" I command.

"Oh, who did I hear?" A taunting voice rings out. Annabeth(2). Why...? Then it all fits together. Anna dived out of the way, I saw her. And Annabeth's knife hit Buck(6). No! She can't kill Anna!

"Anna!" I hiss quietly. 

"What?" She asks, and I clamp a hand over her mouth. "You need to run. Abraxas, protect her. She has to live. Hear me? Leave."


"Just go!" I feel tears in my eyes as Annabeth and Rebekah cut through the trees towards me, with Konami limping along. I look back to where Anna was, and can see Abraxas dragging her along out in the distance. I let myself cry, knowing I'm sacrificing myself. For her.

"Where's the girl?" Annabeth asks accusingly.

"That was her cannon." I lie, but Rebekah is pointing out towards where they went. No...

Annabeth walks up to me. "Well, if she is that way, I'm sure I can take her on my own. Without anyone to protect her." 

She turns around and starts to walk away, and I breathe a sigh of relief, just before she whips around and sends a knife through my heart.

Day 2 - Banette Tsukogami, District 8

The sound of another cannon shakes the arena, and I wonder for a second who died, then keep walking. I don't know exactly what I'm trying to find. Something, I guess. Food. I don't know.

I stomp on some twigs that have fallen into the crisp snow, just to hear them snap. I look up to see a camera in a tree above me, and can hear a little whirring noise and know it's zooming in on me, so I give it a glare and keep walking. I snap another twig with my foot and turn around just in time to see I've set off some sort of trap. I gasp to see a thick, sharpened stick coming towards me, and I have no time to run.

It hits me in the leg, and sends a stab of pain through me. I start swearing like crazy, and look around for whoever the idiot is who did this. I can hear footsteps running towards me, and hop on my good leg. I take out my knife, and can see Beemo(13) peeking at me through the trees.

"Oh, thought I WAS A BUNNY, COME INTO YOUR LITTLE TRAP?!" I scream at her angrily, and can see Nichole(5) and Rosette(1) come up behind her. Rosette comes up to me, and punches me across the face.

So she wants to fight.

Day 2 - Rosette Lilith, District 1

Well, actually, we did want to trap one of the white rabbits hopping around this forest, but we caught Banette. He's a threat, so I have to take him down. What I didn't take into account when I punched him, was that he has a knife.

"UGH!" I scream as he stabs my hand with his knife, and Beemo(13) and Nichole(5) rush up to me.

"Rosette!" Beemo screams, and decides to help me by trying to stab him with her spear, but she's missing every time. Banette whips around and slashes me across the face, and I turn around and clamp my hand over my face. Ow, ow... I grit my teath and turn around and give Banette another satisfying punch, and he's trying to stab Beemo. I tell Nichole to take care of her, and Nichole nods. The two of them shrink back into the trees, and I turn back to Banette.

I keep throwing punches at him, and he backs up against a tree, limping. I try to pound him in the head, and he ducks to the side, so I punch the tree. Appearantly this has caught me off guard enough, because I feel a stab of pain in my back, and then again and again.

A weak cry escapes me, and I know I'm going to die.

Day 2 - Nichole Peyton, District 5

The sound of another cannon sends a cold chill through me, and I hope it wasn't Rosette. "Stay here." I tell Beemo(13), giving her my scarf to treat her deep gash she got from Banette's(8) knife.

I peek around the trees, to see Rosette lying on her back, and Banette stealing her backpack, and I hear a small moan escape my lips. Rosette...

I go back to Beemo, and I think she must know what's wrong. She gives me a sad look, clutching her spear at her side. "We're still a team." She tells me gently.

"Yeah." I respond weakly. I don't think I can bear seeing Rosette's face in the sky tonight.

Day 2 - Finna Grey, District 7

I wake up to see snow falling on me. It feels peaceful. I thought I was dead, but appearantly not.

I sit up, and hold a hand to my head. "Ow..." I moan, wondering what happened. I must have hit my head on something, because I have a horrible headache. I look down, to see a drop of red fall on the sparkling snow and gasp. I use my other hand to feel around my face, until I realize it was my lip that was bleeding. I sigh out of relief, and try to remember what happened.

The wolf had come and chased me away from camp, and then other tributes had been chased down too. The last thing I remember was running into something, and blacking out. That's all.

I take a sip of my melted-snow-water, and then stand up shakily. The sky is getting dark, so I collapse back to the ground. Maybe I can travel when I get my energy back...

Night 2 - Lyssander Ghan, Capitol

I listen to the soft chirps of crickets, and look up at the dark sky. It's almost as dark as last night, but not much. People have been dying left and right, cannons sounding all day long. Looks liek the Capitol is getting quite a treat in these Games.

I can hear the faint notes of the anthem, and listen as it crescendos to a great, loud forte. I look up at the sky, to see who it is who has gone today:

Day 2: The Fallen

District 1 - Rosette Lilith

District 3 - Jonathan Tesley

District 11 - Lexi Greenway

It ends almost as quickly as it began, and I count off the rest of the tributes in my head. Fourteen others; fifteen in all, if you count me.

