Hey, so this is an idea I came up with randomly one day based on a dream I had. It will work differently than normal games, so please read the rules, and sorry if it gets a little confusing. I hope you like these games though! :3


It is almost time for summer, with exactly one week of school left. Yet, students have been behaving badly, and must be punished. So, two students shall be Reaped from each homeroom class, to be transferred to the old academy school. There, only one student shall return. The only way to return is to be the last student standing; the last to survive. At that school, students will fight to the death in an event known as the School Games. Good luck, and may you get all A’s this Quarter (Quell).


-Be a nice person

-Have fun. That’s an order.

-Up to 5 tributes/students per user please

-Please follow the exact tribute form down there. That might seem a little strict, but it is the only way to make this work

-Reservations will last 3 days

-First come, first serve! 


These are "The SCHOOL Games", so tributes each come from their homeroom... these are the available homerooms to choose from. Have fun with your choice! And if I forgot one, tell me, and I may add it to the list. I added electives, too, to provide more homerooms.

Note: There are no certain homeroom classes that Careers come from. Careers can come from any homeroom you would like. A certain homeroom can effect their skills, but won't give them any sort of advantage against other tributes in the arena.

Language Arts and Literature: To be, or not to be... a tribute. A required class that each student has.

Math: 14 homerooms, 2 students from each homeroom... equals 28 tributes? A required class that every student has.

Drama:  This is an elective class, which means tributes in this class will probably be skilled with acting.

Dance:  This is an elective class, tributes from this class are normally very physically fit or flexible.

Technology and Engineering: This is an elective class, and students from it will be skilled with making traps, programming, technology skills, ect.

Woodshop: An elective class. Students from this class are normally very skilled with math, and making things.

Gym: A required class full of PAIN and people who take the Games too SERIOUSLY.

Concert Band: From high instruments like flutes and piccolos to low brass like giant tubas, students from this elective have skills with music, counting... you name it.

Choir: No matter the vocal range, tributes from this class are also skilled with counting and music... but can they imitate voices? (lol)

String Orchestra: From violins to the bass, tributes from this class tend to be good at music, counting, and everything else a music elective would require. This is an elective class.

Science: Earth science, life science, physical science, chemistry... you name it. This is a require class.

Social Studies: It's a little less social and a little more studies than the name implies. This is a required class. (I know I could have put geography and history together and that would equal social 

World Geography: If only it came with a map of the arena... this is a require class that every student takes.

History: Pretty self-explanatory. A required class.

Art: Painting, drawing, pottery, all that good stuff! Students in this class tend to think creatively (just remember, green is not a creative color though), which means they may be good at strategizing, ect. An Elective.

The Students

And here are the students that will be participating in the school Games!

Name Age Gender Homeroom Weapons User
Dennis Rystentia 12 Male Language Arts & Literature Knife, dagger, blowgun Tehblakdeath
Piper Rose 14 Female Language Arts & Literature Dagger, bow and arrow, spear Ninjanerdwithmojo
Henry Blake 17 Male Math

Thrown weapons (preferrably throwing knives)

Annie Blake 14 Female Math Throwing knives GianG
Manta Li 17 Male Drama Poison darts, sickle, sword Tehblakdeath
Addison Waters 13 Female Drama Whip, spear, throwing stars Blue-Ribbonz
Axel Vixen 15 Male Dance Poison, throwing axe Smilingtribute
Robin Smoke 13 Female Dance Dagger Ladysi
Tommy Harns 14 Male Technology & Engineering Throwing knives HaraiGoshi345
Polly Kate 12 Female Technology & Engineering Katana Meoryou
Konami Aretino 14 Male Woodshop Strength, trident, fangs Tehblakdeath
Ivy Walen 17 Female Woodshop Throwing knives Meoryou
Anders Longtail 16 Male Gym Mace, spear Meoryou
Lucinda Irongate 13 Female Gym Traps, spear, ninja stars Blue-Ribbonz
Timothy Luckbey 16 Male Concert Band Bow and arrow Nlby001
Cora Prewitt 14 Female Concert Band Throwing knives, knife, bow and arrow Ninjanerdwithmojo
William Rolley 16 Male Choir Singing, throwing knives Nlby001
Hadley Quinlan 14 Female Choir Knife, dagger, axe Ninjanerdwithmojo
Troy Mason 18 Male String Orchestra Mace, axe, sword YourFavoriteSalmon
Sienna River 12 Female String Orchestra Sword, bow and arrow Smilingtribute
Drayden Blaze 15 Male Science Kukri, spear, warhammer Biel1458
Navaeh Crisst 12 Female Science Scissors Nommyzambies
Kordan Caden 12 Male Social Studies Throwing knives, bow and arrow Kongaroo5496
Lolita Fey 13 Female Social Studies Chain whip Blue-Ribbonz
Connor Smitherson 14 Male World Geography Scythe, hand-to-hand HaraiGoshi345
Jade Hermux 14 Female World Geography Dagger, bow, poison darts Daria Bloom
Jakub Kunnson 14 Male History Sword, studded gloves, spear HaraiGoshi345
Tracy Styker 17 Female History Fighting stick Nlby001
Julius Spring 17 Male Art Sword, throwing knives MyWorld
Missy Turner 15 Male Art Bow and arrow, dagger MyWorld

Lunaii Gallery


Bold= Alliance leader. Italisized= Co-leader. Crossed out= DEAD.

Careers (Bullies and popular kids): Manta Li(Drama), Anders Longtail(Gym), Konami Aretino(Woodshop), Troy Mason(Orchestra), Tracy Styker(History), Drayden Blaze(Science), Julius Spring(Art), Axel Vixen(Dance)

Anti-Careers (Social kids): Connor Smitherson(Geography), Ivy Walen(Woodshop), Kordan Caden(Social Studies), Navaeh Crisst(Science), Missy Turner(Art)

Loners (The ones who never have a partner for group projects): Jakub Kunnson(History)

The Best Friends Alliance (Besties stick together, always): Piper Rose(Literature), Hadley Quinlan(Choir), Cora Prewitt(Band), Jade Hermux(Geography)

The Smart Alliance (Nerds): Dennis Rystentia(Literature), Tommy Harns(Technology)

The Girls' Alliance (Giggly girls who run away from dodge balls): Polly Kate(Technology), Lucinda Irongate(Gym)

The Siblings (Brother and sister with the love-hate relationship): Henry Blake(Math), Annie Blake(Math)

The Masters of Music (Musically Talented Friends): Timothy Luckbey(Band), William Rolley(Choir)

The Musical Dancing Girls (The girls from orchestra and dance class yo): Sienna River(Orchestra), Robin Smoke(Dance)

The Drowned Puppets: Addison Waters(Drama), Lolita Fey(Social Studies)


Language Arts and Literature - Dennis Rystentia

Normally waking up for the last day of school would be a fun thing. But today I know that I'll have to run to homeroom as fast as I can, and hope that I'm not the one chosen... 

My roommates are already awake and out the door, so I'm the only one left. I whimper and hop off of the top bunk of my bed, and get ready as fast as I can. My hands are shaking when I brush through my hair, and I accidentally pull my hair. "Ouch..."


Time for all of the academy to have breakfast... I run as fast as I can, then eat my breakfast nervously. Everyone is whispering, and it's all so tense. The Headmaster is sitting up on the academy's dining hall stage. He looks out at all of us with an illegible expression on his face. When the bell rings again, we all shuffle off to our homerooms for the Reaping.

Mrs. Walker is sitting at her desk, shaking her head. As I get in my seat at the front row, she bends down to get something out of her desk. She comes back up with two glass bowls, and sets on on the right side of her desk, and the other on her left. She quiets us all down and starts the Reaping. "You all know why we're here... so let's begin. Ladies first." She walks over to the left of her desk, and chooses a slip of ripped-up notebook paper. I had to help write down the names on the slips of paper, and maybe my handwriting isn't the best, because she hesitates, before calling out, "Piper Rose."

From the back right corner of the room, next to the window, a cute girl with blonde hair stands up with a blank expression on her face. She walks nervously to the front of the room. As she does, a boy near her seat yells her name. "PIPER, NO!"

"Andrew..." Piper sniffs, and we can all tell she's about to cry. "I have to go..."

Piper has always been one of Mrs. Walker's favorite students, so she gives Piper a little pat on the back as she wipes her blue eyes clean of any tears. 

"For the boys, we have Dennis Rystentia."

I gasp. How can it be my name? I'm just a little kid!

"No..." I whine as I get up and go stand next to Piper. "Why me for the School Deans?"

A few snickers drift towards the front of the room from the bullies at the back of the room at my mess-up. I turn to Piper, and she has her hand extended towards me. I guess we're supposed to shake hands. She gives me a teary smile, and I look down at my feet as I take her hand, and shake it once. I don't know what to say, as the two of us are led off, and Piper's friends crowd around her and wish her good luck before we have to go to the arena. No one comes over to say goodbye to me, except for Piper when all of her friends have left weeping.

"Good luck." She whispers.

I nod solemnly. "You too."

Concert Band - Cora Prewitt

When the bell rings to go to homeroom class, I take a deep breath before standing up. I wave goodbye to my friends before heading off towards my homeroom, darting up the stairs leading to the second floor of the academy, where the band room is. The only class I can look forward to at least a little bit.

I don't know why we have to bother with it, but the band director tells us to put our instruments together and sit in our sections. I go and sit by the other low-instrument people, but I'm the only bass clarinet. I know we won't be playing, so I take the reed I would usually use to play my bass clarinet and clutch it in my hands, glancing nervously at everyone else.

"Weclome." The band director says, and smiles out at all of us. "I'm going to miss you..." he said this the first year I was here, when I was only 12, and the next year when I was 13, but this year it's different. He'll never see two of us ever again.

"Girls first, shall we?" Out of all of the students in band, I'm confident the girl chosen won't be me. The concert band is huge, and I'm just one student. Inside my head, I joke, besides, what would the band do without their only bass clarinet?

"For the females, we have Miss Cora Prewitt."

I gasp, and almost drop my reed on the ground. No... how can it be me? Everyone is staring at me. I put my bass clarient down, and say a silent goodbye to my precious instrument. I'll never be able to play it again. No. I tell myself, and take a confident, deep breath before walking to the front of the room, and crossing my arms. I need to be confident. I will make it back.

"For the boys, we have Timothy Luckbey."

A boy only a row in front of where I was sitting, looks around at the rest of the class. He's startled... I can tell that. He sets down his french horn and hesitates, standing there, frozen for a few seconds before walking up to stand on the other side of the band director.

"Cora and Timothy, the two students to represent concert band in the School Games."

A few students clap reluctantly. I look down at my hands as we're led away. I've snapped the reed in two. I wonder if bringing the two halves of it would be allowed as a token into the arena. I cast one last glance at my empty seat, occupied only by my bass clarient. The seat that may stay empty forever.

