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  • PlasticGlimmer

    The Blood Games

    August 31, 2012 by PlasticGlimmer

    "How much blood would you shed, to stay alive?"

    Hi! I am sure, everyone knows who I am by now, and if you don't... good! I am making games, since I have not made one recently. So I hope they work out okay! ;3

    "These games will have more excitement, more thrills. The tributes no longer have to rely on food, or water. We will supply that. No! They have to rely on death. Death as their ally. Because if a certain ammount of blood is not greeted, none will get to be a victor."

    • Food and water will be given to you throughout the games. The ammount depends on how much death you caused.
    • The more blood you spill, the more spoils you will recieve.
    • There will be intense violence, and language in these games.
    • You can sponser your tribute something. I am not …

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  • PlasticGlimmer

    Okay I just got it on DVD. And of course the movie is on it. (o.o) But people that are excited about the Behind the scenes, dont be. They sucked bad. They really did not detail on any of the other characters, other than Katniss, Peeta, Haymitch.... etc. Not any of the careers, or other tributes. Barely touched on Flickerman and Seneca. It was all mainly just, "So excited for this to come into theaters!" The only intresting part was the Arena Ready snipit. It showed what it was like getting everyone ready for the games and such. To you, the behind the scenes might be appealing. But they were suckish to me.

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