Hey. So, these games are simple. There will be one male and one female. The format is below. Oh, and if you're reading this, you must submit a tribute. I'll do reapings, personal training and, of course the games.


The arena is going to be unusual. :p The courncopia will be in a 50m drop from the start. The tributes will start around the courncopia ditch, and that courncopia contains only weapons. Then, for about a KM there will be a desert, and at all 8 cardinal points, (N,S, E,W, NE, NW, SE, SW) There will be a boat and a 10 KM river, with tons of mutts in it. Each boat will fit two people. After the river, there will be a mini-forest, with the second courncopia.



Lion Scrapes,

Fox Averin,

Alexander Averin,

Thomas Quince,

Grape Fruit.



Quell Twist

Before they go into the arena, they'll be turned into an animal. It'll be like regular games, except with animals instead of tributes. There will be 2 victors.

My tribute, and 4 others will be picked for main POVs. They'll be the most quality tributes submitted.







Appearance: (optional)

Backstory: (optional)


Note: Chart goes female, male.

I submitted one tribute for main POVs. She will not win. Leaf is my sisters.

District Name Animal
1 Arianna Moon Cat
1 Lion Scrapes Lion
2 Fox Averin Large Fox
2 Alexander Averin Liger
3 Isabelle Volts Cat
3 Devon Volts Hyena
4 Grape Fruit Hippo
4 Thomas Quince Sea lion
5 Lily Carter Snake
5 Yumon Lezz Black Bear
6 Alexa Grenlit Tiger
6 Brann Clatch Eagle
7 Leaf Windblown Dog
7 Diego Weston Red wolf
8 Maria Spikes Porquipine
8 Jacob Inducly Rhino
9 Carter Evans Snow leopard
9 Kevin Quince Crow
10 Maeve Anders Peregrine Falcone
10 Jackson Horn Mountain goat
11 McKenna Ecelinti Bald eagle
11 Sam Hetliny Cheetah
12 CeCe Staford Lioness
12 Cadberry Bunny


District 1

"POV of Arianna"

"Come on Macy! " I scream impatiently as she's getting her boots on. "Were late to the reaping" I yell, still frustrated. She's so annoying. I wait for another 5 minutes till she finishes, and we race to the reaping area. We get our blood taken, and I go to the 18-year-olds section and she goes into the 14-year-olds section. The Escort comes on stage, and we all shush up.

"Welcome, welcome! I'm your escort. Peridota Perido. " I snicker at her costume. She's wearing a Peridota headdress that's obviously too heavy for her head and a super-short (I mean, you could almost see her underwear) green dress. She walks up to the bowl. "Boys first!" She says, and picks the name Danielloon Veller, but like usual, tons of voulonteers scream. She picks a blonde boy that's kinda cute. "My name is Lion Srapes!" He shouts happily. "And Alice Grenndall for females! " She yells out. I scream I voulonteer along with all 18-year-olds. She picks me. I say "Arianna Moon" and walk with Lion, Peridota and Louise Valdrez, last years winner and my mentor.

District 2

"POV of Alexander"

"Bye mom!" I yell as I leave the house with Fox. Mom didn't believe in reapings, but I could'nt blame her. Last years tribute, Veronica Dinners died first and the male came right after. What made it worse is that Fox was her friend. She was nice. I kinda liked Veronica so... When we get there, we get our fingers zapped, and go to the correct areas. The escort, Vanile Vanilabean was dressed in a huge vanilla flower and dyed to match. "The girl is Fox Averin and the boy is Deuce LaGerr. Before I knew what I was doing, I shouted "I voulonteered". I then jogged up and hugged Fox. Poor mom, i realised, but had no time to think. Me, Fox, Vanile and Roxy Miller, the mentor went to the train. It's all downhill from here. And I mean it.

Training scores

Name Score
Arianna Moon 10
Lion Scrapes 11
Fox Averin 10
Alexander Averin 9
Isabelle Volts 5
Devon Volts 6
Grape Fruit 8
Thomas Quince 11
Lily Carter 9
Yumon Lezz 4
Alexa Grenlit 5
Brann Clatch 11
Leaf Windblown 7
Diego Weston 4
Maria Spikes 8
Jacob Inducly 6
Maeve Anders 12
Jackson Horn 3
McKenna Elelinti 6
Sam Hetliny 6
CeCe Staford 8
Cadberry 6

Di Games

Place Name
24th Cadberry
23rd Jacob Inducly
22nd Diego Weston
21st Brann Clatch
20th Thomas Quince
19th Devon Volts
18th Sam Hetliny
17th Jackson Horn
16th Grape Fruit


POV of CeCe Staford

This is so emberassing! Man, if I have to be an animal, a lioness is lame. Whatevs. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. As in a dream, I see Cadberry spiked to death by Maria Spikes. BOOM! I attempt to grab her, but she runs away. I pounce on the first person I see, Jacob Inducly. He lets out a moan, and collapses, bleeding to death. BOOM! I see Maeve, the girl with the 12 run off, and hiss in frustration. Then, Diego and Brann are bleeding on the ground, and they die. BOOM, BOOM! How many did I miss? I don't care, so I ran off with Leaf and Alexa.

POV of Leaf

Chizz! That career, the lion killed Diego, but I didn't attack. A dog versus a lion? Lion wins. Whatever. I looked away and saw Grape and Thomas attempt to snap McKennas neck, but she injured Thomas and kicked Grape. Grape threw a knife at what she thought was McKenna, but it hit Thomas. BOOM. I threw 4 knives, and didn't care who they hit, as I ran off I smirked. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM.

At night

POV of Arianna

Chizz. 7 tribs here killed, and we sucked. I look at Alexander, and blush, looking away. I stand up, and speak. "We need to kill some more. I want to kill that punk Leaf, for killing Grape and having Grape kill Thomas. " The careers cheered and got their weapons. Gee-haw! I see McKenna, and she shoots me. I duck, and the arrow hits Fox in the heart. McKenna runs away.

Status of day 1

Users on the island: Cece Staford, Isabelle Volts, Leaf Windblown, Alexa Grenlit, Lily Carter, Yumon Lezz. CeCe, Leaf and Alexa are allied, and Isabelle is near them, also wanting to ally. Lily and Yumon are allied too. They need weapons.

Careers have weapons, but no food or water. Sponcor gifts (Food, Medecine, Water) are a must.

Maria is rowing to the island. She has her best weapons, and water and food.

All the others are in a scorching desert, without weapons. Food, Water, Medecine and weapons are a must.

Day two

Lily and Yumon recieved a knife each. And food+water.

Fox received medecine, so she's quite well, but has minor wounds.

POV of Maria

I smiled. It was time. I jogged over to the careers, and Arianna was guarding. The rest were sleeping. Fungusprice I said, and she nodded. She gave me my best weapons, and took hers. Let's go, she said. We ran to a boat and hopped on.

Main POV people: Arianna, Leaf, CeCe, Alexander and Yumon.

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