Math - Henry Blake

I hurry down the halls to math class, skillfully avoiding bumping in to a few students. But, I am looking for one person. A girl with long blonde hair, who will be walking with another girl named Arany. 

When I find her, I call to her. "Annie!"

She looks back, and smiles at me. I smile back at my little sister, and hurry to catch up with her.

Arany continues whatever she was saying before I interrupted, and Annie listens carefully, before slamming into another student face-first.

"Watch where you're going, idiot!" He yells at her.

Annie goes red in the face and bends down to help him pick up his binder which had fallen open when he ran into Annie. She fumbles for a pencil a few times before finally picking it up, and hands him a book, almost dropping it on his foot. I bend down to help them both, but in the end, the boy doesn't say thank you to either of us.

"I'm so embarrassed..." Annie has tears in her eyes, and she sniffs them away.

When the three of us get to class, Arany and Annie go off to their seats by the window, and I go to mine in the middle of the room. Our teacher, Mrs. Mason, gets right on with the Reapings. Normally she would greet us in some weird way, or make a joke about math or how hard we've been working, but today she knows that there is no fooling around.

"For the females, we have Annie Blake."

Annie gasps, and the tears she sniffed back earlier come spilling out. She whimpers once, before making the rest of her crying quiet. But everyone can see the tears on her face. Arany whispers something to Annie, and Annie nods, walking straight to the front of the room. She trips on her untied shoelace halfway there, and a few people snicker, but Arany hisses, "SHUT IT!"

"For the males, we have Isaac Bl--"

"NNOOO!" I scream and stand up, and the boy called Isaac pushes his chair back in to his desk.

"Yes?" Mrs. Mason urges me to go on.


There are whispers around the room. I catch a few: "why would anyone volunteer?" "Are you allowed to do that?" "Why risk your own life?" "He's cute."

"come on, then." Mrs. Mason says, and I stand on the right side of her. "Your two tributes, to represent Math Homeroom."

We're led off, and the class bursts into noise. I can hear crying, and know it must be Arany. Suddenly, Annie has her arms wrapped around my neck in a suffocating embrace.

"I can't do this Henry! I'm just a 14-year-old girl!" She sobs, and sits down on the floor in Mrs. Mason's office, where we will be until all students who want to say goodbye to us before we go come. 

"Yes you can." I tell her confidently. "I'm going to help you, and protect you."

"But you'll die." Annie's nose starts to run, so I look around for a tissue box. When I don't find one, she uses the sleeve of her school uniform. "I don't want you to die."

"I don't want you to die."

"Annie!" Arany bursts in, and the two friends share a hug, before Arany starts blabbering on and on. Girls sure can talk fast, and for some reason, Annie understands Arany's speedy jibberish. When Arany finally slows down, she pulls down the sleeve of her shirt to show an aquamarine bracelet. She wriggles it off of her wrist, and gives it to Annie. "Remember, yesterday, the teachers said that we could take a token."

"Thank you Arany." Annie puts the bracelet on, and a wide smile crosses her face.

The next person to come in is my girlfriend, Cassandra. She has Gym homeroom, so she must have heard the news. She bursts in and hugs me and gives me a long kiss. "Henry, you can't go!"

"But Cass--"

"Just... promise you'll come back?"

I look to Annie and Arany. I promised Annie she would live. But what else can I say to Cass? "I promise."

Training Grades

Each student will have a private training session with the Headmaster (Head Gamemaker). There, they will be graded on how well they did, which will effect their sponsering money.

The possible grades:

A+: I think we know who’s getting their summer vacation…

A: You’re gonna go far, kid

A-: Awesometastic

B+: You’re good

B: Average (lol)

B-: Pretty good

C+: Still, you did nice

C: Below average

C-: You tried your best

D+: You didn’t exactly fail

D: Might as well say goodbye now…

D-: …


For the odds, lower-numbered odds are the best. A 1-1 or 2-1 are practically impossible though, since that guarantees the spot as victor.

Tribute Homeroom/Gender Training Grade Odds
Dennis Rystentia Langauge Arts/Literature Male C+ 22-1
Piper Rose Language Arts/Literature Female D+ 26-1
Henry Blake Math Male A- 8-1
Annie Blake Math Female B- 11-1
Manta Li Drama Male A- 7-1
Addison Waters Drama Female B 13-1
Axel Vixen Dance Male A 5-1
Robin Smoke Dance Female B+ 11-1
Tommy Harns Technology/Engineering Male A+ 4-1
Polly Kate Technology/Engineering Female B 12-1
Konami Aretino Woodshop Male B 11-1
Ivy Walen Woodshop Female C+ 15-1
Anders Longtail Gym Male A 5-1
Lucinda Irongate Gym Female C- 17-1
Tomothy Luckbey Concert Band Male C 16-1
Cora Prewitt Concert Band Female B- 15-1
William Rolley Choir Male D 21-1
Hadley Quinlan Choir Female B+ 12-1
Troy Mason String Orchestra Male A 5-1
Sienna River String Orchestra Female C+ 18-1
Drayden Blaze Science Male A+ 4-1
Navaeh Crisst Science Female F 30-1
Kordan Caden Social Studies Male B 13-1
Lolita Fey Social Studies Female B- 14-1
Connor Smitherson World Geography Male A- 9-1
Jade Hermux World Geography Female C+ 17-1
Tracy Styker History Female A- 6-1
Julius Spring Art Male A 7-1
Missy Turner Art Female C+ 20-1


Each student starts out with a $30.00 lunch balance. But good students are rewarded, and good students get good grades in training. Here are the rewards:

Training Grades

Training Grade Reward
A+ $12.00
A $10.00
A- $9.00
B+ $8.00
B $7.50
B- $7.00
C+ $6.00
C $5.00
C- $4.00
D+ $2.50
D $1.00
D- $0.50
F $0.00

Sponsering Items



School Supplies


Sponsering Chart


The arena is the old high school that was in use before the middle and high schools merged together to create the boarding academy that is currently in use. The old high school consisted of three floors, a roof, and a field. At night, since the electricity is out in the school, the arena will be dark. In the daytime, the windows will flood the school with daylight.

The Field

The old football field is where the Games begin: with the cornucopian bloodbath. The field is huge, and used to be used for school football games, with a black running track surrounding the field, where students would also do running competitions. In the middle of the field, will be a giant tarp-roofed gazebo, where there will be school backpacks and weapons, beckoning tributes to come to the bloodbath. Surrounding the field and track, is a giant net. Because trying to escape the arena is punishable by death! From the bloodbath, there are only two doors into the school: one which leads straight into the commons, and one which leads to a staircase up to the old band room on the second floor.

Parking Lot

This area is open to tributes, but there is not much to see. No cars or buses parked anymore. But who knows? Maybe it's a good place to fight?

First Floor

The first floor is full of winding halls that lead to different rooms. The halls are full of lockers, but everyone has forgotten the combos by now.

The Office

The doors are locked, so who knows what's in there? You can look through the windows if you really want to know. The office is where the bad students were sent, and it also contains the nurses office. We don't want tributes in the nurse's office. And there's no reason to get sent to the office. We're all bad students here.

The Commons

The commons, or more commonly (no pun intended) referred to as the lunch room, is a room still full of folded-out circular tables with small, circular plastic stools to match, where students would eat lunch. Behind, is a kitchen, where the lunchladies used to work. There may be food, but isn't school food not actually real food? Not to mention, the delicious snack bar, still chock-full of unhealthy sweets! There is a stage at the back of the commons, where the principal used to make important school speeches, or concerts were held. And soon, where the Feast will be held...

Art Room

The art room is a room on the edge of the school building. It's still chock-full of art supplies, and still has a few pottery wheels in the corner. The desks are huge, built for many students to sit at, and there is a big chalkboard at the back of the room.


This is like if the Language Arts and Literature room was entirely made of bookshelves! There are occasional desks to sit at and read, and not to mention the librarian's desk, but other than that, the library is filled with bookshelves. The perfect place to hide.

Langauge and Literature Classroom

This classroom is like any normal classroom with desks and chairs and boring things... but the walls are lined with books! Maybe if you could find the right one, it could be useful. Or you could burn them for a fire. There are two types of people in this world.

Math Classroom

The math classroom looks like a normal classroom, but is filled with supplies you might need for math: rulers, calculators... maybe there will be something to help in the arena?

Second Floor

The second floor is also full of hallways, with lockers who's combos have been long-forgotten. This floor is also full of classrooms.

Band Room, Choir Room, and Orechestra Rooms

The three different music rooms are pretty much exactly similar. They are big rooms with different instruments lining the walls, and a place for the conductor to stand at the front of the room, with a chalkboard behind. The seats are still lined up, and you might even find an old music theory book.

Boys' Bathrooms and Changing Rooms

Nothing much to see. The bathrooms are bathrooms, and the changing rooms are changing rooms. But, then again, maybe someone left their locker open...?

Girls' Bathrooms and Changing Rooms

Again, nothing much to see: it's bathrooms. And changing rooms. The changing rooms still reek of different perfumes' scents mingled together. Don't go in there. The smell may be too mich to handle.


A large, tall-roofed and echoey room with a still perfectly-polished wooden floor, where years of students have taken physical education. From this classroom, you can enter both changing rooms and bathrooms. There is also the gym teacher's office, still full of gym supplies. You never know what you may find... a baseball bat? A hocky stick?

Third Floor

Techonology Classroom

A big, high-tech looking classroom with laptops, computers, and various other electronic devices laid out on long tables that were used as desks. Some devices are still unfinished projects by students. Be careful where you step! There may be a piece of scrap metal on the floor, and only technology students really know if it's the red wire or the blue wire you should cut...

Drama and Dancing Classroom

The two classes used to be merged. The room is big, with one wall filled with windows, looking out onto the old parking lot. The floor is covered with mats, where the dancers would stand, twirl, you name it. There's an old radio on the teacher's desk that still has a music tape in it. There is a curtain to seperate sides of the room, and on the other side is a small stage on one wall, and a closet full of costumes where the drama students would act out plays.

Social Studies, History, and Geography Classroom

The three classes used to be merged into one. In this classroom, the walls are covered with maps, historical posters, ect. This classroom is huge, and has a large teacher's desk at the front, in front of a large chalboard with maps hanging up on it. Maps of the world. Not the arena.

Science Classroom and Lab

This classroom, is also huge. There are different labs for chemistry, life science, earth science... the labs are located on all four walls of the room, and the rest of the classroom is full of scinecy stuff, desks, and of course the teacher's desk.

Woodshop Classroom

This is another large classroom, with tables instead of desks, where students would stand and work on their woodshop projects. All of the tools are still there. Be careful what you touch, you don't want a splinter. Or worse, could the technology students get the power back on? Don't saw off your finger.

