The district 5 reaping was starting. The Escort looked as ridiculous as usual with a poofy wig and an old-fashioned dress. First females, she yelled and reached into the jar.

Rose Juna Ice, she yelled across the square.

Rose Juna Ice

I calmly walked up, crying. Now boys, yelled the escort, not getting that I felt so bad. Kelvin Bradley! She yelled. We shoot hands and were ushered into the justice building.

In the train, Lucy Tresseman, my mentor talked to me about getting sponsors. She was so determined to help me, I had to listen. I ate a delicious bread roll, but my stomach didn't agree with me, so I excused myself.

The prep team rubbed me raw until I couldn't feel anything.

Then, my stylist Carat was with me later. He talked about the fact that his feathers for his hat were late 10 days. He gave me a dress that looked like it was made out of lightningbolts. Every 10 seconds one bolt started to glow.

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