I settle down in my "bed", under some trees to stay hidden. When I look up, the snowy branches looming over me, it feels suffocating. Like they're trying to enclose me, and kill me. But I think the only threat right now is tributes.

Day 3

Day 3 - Anna Tesley, District 3

I expect to wake and see Jonny already up and making a fire, warming snow for water, or splitting berries evenly, but instead I walk up to find only Abraxas(11) laying on the ground a ways from me. I feel a tear in my eye, and wipe it away, and sniff back the rest of the tears threatening to spill out of my eyes. I can't cry.

I know it was Jonny that originally didn't trust Abraxas, but now I doubt my trust in him, as well. He hasn't talked to me, and I had to hunt down my own dinner last night. I get up and pack up everything that I have, crossing my arms and shivering. It's early morning, and cold. I look to Abraxas, and wonder if he was ever going to protect me in the first place.

"Bye." I whisper, picking up my spear and slinging my backpack over my shoulder. "But only one of us can win, right?"

I look back one more time, before running off into the forest, hoping Annabeth, Rebekah and Konami don't find me.

Day 3 - Lucus Mines, District 9

Juline and I decided to leave our camp early morning, to go find some tributes and kill them. We know the feast will have to come eventually, and we want as little people there as possible. There are still a lot of us left.

"Wait." Juline grips my arm, looking up at the trees. "Up there."

I think I can see Finna(7) among the branches, trying to hide out of view. I shake my head. "She'll probably die on her own. I don't think she's a threat."

Juline grins, and we keep waling until we find someone else's camp. It looks deserted, and a bit of wire is poking up out of the snow. 

"Over there!" Juline says, and I squint. In the sky, I can see a bit of smoke curling up. Lucky us. It's still a bit dark out, so it's a bit early for a fire. We start running towards it, shouting and laughing. I wonder who it is? 

But I don't have to wonder long, because when we get there, I can see Cornelius(1) running away. His fire is halfway put out, because he was in a hurry to put it out. Juline starts running ahead of me, but I hold her back. "My kill." 

"We'll see about that." Juline challenges, and runs ahead, sickle in hand. I make it to Cornelius first, and don't waste any time. I quickly slash him with my sword, and wait for the cannon.


Fourteen left, including us.

Day 3 - Beemo Xra, District 13

I wake up to the sound of a cannon. Well, that's a way to start a morning.

I sit up and stretch my arms, and then shiver, looking to Nichole. "It's c-cold..." I stutter, teeth chattering.

"Yeah." Nihcole agrees. "Is your wound better?"

"I think so." I reply, looking at it. Well, it's not bad... but the Gamemakers didn't give us any means of medicine at all when they put together the backpacks, so there's nothing much I can do. I stand up. "Let's get going."


"I don't know." I shrug, putting everything back in my backpack, and Nichole does the same. I grip my spear, and wait for Nichole. "We should make another trap."

"But they might fight back, like Banette..."

"And if they do, I have this." I smirk, tossing my spear up in the air and catching it again.

"Okay." Nichole smiles. "Let's stay here. How can I help?"

Day 3 - Konami Aretino, District 4

Someone's already died today, so we're on the lookout for any killers. We've made a small fire to stay warm, and Annabeth is pacing, tossing her throwing knife in her hand. Rebekah is cooking a rabbit Annabeth managed to get for us over the fire, and I'm just trying to stay warm and ignore the pain in my leg. I think it's infected, but I can't tell my allies that. There's nothing they can do for me.

"Should we go after her?" Annabeth asks impatiently.

Rebekah rolls her eyes. 

"You mean Anna(3)?" I ask.

"Who do you think?!" Annabeth turns on me angrily, and I just grin at her.

"Wait to do that." Rebekah suggests. The only reason Annabeth listens to her is because she's the leader. I set my backpack on the ground, and go through it to find my canteen, and drink a bit of water.

"Why?" Annabeth asks through gritted teeth.

"Because." Rebekah sighs. "I know you want revenge, but we can't just go through the whole arena looking for her. There's bound to be a feast someday, and I think that other guy she allied with can do a good job of keeping her alive that long. So, wait for the feast. You can get her then."

"Fine." Annabeth replies, and I can feel the tension between all three of us. I warm my hands over the fire, and turn when I hear Rebekah shriek.

There, Arian(12) is hidng in the trees, aiming his bow at us. I look to see that an arrow pegged into a tree near Rebekah's head.

Annabeth starts to run, and Rebekah follows behind her. "Wait!" I beg them, limping behind. I don't dare to look back, because I know Arian is right behind me. 

I can see Rebekah stop Annabeth ahead, and Annabeth pulling out a throwing knife. I try to get out of the way so she can hit Arian with it, and at the same time he shoots she throws. Pain shoots through my heart, and I know that even if Annabeth and Rebekah hadn't stopped and tried to save me, I'm wounded. I would have died soon, anyway. The last thing I hear is a cannon.