Janitor's Closet

Pretty straightforward. Nothing to see. Just a bunch of old cleaning junk, and a radio which may or may not work. But, there is a trapdoor on the ceiling which may lead to the roof. And there's a ladder which may be in the far left corner of the closet...


From a ladder and a trapdoor in the janitor's closet from the third floor, you can get to the roof. There, is a wilting rooftop garden that used to be beautiful. The surface is a hard, silver metal that makes clanging noise when you step on it hard enough. There is a slight ledge on the edges of the roof, so that you won't fall off -- or will you?

Arena Outfits

The arena outfits this year are the old school uniforms. For the boys, it is simple black pants and a blue collared shirt, with a black tie. For the girls, it is a plaid black-and-blue skirt with black tights, and a blue collared shirt just like the boys. Everyone has black shoes.

Death Chart

Sorry whoever went first, but someone had to. ;-;

Placing Tribute Homeroom Killer How Day Died
30th Polly Kate Technology/Engineering Tracy Styker Speared through the back 1(Bloodbath)
29th Hadley Quinlan Choir Anders Longtail Skull cracked open 1(Bloodbath)
28th Konami Aretino Woodshop Piper Rose Arrow through the back 1(Bloodbath)
27th Kordan Caden Social Studies Manta Li Throat slit 1(Bloodbath)
26th William Rolley Choir Julius Spring Throat slit 1(Bloodbath)
25th Tommy Harns Technology/Engineering Henry Blake Stabbed and slashed, bled to death 1(Bloodbath)
24th Henry Blake Math Dennis Rystentia Stabbed in the back 1(Bloodbath)
23rd Jakub Kunnson History Navaeh Crisst Poisoned 2(Morning)
22nd Dennis Rsytentia Language Arts and Literature Piper Rose Stabbed through the heart 3(1v1 match)
21st Robin Smoke Dance Axel Vixen Axe to the head 3(1v1 match)
20th Troy Mason String Orchestra Sienna River Impaled on spear 3(1v1 match)
19th Addison Waters Drama Manta Li Choked to death 3(1v1 match)
18th Connor Smitherson World Geography Jade Hermux Arrow through the head 3(1v1 match)
17th Missy Turner Art Julius Spring Arrow through the back 3(1v1 match)
16th Navaeh Crisst Science Drayden Blaze Stabbed through the heart 3(1v1 match)
15th Timothy Luckbey Concert Band Cora Prewitt Knife to the heart 3(1v1 match)
14th Lucinda Irongate Gym Anders Longtail Cut, bled to death 3(1v1 match)
13th Ivy Walen Woodshop Tracy Styker Mace to the chest 3(Office showdown)
12th Annie Blake Math Tracy Styker Skull smashed in 3(Office showdown)
11th Piper Rose Language Arts and Literature Anders Longtail Impaled through the heart 4(Feast)
10th Jade Hermux World Geography Anders Longtail Spear through the stomach 4(Feast)
9th Drayden Blaze Science Tracy Styker Skull dented in 4(Feast)
8th Julius Spring Art Manta Li Skull smashed (Idk) 4(Feast)
7th Sienna River String Orchestra Anders Longtail Spear through the heart 5
6th Anders Longtail Gym Stabbed, bled to death Cora Prewitt 5
5th Cora Prewitt Concert Band Stabbed, bled to death Anders Longtail 5
4th Tracy Styker History Axe to the head Axel Vixen 6 (Finale)
3rd Manta Li Drama Pushed off the roof (hehe) Axel Vixen 6 (Finale)
2nd Axel Vixen Dance Arrow to the heart Lolita Fey 6 (Finale)
Victor! Lolita Fey Social Studies -- --

6 (Finale)

Day 1 - The Bloodbath

Anders Longtail - Gym: To the Arena

As the thirty of us are led out of the academy, it feels like I'm the only one actually excited. Annie(Math) still has those stupid tears stuck in her eyes from the Reaping (I noticed when we saw the Reapings live on the Channel 4 School News), and the creepy little girl named Navaeh(Science) keeps dropping a dead frog out of her pocket.

"EEW!" Hadley(Choir) is standing close enough to Navaeh, that the frog touched her leg. She shakes it off and grabs Jade's(Geography) arm, as if it will help her in this situation. "KEEP THAT DISGUSTING THING IN YOUR POCKET!"

Navaeh only giggles, and goes up behind Hadley's allies and whispers to them, "tickle tickle tickle!" before running onto the bus.

"Ignore her." I hear Piper(Literature) mumble under her breath.

I feel like having a bit of fun, so I lean in next to Piper and whisper, "you're first on my kill list."

"Screw you." she replies.

Well. Weak and sassy!

I catch up with the rest of the Careers right when we step onto the bus. Thank god we don't have to sit with our homeroom partners, because that means I can sit next to the rest of the Careers. I end up next to Tracy(History). The rest of the tributes are all giving her dirty looks. She skips classes, which is the bad behavior that got all of us on this bus.

I listen to a conversation behind me, which is Tommy(Technology) and his ally. "Since I'm a technology student, I had to help make the cameras for the arena the last few days of school. Everything is going to be recorded... broadcast to the rest of the academy on Channel 4 School News."

His ally gives a whimper. It must be scary to know that your death will be taped on camera, and watched by a whole school.

"Are you excited for the arena?" Tracy asks me.

I smirk. Navaeh has lost her frog again, and a few people yelp as it slides across the floor. Navaeh gives a sheepish "sorry" and chases after her dead animal, just as the bus gives another lurch. The frog flies up into the air, and Navaeh catches it. Then, the bus stops.

The bus driver stands up, with a needle in his hands. The windows have been covered with fabric, and we aren't supposed to look out. Like we haven't seen this old high school before? But I guess we don't know where the bloodbath will be.

The driver goes to Lolita(Social Studies) first, and asks her to hold out her arm. She asks, "why?"

"For your tracker. So we can track where all of the tributes are in the arena." He answers, and without hesitation, plunges the needle into Lolita's underside of her arm, just below her wrist. She gasps, but then quiets down. She pokes at it a few times, and I guess the tracker is going to be inserted into us.

When it gets to me, I hold out my arm fearlessly, and ignore the small, stinging pain. When the last tribute, Missy Turner(Art) has her tracker in and is done wiping the silent tears off of her face, the bus driver hands us all a blindfold. "You are not to know where the conrucopia is, nor who you will stand next to. Stepping off of your pedestal early will blow you to bits.

A few students start to whisper at the idea of such a gory, before-the-Games-even-start death. I put my blondfold on, and soon, am told to stand up. I wish I could see through this pesky thing, but I can't. When I'm told to stand still, I do. Then, I hear a clicking noise, and feel like I'm rising off of the ground. When the Games begin, we can take off our blindfolds.

Over the school speakers, I can hear, "boys and girls... let the School Games... begin!


(Written in 3rd person view)

All 30 tributes take off their blindfolds, taking in who their pedesals are next to. Some, like the Careers, are focused solely on the cornucopia, not bothering to wonder who they are standing next to. The countdown begins.


Robin(Dance) looks around for her ally Sienna(Orchestra). Robin is one of the tributes on the edge of the semi-circle, and Sienna is in the exact middle. They lock eye contact, and they both know what their strategy is.


Jade(Geography) has been put between two Careers: Manta(Drama) and Drayden(Science). She tries not to show her fear, as she is shaking, looking around for her allies. She finds Piper(Literature) first, and then Hadley(Choir). Cora(Band) is too scared to notice anything but the cornucopia: she can see two backpacks right there, that will soon belong to her and her allies. 


Lolita(Social Studies) is looking for her ally, Addison(Drama) and trying to communicate their strategy, but the two girls can't understand each other.

William(Choir) and Tomothy(Band) aren't sure of their strategy, either. The two of them are most prepared to face the cornucopia.

Polly(Technology) and Lucinda(Gym), however, look very prepared to face the bloodbath. Polly has a determined look on her face, her eyes locked on a precious weapon leaning against a crate. It's going to be hers once the bloodbath starts: a katana.


The Careers look amused at everyone else's fear. Tracy(History) is trying to make fun of the tributes next to them, immitating their facial expressions in weird and stupid ways. Troy(Orchestra) just looks hungry, like he's wondering if there are any pippy cats in the backpacks for him to eat. Julius(Art) and Axel(Dance) are clearly planning to attack poor Jakub(History) who is sandwiched between their platforms.


The rest of the Careers are just as happy. Manta(Drama) is carefully studying the tribute to his left, Missy(Art), as she pretends not to notice him and focus on the bloodbath. Everyone knows that Manti has a weak spot for cute girls... Konami(Woodshop) and Anders(Gym) are both smirking at each other, distracted by Manta and his new crush.


The anti-Careers seem like they are planning to go the cornucopia, too. Kordan(Social Studies) has caught Missy's attention, warning her about the Careers. She glares at Manta, and then focuses on her alliance.


Connor(Geography) and Ivy(Woodshop), are near each other, which makes it hard for them to see each other. Ivy can't tell what Connor is trying to tell her, but she at least knows that they're going to the cornucopia.


Navaeh(Science) is giggling uncontrollably, not taking the situation very seriously at all.


Henry(Math) is looking around desperately for his little sister, and Annie(Math) is standing on her pedestal, shaking from fear. He gives her a look that says, "calm down". He's determined to be the big brother of the situation, and protect Annie.


Annie doesn't look like she approves. She can see a backpack right no front of her. If she could just...


Manta's eyes are still locked on Missy.


William(Choir) is trying to calm himself down, and focus on him and Tomothy living through the bloodbath.


Piper already has murder in her eyes.


Konami is smiling like a maniac...


Jakub slides his feet carefully on his pedestal into a stance, ready to run, either for the cornucopia or the school doors...


Kordan looks to his allies one last time, taking a deep breath, before the bloodbath starts.


All the students are waiting for the school bell to ring, to signal that the destruction of the bloodbath can begin.


Cora pushes her hair back behind her ears, and glares at the supplies that she is determined to get.


Dennis whimpers again, knowing this might be the end.


Tracy lets out one last maniacal laugh before it's cut off by the dreaded sound which will signal the fight to the death to begin...


Piper(Literature) is the first tribute to leap off of her pedestal. She runs, eyes locked solely on the prize buried in the cornucopia. She isn't a runner, yet she ran with determination and speed, though it's clear she is out of breath. Her sweet expression has been wiped clean from her face, now replaced by a more hostile one, with gleaming blue eyes set to kill anyone who gets in her path. Piper is ready to fight.

The second tribute to the cornucopia pays no attention to Piper. It's Kordan(Social Studies), who shakily picks up one of the brightly colored schoo backpacks, this one with a blue-and-white checkered pattern. Then, he picks up a dagger, and waits for the rest of the anti-Careers, knowing Piper won't attack him, even with her bow and arrow. He shouldn't be much a threat.

Jade(Geography) is next, who rushes up to Piper, and Piper draws her bow and arrow, ready to shoot. Realizing it's Jade, she lowers her bow. Jade gets backpacks for all four girls, and a bow and quiver for herself.

Next to the cornucopia, is the Careers. Anders(Gym) gets there first, and blinding by his bloodthirst, goes straight for a weapon: a mace. He looks around. Piper, Jade, and Kordan are the least of his worries. He's looking for a victim, someone who it will do good to take down. Polly(Technology) is darting between tributes, and when she finally makes it to the cornucopia, she is unluckily stopped by Anders. But, she manages to get away, with only a backpack. Escaped, for now...

Tracy(History) pursues the girl, with a spear in hand. The first weapon she could find. She giggles when she catches Polly, knocking her down to the concrete of the running track. Polly stands up, but her leg is red with blood, from a few cuts given to her by the concrete. Tracy grins down at the girl, and raises her spear. Polly's ally, Lucinda(Gym) comes up behind them, with a dagger in her hand. She stabs Tracy's arm, and Tracy whips around, slashing her spear across Lucinda's chest. Lucinda falls to the ground, unable to help her ally. Tracy raises her spear again, to see that Polly has tried to run away. She chucks it towards Polly, and it finds its target, right in the middle of her back. Polly falls to the ground, the spear sticking out the front of her chest. Lucinda screams at the sight of her ally lying on the ground, but manages to run off, back to the bloodbath, grabbing a backpack before she goes off into the school.

The entire best friend's alliance is now at the cornucopia, getting supplies. Piper fires a shaky arrow at Konami(Woodshop), who ducks out of the way and finds a trident, ready to fight. Manta(Drama) comes over, ready to assist, but is more interested in Piper than killing. He grabs her arms and holds them behind her back, and Konami is about to spear her with the trident when Piper raises her foot... to kick Manta in the butt. Startled he lets her go, and Piper gives him a nice punch across the nose. A few drops of blood fall to the ground, and Manta glares at Piper as she runs off, grabbing Cora's(Band) arm as she goes. "THAT WAS FROM ANDREW TOLLIVER!!!!" She scream back at Manta. Jade follows after the two, running for her alliance.

But where is Hadley(Choir)? Found by Anders. He swings his mace at her, and she dives out of the way, falling to the soft grass of the football field. She backs up as fast as she can, as Anders grins scarily at her, determined to make her death slow and painful. First, he slashes her with the spiked mace across her left leg. Hadley screams, and gets up to run, he slashes her right arm. She can see her allies, Jade looks like she is going to run to the rescue. Piper is aiming her arrow, but it's too long of a distance. Konami is faster, ready to join in on the fun. He pushes Anders aside, and raises his trident, at the same time Piper raises her arrow and Anders raises his spiked mace, already dripping with Hadley's blood. Hadley tries to run, but ends up falling to the ground. She turns over to stare into the faces of her killers, and  feels helpless, knowing that that will be the last thing she will ever see. So she looks towards Piper, who fires her arrow. Anders brings his mace down on Hadley's head, and a loud cracking sound rings out. Konami falls to the ground next, with... an arrow in his back? Anders is stunned, and looks back towards where Piper and her allies are. Piper lowers her bow and runs with her allies. Anders looks back to Hadley, but the scene of her is even too much for him to handle.

Meanwhile at the cornucopia, Addison(Drama) and Lolita(Social Studies) are trying their best to get out alive. Addison has had to dodge a few attacks from the Careers, and has finally gotten a backpack. Lolita picks up the first weapon she can see, a shortsword, and slashes the air in front of her with it a few times. Finally, Addison knows that enough is enough and if they don't leave soon, they'll die. The two run off, and enter the school, through the doors that the Best Friends Alliance did.

The Anti-Careers are fighting for supplies. Everyone is trying to get a backpack, but the cornucopia is running out of things to get. Ivy(Woodshop) throws a knife at one of the Careers who gets too close to the alliance, and he almost kills her. Kordan(Social Studies) grabs Ivy's arm and drags her away. The Antis are splitting away from the cornucopia, and they have to run. Kordan and Ivy are the only ones left. Manta(Drama) quickly grabs a sickle, one of his choice weapons, and slashes Kordan's face with it. Kordan starts to bleed, and Ivy tries to drag him away. The two of them are caught in the bloodbath, and as Ivy yanks on Kordan's arm, something happens. He lets go... on purpose. "KORDAN!" Ivy screams, as Manta slits his throat with his sickle. Ivy's throat catches, and she can feel stinging tears rolling down her face, as she runs off in pursuit of her alliance. Kordan sacrificed himself... for her.

Jakub(History) only makes a brief appearance at the bloodbath. He runs in for a backpack and leave immediately, not wanting to stay and get injured. 

William(Choir) and Timothy(Band) are having a hard time at the bloodbath. Just barely escaping other tributes, William takes slash to the arm by an unknown tribute. The number of tributes at the bloodbath is dying down, but there are still the Careers. Julius(Art) runs up to his allies, and runs into Timothy on his way there. William takes a deep breath, before starting to... sing? At first he starts out low, and then goes higher and higher until it sounds like a shrieking sound at a frequency only bats should be able to hear. Timothy covers his ears but is smiling, knowing his friend would do this someday. But Julius knows how to stop the sound. He goes right up to William and presses a knife against his throat, and the shrieking singing sound dies into a sick gurgling noise as William chokes on his own blood. Finally, Julius takes the knife back, revealing a large gash in William's throat. Timothy kicks Julius to the ground, unable to control his anger. He kicks Julius un the face, and keeps doing so until the other Careers start to try and attack him. He takes a backpack and the knife still wet with William's blood before running off.

The Smart Alliance, during all of this, makes their way to the center of the cornucopia. Dennis(English) grabs a backpack, and Tommy(Technology) takes a pack of throwing knives. The two are about to leave, when they run in to Henry(Math) and Annie(Math). Annie gasps, and slashes her dagger in front of her, scared by running into the two boys. Tommy thinks that Annie is a threat since she tried to attack, so he throws a knife at her. Annie dives out of the way, but Henry won't let that go. He punches Tommy, and starts to beat him up, taking Annie's dagger and slashing Tommy on the neck and chest. Dennis freaks out, and takes one of Tommy's knives, stabbing Henry in the back. Both Tommy and Henry fall to the ground, and both Annie and Dennis start to cry. They sit there, crying, but then Dennis takes the knives and daggers and wipes the blood on the grass. Then, he yanks Annie up off of the grass. Confused, Annie follows him, and the two disappear into the school.

Leaving only the Careers at the cornucopia as the first cannon of the Games sounds.


Tribute Stats

Tributes will be removed from the chart once they die.

Tribute Homeroom Allies Supplies and Weapons Location Condition
Manta Li Drama Careers Sickle, super flail Gym Good
Axel Vixen Dance Careers Backpack, throwing axes(x3) Gym Good
Lolita Fey Social Studies Alone Whip, apples(x3), rope, pain killer, sleeping bag, super bow, super arrows(x6) Lunch Room Good
Tracy Styker History Careers Backpack, super spear Gym Good

Day 1 Odds

These were really random. xP

Tribute Homeroom Odds
Dennis Rystentia Language Arts and Literature 18-1
Piper Rose Language Arts and Literature 10-1
Annie Blake Math 19-1
Manta Li Drama 6-1
Addison Waters Drama 14-1
Axel Vixen Dance 6-1
Robin Smoke Dance 14-1
Ivy Walen Woodshop 16-1
Anders Longtail Gym 8-1
Lucinda Irongate Gym 13-1
Cora Prewitt Concert Band 14-1
Timothy Luckbey Concert Band 19-1
Troy Mason String Orchestra 9-1
Sienna River String Orchestra 16-1
Drayden Blaze Science 5-1
Navaeh Crisst Science 20-1
Lolita Fey Social Studies 15-1
Connor Smitherson World Geography 14-1
Jade Hermux

World Geography

Jakub Kunnson History 24-1
Tracy Styker History 4-1
Julius Spring Art 9-1
Missy Turner Art 25-1

Bloodbath Aftermath

The Anti-Careers - Ivy Walen, Woodshop

When we burst through the doors of the high school, everything is at an eerie silence, that seems wrong in a way I can't exactly place. Panting, I point to some stairs. Most students will probably stay down here since they're exhausted, but we can't. I lead all of to the gym, and Connor(Geography) leads us to the corner over by the bleachers.

"Look." He pants. It's hard to see since it's so dark here, but I can see that there is a space under the bleachers tall enough for us to all fit in. I crouch down to fit, but soon, the whole alliance is resting under the bleachers. 

We all look through our supplies, but then a shattering boom goes throughout the whole school. BOOM!

"What was that?" Missy sqeaks, pulling her sheath of arrows closer to her.

"A cannon." Connor replies.

"For what?" 

"A fallen tribute." Navaeh giggles. She seems to find this whole situation funny. Her backpack contained only a chemistry kit, which seems to have made her day -- or her life. Considering we'll probably all be dead soon. Along with her scissors she should be occupied for a while.

BOOM! I start to count the cannons. That was three today... one of them is for Kordan... I wipe another tear from my eyes, and try to focus on the current situation, but I can't help but wonder... why would he do that for me?

The Best Friend's Alliance - Jade Hermux, World Geography


"Five cannons." Piper(Literature) pants, who has had a considerable amount of energy considering that she can barely run one lap around the school's running track. 

"Where should we go?" Cora(Band) mutters.

BOOM! I have to pause for the cannon, before pointing to a small door. "That should be safe." 

We lock the three of us in (at least, I think the door can lock) and find out that it's a janitor's closet. 

"Hey!" Cora complains, "I can't see!" She fumbles around before finding a light switch, but it only makes a faint clicking noise. She sighs, before cracking the door open a bit to provide light. "Is anyone injured."

I shake my head, and so does Piper. "Let's stay here for the night." She says faintly as she counts her arrows. I count along with her in my head until we reach eleven. Piper's fingers find the place where a 12th arrow would go, but we all know where that is. She whispers the name, "Konami." The boy she killed. She did it to try and save Hadley, but it must have shaken her quite a bit.


That one was for Hadley...

Annie Blake and Dennis Rystentia - Dennis Rystentia, Language Arts & Literature

Annie is still whimpering, but we need to find a place to rest. I look around, at all of the rooms desperately, until I spot... "books."

"What?" Annie can barely hear anything over her own sniffling.

"Books!" I get reall excited, and we run into the classroom. Desks are still set up, but in a sort of creepy disarry, like there was a fire drill but no one could come to set up the desks again. Spider webs hang in the corners of the rooms, but all I care about is the fact that there are books! The language arts room.

I drag Annie over to a bookshelf, and find a book that looks interesting. I like to read, it keeps my mind off of things.

"Dennis?" Annie(Math) sniffs.

"Yeah?" I open the pack of throwing knives and give her half of them, which is 3. She inserts them carefully but shakily into her belt.