Day 3 - Juline Cenia, District 6

I look around for whoever set the trap. Lucus almost got cut straight in half, but I saw part of the trap sticking up out of the snow. "Come on..." I smirk. "Who was the little genius who set this up?"

I think maybe they left, and want to tell Lucus to leave, when I can see Beemo(13) poking out of the trees, throwing a spear at us. I scream and duck out of the way, running towards her. She runs past me, and I know she's very fast. "Lucus!" I scream angrilly. "Get her!"

She dodges his sword swings, and blocks a few with her spear when she picks them back up. I gasp when I feel a pain in my leg, and whip around to see Nichole(5) holding her dagger. So they're allies...

I try to hit Nichole, but both her and Beemo are so fast and tiny. Nichole runs over to Beemo, where her and Lucus are locked in combat. Nichole stabs Lucus in the arm, and he drops his sword.

Seeing the perfect chance, I dive in, aiming for Beemo's neck.

Nichole screams and tries to drag Beemo out of the way, but it's too late. I smirk. "Have fun trying to save her." 

Lucus and I run off, waiting for the cannon once again.

Night 3 - Rebekah Ure, District 9

Annabeth and I settle down quietly, setting up our beds. I should have tried to save Konami, but now he's dead... I can't help him now.

Annabeth settles into her blanket on the ground, and I set up my own warm bed. The night air is cold, and I'm getting sick of all the snow falling constantly.

I can hear the first notes of the anthem, and I flop down into my bed and look up.

Day 3: The Fallen

District 1 - Cornelius Harvestt

District 4 - Konami Aretino

District 12 - Arian Latova

District 13 - Beem Xra

I feel sick when I see Konami's smiling tribute portrait in the sky. I can't help but feel that it's my fault he died. I'm supposed to be the leader, but I haven't been doing a good job of it.

I turn over and close my eyes, listening to the chirp of crickets, pushing away any guilt that I have, and focus on the chirping as it lulls me to sleep.

Day 4

Day 4 - Blade Spectrus, District 2

With the amount of deaths going on every day, I expect to wake up to a cannon, but instead wake up to the sounds of chirping birds. I watch one fly away, thinking that if I had a bow and arrow, I would shoot it down for food. I take a look through my pack and eat two pieces of dried beef. I wish I had  a weapon, but I guess I was one of those unlucky tributes that came out of the cornucopia with only a backpack.

"Attention, tributes."

The head-Gamemaker's voice booms out through the arena. Her voice is calm, and sounds slightly amused. Great...

"Today as soon as the sun rises fully, there will be a feast on the frozen river. All of you have a backpack waiting for you on the table there, with your district number on it. However, in three of the packs, there is something that will help you. Give you a certain... advantage for the rest of the Games.

"In three of the other packs, however, there is something dangerous, that will harm you. The rest are a surprise. Attendance to the feast is mandatory, if you do not go, expect death to come soon.

"Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor."

Her voice cuts out, and silence goes through the whole arena. So attendance is mandatory. The sun is just coming up, and I think I can make it to the river in time. But what about the packs? Three have an advantage, three have a dangerous disadvantage. Whatever is in mine, I know it's there, waiting for me, and I have to go.

Day 4 - Abraxas Tryntafylo, District 11

Anna's gone, and her face wasn't in the sky, so I know she left on purpose. Why, though? 

When I get to the frozen river, I see that I'm early. The sun is nowhere near up all the way, and I watch as the backpacks rise up out of the table like magic, and sit there. I look for the one with an 11 on it, and when I see it, I know it's mine. 

I wait for the sun to rise, and in that time I can hear a rustling in a nearby tree. I stay cautious, just in case the person up there is a threat. 

The sun is almost up, and I haven't heard any cannons, so I'm guessing everyone is on their way or waiting to come out. Gripping my sword, I run out onto the ice and grab my bag, and as a second thought, grab another one with the number 9 on it just in case mine has something bad in it.

I hear someone slipping on the ice behind me, and see Finna(7), reaching for her bag, not even bothering to look at me. She runs off and is gone as quickly as she came.

I look around, and consider grabbing another pack, but instead swing my backpack over my shoulder and put the tiny feast bags in it.

I can see someone else coming up behind me, and see Rebekah(9) grabbing the other District 9 pack and running off. 

I put my backpack back on, and can see Lucus(9) running up to me. Oh no. He must know I took the other District 9 pack.

Feast - Juline Cenia, District 6

"Get him, Lucus!" I scream as I run up on the slippery ice behind them to see that they're in a sword fight. I grab the District 6 bag and a District 2 bag to make up for it, in case we can't get Lucus's back.

I look around to see Rebekah(9) running away from the feast, and that Annabeth(2) is waiting by the side of the lake, in a running position. I hold up the District 2 bag, and she swears at me silently, then starts running towards me. I hop out of the way and she slips and falls. I just laugh.