"Thanks." She sniffs. "But... why would you kill Henry, and then save me?"

I would understand if she didn't trust me. I killed her older brother, then dragged her here. An old bookmark falls out of the book, that says:



I'm not sure what it means, but stuff it in my pocket anyways. 

"I don't know." I reply. I really can't explain why. I like Annie, she's a nice girl. "I thought... we'd make a good alliance."

I look at Annie, and her lip is still quivering, but she smiles at me. And I smile back at her.

The Careers - Manta Li, Drama

The sky is starting to get dark, so all of the remaining Careers sit down. The cornucopia provided some shade for us when the sun was still shining, but now that the sky is getting dark, it's starting to get cold.

"Let's see what we have." Tracy(History) yawns and picks up a backpack, acting absolutely bored. 

The dead tributes were collected a while ago, so now it's not as creepy sitting at the cornucopia. Soon, the school "anthem" (a stupid song the first-years made up one year as a joke, but I guess it really caught on) starts to play, and we all look around.

"Is this supposed to happen?" Julius(Art) asks, "or am I just hearing things?"

"Look up there." Drayden(Science) says, pointing upward to the sky. There, the school pictures for the seven fallen students are being shown.

  • Henry Blake - Math
  • Polly Kate - Technology/Engineering
  • Tommy Harns - Technology/Engineering
  • Konami Aretino - Woodshop
  • Hadley Quinlan - Choir
  • William Rolley - Choir
  • Kordan Caden - Social Studies

The only ally of ours shown in the sky is Konami(Woodshop), which means that our alliance has been doing good. Now that we're sure who our leader is, and we've (meaning all but one of us) have survived the bloodbath, things are looking up. 

The Drowned Puppets - Lolita Fey, Social Studies

Addison(Drama) and I are still wandering nervously around the halls of the school, looking for a good place to stay. The windows provide no light, and we have no flashlight. Light seems to be something that the Gamemakers are depriving us of, and I have to squint to see.

A cold wind blows through the window, and Addison sighs, glaring at me as I run to go and close it.

"Lolita!" She hisses. "What in the world do you think you're doing?!"

"Closing the window!" I whine.

"And who's attention do you think that will catch?" Addison starts to walk up to me, careful not to make any noise.

"Umm, we're the only ones here."

"Them!" Addison hisses, and extends her arm out of the window to point down to the cornucopia.

"I don't..." I squint and strain my neck to see. "...see anyone..."


"Wait what?" I ask her, confused. "What was I doing?"

Addison grins, and points to an open classroom door. "Nothing important. Now let's go, shall we?"

The Musical Dancing Girls - Robin Smoke, Dance

The janitor's closet was empty, and Sienna(Orchestra) and I were the first ones to make it in there. From there Sienna saw a ladder, so we climbed it, and now we're on the roof.

"Look over there." Sienna whispers to me, pointing towards the cornucopia. "What are they doing?"

I sit next to her on the cold, hard surface of the roof, looking out to the cornucopia, but being careful not to look straight down. "They just look like they're sitting there."

I start to shiver as a gust of wind starts up, and say to Sienna, "let's find somewhere else to go." I open the hatch we went up, and the trapdoor squeaks a bit before opening a tiny crack. I gasp when I hear three girls talking, and shut the trapdoor as quickly as I can.

Sienna shakes her head solemnly, and rubs her hands on her arms, then points towards a withering mass of plants. "We could bundle up in there."

I walk towards it carefully, and then wrinkle my nose at it. It looks like an old rooftop garden. The plants might have once been green, but now it's like a giant, dying jungle on top of the school. It looks hideous. "We could... try it?" My words come out as more of a question than a statement.

Sienna sighs, as unimpressed as I am, but slips into the tangle of dying plants. She asks, "can you see me?"

"Just barely!" I answer, but I don't think the Careers really care about us all that much. I guess for now, I'm stuck with these dying plants to shield me from the cold. Which they aren't very good at.

Jakub Kunnson - History

Finally, I find a place where I can sit down and rest. It's the gym, and I slip through the door even though it's wide open, and walk along the wall, being careful about the tiniest noise I could make.

Other people are in here, and I can't tell if it's the Careers or the social, Anti-Careers. After the popular and mean kids banded together and called themselves "Careers" (their form of a joke?), the other social kids made an alliance called the "Anti-Careers" to balance it out. They invited me, but I just couldn't find the courage to join.

There's a small giggle from the bleachers, and it sounds like Navaeh(Science), which means that it's the Anti-Careers. Jakub, I start to scold myself as I slip into the gym teacher's old office, if a girl like Navaeh made it into an alliance you could have to.

I try not to the think about alliances, since they're a major threat to me right now, Careers or not. I sit under the desk, and curl up as if it will help me not be seen. I sigh, and think, this isn't such a bad spot, as I drift off for the night...

Lucinda Irongate - Gym

My tears by now have dried, leaving streaks of shiny, sticky water on my cheeks. I close my eyes and sigh, trying to not think of Polly(Technology). I should have found a way to save her, but instead, I just sat there as Tracy(History) speared her.

At least I survived... It seems like such a selfish thought, but it's true, isn't it? I could have died, or Polly could have died... which one would I rather have happen? This is all a giant fight to the death, which means one of us had to die someday.

A new wave of stinging, hot tears starts to fall, but I shield my face from any cameras that might be set up. I don't want the whole school to see that I'm crying, and drowning in my own thoughts. I want them to think I'll last, and crybabies don't last in a fight to the death. 

I sit down on the floor and silently cry, and once I think I'm done, I stand up. A camera is right there, attatched to the ceiling above and in front of me, so I look around before finding a small pebble on the floor. I take aim, and shatter the camera's lense, then grin.

The Games are shaping me into a different person already.

Timothy Luckbey - Band

Every classroom I've found so far seems to be taken. The open windows in the school are letting in cold air, and I shiver and try not to think about the bloodbath.

Instead, I try and think about a strategy, but that isn't working either. Every time I try and think about something serious, that might effect my outcome in the Games, my mind wanders off. Either to William(Choir), the rest of the students that are here, or... to nothing. Something blank, like a piece of sheet music with no notes on it...

That's it! I haven't checked the band room yet! The one place in a school where I can feel at home. I wander around quite a bit before finding it, and then I walk in, looking around to check and make sure that no one is really there. But something does catch my eye: a familiarly shaped instrument case. I rush over to it, not thinking, and open the case to reveal a beat-up French horn. Whoever owned this before the school shut down must have been really irrisponsible... it takes everything I am to not blow through it and start playing one of the many songs I have memorized.

Instead, I just find a good place to hide behind some empty chairs so I can sleep for the night. Hopefully, I won't get any nightmares, because it feels like I'm already living in one.

Day 2

Navaeh Crisst - Science

When I wake up in the morning, it takes a minute for me to remember where I am. Under the bleachers, it's so dark I can barely see. My allies are still asleep, so I do some stretches and stand up, then walk out from under the bleachers. It feels... boring. which seems wrong, since we're all supposed to be fighting each other to the death, but it's true. So, before I go look around, I take my scissors with me, in case anyone feels like attacking me.

I walk around the gym first, and then find the old gym teacher's office. The window is dusty, so I brush it off, but there's anothing coating of dust on the other side, so I can barely see through. All I see is something that looks like a desk, so I open the door and walk in.

"AAAAH!" Someone, from inside the office, screams, and jumps at me, with a plastic baseball bat in his hands. It's Jakub(History), and he looks absolutely terrified. Of... me? I giggle and run off, back to the bleachers, and this time, get my chemistry kit also. I run back towards the office, and open the kit. 

Jakub has slammed the door again, which only gives me more time to work. Immediately, as I open the case, I know what each vial is filled with. I choose an empty vial and start mixing chemicals in it to create something I used on my dear dead frog inside of my pocket: poison. Only takes ten seconds minimum to kill! I giggle, and then go back to my allies and steal Ivy's water bottle, mixing in the poison with the water, before pretending to drop it outside of the gym teacher office, hoping Jakub will be idiotic enough for just a moment, to drink the poison... I start counting, stifling my giggles. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight--



Sienna River - String Orchestra

Carefully, gripping my spear at my side, I lean over the small railing on the side of the roof to peer down at the Careers, who are camping out without a worry at the cornucopia. I bite my lip, and gasp when one of them looks up, ducking behind the railing. I'm too paranoid; he even looked the other way. But it's better to be safe.

"Hey, Sienna." Robin(Dance) dances her way over to me. I smile at her, and gasp as she takes out her dagger. She could backstab me!

Robin just laughs. "You really think I'd do that?"

I shake my head quickly, though, I did think she was going to.

"Well, unless you want to come with me, I think I'm going to go spy on some alliances. We need more supplies."

My heart starts to pound faster. "But, Robin, you shouldn't!"

"Why not?"

I don't want to be up here alone with the Careers down there... is why I really don't want her to go, but she just shakes her head. "I'll be fine, Sienna. Don't worry about me."

I nod my head, and smile at her. "I'll... I'll just keep watch then."

Piper Rose - Language Arts and Literature

"What's planned for today, girls?" Jade(Geography) asks us, cracking the door open a little more to let more light in.

Cora(Band) just shrugs.

"We should find a new spot." I suggest. "Remember last night how the trapdoor slid open a little bit?"

"You think people are on the roof?" Jade raises her eyebrows at me. "Who would want to stay up there?"

I blush at my weird idea, but say, "there could be. And this closet creeps me out."

Jade and Cora laugh, so I join in nervously. 

"How about we look around? Maybe in the lunch room? Just to find some food, then we come back." Cora suggests.

I stand up, slinging my quiver over my shoulder. "Let's go then."

We all get out of the crammed closet, and Jade shuts the door, and then holds up her hand proudly, waving a keychain at us. "Found it in the closet before I went to sleep. Now, no one can get in."

Right. I tell myself, the spot's ours. As we leave, though, I can't help but think that we've left something behind...

Robin Smoke - Dance

Carefully, I open the hatch again, and slide the trapdoor open slowly... now that it's daytime, a little bit of light from up on the roof spills into the janitor's closet, showing no students. But there's something there on the floor!

"Be safe." Sienna tells me nervously from behind.

I sigh and give her a reassuring smile. "I'll be fine, don't worry!"

Sienna nods slowly, then looks back down at the Careers.

I carefully climb down the ladder once more, and stay on edge, just in case. When I touch the floor, I hold my breath, and can see that the Best Friends Alliance has in fact left something behind. It's only a red apple, and it seems to have a small, brown bruise flaring up in it, but I put it in my backpack anyway. I open the closet door, and can hear the fading voices of the Best Friends Alliance.

I look around the hall quickly, and then run off on my tip toes in a random direction, before running straight into Timothy(Band). It knocks me to the floor, and as soon as I open my eyes and try to get up, he quickly slashes me across the arm with a knife. I stumble to get up, and he slashes me again, this time on my other arm. I take my dagger, and kick him to the floor, but am too scared to stab him while both my arms are wounded like this.

I run off back towards the janitor's closet, and look behind me to see Timothy running in the other direction. I'm so relieved when I reach the door, and pull on the handle as hard as I can. But there's one problem.





Panic shoots through me, as I depserately pull and turn on the handle, as it sends pain through my arms. I slump down to the floor. My only hope now is that Sienna is safe... and that she will come for me.

  • History - Jakub Kunnson

Day 3 - The Twist

Tracy Styker - History

"What are you looking at?" Troy asks me, as I squint up at the roof.

"Nothing." I sigh, "just thought I saw something." I shake it off and turn to the rest of the Careers. "Should we go tribute hunting?"

Before anyone can reply, the headmaster of our school's voice comes over the speaker. "Attention, students. Today, when the bell rings, all students must go to their homeroom class. Students with deceased homeroom partners shall report to the office. You must be in your class before the five-minute bell rings again, otherwise your tracker will be re-programmed to electricute you. Then, you will start to fight. There, you must fight your homeroom partner until only one student is left standing. Those students still alive will move on to day 4. Students going to the office will have directions once they make it there. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor."

I stand up, and take a deep breath. Who was my homeroom partner? Jakub. And he's dead. That means, I think, that I'm the only Career who has to report to the office. For some reason, I'm scared. What if I die?


"That's the bell." I tell my allies, "good luck." Then I run off in search of the office.

Language Arts and Literature 1-on-1 Match - Piper Rose

When the bell rings, Cora sprints off striaght in the direction of the band room. Jade hesitates before running off towards Geography, giving me a reassuring smile before she leaves. I feel so scared, and helpless without my two friends by my side to help me fight...! 

I run off, in search of the English classroom, trying to remember where it was. when I'm there, I take a deep breath, getting an arrow ready. The door is open a bit, and I can hear shuffling footsteps. 


It's now or never... I burst in and draw my arrow, pointing it at my target, ready to get it overwith and hopefully not have time to think about what I've done. But when my victim whimpers, I hesitate. "Please don't kill me. I never wanted to be in the School Deans..."

Then I remember who my homeroom partner is... Dennis. I lower my arrow, and see that he's sunk to the ground, holding a flimsy little throwing knife out at me. I put my bow away and crouch down in front of him. How could I kill him? He's just a cute little boy, who can't even say "games" right! How could I? Just like I did to Konami. But I find I just can't do it.

"Please don't hurt me..."

I shake my head, and offer him my hand. "We're breaking out of here." I walk over to the window, and remember all of the times I practiced my ninja kicks when no one was around, and bring my foot up to smash the glass. A small shard scrapes my cheek right under my eye, and pain starts up in the back of my leg. I turn around to see what happened, when Dennis pulls his knife out of my leg. I scream, and get one of my arrows ready. The idiot! He's trying to kill me?!

"Dennis stop!" I scream, and he throws his knife at me, this time hitting me in the arm. I fire my arrow, and it pegs into his leg. He screams, and only has two knives left. I shoot arrows at him, but he keeps dodging them. Finally, I have one arrow left. I aim straight for his heart, when he darts out of the way. Engraged, I tackle him, and yank his knife out of his hand. "So much for both of us living!" I screech, before bringing the knife down onto his chest.


I get my arrows, silently and solemnly. Not only have I killed, but I've killed twice now. I killed an innocent boy. Who tried to kill me... I remind myself, before I leave the classroom, and head back for the janitor's closet.

Dance 1-on-1 Match - Axel Vixen

As soon as I enter the dance classroom after the bell rings, I'm ready to fight. I look around, tensing up before the battle starts, ready to make it quick so that I can seal my victory.

Suddenly I can see Robin darting towards me, a determined smirk on her face. I barely even feel the stab in my side , before it's turned into a giant gash, seeping blood onto the floor. I start cursing like mad. Apparently, I have underestimated my opponent.

Little Robin is going to beat me! Well I won't let her! I managed to take some throwing axes from the cornucopia, but could barely run with them. So I take one of the four, and throw it at Robin as she darts around the room. She shrieks, as it pegs itself into the wall only inches from her face. A few strands of her brown hair fall to the floor. She starts running again, but this time, swings the axe at me. I dodge it just like she did before, and run up to her with both axes in my hands. I manage to corner her, and slash both of my axes down onto her head.


String Orchestra 1-on-1 Match - Sienna River

I feel hopeless, since my homeroom partner is a tough career, and I'm... nothing. I hide behind a cello, thanks to my small size, as Troy Mason walks in. I peek out at him, clutching my spear at my side. He looks around for me, and I keep hiding, before I hear a crashing noise behind me and turn around. He's found my spot, and the cello is now in ruins on the floor.

I scream and run to the other side of the room, where for some reason there is a giant mirror. Maybe so the orchestra could see their posture? I don't know. But I wait for Troy to get close enough to me, before running towards him, which confuses him, before I run past him. And throw my spear at the mirror, which shatters onto Troy, sending reflective shards everywhere. I start to throw them at him, and he has cuts everywhere. Finally, I run and pick up my spear.

Angry, Troy is running towards me. I scream and put my spear out in front of me, hoping he won't slow down. He tries to, but it's too late, he was too fast and getting too close. When I open my eyes, he has skewered himself onto my spear. I breathe a sigh of relief, before shoving him off of my spear carefully and running out of the room.


Drama 1-on-1 MatchAddison Waters

When I get to the drama room, I have my dagger ready to stab anyone who jumps out at me. I'm so nervous, since my homeroom partner is Manta, who is a Career... when I enter the room, I look around, but don't see Manta anywhere. 

Then, he walks straight out of the shadows, with a grim expression on his face. I remember him from homeroom, the jerk who tried to flirt with every girl possible. He had even tried me once, but I didn't fall for it. Now, he's going to try and kill me. Great. Just what I always wanted.

I start to walk around in a circle, and so does he, like we're two cats posing for a fight. I grip my dagger tighter, and try to steady my shaking body, almost tripping over nothing. Manta doesn't do anything. Then, he lunges forward, slashing a sickle at the air in front of me. I stumble backwards, and take out my water bottle, dropping my dagger. He laughs at me. "What, you thirsty?"

I roll my eyes and scoff at him, before shoving him to the ground with a kick to the face. His already hurt nose starts to bleed again, and I take the water bottle and shove it down his throat. Confused, he shoves me off of him, and throws the metal water bottle at me. It hits me in the head, and I start to get a headache.

He swears at me under his breath, before picking me up with his hands around my throat. I start to choke, and it's the most horrible thing that I've ever felt. I start to feel lightheaded, and gasp for air, but almost none comes.

"Any last words, sweetie?" He asks me, squeezing tighter around my neck.

I know that my sister, Miranda, must be watching this from back in drama homeroom. The sister I volunteered for... I want to say something good before I go, so that Miranda will know it wasn't all for nothing. Every memory of her flashes before my eyes, but the only two words I can manage to choke out are probably the last ones she will ever wish to hear.

"I'm... sorry..."

World Geography 1-on-1 Match - Connor Smitherson

When I get to the Geography classroom, Jade is already there waiting for me, with her bow drawn. I step back a ways, knowing she could release the arrow at any moment and I will die. The match will be that easy to win. I inch along the walls, being careful and letting Jade know I mean no harm... yet. She grips her bow even tighter, which might be a good thing for me since that can throw off her aim.

I have no weapon, so I'm going to have to rely on my stamina to tire Jade out... and the fact that she has arrows, I can snap them, making them unable for her to use once she fires them. She fires her first arrow, and I dodge it.

She sighs out of anger and gets another one, but this time, I'm too slow and it hits me in the leg. I scream and take out the arrow, snapping it in half, my leg now gushing blood onto the floor. Jade looks sickened by the sight, so I catch her off-guard and pull her hair, dragging her to the floor. By the time I realize my mistake, her bow is already raised, the arrow flying straight into my face.

Art 1-on-1 Match - Julius Spring

When Missy enters the art room, she must remember that I'm her opponent, as she gasps and starts to tear up, forcing herself to try and calm down. I give a little smile, holding my sword out in front of me, advancing on her. She runs out of the room, and into the halls. Doesn't she know that might get her killed?

I wait for something, a sound to let me me know she has died. A scream, crying, or of course the signature cannon... but nothing comes. I walk out into the hall, ready to chase after her. But once I step out, something hits me across the face. Missy had been waiting outside the door for me, with her bow and arrows ready. I take her arm she uses to shoot her bow and twist it at an odd angle, and a small cracking noise can be heard. Missy screams as I take her bow and arrow from her, and aim it right at her face. She runs through the hall, and I take my best aim possible, sending an arrow through her back.

I sling the arrows over my shoulder, ready to bring them back to the Career camp, watching as the ground around Missy starts to get stained red, waiting for the cannon...


Science 1-on-1 Match - Drayden Blaze

The science classroom was huge, which meant that Navaeh could have been hiding anywhere, waiting for me to come out and face her. I managed to take a sword from the cornucopia before I left, and ran to the room as fast as I could. With the lights off, and the only light coming through the dusty windows, the whole room is tinted a sick, grey-ish color.

"Navaeh..." I taunt, hoping it will make her come out of her hiding spot. "Navaeh...?"

I can hear a small giggle from the corner, and cautiously, silently creep up behind her, where she is mixing some sorts of chemicals into a vial, probably to poison me with or kill me with. I raise my sword, ready to get it overwith, when she turns around and screams, throwing her chemistry towards me.

I dodge the glass vial, and it shatters on the floor, making an odd hissing noise as it bubbles up.

"Idiot!" She says to me, like I haven't tried to kill her, but only ruin her science project. "Look what you've done! That was supposed to kill you!"

I'm not exactly sure what to say to that. 

She picks up a pair of giant scissors, and starts to run at me with them, snipping the air furiously. I slash my sword out in front of me, and manage to hit Navaeh on the side. She falls to the floor, and I quickly raise my sword and bring it straight down through her heart.


Band 1-on-1 Match - Timothy Luckbey

I have no weapon, and have no idea what Cora has to use when facing me, so I walk into the band room on guard and ready for attacks. Cora must be hiding, because I can't see her anywhere.

I step into the middle of the room and look around, turning in a circle, daring Cora to come out and face me. I run over to an instrument case, and open it up. A trombone. Well, instruments can be used as weapons, right? I pick it up, and can hear Cora's footsteps at the other side of the room.

She has her knives ready, and her whole body is shaking. she must be scared to do this. She throws the knife, though, and it misses me by about two inches. She gets another knife ready, but this time I rasie the trombone in front of my face. Then, she gets an idea and aims for my legs. A knife to my left leg, and I can barely walk anymore. A knife to my left arm, and I'l almost useless. They keep coming until she has only one left.