I scream, because I've turned around just in time to see Lucus fall to the ice, dead. A cannon sounds in the distance, and I look to Abraxas(11) angrily.

I run off though. I would have had to kill Lucus soon myself, anyway.

Feast - Annabeth Elosegui, District 2

I get up from the ice and consider sending a throwing knife after Juline, but she's too far away. 

Just then, I can see the girl from District 3 from the corner of my eye. I grin evilly and throw a knife at her, screaming, "YOU'RE GOING DOWN!"

She screams and ducks out of the way, just like she did on that first day. It makes me even more angry, and she runs past me and grabs her District 3 bag, running into Abraxas(11). 

"COME BACK HERE!" I throw another knife, and it hits her in the arm.

Anna(3) takes her spear and plunges it into the ice, and I can see cracks forming everywhere. She yanks it out, and does so somewhere else on the ice, and it starts to break apart, with horrible cracking and wrenching noises. I know the Gamemakers must be helping her with this. She runs off the ice with Abraxas(11) just in time, before it starts cracking and drifting apart. 

Yes, the Gamemakers are helping, because the piece with the feast bags on it is still perfectly in place. I'll show those Gamemakers. I jump from one chunk of ice to another, and when I'm almost to the feast bags, can hear other people jumping on the ice. 

I look back to see Lyssander(C) and Banette(8) coming from different directions, and Banette throws a knife at me, but I lean out of the way.

It's just enough to get me off my balance, and fall into the cold, icey water. Panicking, I thrash around desperately, but I know it's over. I gasp for air, but all I get is water, and I know I'm drowning... drowning...

Feast - Lyssander Ghan, Capitol


I know that it must be over for Annabeth(2); she must have drowned. So I stay careful not to slip and fall in just like she did, and get to the chunk of ice that the feast bags are on. When I get there, I grab the bag with a big "C" on it and look across the river. If I can get to the side, back to the snowy grass, I'll be fine. 


Banette kicks me aside and takes his District 8 bag, and I swing my sword at him, but he dodges. The ice we're on isn't going anywhere, or rocking side to side as the water moves and shifts, so he isn't in any danger of falling off. He also threw his only knife at Annabeth, which I don't know where it went.

I get up and run, jumping my way across the river until I make it safely to the other side and into the forest.

Feast - Banette Tsukomogami, District 8

I clutch the District 8 bag and don't waste any time. I already lost the knife trying to get Annabeth, and now this and a backpack is pretty much all I have. I jump my way across the ice, making it to the other side of the river, and don't bother looking back. I just run, off into the forest, and can see the sun going down. It seems like no time has passed at all, but the feast must have taken forever.

I sit down and slouch against a log, listening to the soft chirping of the crickets in the forest. I've been waiting for a cannon, but haven't heard one yet. I'm tempted to look in the bag to see what I got, thinking maybe I should wait...

I unzip the bag slowly to find a small silver container in it, like the ones sponsor gifts come in. I open it slowly, and cringe just in case. But nothing bad pops out, no poisonous gas is realeased - at least, I think... - just three knives inside! Yes!

I take out a knife and I can tell something is different about it. The handle is curved slightly, and when I throw it, it comes back. Boomerang knives! I guess Ill just have to be careful.

I jump at the sound of a scream, and soon after--


Someone must have gotten a bad backpack. I'm lucky I got something as awesome as these knives.

Night 4 - Anna Tesley, District 3

I sob, running away from what I know I must have caused. Abraxas(11) had been trying to catch up with me, but I know we aren't allies deep inside. We can't be. There are only eight of us left now, and I've left him now. 

He opened his backpack, but I was still running, and them something happened. I heard a small explosion, and I was so far away. He was just trying to be my ally again. I sit down and start crying, and open my District 3 backpack. I don't care if it kills me, I'm a horrible person, horrible, horrible...

Wait. There's nothing in here. I start sobbing again, and throw my backpack away from me. It hits a tree, and I can hear someone gasp, but tell myself it must be in my head. Or Finna(7), I can tell when I see her poke her head out at me, but I don't care. She can kill me.

I'll let her.

Night 4 - Finna Grey, District 7

Anna(3) is just sitting there, on the ground, crying. I wonder what happened... did she cause the cannon? She might attack me when she actually stops crying and starts doing something else, so I hop to the next tree, and watch snow fall off the branches and softly onto the ground. I settle down in a tree a ways away, but know that was the wrong decesion.

Juline(6) is walking down below me, and I freeze, hoping she doesn't see me. She looks around, and I can feel my heart pounding, and my hands fumbling for a knife at my side that isn't even there. But then I find it, and I get ready to throw it. I could, but something makes me pause. She's opening her bag. Maybe it is a bad one, and she'll die.

But no, there's food inside. The smell wafts up to the trees, and I feel my mouth water. It's real food, Capitol food. She takes a bite out of the sandwich, and I just keep sniffing the air, entranced by the smell, and almost don't hear the cannon.