I fall to my knees, and whisper, "just get it over with..."

She raises her bow one last time, and says, "sorry" to me, before I close my eyes and wait for death to come.

Gym 1-on-1 Match - Lucinda Irongate

Anders is already waiting for me in the gym, tossing a spear back and forth in his hands. He looks up when I walk in, and I start to shake. He's a career, so I must stand almost nothing against him. If I do go out today, I won't go without a fight.

"Hey." He says to me, and stops tossing his spear, gripping it tightly in his right hand and staring intently at it. "Let's just get to the fight, shall we?"

"I'm not as hard to beat as you think." I hiss at him, and take out my dagger.

He just laughs. "That's all you have to defend me with?"

He lunges at me with his spear, and I dodge it quiickly, then turn around, slashing him with my dagger across the back. He whips around and knocks me to the floor with his spear. I try and get back up, but he pins me to the ground. I try to stab him in the face, but he's strong enough to push my arms down. I hope he'll slip up, and I can get the upper hand, but it doesn't look like it. I keep trying my best, but he's too strong. Finally, he just takes the dagger from me, and slashes it across my face. Blood blinds my vision, and I start to scream, as a pain starts up in my chest. I hope death comes fast, and everything goes black,  so I won't have to feel this...


The Office Showdown - Lolita Fey, Social Studies

When I open the door to the office and close it behind me, the rest of the students whose homeroom partners were already dead are already there. Tracy(History) rolls her eyes at me when I enter. I wave to everyone, trying to be nice even though really we're all just here to kill each other.

"Let's just leave already!" Tracy shoves me aside and tries to open the door, but a look of shock crosses her face. "It won't open. It's locked!"

I look around at the rest of the students. Tracy's here of course, but then from Math class is Annie, and Ivy from Woodshop. Only four of us. They could have pitted us against each other in 1-on-1 matches. What if that is what we have to do? I try and calm down.

"Let me try." Ivy pushes Tracy into the desk near us, and starts to kick the door. Annie tries next, but then slides down to sit on the floor. We're all stuck here.

"You!" Tracy points at me, and starts to advance on me. "You closed the door!"

"I didn't know it would lock!" I push her off of me, and with all of the pushing and shoving going on, we're all going to be fighting soon. "STOP!" I yell out, and Tracy tries her best not to punch everyone in the room in the face. "We can work together to get out, right?"

Annie nods solemnly, and something catches my eye on the desk. "It's a key. It might just open the door. OR, we can smash through the windows."

Tracy goes for the windows, and shatters one with her foot, probably just to get shards of glass to rain down on Ivy. Tracy tries and climbs through the window. "It's not big enough." She growls. "We need to take the door."

I insert the keys into the door, and it clicks, unlocked. I smile, before something hits me in the back of the head. Tracy starts to laugh, and blocks the way out.

"I thought we were working together!" I whine, and back up.

"Why waste the chance to defeat you all?" Tracy shrugs, pointing a mace at all of us. "It's the perfect chance, really..." she jumps towards us, and I dive out of the way. Her mace goes straight towards Ivy, puncturing through her stomach. Annie starts to scream and try to run out. 


I need to go... the window may be too small for Tracy... but I'm younger, and smaller. I jump towards the window, and shards of glass still attatched to the frame cut my arms and legs, even my face. But I finally fit through, just as I can hear one last anguished cry from Annie.

Tracy doesn't even know I've left... I dart to the door quickly, and take out the keys, locking the door again Tracy's finished off Annie and Ivy, and I shudder at the sight, then close the door, leaving Tracy in the office. I run back towards where Addison and I were last, hoping that she'll be there.

Day 3 - The Fallen

  • Language Arts and Literature - Dennis Rystentia
  • Math - Annie Blake
  • Drama - Addison Waters
  • Dance - Robin Smoke
  • Gym - Lucinda Irongate
  • Concert Band - Timothy Luckbey
  • String Orchestra - Troy Mason
  • Science - Navaeh Crisst
  • World Geography - Connor Smitherson
  • Woodshop - Ivy Walen

Day 4 - The Feast/Lunchtime

Jade Hermux - World Geography

After the one on one battles, I met up with Piper(Literature) and Cora(Band), back at the supply closet. We found Sienna(Orchestra) there, who had apparently somehow defeated her homeroom partner, Troy Mason. Cora invited her willingly into the alliance, but Piper seemed a little on-edge, and so am I.

"We should go looking about." Cora suggests, and unlocks the door. "We can't just sit here."

"Yes, we can." I say.

"Attention, students." The voice of the headmaster comes over the school speakers, so we all quiet down. "Today, when the bell rings, there will be a feast in the lunchroom. There, is something for each of you. Something that can help you... but, there are only six of those items, and eleven of you. At the feast, you must earn those prizes... by killing of course. Work together or on your own to obtain one of those prizes, and you will be rewarded. Fail to do so, and death by other tributes is very likely. Happy School Games, and make it to lunch on time."

"Oh, no..." Piper sighs. "We've made it so far. We can't give up. We're going to make it to lunch time, and we have to work together to get a prize..."

"Umm..." Sienna cuts in, "I'll help."

I look to my three allies, and nod. "We're going to make it out of there alive." 

But with four of us, and only one victor, what do we do when it gets to the very end?

Manta Li - Drama

Before I leave to go the lunchroom, I get a weapon, which is a sickle, Anders picks up his spear he ran away with yesterday, and Julius gets a sword. We're still not sure where Tracy is, since we didn't see her face in the sky last night but she didn't come back, either. I guess we'll just have to go without her.

As the three of us walk through the front doors, we stay alert. Tributes could attack us at any time, even though the feast hasn't started yet.

"Manta! Julius! Anders! Help me, please?" 

We turn around to see Tracy poking her head out of the office window, waving her arm at us. Anders starts to laugh at her weird position. "How did you get in there?" Julius asks her, as I walk over to the door and open it. "And why didn't you just open the door?"

"Lolita locked it, okay?" Tracy sneered at us, and kicked Anders in the shin. "Idiots. Now let's go before any of the other idiots like you get there first?"

I nod, and lead the way. 

The Feast

As eleven different students make their way into the lunchroom from different angles, all of them have their eyes set on the same prize: a table set up in the middle of the lunchroom, with five black schoolbags on it.

The first tribute to the feast is Axel, who had previously gotten spereated from the Careers. He still has his two throwing axes at his sides, and can see his three Career companions from across the room. They nod at each other, signaling that the five still make an alliance.

Lolita arrives, and darts under a table, peeking out to see how close she is to the prize table. She doesn't want to get too close yet, as the feast hasn't started, but she's ready to make a run for it.

Drayden, also seperated from the Careers, has arrives next, with only a sword, but he doesn't see his other allies. Instead, he can see Lolita, and is ready to attack her, knowing that he's stronger and can quickly beat her.

Lastly, is the Best Friends Alliance, with little Sienna tagging along. They hide in the corner, but with Piper's height, she's a dead giveaway to the team. Cora and Jade whisper a strategy to each other.


The first tribute to the table is Lolita, who is fast and agile, darting under tables to take cover while making her way to the feast table. She quickly takes a backpack and then runs off, making her appearance at the feast brief and well-spent.

The Best Friends Alliance comes next, with Sienna in the lead. Since she is small and fast, she goes first, and grabs the bag. The Careers are coming up, too, with Tracy in the lead. She rushes in and swings her mace at the four girls. They duck away, so Anders comes in with his spear, spearing Piper right through the heart, with a horrible wrenching sound as the tip comes out the other side. He pushes Piper off of the spear, as Cora and Jade scream for their dead ally. Sienna sees the chance and makes a run for it. Anders whips around and manages to spear Jade through the stomach, so Cora runs off after Sienna, wiping her tears for her two fallen friends.



Caught up in defeating the Best Friends Alliance, the Careers talk to each other about their next move. When Tracy hears footsteps behind her, she whips around, swinging her mace, only to see it crash into their old ally's head, Drayden. It's too late to save him, as his skull is dented in, so Tracy knocks her mace against his head one last time, as his cannon sounds.


Seeing that no more tributes are going to make an appearance, the Careers decide to take the three feast bags that are left back to their camp at the cornucopia. But with five Careers and three bags, they know things won't work out. At least, Manta knows...

When his alliance isn't looking, he raises his sickle above Julius' head, then brings it down right into his skull. The cannon sounds almost immediately -- BOOM! -- and the alliance whips around to Manta, who grins evilly, targeting out his next victim. The others advance on him, but he only takes the feast bag from Julius' body and runs off in the other direction, as his allies go back to the cornucopia.

And that marks the end of the feast.

Day 4 - The Fallen

  • Piper Rose - Literature
  • Jade Hermux - Geography
  • Drayden Blaze - Science
  • Julius Spring - Art

Day 5

Sienna River - Orchestra

After our allies died, Cora(Band) and I ran straight towards the library. The door seemed to be locked, but Cora had a ring of keys, which she used one of them to open the door. "Where did you get that?" I had asked her.

She only shook her head and smiled as we found a good place to rest inside the library. "I'll never tell."

In the morning, I woke up and looked around the library, opening the feast bag, which had contained six throwing knives. I put half of them in Cora's bag, since throwing knives are her primary weapon. 

"what are you doing?"

I jump, and turn to face Cora, who has just woken up. "Stealing from me before you leave?"

I shake my head qucikly. "No! Splitting up our prize from the feast."

Cora smiles at me, then stands up and walks to the door. "I'm going to see if there's anything left in the lunchroom from the feast. Stay here, okay?" 

"Okay." I shout back, and wave goodbye to her, sitting down and looking through the books in the library just to pass time. That's when I hear laughter and footsteps from the hallway, and peek out to see the Careers are walking through the hall. All of them except Manta, that is. Anders is running to keep up with them, and he sees me through the library window, so I duck back behind the bookshelf. Anders(Gym) is messing with the doorhandle, but I know I'm safe since Cora locked it. But then I see the key ring laying next to my things, and my heart starts to pound faster.

I run for my spear, and get it right as Anders comes up to me with his. I duck down and he runs past me, but he whips around and flings me into the wall, pinning me against it. I scream out for help. Cora couldn't have gotten that far yet, has she?


Anders laughs at me, and stops pinning me to the wall. I shrink to the ground, trying to catch my breath. Why would he--?

But then I see. He's tricking me, because right as I stand up and try to run, I can feel a wrenching pain in my back, and soon, in my heart. I look down to see the spear tip poking out of my chest, and then everything goes black.

Cora Prewitt - Concert Band


The large noise startles me, and I reach for a throwing knife at my belt, but no one's here. Neither are supplies, so I sigh and walk back towards the library. I can see Anders walking the opposite direction, so I hide behind a wall until he's passed, then slip into the library. Something seems wrong...