I look down, and Juline(6) is laying on the ground. The food was poisoned. Looking at her, I feel sick, and keep jumping through the trees until I find one I think I'll be safe in. I open my backpack, and find that it's empty. Great. Thanks, Gamemakers.

I settle in for the night, hoping I can make it out of here, but all I have is a knife...

Night 4 - Blade Spectrus, District 2

Two cannons have sounded, meaning two harmful backpacks have been opened... I think. I'm scared to open mine, but it's so inticing, just looking at it, seeing that large "2" printed on it. I'm lucky I got it.

I look around, wondering who's cannon just sounded. I'll know when the pictures are shown in the sky tonight. I know Annabeth died in the bloodbath, but not much else. Sitting there on the ground, suddenly it feels cold. Maybe the backpack has something helpful in it...

I open it, and find that it's empty. Seriously? 

I lean back against a tree, sighing. So... basically if it isn't good or bad, it's just empty. I sigh again, but this time, pick up a certain scent. It smells good, and I wonder what it is. I stand up, looking around. It smells like soup form the Capitol, like I ate one day at the training center.

I try to walk towards it, wondering if maybe someone got food in their backpack. But it's strongest around my backpack, and it's making me feel sick. No... they couldn't have put a gas in it that smells like Capitol food, but why? It's not a good backpack, so it must be either bad, or one of the unknown ones.

I fall to the ground, and everything goes black.

Day 4 - The Fallen

District 2 - Annabeth Elosegui, Blade Spectrus

District 6 - Juline Cenia

District 9 - Lucus Mines

District 11 - Abraxas Tryntafyllo

Day 5

Day 5 - Nichole Peyton, District 5

I wake up, still tired, and sit up, looking around. My vision is blurry, and I rub my eyes. I slept oddly well.

"Attention, tributes."

Great. Come to announce another feast? I don't want to go.

"Attention. Today, there will be a... twist. A certain deceased tribute has been cloned as a muttation. They will come for one thing, and one thing only, something they have searched for since the moment the bloodbath ended: revenge. Revived with her DNA and memory, she is coming, armed, ready to kill and avenge the one person she loved.

The Annabeth Mutt is coming.

Good luck surviving."

My heart is pounding fast, but I know it won't be me she is after. I didn't do anything to her. The person she loved...? Buck(6), that guy she was all lovey-dovey with in training. Someone's gonna get it, but it's not going to be me.

She wouldn't come for revenge on me, would she?

Day 5 - Anna Tesley, District 3


I'm screaming on the inside, and know I have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. The Gamemakers will put the Annabeth Mutt wherever I am, so my best bet is to be armed. I look around desperately for my spear, hold it tightly, and let the anger take over me.

How dare they... I have to get home, for my family, for Jonny(3), and they can't change that. But I know underneath my anger and confidence are more tears.

I run to the frozen river, where the ice has joined back together after the feast. I stand on the river, waiting. When I see the mutt, I scream.

It's Annabeth alright, but not. Her blond hair is still wet, and her eyes are ice-blue instead of sea-blue, and she just looks so angry, and still sort of lifeless. She's running towards me, and she looks wet, like she came right back out of the water. I can see the glint of something purple in her hand, and can see a scary, giant throwing knife in her hand with a purple blade.

I thow my spear, but it misses, and she slides across the ice to me. I scream as she knocks me down and tries to stab me, and she keeps me pinned to the ground. I'm crying again, and she raises a knife above my head.

"Please..." I beg, sobbing. "Please... I need to live. What good will it do for you to kill me?"

She hesitates, holding the knife above me, face expressionless. I think maybe she has mercy. Maybe deep down, she knows this isn't right. But she's a mutt.

Day 5 - Banette Tsukomogami

I was camping by the frozen river when I heard screaming, and curious, I had gone to see.

Anna(3) is pinned to the ice by the so called Annabeth Mutt, who has a strange purple knife raised over Anna's head. Anna is sobbing, tears streaming down her face and pooling on the ice. I feel kind of bad for her. But I feel frozen there, hiding, waiting to see what will happen.

"Please don't." Anna keeps begging for mercy, but I don't think she'll get any. If the Annabeth Mutt really was revived with her memory, she will remember being a Career, and she will remember Buck's(6) death clearly.

"Please." Anna begs one more time. The Annabeth Mutt is expressionless. I can feel my own heart pounding. 

The Annabeth Mutt just raises the purple blade over Anna, and brings it down.

I wince at the short, painful cry that escapes Anna(3) before the cannon cuts it off. The blades must be poisoned, that's why they're purple. It must kill instantly. The Annabeth Mutt is still expressionless, and she stands up, dropping the bloody knife. Her eyes flit around and fall on me, even though I thought I was hidden. She remains expressionless, and just walks away.

She got the revenge she wanted, but what she did was so horrible. I can still hear Anna's cry in my head. How can anyone be so cold-blooded?

She's just a mutt, and she's gone now anyway. 

And, hey, one more tribute gone, right?

Day 5 - Lyssander Ghan, Capitol

One more tribute has died today, and I've been wondering if everyone has opened their backpacks yet. Hopefully, all of the bad ones have been opened. I have no way to tell. I sit down on the fluffy snow, and slowly unzip the bag, wondering what could be inside of it. The bag is huge, so either the Capitol just wants to see my dissapionted face when there's barely anything in it, or they have sent me something big.

The giant sponsor-gift container pops open with ease, and inside, I can see a pair of shiny silver boots. At first I wonder if this is some sort of trick; sending me different shoes. What kind of a gift is that? But, still, I try them on, and their trackless, just like the ones before. I look back to my other pair of boots, wondering which pair to wear. Will the new pair work better?

I decide to leave the new pair on, and stuff my old pair of boots into a log, covering them with snow. I have to go out and look for food. When I'm done hiding my boots, I stand up, looking around. There are squirrels all over in the trees, staring at me. I glare at them, but really I'm just confused. What...?

Something's off about the animals. They have strange red eyes, and their tails lash back and forth, with fur that looks spiked. I watch as more emerge from the trees, all glaring at me with those creepy red eyes. I hold my sword in front of me, letting out a nervous laugh.

Squirrel Mutts. Seriously? "Uh..." Really, they're sort of funny. But something tells me they're also dangerous. "Nice... squirrels?"

They start to advance on me, one climbing up my leg, and biting me, revealing a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth. I cry out in pain and hit it with my sword, watching as it falls onto the snow. The others are coming towards me, so I take that as my clue to run.

Day 5 - Rebekah Ure, District 9

I feel kind of lost without allies. I left Annabeth at the feast, and now she's dead anyway, so I have no one to help me. I guess when we get to the final five, alliances aren't the best way to be. That's when the backstabbing really happens, the betrayal, the lies, and of course, the death.

I've settled down and started eating an apple, wondering whether all the bad bags have been opened. I throw it softly into a snow bank at the stump of a tree near me, and nothing happens. I take another loud bite of my apple, staring at the bag, feeling sort of... bored.

I walk over to the bag, sit at the base of the tree, and open it. I cringe, just in case, but nothing happens when I open it. In fact... nothing's in it?!

I hold it up and down, shaking it, as if that will make something suddenly appear in front of me. I sigh loudly and slump against the tree, looking to the side and dropping my apple. Idiot Capitol. Sending me nothing. I watch a small brown squirrel dart up a tree, and a bird with pure white feathers perch near me. I whistle to it, wondering if it will respond. 

Instead of a bird call, a weird whispering sound escapes it when it opens its razor-sharp beak. I stare at it, disgusted at the creepy creature. More of the strange birds come, all whispering the same strange same thing. It sounds like they're calling my name, and each time, more animals come. "Bekah..." some squirrels with red eyes dart down from the trees, bunnies with sharp teeth peeking out from their mouths come, the birds with beaks that look like they could tear you to pieces.

I stand up and back off, but run into a tree. They're coming towards me, and I look around. Muttant squirrels, birds, rabbits, and finally, from behind them, a snarling wolf Mutt. I let out a small shriek and run, as they follow me.

Day 5 - Nichole Peyton, District 5

I pull back the slingshot, an odd smile on my face. Who knew? I got a slingshot and six weird projectiles to launch from it. They were spiked, and black, and I actually hurt my finger trying to take one of them out of the container, but it just bled a tiny bit. Now I'm practicing, and whenever I launch one of the "spikes", it lodges into the tree. I go to take the three I've shot out of the tree, but they've lodged into it. When I finally pry them free, I put them in the little pouch that came with the slingshot and the spike-things. I've attatched it to my belt, and I'm ready for combat. Ha.

I turn around to shoot again, but this time, there's animals everywhere. Birds flutter down and perch on trees, whispering. I back off, letting out a small wimper, watching as red-eyed animals crowd around me, and one rabbit tries to latch onto my leg. I pull out my slingshot fast, and shoot the rabbit with one of the spikes. It hits, and a tortured sound escapes the animal. Crap. Now I only have five.

I run as a wold emerges from the forest, and don't bother to shoot at them. I don't know where the animals -- or Mutts, really -- are leading me, but they're chasing me on all sides, except right in front, so I keep running until I reach...

The frozen lake. Someone is already there; Lyssander(C). I stop abruptly once I get onto the ice, and slide around a bit in my boots. Lyssander is backing away, and he seems to have no problem maneuvering across the ice. His shoes are silver, not white. He must have gotten ones that can walk on ice in his bag.

I fall on my butt but get up quick, readying the slingshot to attack either Lyssander or the Mutts, but the Mutts are hanging back in the forest. I know this is the final battle. I turn, taking out my dagger as Lyssander swings his sword. I scream when it hits my side, and I fall onto the ice, tears in my eyes.