"Sienna?" I call out. I could have sworn I heard someone faintly calling my name, but I shook it off. I'm just paranoid. "Sienna where are you? If this is a trick this isn't--"

Then I whip back around towards the door. It was open. I had left the door closedsh. I start to take big, gasping breaths as I shakily walk over towards where I left Sienna... there, she is lying on the groud with a spear beside her, coated in blood. I scream, tears falling from my eyes. I'm all alone now... "I'm sorry, Sienna... I should have... I should..."

I run out of the library, trying not to bawl like a little kid. Who had done that? Then it clicks inside of my head. Anders. Who had I seen walking away from the direction of the library? Anders. I'm furious. All of my allies are dead... all because of one person... I run after him, screaming his name. "ANDERS!"

Anders Longtail - Gym

I turn around, hearing a familiar voice. First, a scream from the direction of where I had left Sienna, and now, here she comes, Sienna's ally.

She stops, so that there is about ten feet between us, and takes out her knives. "Anders."

"What?" I grin maliciously.

"You." Cora screams at me, "this is all your fault! First, which one of my allies died at the bloodbath?! HADLEY! Who killed her? YOU! And what about PIPER AND JADE? AND SIENNA?" A tear falls from her eye, and she sniffs back the rest. "You... it was all you. You've killed all of my friends. Everyone I care about..."

"So why are you here?" I taunt, and reach my hand behind me. I may have left my spear behind, but what she doesn't know is that I have a dagger, too.

She throws a knife towards my head, and I jump out of the way, caught by surprise. She pins me to the wall, pressing her arm against my neck as I gasp for breath.

"To kill you." She answers in a low, mocking whisper. "You may think that you're a hero, and when you win, everyone back at the school will love you. Just think about what you've done. You've killed five innocent girls, and for what? We all want to make it out alive but you didn't have to... you will never..."

I manage to plunge my dagger into her chest, and she gasps, as all the tears she was holding back fall from her eyes. "You will never be anything... but a killer..."

She falls to her knees, and I show her my dagger before plunging it into her heart. But, she's grinning, as she coughs up blood. My eyes widen as I look down and see two different knives stuck in my chest. That's when I start to feel the pain from it... so this is what it feels like... to have been on the other end of one of my attacks... as everything fades I can hear Cora's last words.

"That was from Hadley, Piper, Jade, Sienna... and Lucinda."

Lolita Fey - Social Studies

BOOM! BOOM! Two overlapping cannons sound, and they make me jump a little, hitting my head on the bottom of the table. "Owie..." I giggle, and whisper to myself. "Oops! Silly me, hurting myself!"

I open up my feast bag, and inside of it, is a shiny golden compund bow. I draw the string on it, and gasp in awe. It's amazing! With it, come six, equally stunning arrows. I can't practice here, since that will give away my location... hopefully, I cna learn how quickly.

Why would we all get weapons from the feast bags? Because the finale is coming. I start shaking. How could it be, that little Lolita Fey has made it this far? How many of us are left?

"Four of us." I whisper, and add determinedly, "soon to be one. And that one has to be me!"

Manta Li - Drama

After splitting off from the Careers, I found a place to settle down, inside the gym. In the feast bag was a flail, which was a weapon. As far as I know, You hold the stick end of it and "flail" it in the air, and spiked-ball end will hit and destroy targets. It seems useful, but I don't know what to do with it. I might even prefer my sicke, as this stupid gold color the flail is might give away location. The shininess of it is radiating stupidity.

"Well, well well..."

I stand up and face Tracy(History), my old ally. "Hey, Tracy. What brings you here?" My eyes fall on the golden spear in her hands, with a huge, traingular tip with tiny spikes coming off it. If you get hit with that, there's probably no way to take it out.

"We came for you." Axel(Dance) answers.

"Why would you want me back?" 

"We just lost Anders, and there's only one more tribute out there. With your help we can track them down."

"It's the final four." I tell her. "We're going to turn on each other eventually." Then, I get a plan. If I cna trick them into tracking down the other tribute, I can kill them then, taking them by surprise. Then, I can be the victor... "Sure. I'll join again."

Day 5 - The Fallen

  • Cora Prewitt - Band
  • Sienna River - Orchestra
  • Anders Longtail - Gym

Final 4 Announcement

"Congratulations to the final 4 students participating in the School Games! Tomorrow will be the finale. All four of you must make your way to the roof, and wait until the school bell rings to begin your fighting. From there, the four of you must fight to the death until the victor is crowned. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor."

Final 4 Predictions

Name Homeroom Odds Predicted Placing
Manta Li Drama 3-1 1st
Lolita Fey Social Studies 6-1 4th
Tracy Styker History 5-1 2nd
Axel Vixen Dance 5-1 3rd

Day 6 - The Finale

All four tributes left are making their way towards the roof. The first one there is Lolita, who finds the dead plants and hides inside of them, with her bow ready to shoot anyone who comes up to the roof and sees her. She takes a deep breath and tries to calm down, knowing that this could be the end for her.

Next to come is Manta, with Axel following him. The two are whispering a plan to each other as they reach the large roof, and stand with their weapons ready. Manta snickers and spots Lolita, who squeeks in surprise and ducks out of sight. Manta looks around to see if their old ally, Tracy, has made it there. They had abandoned her in the morning.

Finally, Tracy comes up the ladder from the janitor's closet, with another backpack in her hands, and her golden spear in the other hand. She glares at Manta and Axel, as the four of them wait for the school bell to ring. A minute of dead silence passes, before the shattering sound of the school bell rings out.


Immediately, Tracy runs at Manta with her spear in her hands, but Manta dodges, swinging his flail through the air, ready to bring it down on Tracy. She does a soumersault out of the way and stabs Manta in the leg with her spear. Axel throws an axe at Tracy, and it flies past her off of the roof.

Out of fear, the forgotten opponent - Lolita - fires an arrow at Axel, and it misses him by half an inch. He throws his axe towards her, but she gets up quickly and runs out of the way, out into the open, with her bow ready to fire again. Manta sneaks up behind her, and brings his flail down on her leg. She falls to the ground, and Manta grins at Axel. One down, two to go.

Axel grabs his axe that he threw at Lolita, and throws it towards Tracy, and it hits her in the head.


Axel runs for his axe, yanking it out of Tracy's head, and turns to Manta. The previous allies are now up against each other. Axel throws his only axe left at Manta, who jumps out of the way, running towards Axel, swinging his flail through the air. Because Manta's weapon takes time before the hit, Axel is able to run out of the way and back towards Tracy, who's golden spear is still lying on the ground next to her. He throws it at Manta, who turns around just in time to see it coming. He stumbles out of the way, towards the edge of the roof, and fails to catch his balance, which means... he falls.

Axel gets his axe again, and looks over the edge of the roof, breathing a sigh of relief.


"Victor." Axel utters the single word. He's won. He can go home now!

"Not yet. You forgot to wait for... one... thing..." Lolita says, wincing at the pain. "Boom."  There, Lolita stands in an awkward position with her bleeding leg out to the side, and her arrow ready to fire.

In one split second, both tributes attack. Axel throws his axe, as Lolita fires her arrow.


Locks of golden hair fall slowly to the surface of the roof, at the same time Axel falls down, with an arrow sticking out of his chest. Lolita drops her arrow and breathes a heavy sigh of relief, collapsing down into a heap on the roof, crying from the pain in her leg, then grasping at where Axel's axe has chopped off half of her hair.

A surprised voice comes over the school intercom, at the same time Lolita can hear footsteps and panicked voices coming from the janitor's closet below. "Congratulations to the victor of the School Games... Lolita Fey."

Three school nurses burst through the trap door and up onto the roof, helping Lolita onto her feet. Lolita stares at them dizzily and confused. "What...? What are you doing?"

"Taking you home." One of the nurses whispers to her. 

"I've won?" Lolita doesn't even notice as she's dragged out of the building and into the parking lot, where a school bus sits, waiting for her. "I've won." She smiles, and then giggles as she steps onto the bus. "I've won!"

After The Games

Victor's Interview

"Don't forget to smile, honey." The social studies teacher gives me a suffocating hug before it's time for me to go onstage in front of the entire school, in this weird, frilly pink dress with my hair done up in a bun. My teacher is incredibly proud of me, but really, I think we're all just glad for the games to be over... never again will any students have to go through that terror.

The entire school cheers and screams as the principal goes up on stage. I watch from behind the curtains as he sits down in a chair, smiling out to the whole school as the crowd settles down and he starts his speech. "Six days ago, thirty students returned to the old high school to learn a lesson."

How to kill? Is what I'm thinking, but I know what we were supposed to learn.

"And now, today, one of those students has returned, bringing pride to her homeroom, and hope to the entire school. So, let's welcome the victor of the 1st Annual School Games, Lolita Fey!"

My stomach does a turn at what he said. "The 1st Annual School Games. The. First. Annual. No... why? Isn't one year enough? I know I'll be safe, but what about my classmates? My friends?

My teacher gives me a little push from behind, and I squeak as I stumble onstage and into the bright, yellow spotlights. The crowd starts to chant my name: "Lo-li-ta! Lo-li-ta!" And I just smile nervously and sit down next to the principle.

"Hello, Lolita." He gives me a huge grin, and I just want to punch all of his teeth out. Man, if our parents had heard about this... I bet the school population will drain like a broken dam next year because of this. "How does it feel to be victor?"

Am I really supposed to answer these questions honestly? Because right now, I feel sick! "Uh... great. A little scary, actually. I wish more of us could have made it."

I look out to the crowd. They've all started whispering and talking to each other. A few faces, I recognize. There's Ander Tolliver, the love of Piper Rose. I remember Piper. She could have returned for Andrew. And there is Miranda, Addison's sister, who's trying to cover up one of her eyes but look at the stage at the same time. Tracy's popular friends, all sitting in a group with stone-cold expressions. One of Manta's many, previous girlfriends, and the girlfriend of Henry Blake, sitting next to a heartbroken Arany, who was Annie Blake's best friends.



The whole audience bursts into laughter, except for those who are crying, which are those who knew the fallen tributes.

"I had asked you a question."

"Sorry, I was distracted." I giggle at the end, and tilt my head to the side with a little smile on my face.

"How does it feel to know that you're out of the arena?"

"Well... satisfying, actually. I feel... relieved. After being in that arena for six days, knowing I could die anytime, it feels a lot better, now."

"Well, we're happy to have you as a victor." The principle tells me, then stands up, looking out to the audience. "Boys and girls, teachers and faculty, may I present to you: the victor of the 1st Annual School Games: Lolita Fey!"

He signals for the victor's music to start, and Piper's old friend, Olivia, starts the music. Heavy guitars come over the speakers, and Olivia freaks out, quickly switching the tracks from what she was listening to - heavy metal? - to a nice, soft, upbeat song. I smile and wave to the audience, then walk off stage. Next year, this tradition might continue, but I know that I've made it through.

I'm a victor.

Friends and Family Interviews

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