I slide around on the ice, trying to regain my balance, but I can't even stand up. Lyssander is standing over me, with his sword ready to swing. But suddenly, a knife slices his neck, and he falls to the ground. I look over as the knife flies back to someone. Banette(8). I stop sliding around and stand up, ready to fight this time.

Final Battle - Banette Tsukomogami

I can't believe the knife hit. I wait for a cannon, knowing Lyssander isn't dead yet. 


I hadn't been aiming for either one of them, really, I just threw the knife out of fear. And it hit Lyssander. Nichole(5) is now standing up, slipping and sliding on the ice slightly, holding her dagger out in front of her, breathing heavily. I wait, wondering if she will make the first move.

Someone runs into me, and I fall to the ice with a thud. I get up, sliding around, and see Rebekah(9), sitting on the ice a ways away from me. She gets up fast and looks to me, then to Nichole(5). We all don't know what to do.

But then Rebekah(9) darts over to Lyssander, picking up his sword, and I throw a knife at her. She ducks, and the knife comes whizzing back to me. I gasp, expecting it to cut me on it's way back, but it doesn't. Nichole(5) just stands there, holding a dagger out in front of her, and Rebekah stands just a little ways away. We form a triangle, and none of us want to attack first. I'm wondering if I should, when I remember something.


There's one more of us, and she hasn't bothered to show up. I wonder if the Mutts have gotten to her, when I hear a tiny scream from behind me. 

Final Battle - Rebekah Ure, District 9

And there she is, Finna, running onto the ice with a knife out, and a squirrel clinging to her back. She twists around furiously, and finally stabs the squirrel with her knife, flinging it away. She turns to us, hanging back cautiously, and taking small steps backwards. 

She's the one that always hung back from everyone else, denying alliances, staying by herself. She wants to escape the fight, only coming when one of us is left. I feel anger twisting inside of me. How could she survive this long? 

I take a step towards her, and she takes another step backwards. I don't turn my back on Banette(8) and Nichole(5) though, because I know they could hit me any second.

I don't even really know what I'm doing, but I swing my sword at Finna, and she shrieks and falls onto the ice. I swing at her again, but swords aren't really my specialty, and I lost my weapon back when I was fending off the Mutts. 

Finna throws her knife, hitting me in the shoulder. "OW!" I cry out, and can hear footsteps on the ice behind me, I whip around, expecting to feel a stabbing pain in my back from Banette's knife, but him and Nichole are fighting each other. I turn back to Finna, and when I do, I have my sword held out in front of me. It hits poor Finna, and she screams. Her arm is bleeding like crazy, and she's crying.

I feel horrible. She picks up her knife, but I'm faster, because before she can hit me again I bring the sword down into her chest.

Final Battle - Nichole Peyton, District 5

Another cannon shakes the arena, and I can feel myself go cold. Final three... I made it this far, I can make it to the end. The mutts seem to have receeded back to the forest, and I can still see a snow-white rabbit hanging back.

Rebekah and Banette are starting to battle. Banette throws a knife, and Rebekah dodges. They seem to ignore my existance, so I smile to myself, a plan forming in my head. I go up to a tree and climb it, hiding in the branches. I can wait until they finish their battle, and then shoot the winner with my slingshot.

I watch from up in my tree, peeking through the branches. Banette seems to be at an advantage; it looks like he has practiced with his weird boomerang knives before we all got chased here, so he knows how to use them. Rebekah, however, has probably never used a sword before. 

I jump and send some snow falling to the ground when a scream comes from the battle below. I can tell by the sound that it's Rebekah. I gasp as quietly as I can, when I see that she now has a gash in both her arms, and one in her side. She drops her sword, and falls to her knees. Banetter hesitates before throwing another knife at her, but it misses, and comes right back to him when he doesn't expect it. It cuts his arm, and he gives a small cry of pain.

Without realizing what I'm doing, I raise my slingshot, readying a spike-ball. I pull it back, and with shaky hands, let it fly towards the two.

It hits Rebekah in the neck, and she screams, thrashing around. I feel sick. I lean against the tree, and wait...


For the cannon.

Banette seems so confused, looking around. The spike-balls must really hurt when they hit, and do a lot of damage, because it killed Rebekah almost instantly.

When he sees me, his eyes narrow, but an odd smile comes across his face. "Nichole?"

I take a deep breath, pulling back the slingshot. "Yeah." I answer him, and he throws a knife at me. I yelp, and jerk to the side. It hesitates in the air, before flying back to Banette. It was just enough to catch me off balance, because I fall to the ice with a thud. Banette laughs, and I get out my dagger.

You're going down, Banette.

Final Battle - Banette Tsukomogami, District 8

Nichole Peyton. I have to admit, I hadn't expected the two of us to the be the only tributes left, but here we are. She finished off Rebekah for me, and I can see she has a slingshot, and some weird spiked things to shoot with the slingshot. They must do a lot of damage. Rebekah died so quickly when it hit her. I feel kind of scared, but try not to look like it. Nichole has good aim witht hat slingshot. But I have good aim with these knives.

She just stands there, with her slingshot pulled back. I ready a knife, not sure where to aim. I scream when a sudden pain goes through my arm. She shot me! I cry out in pain, holding my arm. I glare at Nichole and use my good arm to throw a knife at her. It hits her arm, and now we both have injured arms. 

She shoots at me again, and I duck out of the way, throwing another knife, which slashes her across the cheek. She drops her slingshot, bringing her hands up to her face, screaming and crying. Seeing my chance, I run for the slingshot. But the ice is slippery, and I fall down, which slows me down. I fumble around before standing back up.

Nichole is running at me with her dagger, and I try to back up, but she's so fast. She stabs me in the leg, and I jump back. Before she can stab at me again, I throw a knife, which cuts her side where it's already been hurt.

I start to feel lightheaded, and wonder if Nichole is feeling the same pain. I hurt so much it doesn't even hurt anymore. One of us is going to bleed to death soon; our wounds are so big, and we have so many. She takes her slingshot and shoots me again, hitting my face. But my bandana blocks it, and I laugh at her. She throws her dagger and it skims my neck.

I start to hear a quiet ringing in my ears, and my whole body feels numb. With all the strength I have left, I throw one more knife. Nichole falls to the ground, crying. I don't have enough strength to fight anymore. One of us is going to bleed to death. The ringing in my ears is so loud now, I can't even hear anything else.

My vision starts to go blurry, and then everything goes black.

After the Games

The Capitol - Before the Victor Interviews (ha gonna make you read to find out who survived >;3)

I wake up, eyes blurry, in a pure white room. 

I can't hear anything, and wonder if I can even hear anymore. Am I alive? I'm laying down, I know that, and when I look, I can tell I'm on one of the fancy Capitol beds. That means I'm still alive if I'm in the Capitol. I tap my fingers on the nightstand next to me, listening to the light, tap-tap. I can still hear.

Standing up, I try to walk around the room. A white door is across from me, but that's not where I'm going. I think. I hold the edge of the bed, standing on shaky legs. I look so pale... wait... my hands fly up to my face, feeling around for something that isn't there. I look around frantically, before I see my bandana laying on the dresser in the room, folded neatly. I run over to it, and unfold it. There's a tear in it from our final battle, but other than that it's the same. Black with a golden zipper printed on it. I smile weakly and put it on.

Huh... I wonder for a minute. If I'm alive... that means I'm a victor. I try it out. Banette Tsukomogami, victor of the 171st Hunger Games. 

I smile again, but this time it's more sincere.

I won. I'm a victor!

Victory Tour - District 8

The stupid District 8 escort is blabbering on about how I read the cards out loud, and then give a speech about my deceased district partner, but I'm not listening. I'm still just happy I'm alive. The day I got back to the Capitol, appearantly the Capitol had taken their chance and made the victor a surprise. They had people bet on whether Nichole or I had made it out, and appearantly I had won by one vote. 

Then the victor interviews happened, and I'm a Capitol favorite. Not because of my good looks or sparkly personality, but because I'm so different than other tributes. Now I'm back in my home district, about to make my speech.


The District 8 escort hoists me up two inches off the ground, and then sets me back down. I slouch again, just to annoy him.

"And... time to go out!" He says, and pushes me on stage.

The cheering starts immediately. After so many years of failure, District 8 finally ha a victor. The sunlight is blinding, so I cover my eyes, and wave to the audience before taking my spot on the stage, right in the middle, in front of the microphone. The other District 8 victors are all on stage behind me, sitting in a row. A pathetically short row, if I may add.

The audience quiets down a bit, and I look out at all of them. Silence rings out, and I shift my weight from one foot to the other. "Um... hey. District Eight."

The clap, and a few people keep cheering, before they quiet down. What do I say for my victor speech? "Thanks." I smile to them, but they can't see through my bandana. "Um..." normally they say something about the Capitol. "Thanks to the Capitol, I'm the victor of the 171st Annual Hunger Games!" The audience cheers louder than ever before, and then quiets down again. I feel proud, and remembering all those people that used to make fun of me... "I'm a victor! Take that, everyone who used to call me a 'freak'! Because what am I now?! A VICTOR! So SCREW YOU!!!"

The audience gives some light clapping, and then I see the podium. A picture of my old district partner, Aislyn, is being projected up behind her family. They're crying. Suddenly I feel horrible, and wish I could run off the stage.

My voice drops down, and I look down. "And, um, Aislyn... she was nice. She convinced our stylists to let me wear my bandana on the chariots. That's why we both looked like weird ragdolls. She was a nice girl. She didn't deserve what she got." I remember Nichole, Lyssander, Finna... "no one in the Games deserved what they got."

The audience cheers again, and even Aislyn's family gives some reluctant clapping. I smile, and do a fist pump. The whole District 8 is clapping and cheering for me.

Their victor.


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